Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Dawn was sixteen years of age and lazy but loved dogs so when a part time job at the local dog kennels was advertised Dawn very quickly applied for it and was very happy when she got a job working Saturdays after working at the kennels for a month and enjoying it Dawn was called to the office where the owner of the kennels asked her if she could work Monday evening and lock up after her shift. Dawn jumped at the chance readily agreeing. On the Monday Dawn went straight to the kennels after school where the owner gave her the keys and showed her how to set the alarms before leaving for a meeting. Dawn went round checking that there was nobody left in the place before locking all the doors then realising that she was still wearing her school uniform went to the stores and got a pair of overalls then went to the staff room and changed into the overalls and as it was a hot day wore nothing under the overalls, Dawn started to prepare the dogs dinners as she did she knocked a bowl of dog food down her front after brushing it off Dawn started taking the dogs their food, Dawn bent over one of the fences and after putting the food down stood up as she did a nail snagged in her overalls and the flimsy material tore right up the side, Dawns overalls were torn from the hip to her shoulder, Dawn just carried on feeding the dogs knowing there was nobody else in the place, Dawn went into one compound as she did one of the great danes jumped putting it’s paws on Dawns shoulders causing to topple backwards falling onto her back before Dawn could get up another Dane moved in and along with the first started licking at Dawns overalls Dawn realised it was the spilt food they were licking at two more great danes then joined in as well, Dawn tried getting up but could not she then felt her overalls being pulled and realised a dog had them in his mouth pulling Dawn felt her overalls sliding down then as the dog pulled harder Dawn felt her overalls rip off her body completely leaving her naked she felt the dogs licking her body Dawn started pushing hard and managed to push the dogs away, Dawn started to crawl through the bars of the compound but got jammed half way she found she could not move backwards or forwards then felt a dogs tongue licking her bum then her love tube Dawn could do nothing to stop the dog then two dogs appeared in front of her and started to lick her face then one started licking her large boobs and after a few minutes Dawn started to get aroused and was soon breathing heavy and have five minutes climaxed as the dogs licked her and not long after she felt a wet patch slide over her bum then felt a dogs dick slide into her love tube and start pounding her and after a few minutes Dawn climaxed again after a hour Dawn had felt all the danes hump her and had climaxed six times Dawn heard a girls voice and saw the owners daughter Sara chasing the dogs out, Sara who was two years younger than Dawn managed to free Dawn from the fencing and helped her to the rest room where Dawn lay on the sofa, Sara asked Dawn how many when Dawn said ” how many what” Sara said ” how many dogs fucked you” Dawn did not make any reply , Sara said my first time three dogs fucked me, Dawn looked at Sara who said ” the dogs in the far pen are the best ones they are smaller and not so rough. Dawn started to doze and felt her body being washed and realised that Sara was washing her using her bare hands which were soon running over her boobs then her love tube, after a few hours Dawn woke with a blanket over her and no signs of Sara. Dawn went home thinking about what had happened and slept solidly for twelve hours. On the Saturday Dawn was at the kennels and when the owner asked her to help Sara lock up Dawn agreed, the two girls locked up after they had done so Sara said come on and walked to the pounds with Dawn behind her once in the pounds Dawn watched as Sara stripped naked and could hardly believe her eyes as Sara got into the pen where there were eight dogs and got on her hands and knees, Dawn watched as dog mounted Sara from behind and when Sara said yes it is in, Dawn watched as the dog humped Sara, Sara said ” come on in” Dawn stripped naked and was soon on her hands and knees with a dog humping her then a dog’s dick went in her mouth after a hour the two girls were in the staff room where Sara asked Dawn if she would help her lock up om Wednesday night, Dawn quickly said yes, as she walked home Dawn thought the dogs are far better than the boys roll on Wednesday I can not wait.

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