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Hello this is Shrushti. Here is the second part of my  story named Lovely Master. If someone has not read first part link given below will give you first part. Lovely Master

Now lets start second part…….
I was nude in the position like dog with caller in the neck. Ravi ordered to crawl like dog, I followed then he told me to be in the position and not to move at all. I was there still in the position which expose my pussy ass and my breast. Various thoughts were running in mind and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter and nipples were too hard. Near about 20-25 min he came with two bowls one filled with water and other with food. He kept it down and ordered me to come near bowl. I followed the command. Then he ordered me to finish the water and food by licking like dog. The water was easy one for me but taking food was the difficult as the food was also some peaces roties mixed with milk. While I was eating Ravi was giving me schedule of my breakfast, lunch and dinner He said” You will get your breakfast at 8 am and you will be given dog’s food i.e. PEDIGREE, in lunch you will get same now you have, you will be given again pedigree in evening and milk too at dinner you will have some special”. He continued” From now onward you will not talk like human. If you want anything you will bark and then I will say you can talk then and then only you can talk. Tomorrow I will bath you we will have fun tomorrow you will really enjoy it. Now it’s time to sleep come on follow me”. I followed him. He took me to basement where there was cage I was not wiling to sleep in the cage so Bark loudly ” bhau Bhau” Ravi said” yes my sweety whats the problem?” Myself ” I will nor sleep in the cage” Ravi “you have to. No other option you have. Second important thing you must call me master so be care full while you request. Now goo inside and have a nice sleep. Good night! Sweet dreams.” He left the basement. It was too dark and I was in need to use toilet to pee hard I bark louder and louder but there was no response by master Ravi I controlled for some time with my finger in my pussy but it was of no use and my cage was wet with my pee. The smell, sexual thoughts were not allowing me to sleep. I started fingering my self and imaging what will happen tomorrow within no time my juices were released and finally I was asleep. It was morning now exactly don’t no what time it was but master Ravi arrived at the basement and kicked the cage and shouted “wake up sweety, Good morning!” “Good Morning! Master” was my reply. Ravi” Bad girl it seem you have pee here last night.” In full of shame”Yes Master sorry for that”. Ravi” Its ok as it was your first mistake but from now onward you will be severely punished.” ” Yes master” was only my reply, but this gave me worst feeling ever this session was started. ” Come on its time to get you ready, do you want to pee?”
“Yes master”
“good then get out of cage and follow me to garden.”
We both reached garden then Master Ravi told me to dig like dog and be in the position that like dogs shit. My asshole was exactly above the pit. When I was done He ordered me to put the remove sand on it. This was the most embarrassing for me I was feeling too low. Then He ordered me to follow him. We were in his bathroom. He took a tooth brush and put it in my ass hole and started twisting and turning it. It gave me a different feeling it was not actually pain nor a sexual feeling but it can’t be expressed then he removed it and place in pussy this time it was very pain full and I shouted Ahh Ohh. Ravi shouted “bitch I want you to bark.” I immediately started barking “bhau bhau”.
Good Ravi said. Then he washed the brush and put tooth paste on it and brushed my teeth. After that he bathed me While bathing he fucked me by his fingers in my both holes. After bath it was time for breakfast as he told last night he gave me pedigree. It has the worst smell ever It was disgusting but I was forced to eat. He spanked my ass as I was not eating it fast. While having breakfast he questioned me”Are you a virgin?” “Yes, I am a virgin”.
Ohk said Ravi. I was finished with my breakfast. Ravi said “follow me” And we went to his bedroom. He ordered me jump on bed. I was hard for me and was able to do it in third attempt as the jump was like dog. The he tied my hands to corner of bed and my legs were free. He commanded “bring your ass up.” I followed the command. Then he stretch my ass hole, lube it and started fucking it with the dildo which was already placed on the bed. After that he spanked me too badly with his hand which make me cry my butt was giving pain now I was feeling the hotness due to his each and every spank. After spanking he lubed my asshole again and started fingering my asshole then he ordered me to bark. I was fingering and barking at same time. Now I was very tired and don’t know when I was asleep. When I wake up I was free. My hands were not tied. As I was about to move I heard voice of Master Ravi”Wake up you bitch it’s time for pedigree again as you fall asleep your lunch is skip. This is the punishment for you my little bitch.” And I crawl to dining room where two bowls were placed again one of water other of pedigree. I had both of them. After that he told me to sit on the chair. Then he started playing with my breast. He was pinching them biting them playing with them with that he said “I will take you virginity in following sessions now just give your best with breast and asshole is that clear?” ‘Yes master’ was my reply with the low voice. Then he slap my breast which cause much pain then he order me “when you will be in pain you will bark.” And he gave more 10-11 tight slaps on my both breast simultaneously which make me bark several time. Now my pussy was too wet, my stomach was empty and was begging for food. After sometime I was provided roties with some dal in the bowl, as I was too hungry I ate all that was served in no time. Then Master Ravi ordered me to stand like human and I was handed my cloths. Ravi said”We should stop this session now, if you wish to continue with me then you can msg me, will be waiting for your msg.”
“Thank you master for great experience, I will think and contact you.” By saying this I left the place and was back to my hostel.

What happened next is given in next part.

Please give feedback about this second part hope you all have enjoyed reading this part.

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