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She stood. Her arms around there hips as they stood at her side, their hands trailing slowly over her body and lingerie. She wanted to feel like a strong powerful woman, but she actually felt like a two dollar cheap whore. A little piece of her actually liked it, been a bit of both.

” Amazing body. ” Keith said.

” Yes. ” Alan said ” Absolutely. ” She looked down at their hands squeezing her bust. On her cleavage. Hands rubbing her arse cheeks and the backs of her thighs, their fingers running over the tops of her stockings. Her pussy getting moist at the thought of fucking her two pilots. She loved a man on uniform, although she felt a bit greedy having two. Older men in uniform was a bonus.

” Love these breasts. ” Keith said. ” Couldn’t stop looking at your bust on the flight. ” He added.

” I noticed. ” She said.

” Bet your boyfriend is missing these tits. ” Alan said.

” Yeh well hes got plenty of others back home to keep him occupied. ” She said loving been groped and fondled. They rubbed her nipples through her lace. They were erect and visible. Keith reached behind her sliding his hand under her hair to her bra strap. With one hand he unclipped it.

” Lets get these out ” he said smiling as her bra strap loosened. He pulled the straps off her shoulders, the loosened bra falling down her bust. They fell out as he slid it down her arms he dropped it to the bed. She stood topless her breasts out in full view. Keith admiring her shapely curvy breasts as they sat hanging naturally. ” Oh wow. ” He said.

” Unclipped my bra one handed, well done. ” She said.

” Heaps of practice. ” He said smiling at her.

” I’m sure. ” She replied. Keith’s eyes admiring her bosom. His hand sliding up her stomach his thumb and fore finger cupping under her DD breasts.

” These are amazing breasts, the nicest I have seen. ” Keith said.

” Seen a few ? ” She replied.

” Not lots but. Shit these are amazing. ” He said both men now fondling a breast each. Leaning in sucking her nipples. She stood watching them on the end of her breasts, fondling squeezing rubbing sucking kissing playing like a child exploring a new toy. Alan had seen and played with them before.

Keith’s first time on the end of her breasts. She looked down thinking of her Uncle. She smiled as she pictured him on the end of then. She loved her Uncle sucking her nipples and playing with them. Been topless with him, letting him fondle them and suck and kiss them.

Her pussy wet at the thought of two cocks entering her later. She could confess to her Uncle turning her on as he played with her. Although never tempted to go further.

Keith kissed up her breast to her neck as his hand fondled her breast and nipple. His lips finding hers. They french kissed. Their tongues in each others mouths. There lips moistening each others as Alan’s lips sucked her nipple.

She had the memory helping her cousin with her baby. Her cousins husband on the couch with her as she was topless breast feeding. Her breasts the same size as hers.

Her cousins baby sucking drinking milk, her husband leaning in kissing her lips, they kissed for 10 seconds. Her cousin laughing

” I’m sitting here topless my tits out, my baby drinking kissing my husband in front of my cousin.

The cousin who was letting your father grope and suck my breasts on regular occasions I thought. I should be feeling shameful
But it kind of erotically turned me on.

Soon Keith’s hand moved off her breasts finding its way to her groin. His fingers lightly rubbing over her lacy underwear. Her and Keith still kissing. Alan fondling her breasts.

She moaned in pleasure as his fingers rubbed harder. Her moist wet pussy lips wetting her knickers.

” Sit down sexy. ” Keith said. She sat on the edge of the bed. Her hands feeling the groins of the two work colleagues in front of her. All these months flying and her affair with the pilot. Now hiim and the co pilot here.

They stood helping her un buckle their trousers. Alan’s hard cock falling out first. Her hand finding his shaft stroking it. Keith’s then falling out. Her other hand finding his. She sat looking at both cocks. Stroking them. She looked up at them smiling as they looked at her topless. Her breasts hanging as she played with their cocks.

” Hello again ” she said kissing Alan’s knob then circled her tongue around his knob.

” She knows my cock well. ” Alan said looking at Keith.

” Missed it. ” She said looking up at Alan.

” It knows her pussy well to. ” Alan said looking down at his young casual fuck. She pulled Keith’s cock to her mouth resting his knob on her tongue sliding her mouth around it and up his shaft. Keith groaning watching his cock disappear into her mouth as she held Alan’s.

She stroked and sucked Keith as he took off his shirt then his singlet, now standing with his cap on his pants around his ankles watching his air hostess sucking his cock.

” Suck it hard. ” Keith said smiling down at her she started deep throating him using his precum and her saliva as lubrication. ” Oh fuck she can suck. ” Keith said smiling. She took it out looking up.

” Never has two men at the same time. ” She said changing to Alan’s cock sliding her mouth down her familiar cock. A cock she had sucked many times before. She looked up at Alan. She knew she had feelings for him. We was turning into more than a lover for her. Was she falling in love with him. She knew she had fallen out of love with Sam.

She swapped again to Keith loving sharing two cocks.

For ten minutes she sucked. Tasting each cock. Feeling the different cocks. Keith groaned holding her head as he cum.

” Shit. ” He said as she swallowed his cum. She licked him clean smiling up at him. She licked his cum off her lips. ” Fuck yes. ” He said.

” Good. ” She said looking up at him.

” Fuck yes, never cum in a girls mouth. ” He said.

” Me either till I met Lani. ” Alan said smiling over at Keith.

” She slid her lips over Alan’s cock groaning as she sucked and stroked it. Keith sitting sliding his hand inside her thigh opening her legs listening to her slurp and suck Alan’s cock. He moved his hand to her breast once again cupping and fondling it as if he needed to every now and then to remember her curvy bosom. His hand now moving back to her thigh lifting her leg over his. Her bosom feel and taste now committed to memory.

She groaned as Alan held her head over his cock deep throating her as Keith rubbed over her wet moist womanhood feeling the wetness between the lace.

Alan took his cock out wanking it. Her mouth open like a puppy tongue out waiting for his seed. He groaned as he wanked harder grabbing her head putting his knob on her tongue erupting his seed into her mouth.

Like a good girl she swallowed his cum, she licked his cock clean as Keith’s finger slid in her underwear rubbing her wet labias, his finger pushing deeper into the depths of her wet moist pussy.

Alan’s cock now clean, she licked the last of his cum off his knob and her lips. He sat next to her kissing her lips pulling her other leg over his. His hands again finding her breasts caressing and fondling them.

He lay her down. Both men looking between her legs. Her legs up over their thighs. Hands exploring her body. Her underwear now exposing half her pussy as Keith’s fingers explored her pussy now up to her clit rubbing it. She closed her eyes groaning as Alan lay at her side fondling her breasts. His mouth now sucking one nipple squeezing and caressing the other.

She felt her knickers been slid down her thighs. Keith sliding them off down her thighs to her knees. He pushed them to her ankles. She kicked them off. Her legs wide open, her pussy
exposed. Fingers rubbing up and down her labias. She moaned as Keith spread her labias. She felt his tongue on her. The tip of his tongue licking up and down her pussy finding her clit circling it.

” Ohhh fuck yes. ” She said the sensation of her nipples been sucked and her clit been licked.

A finger pushed deep in her pussy, slowly moving in and out of her. She arched her back holding Alan’s head in her bosom.

She couldn’t believe she was been pleasured by two men, in fact the two pilots she worked with on a flash Paris hotel. Far from her small island paradise. What would her boyfriend say. Well she thought hes more a guy she has sex with. A boyfriend would not be fucking every tourist he can get his dick into when shes away. Mainly the reason she was having sex away. She considered herself single.

Two fingers now been pushed into her pussy. Another intense groan as the second finger spread her pussy more. It was getting wetter and wetter, his tongue working her spread labias inside their walls. Her clit, clitoral hood been pleasured. Keith now knowing his way around her pussy like Alan has done many times before.

She loved the thought of having a casual sexual relationship with the pilot. Been on the cabin crew of his aircraft. No one knowing they are fucking. Now shes doing the co pilot. Even more intense. More sensual. Another secret to keep from her colleagues. Working on the plane. Alan and now Keith knowing every inch of her body covered by uniform.

Keith’s tongue exploring her pussy as his fingers moved in and out of her pussy. Her pussy wet and moist. Her juices been licked up by Keith’s tongue.

Alan kissing her lips as he fondled her breasts she lay on the bed legs open. She was in paradise, she let her body go. Her body now their body. As far as she was concerned they could do what they wanted to her. Fuck her when they wanted. She glanced down at Keith his eyes fixed on her pussy as his tongue licked every part of her pussy.

He then stood up. She saw his hard circumcised knob. Alan moved as he knelt leant on the bed with his knees moving her closer to him. He directed his knob to her clit rubbing it. In the same movement he looked at he and smiled as he looked down watching his cock slid down over her labias, bend pushed inside finding her vagina. She took a deep breath as he watched his cock disappear into her pussy. Slowly it entered her. She felt his cock deep in her. Alan fondling her breasts as Keith slowly pulled out then back in. She slid her fingers to her clit rubbing it as Keith slowly made love to her.

He looked at her eyes smiling then over her body, then to her pussy watching his cock move in and out of her.

She groaned as Alan leant in caressing her breasts sucking her nipple. She held the back of his head into her bosom as he sucked her. Her other hand between her legs rubbing her clit as Keith fucked her.

She closed her eyes and made the most of it. Been pleasured by two men.

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