Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Hi guys am back to share the 3rd day with my lovely dog Tom a great dane. Please the read the part 1 and 2 if you wanna know how it started but I will still provide some information about myself. I am Jane 45 Divorced about 5.5in height am fair fat white big ass black hair and eyes 38DD breast size I live alone after recently I got a job of taking care of Tom a Great Dane dog but looks like now he is taking care of me. It was after Toms evening walk I was laying on the couch in my nighty I had just put on after a long walk with Tom I was resting my self watching TV as I saw Tom was a little restless walking around my couch so I sat up taking his head in my laps and caressing him in no time Tom wanted to push his nose between my legs I kept my legs closed as I was a little soured by my last sex with Tom as he had knotted me and he has a huge knot. But I was feeling Tom was trying hard to get between my legs and he pushed my legs apart and his long tounge easily reached my pussy I was a little scared as this was the first time Tom was behaving aggressive but I thought may be I should let him lick my pussy as he loved licking out my juice may be that would calm him down a little so I took my legs up on the couch and I rested my back on the couch I could see Tom licking my pussy deep but this time I was soured and was in some pain so I was not that wet as I use to get but Tom would not stop he kept licking me deeper as he wanted to taste more of my pussy juice. I was really scared and in some pain I was trying to push him away but he was way to powerful for me so decided to give him what he wants I was trying to concentrate and get wet I did manage to get wet but Tom would lick it all in no time and he was getting more and more aggressive. I began to get scared and I tried to get him away by trying to stand up but as I made my move Tom pounced on me he kept his front legs on my shoulder I could see in his face he wanted to fuck me I did not want to make him more aggressive so I just kept my calm as Tom started to move and was trying to find my pussy I really did not want him in as I was in pain but Tom found my pussy and began pushing his huge dick in me he was facing me this time as he was over me before I was always in doggy style with him I was able to see Tom in his eyes this time as he was trying to push his knot in me I was begging Tom to stop but he pushed it in me I felt like being raped this time but this felt even better as he was even deep in me I could see his huge knot stuck in my pussy as I saw it I was really arousing and I started to enjoy now the pain was there but I was enjoying more as Tom was trying to turn I helped him turn so I could get his face away from my face. As he turned a wave of pain and pleasure went in me gosh now Tom was facing away I was sitting on the edge of the couch but this time I had some control and I could hold his legs if he tried to pull out of me I kept moving regularly keeping Tom calm as I could see his know glowing red in my pussy and it was trying to swell as I moved I had may small orgasm when started moving faster this time and wanted to cum hard Tom was rather calm and standing still it was me who was moving and doing the work for him as if Tom some how knew I was aroused and wanted to cum on his dick by then I was on the edge and came hard after about 10 more min his knot began to subside I let Toms legs free as I felt him slowly sliding out my pussy I took a look at my pussy it was all cum covered and was even sour and red by Toms deep and brutal fuck but I still was happy as he took good control of me. Next time may be I will try anal but Tom is really to big for anal may be I will search the net for more information till then bye all take care and please comment if you like my story.

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