Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Our sessions as you will recognize gradually are rather of a special kind. We cater to the need of senior citizens, particularly lusty males, although we also care for the women staff we engage to help in our discipline of carnal desires.

So far as I narrated before, we enlighten menfolk to see and watch how little chicks are handled on the stage, managed by Pervy Lady. About sixty spectators watch daily in the night or dead of the night. To ravish little chicks we invite a variety of strong and stout trained male artists. This is a regular program. I justify a need for it in the midst of our sex-starved society. Watching such shows provide energy to the persons who watch our stage program.

On the stage of Pervy Lady, we just not invite hardcore hunks to molest and abuse chicks but we now added some extra items like nude and vulgar dances and speaking obscene dialogues.

The Nude Parade of both boys and girls are just introduced. The girls and boys are paraded stark naked in a group of five, ten, and twenty.

With this long introduction, I must come to the point of how and why I joined with two old bastards. I keep my general knowledge fit and up to date. I found that these two old bastards are the kingpins of fucking industry and moreover both are more experienced than me. However, one secret reason was my interest in gang bang. I am 59 years old and now I joined with two old bastards, much older than me. One is 68 years old, and another is 78-years. Both are more healthy and fleshy & plump than me. It is my earnest wish that we three together must continue to abuse and molest suitable chicks.

For tonight’s session, we wanted a poor but otherwise a healthy girl. So the girl was brought tied; a 17-year chick still studying in a local school. The girl’s mother is a widow and this is her only offspring. The poor mother was lured when we proposed heavy money as a reward for our abuse of her helpless daughter.

Her name was Neena, her figure 32 23 32, weight 45 kilos, height 4′ 11″. We brought her to a private farmhouse far away from the city. Here no one can hear her screams.

The Pervy Lady was also with us with her two lady assistants in police dress.

I physically dragged the poor girl and I also ripped her clothes. If I consider her age she was like a granddaughter to me and me a grandpa for her. However, in the matter of crude fucking these little chicks we must not entertain such unhealthy ideas. Our main aim and life’s mission was/is to abuse, molest, and humiliate such poor girls to satisfy our vulgar desires.

Soon the two old bastards joined me to ravish the chick. The one old bastard pulled her hair holding her head between his knees, while the other bastard slapped her face cheeks hard. I placed my foot on her neck and later kicked her belly. In fact, we three together started spanking and beating her. She was weeping because of our cruel treatment of her flesh and bones. Soon we tied her little tits with a rope in such a way that she can feel hard pain. I was holding a knife to torture her nipples. We three together were laughing with heinous joy. For the three of us, she was just a loathe of fuck meat. I bit her pussy lips with my teeth. And the two other bastards were penetrating their fingers into her ass hole and then shifting their fingers into the pussy hole. Soon we began fisting her.

Our aim was to humiliate her conscience brutally. We were made of perverse and dark desires, and soon we three started to as fuck her. We have spread her ass cheeks wide and apart and one after another penetrated our cocks into the ass hole of the little chick. Even we tried to push two cocks together into her asshole but this could not happen.

In brief, we degraded her in every manner. I personally bit harder over here pussy lips with my sharp teeth so the blood oozed.

By Tommy

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