Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

I left home exactly one week before I turned eighteen. I had had enough of my mom. She got drunk on a daily basis. She was usually shit-faced by the time I came home from school. That day I came home and found her passed out on the living room floor. Something just snapped. I packed some clothes, threw my keys on the kitchen table and left through the front door. I went to the bank, emptied my account, all 450 dollars, and got on the bus to Reno. Once there I walked into a Starbucks and had a cappuccino. I leafed through the local paper that was on the table, looking for a cheap place to rent. I found one and made my way over, ending up renting a closet for 50 dollars a week. Now all I needed was a job. Hitch. I looked for jobs everywhere, I even had a few job interviews, but there was always some reason they didn’t hire me. Too young, not enough experience, no formal education…
That’s how I ended up a street hooker. I was walking “home” one evening after a job interview for a waitressing job I didn’t get, dressed nicely in a short black skirt and white top, when a car slowed down next to me and some guy stuck his head out of the passenger window and asked, “how much for the two of us?” I was almost out of money and would have to leave my closet pretty soon if I didn’t make some money. Before I could think I answered, “200 dollars.”
The car stopped and I got in the back seat. There were two guys in the front. They drove into the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse. We got out of the car and entered the warehouse through a broken door. Inside was a dirty old mattress which smelled of old urine. I started to protest, but that didn’t get me anywhere of course.
“Shut up and strip! Or I will rip your clothes off and you’ll have to walk home naked!”, one of the guys growled. I stripped. The guys dropped their pants. They had big dicks, probably eight inches or so. I got on my knees and started sucking them off, alternating between them, until one of them told me to get on my hands and knees on the old mattress. The smell of old piss filled my nostrils. One of the guys stood in front of me and I continued to suck him off while the other guy pushed his cock into my pussy. He started to pump his cock in and out at an easy pace.
After five minutes or so he pulled out and started to push his cock into my ass. I had never had anal sex before and tried to say no, but nothing intelligible came past the cock in my mouth. I moaned as he started to push his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. Luckily his cock was slippery enough from my pussy juice so it didn’t hurt too much. Finally he had his cock all the way up my ass and I could feel his balls against my pussy. He started to fuck me, slowly increasing his speed as I was able to relax my anus. It actually felt better than I could have imagined. “UUUHHHMMM”, I moaned as I enthusiastically sucked and licked the cock of the guy in front of me. This was not such a bad way to make money, I thought.
Then the guy in front of me came and his warm slimy cum shot down my throat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot load after load of his cum onto my face. He then wiped his cock clean in my hair. It was degrading and I felt the shame color my cheeks a bright red. Then the guy behind me came as well and filled my ass with his seed. I could feel it as it shot into my ass. He pulled out and I felt his warm cum run down my thighs. He walked around me, grabbed my hair and pushed his cock into my face. It was slimy and had brown smudges on it. It smelled like shit. “Lick it clean, whore!”, he hissed. I kept my mouth tightly shut. No way was I gonna lick my own shit of someone’s cock. He slapped my cheeks until they glowed. “Now clean my dick, bitch!”, he growled.
I opened my mouth and started licking his shit-stained cock. It was hard not to gag, but I managed to suck his cock clean without puking. I had never felt so used in my life, these guys had no regard for me whatsoever. They had bought a piece of fuck-flesh, and they were gonna use it in whatever way pleased them. The guy whose cock I had just sucked clean spit in my face. Then he did it again, and again.
Suddenly I felt a weight on my back and something hard poking my pussy. I looked up and saw the head of a big dog over my shoulder, his tongue lolling from his mouth. “Nononononono, please get him off meeee!”, I yelled. “Shut up whore!”, the other guy screamed in my ear. I felt the dog clench his front paws around my waist, he found my cunt and immediately started jackhammering away. I was getting fucked like I had never been fucked before. UUUAAOOHHMM!”, I moaned. “Fuckin’ whore likes it!”, the guy spitting in my face yelled. I couldn’t have felt more degraded. I had never felt so ashamed in my life. I was being fucked by a dog while strangers spit in my face and called me dog whore. After a while the dog shot his hot cum into my womb and the feeling of his hot jets of cum shooting into me pushed me over the edge and I came screaming and yelling for more. I heard my own voice and I recognized the words, “fuck me harder, doggie, fuck me!”
The dog pulled out and was led in front of me. “Suck his cock, whore, be his little slutbitch!”, one of the guys growled. I opened my mouth and took the slimy dogcock in my mouth and licked and sucked until he came again and filled my mouth with his warm cum. The dog just walked away when he was done, no longer interested in me. I collapsed onto the stinking mattress and rolled onto my back. Both guys resumed spitting in my face, snickering and calling me names, dog whore, slutbitch, stupid cunt, etc. Then suddenly a warm stream of yellow piss hit my face, then another. “Open your fuckin’ whore’s mouth, you cunt!”, one of ‘em said. By now I had been so humiliated that I just opened my mouth and let them fill my mouth with their piss. I swallowed some and the rest just ran down my face and neck and soaked into the mattress.
“Thank you whore! See you around some time!” With that one of ‘em threw four 50 dollar bills in my face. He turned around and followed the other guy out of the warehouse.
I lay on the stinking mattress, still naked, cum still running from my ass, cum, piss and spit drying on my face, the taste of my own shit in my mouth, clutching four 50 dollar bills. I realized I was a whore now, a dogwhore and a pisswhore even. Tears welled in my eyes, but thinking about it also caused a tingling in my belly. I felt ashamed, that I had let two guys I didn’t even know use me like that, that I had let dog fuck me, and I let a dog cum in my mouth, that I had been pissed and spit on. I also felt incredibly sexy, in a fuckslut way.
I put on my skirt and my white top, I couldn’t find my panties. I walked back to my closet, feeling the slimy cum between my thighs as I walked, the dried up cum, piss and spit making my face feel stiff.
I used 100 dollars to pay for my closet for another two weeks and spent 70 dollars on some slutty clothes. I walked the streets at night picking up clients and I wasn’t doing too bad. After ten days I had enough cash to pay for my little room for a while to come and quite a collection of slutty clothes. There were miniskirts, tube tops, thigh high “fuck me” boots, etc.
Then one night I was picked up by this black dude. He promised me 1000 dollars for a whole night. I got into his car and he drove to one of the better neighborhoods in Reno. He drove into the driveway of a big villa. We got out of the car and walked to the front door which opened on our approach. We entered a hallway. The door closed behind me and next thing I knew my sheer dress was ripped from my body and all I was wearing were my stilettos. I yelled, but the guy paid no attention to that whatsoever. He grabbed my hair and pulled me through a door and down a stairwell. At the bottom was a tunnel. I was hauled through the tunnel by my hair. At the end were more stairs going down. At the bottom of the stairs was a room, except the walls looked like they were natural, I guess it was a cave. It was big, easily 150 feet across.
At the center was a big stone block. I was led towards it. I tried to struggle but the guy was way too strong and I didn’t stand a chance. “If you want to see daylight again you better fuckin’ quit your whining, bitch!” he growled. Instantly I shut up as I realized that nobody knew where I was. As a matter of fact, no one in Reno even really knew who I was. I could disappear just like that and no one would even look for me. I never really realized the dangers of the occupation I had chosen, but it all dawned on me pretty fast now.
I was pushed onto the block and shackled to it. I was now completely helpless, completely in the power of the man who stood next to the block. Suddenly a chanting began and people wearing strange costumes moved into the cave. They were wearing red hooded gowns and quickly circled the block on which I lay naked, shackled. They started chanting, it sounded weird. I was scared shitless! The black dude took out a magic marker and started to draw some weird symbols on my chest.
Then suddenly I felt a warm glow in my cunt. It wasn’t unpleasant, a warm tingling feeling, which quickly spread through the rest of my body. It concentrated in my cunt and nipples and mouth. I was horny as fuck! “UUUUHHHHMMMMM”, I moaned. I writhed across the block as far as the shackles allowed. What was happening to me? A minute ago I was scared shitless and all I wanted was to be somewhere else and now I was as horny as ever and all I wanted was to get fucked as hard as possible until I came, and came again, and again, probably just forever! My pussy was so wet I felt my juices run down between my asscrack.
Suddenly right at the foot of the block I was laying on a red glow started to form. If possible I was getting even hornier as the glow became thicker, like a mist and then started to solidify. I moaned and writhed, desperately needing to be filled with cocks. The solidifying mist turned into a reddish manlike figure. He was big, at least seven feet, and he had a strange face. He looked as much as a goat as a man could. He had long black hair and a goatee. He stuck out his tongue as he inhaled. His tongue was bright red an a bit pointed. I wasn’t scared anymore, well, maybe a little, but I was mainly as horny as I could possibly ever get. My eyes looked him over. I was shocked as I reached his cock, he had two! One right above the other, both about ten inches!
The red goat-man growled. He climbed on top of me and as soon as he touched me I was on fire! The glowing feeling intensified ‘till I was so hot, I felt like I was burning, but strangely enough in a painless way. My horniness also intensified and my body arched upwards to meet his. Both of his cocks entered me at the same time, one entered my cunt and the other my ass. He slowly pushed until he had them both fully buried in my holes. I had no former experiences to compare this too. I felt completely filled. He started to slowly fuck me, both cocks sliding in and out of me simultaneously.
“AAUUHHMMM”, I moaned as he started to fuck me harder and harder. Suddenly he bit down on my left nipple and I screamed in ecstacy as a mind blowing orgasm took over my body. The goat-man just kept on fucking me and I couldn’t stop coming, one orgasm followed another until they blended into one mind shattering orgasm fiesta. I moaned, screamed, writhed, cried…
The goat-man kissed me, his strange pointed tongue entering my mouth. I saw stars as the orgasms seemed to intensify even more. I sucked on his tongue like I never wanted to let go of it. After a while, by now time was meaningless to me, he slowly pulled his tongue out of my mouth, growled and then I felt his hot cum shoot into my cunt and ass, filling me with a red hot glow. He kept coming for a long time, jet after jet of his hot seed shooting into me. Then slowly he pulled both his cocks out of my holes and pulled himself up, straddled my chest and presented both his slimy cocks to my face. They were both coated with his cum, my juices, and the lower one was also covered with my shit.
“LLLIIIIIICCCKKKK……”, he hissed. I started licking his cocks like it was all I wanted to do. I tasted his cum, which tasted really bad, like rotten meat and sour milk, but I still couldn’t help myself, I wanted every last drop..! When he was clean he sat up and spit in my face. Somehow with spitting just once he covered my entire face with his spit. He slid of the block and before my eyes he dissolved again into a mist, thinned and disappeared. Tears rolled down my cheeks, I had never felt so empty! I wanted him to come back, to fill me again with his glorious cocks and fuck me ‘till I could take no more!
The black guy who had picked me up walked up to the block and undid the shackles. “You did well, the Master was pleased”, he said. I hardly noticed what he said as my one overwhelming feeling was still one of utter and complete and perfect horniness. As soon as I was loose I slid of the block onto my knees and undid his button and fly, pulled out his cock and started to suck it like I was starving. I heard him laughing. Then he grabbed my hair with both his fists and started facefucking me, hard, pushing his big black cock all the way down my throat. I felt another cock enter my cunt and I moaned as I was being fucked.
I don’t remember all that followed, except that I had an overwhelming need to be filled with as many cocks as possible. Even while I was continually being fucked either up my ass or in my cunt, and I was sucking cock all the time, I was still feeling empty. None could take the place of the goat-man, the one that the black guy had called the Master.
I remember that I was pushed out of a van naked just outside of Reno as the sun rose over the hills. I stood on the shoulder of a highway, cum dripping from all my holes, and cum drying all over my body. I was still as horny as ever, the feeling didn’t seem to get any less, but I also felt completely empty. I wondered if the goat-man had been Satan. If not, if this was fake… Well, the guys organizing it would give the special-effects people from the Lord of the Rings movies a run for their money.
My hand strayed down and first one, then two, then three fingers entered my cunt while my thumb pressed on my clit. Then I heard the roar of engines and a whole group of bikers roared into view across a low hill. I must have been quite a sight, standing there naked, dripping cum and half a hand buried up my cunt!
They stopped and looked at me. One of ‘em got off and walked up to me. “What happened to y…”, he started. He couldn’t finish as I sank to my knees and started fishing out his dick. He tried to push me away, but to no avail. I wouldn’t stop until I had his cock in my mouth. After I had swallowed his load I looked up at him with begging eyes. “Please, please fuck me! Please fill me!”
“We better take her with us, guys, something’s not right here…”, he said to his buddies. “I don’t care, just fuck me!”, I pleaded, “please just fuck me as hard as you can!” He picked me up, put his jacket around my shoulders and sat me on his bike, in front of him. As we roared off I immediately went for his cock again, pulling it out of his pants and stroking it until it was hard. Then I slid forward until I could push it into my cunt. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled us together, trying to get him as far into me as possible. That’s how we drove to HQ and how I became one of The Bitches In Heat.
It took a long time for the effect of being taken by the goat-man to wear off even a little bit. I’m still continually horny, I always want to get fucked, or whipped, I want to suck cock, I want to feel that cock as far down my throat as it will go, but I can never get that ultimate feeling of being fucked by Satan back…

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