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Fred and Kryssy had an amazing sex life. They enjoyed all kinds of physical intimacy, from the vanilla to some things that some consider taboo. Nothing too wild, but things that could possibly horrify those that still think sex should only be missionary with the lights off. One night while they were calming down from a particularly exhilarating romp, they began to talk about fantasies and fetishes they had. They discussed the normal male fantasies, like having 2 women at once, some light BDSM, etc. Fred looked down at Kryssy lying on his chest and asked, “what about you babe? Any wild fantasies or curiosities in that little head of yours?” Kryssy got very quiet, and kind of shifted her body like she was suddenly uncomfortable. “What is it babe? Don’t be afraid to tell me, you know I’d never judge you” Kryssy looked sheepishly towards the foot of the bed, trying her best to avoid eye contact with him. Clearing the lump that suddenly formed in her throat, she quietly began to speak. “There is one thing that has always excited, er, intrigued me, and I’ve never told anyone about it.” Fred sensed her uneasiness, and began to stroke her hair and face, trying to not only calm her down but also to coax out whatever it was she was holding back. After a few relaxing deep breaths, Kryssy began to speak again. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with beastiality. Not like some of those videos with women and horses. But like large breed dogs, Shepherds and Danes and such. Their cocks are not OMG huge, but they’re certainly different from a humans.” The words started flowing more quickly from her, as she began to get a bit more excited talking about it. “Would you ever do anything with a dog like that?” Fred asked her. “Well, I’m not sure” she replied. She paused for a moment, then began to speak again. “It certainly couldn’t be with a dog that was mine, or even a dog that belonged to a family member. That’s too close of a relationship for me.” As Kryssy looked down, she saw a shadow moving, and realized Fred’s cock had sprung back to life. She reached down and grabbed it, and it was just as hard as when they had sex earlier. “Does the thought of that excite you?” she asked. “You wanna see me be taken by a big animal?” His cock beginning to twitch in her hand, he replied “yeah I think that would be beyond hot. I don’t think I’d be ok with you going down on it, but if you wanted to jack one off, or maybe even let it fuck you really good, I would be ok with that.” Kryssy grinned with delight, and began to stroke his cock a little faster. She sensed her partner’s desire to see this happen, and said to him “well if the stars and planets align just right, and the opportunity arose, it’s something that I would probably do.” Now with both of their libidos racing again, Kryssy mounted Fred’s throbbing cock, and rode it to their second joint orgasm of the night before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

On Thursday of that week, one of Fred’s co-workers asked him for a huge favor. His name was Dominic, a life-long bachelor and notorious ladies man. “I’ve gotta go out of town for a family emergency. I didn’t have time to plan anything, so can you help a brother out and keep an eye on the house while I’m gone?” Fred thought for a minute and said “sure, we don’t have any plans for the weekend.” Dominic sighed with relief and said “thanks for helping a brother out. You and the little lady are welcome to just stay the weekend and enjoy the place. It’ll be like a free weekend getaway.” Fred smiled from ear to ear and said “that sounds life a fair trade. We could use a little break if even for just a couple days.” Dominic made good money, and being single had the stereotypical bachelor pad. The biggest selling point of agreeing to house sit was the hot tub that was sunk into the deck off the back of the house. Fred couldn’t wait to get home and tell Kryssy about their impromptu vacation. On the drive home, he was thinking about all the fun they could have in the outdoor hot tub, especially since there was snow in the forecast, which would make it all the hotter. Then a lightbulb came on in his mind. Kryssy had been to Dominic’s a few years back for a barbecue, so she knew all the amenities. What she didn’t know about was Dominic’s newest purchase, and most likely the reason they were asked to watch the house…. Rommel. Rommel was Dominic’s pure bred German Shepherd, a majestic beast with strong legs, broad shoulders and a huge head. Fred sensed this was the perfect opportunity to make one of Kryssy’s fantasies come true. But he would keep this a secret until the time was just right. Thoughts raced through his mind right until he pulled up into his driveway at home. He went into the kitchen where Kryssy was waiting for him with a hug and a kiss. After exchanging their hellos, they sat down at the dinner table, as she already had the meal ready to be served. While eating, Fred looked at Kryssy and said “hey, how would you feel if I told you I had a romantic weekend getaway planned for us?” They had both been working a lot lately, and barely had time for dinner and some good sex before they had to go to sleep, just to get up the next day and do it all over again. “That would be awesome. But I’m sure that’s not in the budget” Kryssy said while looking down at her plate. She knew they both needed it, but wasn’t willing to put themselves in a financial hole that would require them to work even more just to escape it. “That’s the best part babe,” Fred explained to her. “It won’t cost us a dime. Dominic has to run out of town unexpectedly for the weekend, and he asked us to take care of the place. He said we can crash there, and you know how great his place is.” Kryssy looked up at him and smiled, “yeah it is pretty nice, and we could certainly use a few days to ourselves.” When Fred reminded her of the outdoor hot tub and the impending snow, all Kryssy could do was smile. “That settles it then,” Fred said, “we’ll head over there tomorrow after work. Pack your weekend bag” he said to her with a wink and an evil grin, and Kryssy knew exactly what he meant. The weekend bag had everything they would need, like toys, lubes and other things to heighten their sexual experience. They cleaned up the kitchen, and raced upstairs for another glorious romp, both fired up for what the weekend might have in store for them. Little did Kryssy know, it was bound to be way more that she could’ve ever expected.

Friday seemed to drag by for both of them, as they were excited to start their much needed vacation, even if it was just at someone else’s house. Fred had texted Kryssy a list of things to pack for him clothes-wise, so that when he got home they could just pack up the car and leave. Dominic handed Fred the house key on his way out and told him to enjoy, and Fred responded “oh we will, trust me.” Fred raced home so he could shower and get the festivities underway. When he got to the bedroom, he saw Kryssy had both their clothes and the weekend bag packed and waiting on the bed, just as he asked. “Can I visit while you shower?” Kryssy asked, meaning she wanted to smoke a little weed and relax. “Of course silly,” Fred answered her, “you know you never have to ask” About 20 minutes later, they were in the car and off to Dominic’s. It was about a half hour drive away, so this gave them time to catch up on the day’s happenings. They both laughed that they were so consumed with excitement over the weekend that they didn’t get much accomplished at work. Before they knew it, they were pulling into the driveway, and they grabbed the bags and walked to the door. The house was dark when they walked in, Fred going in first to try and find a lamp or light switch. Kryssy stood by the open door, using the natural light from outside to help see. Fred found a lamp and turned it on, and beckoned Kryssy to come in and shut the door. She did so, and walked towards the front room where Fred was standing. When they sat the bags down and turned towards the kitchen, Kryssy looked down and gasped aloud. It was then she got her first glimpse of Rommel. She at first froze in fear, not knowing if the dog would try to attack the strangers that were before him. But the dog and Fred were familiar with each other, so the dog sat quietly. “It’s ok babe, the dog won’t get you. That is, unless you want him to” Fred said to Kryssy with a chuckle. She slapped him on the arm and told him to behave. They both kind of giggled, and walked through the kitchen towards the doorwall, which led to the deck where the hot tub was. Fred told Kryssy to take their bags to the guest room, and he would go get the hot tub fired up. Kryssy took the bags, and could hear the constant clicking of Rommel’s claws on the wooden floors as he followed close behind her. She figured it was just because she was new to him, and he wanted to make sure she wasn’t up to no good. She sat the bags on the bed, and when she turned around, the dog was right there, his snout even with her crotch. The dog began to sniff her most private area, and she tried to push him away. “no no doggy, that’s not for you” she said somewhat nervously. But the dog began to sense she was becoming excited, and began to pick up on the changing scent of pheromones coming from her. Her mind began to swim, and she completely forgot what she was doing. She suddenly heard Fred yelling for her from the kitchen. “You ok babe? You’ve been in there an awfully long time.” This snapped her back into reality. “The hot tub is ready whenever you are.” She hollered back “Ok, let me grab some towels and my stash and I’ll be out in a minute.” She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself. She took the towels and her herb from the bag and turned around to walk out of the room. But the dog was still right there, staring her right in the eyes. She thought to herself, “this is bad. Focus girl.” then she headed to the deck, with Rommel still right behind her.

Kryssy made her way outside, where Fred was already in the hot tub. “What are you waiting for? Get those clothes off and get in here!” She put the towels on the chair he had dragged towards the edge of the tub, and she saw that his clothes were there so it was obvious he was already naked. Fred switched sides of the hot tub, so that he could look back towards the house and see her strip down. Kryssy began to take her top and bra off, and felt something rub up against her pant leg. Again, it was Rommel, and she said to Fred “this dog won’t leave me alone. He hasn’t stopped following me since we got here.” She put her top on the chair, kicked off her shoes and began to prepare to finish stripping down. When she got her pants and thong down to her knees, Fred was smiling, knowing how much he loved her shaved pussy, and how much he was going to enjoy eating and fucking it all weekend. When she bent over to finish pulling them off, Fred saw something he didn’t expect. As Kryssy bent over fully, the dog sensed her wetness, and his penis began to appear from its sheath. This may be the weekend, he thought to himself, but the cards would have to play out just right. Kryssy sat her pipe and lighter on the table Fred had brought over to keep drinks on, and tiptoed into the bubbling water. She waded across and snuggled up next to her lover in the water, trying to keep as much of her naked body under the warm water and out of the nip of the cold winter air. As they relaxed in the water, they began to kiss kiss and let their hands explore. After about a half hour of playing, Fred suggested they take their party to the house where they could stretch out and be more comfortable. She asked if she could hit her pipe before they went in, as she wasn’t sure if Dominic smoked it or not and didn’t want to be rude and do it in the house if he didn’t. Fred told her to go ahead, so Kryssy say up on the edge if the tub to grab the lighter and pipe. As she did this, she spread her legs a bit to keep her balance. Fred looked across the tub, and the dog was staring intently at Kryssy’s pussy, and again his canine cock began to appear. It appeared maybe the stars would align, and he could see his lover give herself to this beast. Kryssy grabbed her items and walked around the outside of the tub towards the towels, moving quickly as to not freeze. She grabbed a towel and began to dry her upper body. When she bent over to dry her legs, she squealed and jumped a bit. Seems that when her legs spread so she could dry them off, Rommel had sneaked up behind her and stuck his nose directly into her wetness, trying to inhale as much of her scent as he could. This took Kryssy by surprise, the feel of his warm, wet, yet somewhat rough nose a new sensation on her bits. Fred giggled, as he saw it all unfold. And much like when they talked of this very scenario in bed that first night, his cock was as hard as steel at the thought of this happening, his beloved being intimate with a wild beast, was beginning to look like more of a reality.

As they made their way into the house, Fred instructed Kryssy to bring pillows and blankets into the front room, thinking it would be great to have sex in front of the fireplace. As he turned the switch to light the fire, he looked across and saw Rommel, with half of his cock still exposed, following Kryssy to the bedroom. As Kryssy grabbed the bedding, she turned around to walk back out and again found Rommel’s nose directly at her wet slit. The feeling of his nose began to grow her excitement, and she spread her stance a bit to allow the dog better access to her area. As she put her head back a bit, she kept mentally repeating “this isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” She snapped her head back forward, and saw the dog’s tongue beginning to come out from behind his teeth, almost in slow motion. Just as it was about to make contact with her pussy, she hurriedly put her hands in between them. “No, no, this can’t happen.” She grabbed the bedding and side stepped the dog to get out to the front room where Fred was waiting. They laid the blankets down, and snuggled up near the fireplace, using the warmth of the flames to warm their bodies after being naked in the outdoor tub. They began to make out and grind on each other. Kryssy spread her legs a bit more, trying to give Fred more access to slip a finger inside her wetness. Before he could take his hand from her heaving chest and move it down there, Kryssy yelped again. “What the hell!” she exclaimed. Fred asked her what was wrong. “This dog won’t keep his nose out of my snatch. It’s like the third time already.” she explained. Kryssy told him that’s what had taken so long for her to come out with the blankets, that Rommel was standing in front of her with his nose up her business. “You seem to be having quite an effect on him, take a look” Fred told her. Kryssy gasped as she saw that Rommel’s cock was now more than half out of his sheath. The dog inched closer, as Kryssy’s yelp had made him jump back a bit. Fred took Kryssy’s face in his hands, kissed her gently, then began to whisper in her ear. “Touch it. You know deep down inside you want to.” She whispered back to him, “I don’t know if I can.” He assure her it would be ok, that this scenario fit all the criteria she had laid out before. He also told her that, just like with a man, it would be rude to leave the dog all hot and bothered and not provide a release. “Let me hit my pipe real fast. Just to take the edge off.” As Kryssy wrapped herself in one of the blankets, Fred went to grab his phone so he could have a photographic reminder of this night.

A few minutes later they met back on the blankets, laid down, and prepared for what was about to happen. “You’re sure you’re ready and up for this?” Fred asked her. “It’s now or never, and this may be the only chance I ever get. So fuck it, let’s do this.” she said to him. He loved when she talked dirty like this, and his softening cock began to spring back to life. “Come here boy, Kryssy has a treat for you” Fred said, becoming the dog to join them on the blanket. They scooted apart, allowing the dog to have room between. “Spread your legs and let him have a good whiff” Fred commanded her. She did as she was told, and the dog began to sniff around her naughty bits. From where he was laying, Fred could look under the dog, letting him see everything including the dog’s cock as it began to escape its sheath more and more. Kryssy closed her eyes as the dogs breath on her slit was beginning to excite her, causing her to being breathing heavier. Instinctively, just as when she was with Fred, she reached down and spread her pussy lips, giving Rommel full access to her. The moment his rough canine tongue made contact with her clit, she arched her back slightly and let out a low moan. The sensation was like none she had ever experienced before, and it was fantastic. As the dog began to lick her with more fervor, trying to lap up her increasing wetness, Fred called out to her. “Kryssy, you’re getting him very excited. Stroke his cock, let it unsheath and you can see what it looks like when its fully hard.” She did this, and the feel of his doggy cock was something she couldn’t begin to describe. The more she stroked it, the longer it seemed to be getting in her hand. When it was fully out of its sheath, she was shocked at both its length and girth. “It’s so big baby. I’ve never felt anything like this before.” Fred smiled at her, as they made eye contact under the dog as she continued to stroke him. “If it you think it feels big in your hand, wait until you feel it inside you.” Kryssy couldn’t believe her ears, that her lover wanted to see her taken by this majestic beast, the first time they had been intimate together with a third. “Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked him. “No he replied, “its what WE want. Who knows if we would ever have an opportunity like this again.” Kryssy nodded her head in agreement, and released her grasp on the dog’s throbbing cock. “How should we do it? What position would be best?” she asked. Fred gave her a sarcastic smile and said “doggy style, duh!” She stuck her tongue out at him, giggled, and turned over on all fours.

Fred told her to call the dog over to her, and to keep stroking his cock to make sure it stayed hard. She did this, and he began to prepare her for the beastly impaling she was about to get. He put a few fingers in her pussy, to make sure she was good and wet. He pulled a few wet fingers out, and began to spread her natural lube over her asshole. This took Kryssy by surprise, but it wasn’t uncommon for Fred to slip a finger or 2 in her back entrance while they were having sex. “You ready?” he asked her. He heard her gulp and nod her head yes, so he summoned the dog to her waiting entrance. It was only a few seconds before she felt the dogs claws on her shoulders, and she could feel him thrusting the air behind her. She used the glass fireplace enclosure as a sort of mirror, trying to see what was going on behind her. As she squinted in expectation of feeling an animal cock inside her for the first time, she look and saw Fred take hold of the dog’s cock. He had taken some of her pussy juice and worked it up and down the dog’s shaft to make sure it was wet. “Here it comes baby” he told her. Expecting to feel the head between her lips, Kryssy gasped out loud. It seems that Fred was lining the dock’s cock up at the entrance to her ass. She yelped as she felt the head move inside her. She had only had a couple cocks inside her ass before, and Fred’s 6 inches was about the most she could handle. The dog began to thrust more, and Kryssy was moaning loudly. The dog’s cock may not have been as big around as her human lover’s was, but it was certainly longer and was hitting spots that had never been touched before. Fred was busy snapping pictures, of Kryssy’s face contorted with the pleasure of the anal pounding she was receiving, as well as the dog’s cock sliding in and out of her ass. Fred looked and saw not only the dog’s musucular back legs being to tense up, but the dog’s cock began to swell even more. He knew what was about to happen, and wanted Kryssy to get the full experience. He reached down, grabbing the front of her thighs as well as the back of the dog’s legs. Kryssy screamed loudly and arched her back. The dog’s knot had become fully engorged, and was now inside her asshole with the rest of his cock.

Rommel was now thrusting furiously, and was really digging his nails into her soft human flesh. “I’ve never been so full before. It burns, but it feels so good!” she yelled out between labored breaths. Fred sensed they were both getting close to finishing, and reached under her to rub her clit. She began to breath even more heavily, and just as her orgasm began to hit, the dog tensed up and unleashed a torrent of his canine seed inside her ass. Kryssy began to twitch, as a series of orgasm after shocks waved through her. She could still feel the dog’s cock inside her, wanting to break free from him, but having to wait until the swelling of his knot subsided. She called to Fred, and he came to her. She grabbed his cock and began to suck on it like a woman possessed. A few moments later, she felt relief as the dog’s knot subsided and he withdrew from her. Fred went around back, and saw what looked like a river of runny dog semen running out of his lover’s gaping asshole. Being overcome with lust, he grabbed her hips, and with one thrust sank his cock balls deep into her freshly fucked opening. Kryssy yelled out again, not believing what was taking place. Here was her lover, putting his cock in her ass where just moments before a huge dog’s cock had exploded. The slick feeling was too much for Fred to handle, and he digs his fingers into her hips and unleashes his own load of cum inside Kryssy’s ass. He pulled out, and collapsed next to her trying to catch his breath. He opened his eyes as Kryssy asked if he was ok, and he asked her the same question in return. She turned gingerly onto her side next to him, her stretched out ass still more than a little tender from the back to back poundings she had just endured. “Are you glad you did it?” Fred asked her. She licked her lips a bit and responded, “oh God yes. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt, especially when you went right in afterwards.” He kissed her lips gently and told her he was glad, not only that she enjoyed it, but that they got to experience it together. It was the first time they invited anyone else, human or beast, into their lovemaking. But it certainly wasn’t the last time Rommel would be taken care of that weekend……

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