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Hi I’m Jane, back to share the second day with my lovely Dog Great Dane (Tom). If you wanna know how it started you can read the part one of this story but I will still give some information again on me and Tom. Am Jane 45 Divorced am 5.5 fair skin chubby body huge ass black hair and eyes with 38DD breast size I had recently got a job of taking care a big Great Dane dog Tom when things went hot and ended up me getting fucked by him last night and I really enjoyed it. The next morning I woke up with a big smile and fresh mind I was still thinking about the last night and I was getting wet just by looking at Tom laying on the floor with his big balls but I had to fresh up and feed him and I also had to have some breakfast so I made my breakfast and gave Tom some dog food as I sat on the chair and started to search the Internet on my PC for dog sex as last night was nice but I wanted to know everything about Great Dane and mostly about dog knotting women as last time I was scared when I felt stuck on his dick. I was surprised to find out that Tom never stuck his knot in me it was just the shear size of his dick that made me feel I was stuck and I got scared started to back off I remember when he pulled his dick out of me it was about 9″ and the his knot was about 4″ more and about fat as a base ball I now calculated that I did not get the knot in me yet now that thought made me wet and my mind was filled with the thought what will it feel like really getting stuck with him. I started to search for videos showing women knotted with Great Dane in no time I found many such videos I was wet when I saw at Tom he was already sniffing the air and walking towards me I was sitting on the chair and he was trying to put his nose between my crotch watching porn video’s I was trying to learn how to get knotted with Tom as I lifted my legs up so Top can taste my juice as he loved doing that with every lick he gave me I was coming closer to orgasm but this time I wanted to cum when I was knotted with him so I kept my calm and let my pussy dripping wet so there is a lot of lube to slide that massive knot in me I could see Tom had his red cock come out so for the first time I tried to touch his dick it was really warm and moist I wanted to suck it and make his dick slimy enough so he can slide it in me easy but only by my touch he pumped out enough precum my hand was all slimy I got on the bed like last night and I applied all that precum on my pussy this time I kept my ass high up and my head down on the bed it felt like I was surrendering my pussy to him he gave my pussy some nice deep licks and I could feel him mount me this time I did not need to guide him his dick found my pussy as he started to fuck me really fast I had to make my grip and and keep my pussy in place I could feel how powerful he was this time I could feel him deeper than last night and I could feel his under belly brush my ass so I was sure he was all in me when I started to feel his dick expand in me my mind was filled surprise and I was scared what will happen now but I wanted it in me so I kept pushing my ass towards his dick when I could feel his cock now really expanding in me after some small push he stopped. I was moaning in pain as I could feel as if something fat is stuck in me his dick was throbbing deep in my pussy after like a minute my pussy was relaxed and I was now able to keep his knot in me with less pain may be my pussy was now lubed enough from inside and his knot was feeling more comfortable I closed my eyes enjoying as Tom was pumping a lot cum in me this time I did not feel his cum flow out me I knew his knot must be stopping extra cum to flow out now I started to move slowly after just about some moves I could not hold and I came on his dick really hard I had never had such orgasm in my life before. I was breathing heavy again by now I must have been knotted by Tom for about 15 min I knew last night even after 20 min Tom was pretty hard my pussy walls where in pain a little but I really wanted to keep him in me I kept moving regularly when ever I felt he was getting soft he use to get hard again by now I had 4 orgasm I was getting some pain in my stomach may be because of so much sperm in me after about 30 min Tom began getting soft this time I kept still as my back had started to pain and my legs where giving away I could feel him getting soft as with a pop his dick came out of me this a huge lode of our sperm came out my pussy it was huge load as he was pumping sperm for last 30 min in me I just collapsed on the bed and I kept my legs spread letting Tom clean my pussy his licking also helped comfort my sour pussy. After catching my breath back I sat down to pee his cum was still flowing out my pussy I was really relaxed and happy but with a little sour pussy but it was fine for me according to me it was a great way to start a day I wonder what new surprise will Tom give me. Please leave comments if you like this part and I will share more of my stories good buy take care.

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