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Part 1

I looked around the bar. It was filled with bikers. Duh! We were at Sturgis… We were all having a blast of a time. Anything went. Bobbi was on stage getting fucked by Mike while eating cum from Lisa’s ass. Damn, that girl was wild! Kimberly was eating out Djamila on top of a pool table while Djamila was sucking off two bikers at a time. Another biker climbed up on the pool table and started fucking Kimberly. Donna and Bobby Sue just disappeared into the ladies room, if you could call it that, no ladies here people! Carmelita was sitting next to me, kinda quiet. “Hey girl, you alright? You’re kinda quiet tonight”, I asked her. She looked at me for a few seconds before she answered. “I’m getting tired of this shit, Larissa, I’m going home, back to Mexico.” I was silent for a while, just looking at her. “You know we’ll miss you, babe”, I replied. It was true. In the short time we had known each other us eight girls had become really close friends. “You can always come and visit me…”, she said.

Some Hispanic biker came up and kissed Carmelita on the mouth, tenderly. “Oh hey, when did this happen??”, went through my mind. Carmelita looked at me. “Day before yesterday”, she said, as if she could read the question off my face. I smiled. “I’m happy for you, girl, you sure about this?” “No”, she smiled, “but I wanna give it a try. I’m saying goodbye tomorrow after breakfast.” With that she got up, wrapped an arm around her new friend and left the bar. Well, all my friends were off having a good time and here I was, all by myself… with an itch and no one to scratch it.

Damn! That’s when I felt it… or him… My body started to glow. I knew that feeling. I had experienced it once before, with the goat man… I looked around, half expecting to see some red mist swirling through the bar. There was no red mist to be seen. Still, the glow intensified until it became uncomfortable. Then two hands grabbed my waist from behind.

“Fancy meeting you here!”, he said, while turning me around. I looked up at him. And up. And up some more. He was huge, 7ft? He looked as much as a goat as a man could. My breath came in short shallow pants. I was horny as all fuck, my cunt was sopping wet, my nipples hard as bullets and I knew I had no hope in hell of resisting him. “Come”, he said, as he took me by the hand and started walking towards the exit. I probably will, I thought, following him, feeling my juices run down my legs.

Outside he turned left and after half a block he turned left again into an alley. At the end of the alley we entered a barn. “Strip”, he ordered. I obediently stripped off what little clothes I was wearing. “Kneel”, came his next command, and I got down on my hands and knees. He was standing in front of me. I looked up at him. He didn’t move, still I heard a “SWIISSHHH”, and felt a whip strike my ass. I moaned and looked over my shoulder to see who was whipping me. There was no one. Still I felt the whip biting into my ass and thighs again, and again, and again.
I shivered and moaned and looked in front of me again, at the goat man. He looked at me with red glowing eyes. “So willing, so eager…”, he whispered.

“Unnngghh…., are you Satan?”, I asked, moaning. “Satan? No I’m not Satan. My name is Azza, I’m an angel. If fallen…”, he whispered. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t move. I had no power over my limbs. “What do you want with me?”, I asked. “Want? You amuse me… that’s all, Larissa…” Out of the corner of my eye I saw a red mist starting to swirl towards me, solidifying as it came closer. When it was close enough to touch me, it took full form. It was a huge squid or octopus, or whatever. I shivered as it slowly covered me, tentacles everywhere, wrapping around my arms, my legs, spreading them even wider. I felt a slimy, slippery cock enter my pussy. It felt like a tentacle without the suckers, it writhed and spasmed as it entered my cunt deeper and deeper. I felt a second cock enter my ass and that too writhed and spasmed as it went deeper and deeper into my ass. The feeling of the two tentacle like cocks writhing and spasming inside of me was too much. I almost immediately started coming. I moaned and moaned as slime ran down my thighs.

The goat man, Azza, stood in front of me, looking at me. I looked up at him, moaning and crying out for more. “Unghyessspleaseitfeelssogoodican’tstopcomingunghyesssss….” Azza’s clothes just seem to melt right off of him. He stepped towards me, presenting me with his cock. His cock was at least 10 inches. He didn’t have to say anything. The tentacles around my left arm moved my arm up so I could grab Azza’s cock at the base and point it towards my mouth. I licked the tip. Some precum spurted into my mouth. It tasted foul, like rotten meat and sour milk. Just like I remembered. Somehow just that little taste made me go over the edge even more. I became a mindless cock receptacle. There were no coherent thoughts in my brain, just an overwhelming desire to be filled with cocks, filled with cum. I took Azza’s cock in my mouth and started sucking. “Uooohhmmmm, yesssss…”, I moaned as I sucked Azza’s cock while the cocks of whatever it was he had called were writhing inside of me.

After ten minutes or so Azza grunted and filled my mouth with his foul tasting cum. I swallowed as much of it as I could, but there was a lot of it and most of it ran down my chin and onto my tits. The squid thing also came and I felt some hot burning sensation deep down in my cunt and ass as the writhing cocks filled me with jet after jet of cum. Then the squid thing slid off me, I felt it’s cocks slide out of me and it’s cum run down my thighs, leaving hot, burning trails. It dissolved into mist again and disappeared.

Azza stood there watching me while I writhed on the floor of the barn. I felt so empty!! “Please, please, don’t go! Fuck me! Please, fill me with your cock, your cum! I’m so empty, I can’t stand it!! Please….”, I moaned. Azza looked towards the door. “We will meet again, Larissa”, he smiled. Then he dissolved into mist and disappeared, leaving me empty, writhing on the floor of the barn, covered with slime and cum.

Seconds later the door opened and Bobbi, Lisa, Djamila and Kimberly came in. “Jeezzz, Larissa, what happened?? Lisa asked. “He left me, left me, I’m so empty…. Please somebody fuck me, I’m so empty….” I cried. “Bobbi, get Mike and the others, this is bad!”, Kimberly snarled. Bobbi ran out and just minutes later came back with Mike and four of the others.

Immediately I got on my hands and knees and crawled towards them. I grabbed the nearest one, Knife, undid his zipper and started sucking his cock. He must have just been assfucking some girl, his cock tasted bitter, like shit. I didn’t care. “Please, please, fuck me, fill me….”I moaned. “Shit, this is how we found her two years ago!”, Mike growled. He grabbed a horseblanket, wrapped it around me and threw me over his shoulder. “No no no no, please fuck me!”, I cried.

He didn’t even listen, just carried me back to the Knight’s Inn, where we were staying. He put me on a bed. I just lay there whimpering, begging for someone, anyone to fuck me. Chris came in and handed Mike some pills. Mike put the pills in my mouth and made me take a sip of water. I swallowed the pills. We’re taking her home tomorrow guys, I heard Mike say. Two minutes later darkness took me.

Part 2

I woke up the next day groggy as hell. But still horny as all fuck. I knew none of the Mad Dogs would touch me though. They hadn’t two years ago when they found me naked on the side of the road. They took me to HQ and kept me sedated so I wouldn’t “rape” them. It was the worst 7 months of my life, being horny as fuck all, but not being able to convince anyone to fuck me.

I dressed in my black leather miniskirt, thigh high “fuck me” boots and my leather club jacket. I didn’t put on any underwear. Ten minutes later we were all saddled up and riding out of Sturgis. The vibrations of the big Harley made me even hornier than I was already, if that was even possible. Ninety minutes later we rode into Gillette and stopped at Pokey’s BBQ and Smokehouse for breakfast.

As everybody placed their orders I told Knife I had to go to the toilet. He told Bobbi to come along. Knife waited outside and Bobby came with me into the ladies room and I entered one of the stalls. Bobbi kept talking which suited me just fine. I opened the window, thanking whatever Gods there are that I’m as petite as I am or I would never have been able to slip through.

As luck would have it there was a dumpster right under the window. I landed on top of it, quickly slid off and made my way to the front of the building. I only had a minute or so before they would come looking for me. Luck was definitely with me though. As I reached the front of the building a trucker was just getting into his truck. I opened the door on the passenger side and climbed in as well.

The look on his face was priceless! He sure didn’t expect to see my pretty face making eyes at him! But he was a man, and a trucker at that, and I was a pretty girl, not wearing much in the way of clothing, so was he gonna throw me out? Nope..! I smiled at him as he drove out of the parking lot.

As soon as we drove out of Gillette on Highway 16 I slid over to him and rubbed the bulge in his jeans. Uhuh! Nice package! I had my lips wrapped around his cock 5 seconds later. He tasted like he hadn’t washed in a couple of days, but I didn’t care. It felt so good just to have a cock in my mouth! I kept licking and sucking ’till he blew his cum into my mouth. I savored the taste of every last drop. I couldn’t stop sucking his dick though. I just had to have a cock in me…

He pulled his truck over onto the side of the road and growled “I’m gonna fuck you hard bitch!” Now, that was just what I wanted to hear. I assumed the doggy position and moaned as I felt his cock enter my pussy. He started fucking me hard, his nails digging painfully into my side. After a couple of minutes he pulled out and I moaned in frustration.

He pushed his now well lubricated cock into my ass and resumed fucking me as hard as he could. “Uuoohhmmm”, I moaned. Damn, it felt good to get fucked! After another ten minutes or so I felt him stiffen as he shot his load into my ass. He pulled out and I felt his slimy cum run down my thighs. I pulled my skirt down and turned around. His now soft cock was smudged with brown and glistening with our combined juices.

I lowered my head and started to lick him clean, enjoying the taste of his cum and my own shit. “Aaaoouuhhhmmmm”, I moaned as I let my tongue swirl around his cock. When he was clean I sat up. He reached around me and opened the door, then he spit in my face and said “get out, you fucking whore!”

“Fucking asshole”, I thought as I climbed out of his truck. I knew better than to argue though. I watched the truck disappear in the distance. I felt the spit run down my face but I didn’t bother to wipe it off. The humiliation could not be wiped off anyway, so I might as well let the reminder of what a depraved slut I was run down my face.

I turned around and headed towards a barn. I walked inside and stopped to let my eyes adjust to the dark. Next thing I knew I felt a big soft tongue licking my cunt. A dog! And what a magnificent specimen it was! A very large crossbreed. I spread my legs to give him better access. “Uuuuhhmmmmyesssss, doggy lick me good!”, I moaned.

It didn’t take long me for me to reach an orgasm. I stood there, my legs spread wide, moaning and shaking and shivering as my pleasure peaked. I let myself fall forward onto my hands and knees and pulled my skirt up around my waist. The dog wasted no time and mounted me. After a couple of tries he hit the bulls eye and shoved his hard dog cock all the way into my cunt.

He started jackhammering away as only a large dog can. I looked over my shoulder and his big tongue licked my mouth. I opened my mouth and stuck out of my tongue. He kept licking my tongue and inside my mouth. The depravity of it made even me feel ashamed of what I had been reduced too, but I had no choice. I needed sex, I needed cock, I needed to feel his tongue in my mouth, on my tongue. I knew I was nothing but a whore, the cheapest kind for I would do anything for cock, even animalcock.

After a couple of minutes I felt his knot enter my cunt as he unloaded his balls into my womb. His hot cum sprayed my insides and it pushed me over the edge again and I came, moaning and begging for more, “ouhmmmyess, doggy, fill my cunt with your slimy cum!”

After his knot had shrunk enough and he pulled out, I got up. I was just pulling my skirt down when I heard a man say “you might as well take it all off whore!” I looked up and saw three men looking at me. Shit, they must have seen it all…. must have heard me begging their dog to fill me with his slimy cum…

Again, arguing was pointless, so I stripped ’till I was naked. The biggest of them walked up to me and grabbed my hair and started pulling me towards the back of the barn. The other guys followed snickering and laughing. The man grabbing my hair pulled my head down towards a cage, probably 5ft long, 3ft wide and 3ft high.
“Get in, bitch!”, he growled. I did as I was told.

When I was in he closed the cage with a padlock. “Let’s show her how welcome she is guys!”, the big guy said. All three of them pulled their cocks out of their pants and pointed them at me. I knew where this was going… I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as the first warm yellow stream of piss hit me in my face. Then two more streams joined the first and they filled my mouth with their warm piss.

“Look at that whore! She’s enjoying herself!”, one of them said. It was true. I thrived on the sex, the depravity, the humiliation, the shame. It made me hot all over just to think that these guys had complete control. I was nothing to them but a receptacle for their piss, their cum, their spit.

When they were done pissing they indeed started spitting on me. I kept my mouth open and stuck my tongue out. They kept spitting ’till my whole face was covered with their spit. Then they turned around and walked away. “Get the boys together for this evening, Drew, were gonna fuck this whore ’till she doesn’t know her own name anymore….”, the big guy said.

Promises, promises, I thought…..

Part 3

I must have nodded off for I woke up when someone kicked the cage I was in. I opened my eyes and looked up. It was the big guy again. “Okay guys, get this cage outside”, he said to the other two guys who pulled the cage through the barn, me in it, ’till we were outside. The big guy pointed a hose at me while one of the others turned the water on. He thoroughly hosed me down ’till I was squeeky clean. I wondered how long that would last.

They lifted the cage and put it in the back of a pick-up truck, then covered it with a tarp. They got in the cab and we were off, to wherever it was they were taking me. My stomach was filled with butterflies as big as eagles as I wondered where they were taking me and what was waiting for me there… I felt my cunt get wet just from the anticipation. I couldn’t get filled with cock soon enough.

About twenty minutes later we made a sharp turn and drove into what felt like a dirt road. Another ten minutes and we stopped moving. The guys got out of the cab and slammed the doors shut. “Howdy guys!”, I heard the big guy holler. The tarp was pulled off the cage and the cage was openend and some guy grabbed my hair and roughly pulled me out of the cage and pushed me down on my knees.

I looked around and saw lots of men, probably twenty or twenty five. I was led up to a low table and I climbed on top. My wrist and knees were secured to the corners. My lower legs were extended over the edge. One guy came up and stuck his dick in my willing mouth while someone else pushed his cock into my sopping wet cunt and started to fuck me. “Oouuuhhhmmmm”, I moaned past the cock in my mouth. It didn’t take the guy long to come and he shot all his cum into my face and eager open mouth while others came up and took pictures with their mobiles. I just licked my lips while I looked into their lenses and waited for more cock. I didn’t have long to wait of course. A big negro came up and took my head in both his hands and pushed his cock, all eight inches of it, down my throat. The guy fucking me came and shot his load into my cunt while he slapped my ass hard. That’s when my orgasm hit and I shivered and moaned, “ooouuhhhmmmmyessss…”

The negro started face fucking me while some other guy pushed his cock into my cunt forcing some of the cum already deposited out to run down my thighs. Then he pulled out and started to push his cock into my ass. When he was all the way in he pulled almost entirely out and then slammed back in, full force. He started to fuck my ass as hard and fast as he could. “Uhng, ungh, ungh, ungh”, I grunted each time he slammed in. The negro came and filled my mouth with his cum ’till my mouth overflowed and it ran down my throat and onto my tits. He wiped his cock clean in my hair, then spit in my face, turned around and walked away.

The guy fucking my ass also came and I felt his seed spurt deep into my anus. Then he pulled out and stood in front of me. “Look whore, that’s your shit on my cock. Clean it!”, he growled. I opened my mouth and started to lick him clean. He then pinched my nose shut and just shoved his shit-caked cock into my mouth. I closed my mouth and sucked, letting my tongue swirl around his cock.

This went on ’till I had lost all track of time. As soon as one cock unloaded it’s warm slimy cum in one of my holes another replaced it. Cum ran down my thighs, my face and hair were plastered and it ran down my face and throat and onto my tits. At last it seemed all the men were spent as no more dicks entered my holes.

“Okay guys, bring out the dogs!”, the big guy hollered. My wrists and knees were untied and I almost fell of the table, my limbs being somewhat numb. I was pushed down on my hands and knees. I looked up expectantly as I heard the dogs bark. Then two Great Danes’s were led over and one mounted me immediately. He humped a couple of times spraying his precum over my back. I pushed my ass up a little higher and then his big slimy dog cock found my ass and he shoved it all the way in in one fierce push. “Aaaaannnggghhhhyessssss….”, I yelled.

“That fucking whore really loves it”, I heard one man say. “Filthy slutbitch can’t get enough”, another one said. I felt ashamed of myself. I knew they were right. I was nothing but a cock and cum receptacle. I couldn’t help myself. Even with my cheeks glowing with the shame I called the other Great Dane. “Here boy!” As he came closer I grabbed one of his hind legs and pulled him to me ’till I could grab his big red cock at the base. I lowered my head and licked all along it’s length. Guys were pointing their mobiles at me, taking pictures and filming.

I just looked in their lenses and licked that big cock while he blasted my face with precum. Then I took him in my mouth and sucked him down my throat as far as I could. The dog grabbed my head in his paws and started face fucking me. I had trouble breathing, getting fucked from both ends by two Great Danes. The one fucking my ass came first and I felt his hot slimy cum shoot into me. Somehow he had avoided knotting me and as he pulled out I felt a flood of warm dog sperm flow down my thighs.

Then the other Great Dane came and filled my mouth with his bitter cum. I swallowed some and let the rest run down my face. Some guy whistled and both dogs scampered off. I was spent and out of breath. I collapsed onto the ground and rolled onto my back. I had my eyes closed. My left hand was spreading the slimy cum around my tits and my right hand made it’s way down South to my cunt. I squeezed my clit between my thumb and forefinger and moaned.

I opened my eyes as the first warm stream of piss hit me and was quickly joined by many more. “Uhmyesss….”, I moaned. Some guys pissed into my open eager mouth, others aimed at my cunt. All the while they held up their mobiles to record what a filthy wanton piss whore I was.

When they were done they started spitting on me. I got up and sat on my knees in front of them with my mouth open and my tongue stuck out. They kept spitting on me and into my mouth ’till my mouth was full and their spit ran down my tongue and onto my tits. Then they all just turned around, got in their cars and drove off.
I collapsed onto the ground again and rolled onto my back.

“Ouuuhhmmmmpleasesomebodyfuckme…..”, I moaned.

I heard some rustling through the bushes and figured one of them had come back for more. I rolled around onto my belly and looked up…. a black bear was standing 5ft away from me, sniffing the air. “Fuck!” I thought. The bear took another two steps and sniffed my face. I held my breath… not knowing what to expect. Then his huge tongue licked my face, again and again…. I moaned and opened my mouth letting his tongue in… roaming around in my mouth… I stuck out my tongue and licked his tongue as his licked mine… Never in my kinky perverted life had I imagined this!

After a couple of minutes of some serious face and tongue licking he ambled around me and stood over me, humping over my back. I pushed my ass up higher and felt his cock enter my cunt. He started fucking, a slow but relentlessly powerful rhythm. I grunted and moaned with each thrust. This was insane! With my left hand I reached below me and squeezed my clitoris… that pushed me over the edge and I came screaming for more. My muscles contracted around the big bear cock in my cunt and I felt the bear stiffen as he shot all of his cum into my womb. Then he pulled out, snorted and just ambled off.

I collapsed once more and rolled onto my back giggling at the sky. This had just been too far out… After I had caught my breath I got up and started walking down the dirt road in the direction that everyone had driven off in. I had to find my way back to civilization. I was naked, covered with dried up cum, piss and saliva and had no idea what to do when I got there. By then I probably just wanted to get fucked again….

Part 4

When I got back to the highway I had no idea where I was. I just turned left and started walking. Five minutes later a car pulled up. The deputy rolled down his window and looked me over. He got out of the car, opened the backdoor and got a blanket which he wrapped around me. “You better get in the car, miss”, he said. “I need you to fuck my cunt!”, I replied. “Miss??”, he asked with a big question mark all over his young handsome face. “I’m a raging nymphomaniac and I need to get fucked. All the time,” I explained to him.

“I can’t do that, miss, it wouldn’t be professional”, he said. Wasn’t he sweet? “Didn’t you take an oath, to serve and protect?”, I asked him sweetly, as I sank to my knees and started fumbling with his fly. Three seconds later I had his rapidly swelling cock in my mouth. He was only a man and he couldn’t really say no to that now, could he?

I sucked his cock, my tongue swirling around the head while I fondled his balls with my left hand and the fingernails of my right scraped his anus. Sixty seconds later he came and I pulled his dick from my mouth and let him shoot all his slimy cum into my face and open mouth. I always loved to have guys shoot their cum in my face, there was something so kinky, so slutty about it, it never failed to start the fire in my belly…

When he was done he quickly zipped his cock back into his pants and looked quiltily around. He gently pushed me into the back of his cruiser, got behind the wheel and drove off. “There’s a mobile phone next to you on the seat. Call somebody to come pick you up at the Leiter Post Office.” I thought about it for a minute. I knew I had to get home, back to the Mad Dogs. I mean, I was naked! I didn’t have clothes, money, food… Nothing. I needed help. I also needed to get thoroughly fucked a lot the coming months, else I’d go insane.I called Bobbi. She answered on the first ring. “Oh my God, Larissa! Are you okay?? We’ve been worried sick! The Mad Dogs are looking all over for you! Where are you??”, she almost yelled. I made a face and held the phone about a foot away from my ear. I saw the deputy grinning at me in the mirror. “You can tell them to come pick me up at the post office in Leiter, on Highway 16, as long as they let me get thoroughly fucked whenever I need it. I’ll explain what happened when I see you, but no sex is no Larissa! I’ll just run off again…”, I told her.

“You can have all the sex you want, girl, promise! God, it’s good to hear your voice! Some of the boys are on Highway 16 as we speak, they’ll be there in thirty minutes.”
“Good. See ya soon, babe!”, I disconnected.

When we got to Leiter there were four Mad Dogs waiting for us. The deputy pulled over and opened my door. I got out, kissed him on the lips, and walked over to where the boys were. They handed me a couple of black leather pants and a club jacket and a pair of boots. I just dropped the blanket and changed, all the while looking the deputy in his eyes. A couple of people walked by and gawked but I didn’t care. When I had changed I picked up the blanket and walked back to the deputy to return it to him. As he took it a red goat like face shimmered over his own, he smiled and said “I’ll get you in the craziest situations Larissa, but I’ll always be there to watch over you…”

I just stood there, stunned. Him! Then the deputy blinked and looked at me as if he didn’t know who I was. “Thanks for taking me home, deputy”, I said as kissed him on the lips. “My pleasure, miss”, he mumbled. Drew pulled up next to me. I climbed on and he opened the throttle. We were on our way home.

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