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Suni was a sexy hot angel. She was my MSc classmate. She was hot pretty and cool. Talkative, but very sexy in her looks. In college I use to sit behind her. Her hairs fragrance use to make my dick wild. Even her body fragrance. Oh. Bloody. Couldn’t wait to smell it everyday. One day she came early. It was her birthday and she was giving sweets. Intentionally or unintentionally I touched her soft hands. Current passed in my body. Her cute curves. Sexy looks. Any man can go mad for her. But I didn’t dare to propose her. But use to touch casually like friends do. She got married. I had a another girlfriend who ditched me. I use to casually call Suni and talk sometimes. After 2 years we started talking regular. She use to tell all her sad stories to me and sometimes use to cry. I use to say don’t cry. It’s life. One day I asked her to come out. She said she will reach the location after her husband goes to office. I picked her from location and we reached a mall outskirts in Bangalore. There we had coffee and talked for 2hrs. Later she got bored and said let’s go movie. I took 2 ticket to some Hindi movie. Very less people were there as its weekday and after movie started I started smelling her hair. Her curves were better than before. Looking hot. She was casual watching movie. I sat such way my shoulder touched her. She didn’t say anything. Later in interval I got popcorn. We were Sharing and hand got touched. I just kept hand there and was looking at the screen. Oh. Nerves got hot. She saw me and took casually and asked me to take pop corn. I said yeah. Movie was interesting. So forgot myself. Then looked at her eyes. Kissing scene came. We both almost saw for 10min each other. I was afraid. But lost in her eyes. We both came out of movie and driving back she asked me why you were watching me like that. I said I was lost. She asked lost?? Yes. I liked you in college but didn’t say. She was stunned. Later she asked do you love me! I said yes. But?? She asked what but! But you are married. She said yes. And asked me that you should have said earlier No. I dropped her near home and she left by walk. Turned at me twice and left. I too left for day and she messaged thanks. I said pleasure is mine.

We use to talk daily and Later we drove back same theatre after a month. As movie started I held her hand and gave silk chocolate to her. Chocolate got wet all over her hands and I said can I get some chocolate. She said its almost over. But I took her hand started licking her fingers one by one slowly.

In interval she washed her hands and came back. After interval she was afraid and said will leave. We left for day.

She called me in morning and said she is leaving abroad with her husband. I waved her in airport and she winked at me and left. She didn’t message thereafter. But I got a call after 6 month and said she will be back soon and will call Me.

I was waiting eagerly to touch her. She came to airport, I took her from airport direct to her home. She asked for coffee. I bought coffee in a flask. By the time she had changed her dress to sexy t shirt and jeans. She had bath also. Smelling like angel. We had coffee and started talking sitting on dining table facing each other. My legs touched her legs and she was like smiling sexily.

Her husband called her and asked did she reach? She said yes and she said, she is stressful and sleep and disconnected Call.

We kept playing with legs. Hot movements passing in body. I said let’s See movie in lap??

She said come and went to her room. She said she has bought some dark chocolates. Gave me. I asked her to bite. She sat Cross legged as her leg touch my leg. OMG. I felt it’s my day.

She was eating chocolate madly. I said chocolate is on ur lips and touched her lips wildly pressed it and took chocolate on lips and licked my fingers. She kept looking my eyes.

I took her hand and started eating it wild. She was screaming in fun. I just licking hands and touching her lips wildly playing on lips.

So sexy. She started moaning. I just saw her lips and just touched with tongue and started playing wild. She said come Kar hug me darling kiss me.

We were rolling on bed madly. My pant had tent and wanted to come out. But I needed more fun and foreplay. I started kissing her boob’s on her t shirt and started licking her ears. She teared my shirt apart. Then she smooched madly. I held her tummy and started rubbing soft and was kissing her neck.

I kissed her pussy on jeans and pressed madly. She pulled her t shirt up. OMG so good hot boob’s.

I touched it soft. But she pressed my hand wildly. I started playing with boob’s. I removed her bra and now held it in both hands and pressing madly. She was kissing me. I was kissing her boob’s.

Her pussy smelled wild. Wild bird. Started playing with my tongue and kept pressing one boob and pinching nipples. Gave love bites on tummy. But she pulled to pussy and pressed madly.

Now I took out my dick and gave it to her hand. She started stroking and licking softly.

Then I mouth fuck her and cummed on her face…

I asked for rope and got 4 pieces and tied her hands and legs to cot. She was thinking what am gonna do. But didn’t question.

I went down her wet pussy and started licking her pussy wildly and she was lifting her back wildly. She was telling fuck me. But I went to her face and kept my dick On her lips and started rubbing on her cheeks face and neck.

She was going mad to get fucked. Now I went to her and started licking madly. She was asking me fuck all time. But I was enjoying her body. I was softly roaming my hands near her thighs while licking pussy and ass.

As I tied her, she ask me to fuck soon, else she gonna die. Her pussy juice was flowing. She had 4orgasm on foreplay itself.

Later I kissed her and kept my 7″ dick on Her pussy and started teasing. She said please insert and lifting her body madly. Finally I entered her pussy and stroking her madly and roaming my hands on her pussy and Lips. Laid on her and fucking and licking her neck and lips.

I cum inside her pussy and released her from ropes.

She madly and deeply kissed me. Said it was her memorable lifetime fuck and Started stroking my dick by kissing my lips.

We slept and I tried to insert in her ass by applying Vaseline. After many attempt, finally I entered her ass and she was crying in pain and after 10min I cum in her ass.

Beautiful Fuck. We are far now. But that fuck Was a most wonderful moment.

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