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She reached up for the tap and turned the shower off,she stood for a minute letting the warm water drip off her naked body. She stepped out of the open tiled shower. She reached for a towel from the heated towel rail. She dried off looking at herself in the mirror, she often liked to look at her body. She wasn’t vain or anything, she just loved to look nice, she took care of her body all her gym work paid off. She was well known among the men in the village she came for, not sexually but was always the popular girl in school, the girl all the guys wanted to be with.

She walked naked to the bedroom walking to the bar. She opened the fridge pulling out a bottle of coke. She opened it and poured some into a glass, she reached for the bottle of duty free rum. She topped up the coke with the rum, put it up to her lips taking a sip.

” Agggh yes. ” She said. ” That’s better, Cheers ” she said to the naked reflection in the mirror. ” Looking good girl ” she said downing the rest of the glass. She poured another. She put a bottle of tequila on the bench next to the rum. ” Will open you later. ” She said ” Happy birthday to me. ” 29 Today.

She sat on the bed sipping her drink her legs crossed. She reached for her phone opening up her email browser and checked her inbox and her messages on the phone.

One from Sam, saying he loved her and missed her and wished he was with her. Although he brought her a birthday present, which she opened on her birthday. No happy birthday message from him. Must be preoccupied with other things, females. She thought she deleted it.

Next one from her mother and father saying Happy Birthday, they missed her. She knew there would be a surprise party when she arrived home.

‘ To our dear daughter Leilani, hoe we miss you on your birthday. Your somewhere around the world when you get this. We love you very much, stay safe and look forward to when you get back home. Take care, again you father and I love you. Kisses and hugs baby girl. Your mum and dad.’

She smiled a tear coming to her eye. She archived it under. Ma and Pa. Every 28 birthdays they had done something and made it special for her, her 29th was going to be no different.

One from her Uncle saying Happy Birthday. It made her smile. She felt like sending him a topless selfie, but thought better of it.

Happy birthday Lani. Hope its a good one where ever you are today. Miss ya, your favourite uncle.

Yes he was here favourite uncle. Well her breasts favourite one anyway. She looked through messages from her friends. Laughing at the jokes, good and rude ones. She missed home but enjoyed been of the island for a couple of weeks every two weeks.

There was a payslip from work.

The usual general advertising from the many beauty, clothing and makeup companies she subscribed to.

She closed her phone down after sending a text.

” Ready it 20 minutes ” it said.

” Ok see you soon, ” the reply said.

She stood moisturizing her body. Her arms neck chest breasts stomach hips arse pussy legs feet.

She spent ten minutes touching up her make up, she reached into her suitcase pulling out a lacy red GString pulling it up her legs. Her black racing strip of hair visible through the totally lacy knickers. She put on a matching lacy bra just holding her breasts. Her nipples visible through the lace. She put on sheer red three quarter stockings with a lace band around the top. She stood looking in the mirror.

” Sexy slut. ” She said sipping her rum and coke looking at the bottle of tequila staring at her asking to be opened.

” Soon baby. ” She said picking it up kissing it.

She sat on the bed and brushed her long hair. She stood putting on a red satin gown. She lifted each foot putting on red high heels, she stood picking up her perfume and sprayed perfume on her wrists. She sprayed a small squirt on her neck rubbing it in.

” You smell good girl you look good girl, but you look like a fucken hooker. ” She said smiling at her self in the mirror. She looked closely in the mirror checking her face, her make up, she touched up her lipstick and stood back opening up her gown looking at her lingerie. Lingerie Sam had brought her. If only he knew she was wearing it for someone else. She did a twirl looking at herself in the mirror as she twirled, admiring her sexy long legs in the stockings and heels. Lifting the back of her gown seeing her bare arse cheeks, the thin red material hiding between her arse cheeks. She stood close to the mirror gown open pushing her breasts up holding them under her bra bouncing her ample bosom.

She adjusted her knickers opening her legs adjusting them over her pussy.

” Next trip, Brazilian my Malaysian man. ” She said excited of the prospect of him ‘Down there’ below her waist seeing her pussy. She had Brazilians before but liked a bit of a change having a bit of hair between her legs. Some guys liked it, some didn’t like pubic hair. She didn’t care, she had only slept with three guys in her life so far.

Sam her boyfriend, although she didn’t really want to know the amount of women her slut boyfriend had slept with while she was away, she had a casual fling while on holiday in New York with a passenger from the flight over she met in a bar after they landed. He showed her the sights, she opened her legs as a thank you for his time. Then of course the pilot. Every cabin crew member should fuck the pilot she thought.

She closed the gown hearing the knock at the door.

” Shit. ” She said doing final checks ” They are here ” she said adjusting every thing reaching behind her head flicking her hair.

” Showtime ” she said sipping her drink walking to the door looking through the peephole. Yes its who she is expecting. She composed herself and took a deep breath, she reached for the door handle and took of the security catch.

‘ Sam if you can fuck while I’m away, so can I’ she thought opening the door seeing them standing there.

” Gentlemen ” she said. ” Do come in. ” She said standing aside. The two men walked in admiring her as they passed. They both kissed her cheek
as they passed her. She closed the door.

” Wow ” one said. ” This is my lucky day. ”

” Oh my goodness, looking good baby. ” The other said.

” Drinks boys ? ” She said.

” Yes darling, would love one. ” Alan said following her with Keith to the bar.

” She scrubs up well. ” Keith said to Alan watching her pour their drinks.

” She does. ” Alan said as she handed them there drinks.

” Cheers boys. ” She said. They clinked glasses and downed their drinks.

” Agggh. ” Alan said finishing. ” Just what I needed after flying a 747 across the world. ” He said.

” Hey I helped. ” Keith the co pilot said smiling at pilot Alan.

” Yeh, ” he said. ” Great cabin crew helps as well. ” He said.

” Yes. ” Leilani said pouring more drinks. She couldn’t believe she was going to be fucking the pilot and co pilot. She had already slept with Alan the pilot but they had arranged a threesome with Keith. ” Enjoyed serving your food and coffee knowing you would both be fucking me after we land. ” She added.

” Yes. ” Alan said. ” Not every day you get to fuck the cabin crew. ” He said.

Alan put his hand on her hip pulling her in. He kissed her lips sliding his hand to her arse squeezing it. Keith stood the other side doing the same.

” Gentlemen. ” She said ” So forward. ”

” Its how you like it isn’t it ? ” Alan said.

” Maybe ? ” She said smiling as Alan opened her gown seeing the sexy lingerie under it.

” Oh my. ” Keith said ” Looking good. ”

” By the way Happy Birthday. ” Alan said.

” Yes ” Keith said ” Happy Birthday. ”

” So how old ? ” Alan asked.

” Your asking a girl her age . ” She said smiling.

” Yes well I already know. ” Alan said. ” Just want to hear it from you baby. ” He said.

” Ok 29. ” She said

Alan was 54 a pilot all his working life. He was 5 ft 9 handsome. Average build, short dark hair. He was recently separated his wife fucking the neighbour’s husband when he was away.

Keith was 50 5ft 10 average build and had short greying receding hair. Keith single but dating other women.

Both men polite and gentlemen. Even if it did interest them fucking her. She loved the fact they were older men, over 20 years her senior.

” So you like older men ? ” Alan asked.

” Yes. ” She said ” Such a turn on. ” She added.

” Right. ” He said. ” You have beautiful hair. Beautiful eyes. ” Alan added.

” She does. ” Keith added both men playing with her long hair.

” Thank you. ” She said her hands on their hips as they pulled her gown down her back. Alan throwing it on the back of the couch.

She was standing in her heels taller than her men. She liked men taller than her. But her pilots were sexy and nice in her eyes.

Their eyes dancing over her body, her chest, her stomach, her groin, her arse, her legs.

” Well you certainly look different out of your uniform. ” Alan said.

” She does. ” Keith said. ” I’ve been mentally undressing her all flight. ” He said.

” Yes. Me to. ” Alan said smiling his hand on her bare arse.

” More drinks ? ” She said walking towards the bar. The males eyes firmly looking at her arse and long hair. Her bra strap hidden by her hair. Her stocking tight around her upper thighs and in her heels.

” Yes ” Alan said stepping next to her Keith sat on the bed as she poured the drinks. She turned handing a fresh rum and coke to Keith he stood in front of her his eyes trying to stay above her shoulders, but the way her body was presented in her boyfriends birthday lingerie. He found it hard, her cleavage and visible nipples asking to be perved at.

They toasted clinking glasses.

” Well cheers, to good booze, good company, and good sex. ” She said.

” I will definitely drink to that. ” Alan said drinking his rum and coke.

” Yes, I agree. Booze, company and sex. ” He said. ” With such a beautiful young lady. ” He added.

” Tell you. I feel like a cheap hooker is this lingerie. Hotel room. Two men for a night. ” She said.

” Oh no darling, no such thing honey. Your a professional woman who is beautiful, discrete and knows what she wants. There’s nothing cheap about you honey. ” Alan said.

” I agree, I only have sex with women who are like you. ” Keith said smiling.

” Thanks guys. ” She said stepping close to them putting her hand in there groins feeling there hard cocks in their trousers. ” Well I see you both are ready. ” She said smiling.

” Been ready since we took off in Auckland. ” Keith said.

” I’m surprised we got the plane to Paris safely. ” Alan said laughting. ” Having such a beautiful member of the cabin crew promising sex when we get here. ”

” So fuckin easy to please. ” She said.

” Yeh well. ” Keith said.

” You know what I’m wearing is my boyfriends birthday present to me. ” She said running her hands over her bust over her bra looking down at her cleavage.

” Really, so sexy, he has good taste. ” Alan said looking over her lingerie.

” Hes never seen me in them. ” She said.

” We are the first then. ” Keith said reaching out cupping her breast feeling her nipple underneath.

” Yes, you are. ” She said. ” Your lucky. ” She said. She leant in kissing Keith then Alan.

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