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Hi myself Shrushti Pande I am 20 years old. I am living in Nashik for my studies as I am engineering student. My height is 164 cm fair in colour, with medium size breast and perfect round butt. This is my first story so please sorry for the mistakes.

Now lets begin to story………..

I am regular reader of porn stories and love to watch sex videos especially the BDSM, slaves, Submission categories. One evening I was reading the submission story by Ravi Singh with name “My Slave” and he gave his email for contact. I was pleased by his story and started fingering myself at the same time a thought ran in mind is it possible that some one would be my master and I will be his slave. I increased my speed and finally came with huge explosion. I sucked my fingers and took breath and decided to mail Ravi Singh to give feedback. I send him mail with text your story named My Slave was the best. I would love to be your slave. I want to experience the whole story. Please it’s request.
There was no reply for 2 days I was badly waiting for his reply. Thinking of all incidents in his story and imaging myself in that character. After 2 days in the noon I got his reply
sure I will be glad to have slave like you, but where do you live?
As I was waiting for his reply and checking for mail so I quickly reply him
Now I am in Nashik, but can come anywhere to experience the story, but please be my MASTER.
Then He replied
It seems you are much excited. That’s good, but don’t go anywhere I also belong to Nashik. So should we meet tomorrow?
My immediate reply was
Yes sure!
Then he send me the address I was excited and frighten too as it was my first act and that to with unknown person. It was Sunday and time to meet him. I booked a cab and went to the given address. To my surprise it was the huge banglow I entered it. A man spoke
Hello myself Ravi.
Ohh hi I am Shrushti.
Sure have the seat. We both took seats at the table placed in garden.
So are you ready to submit yourself to me?
Yes was the reply with feeling of shame.
You must obey me. Before we start I want you to tell some instructions which must be followed by you.
1. You will never wear bra and panties.
2. What cloths you will wear will be decided by me.
3. If you disobey my commands you will be punished.
4. You will not use toilet without my permission.
5. You will act as dog in our whole session. If you agree with it then we will begin or else you can go.
I took some time and reply yes.
Good we will start our session from tomorrow I think we should plan session for 2 days if you like you can continue further.
So go back and be here tomorrow sharp at 8 PM and remember no bra and panties, you must shave your pussy. You can wear any outfit which you like. See you soon.
I left the place.
Next day Before bathing I shaved my pussy took bath and waiting for night.
AS nothing was instructed about outfit so I wear black pant and red top which show the border of my breast.
I was at Ravi’s at sharp 8 pm. As I entered he was there to welcome. He hug me and placed his hand on my back and on ass cheeks. I understood it was to check weather I had inners or not. We entered the house and he sat on the sofa chair. He ordered me to stand in front of him where the chair was placed.
He said “Remove your sandals, pant and top fast. ”
I was able to hear my heart beats. With the increasing rhythm I followed his order. I was completely naked in front of him showing him my shaved pussy and firm breast with hard nipples. I was not able to make eye contact with him due to embarrassment but his next order was to stare in his eyes and I was forced to follow to that. It was the most embarrassing movement for me. Now his next order was to turn around so he could have look at my ass. He commended “lean forward and walk towards me. ” I followed the same. Then there was the soft sensation on my right ass cheek, I was wondering what he was doing but in few seconds he answered my question that he wrote OWN BY RAVI with permanent marker. Now my throat was dry, pussy was wet, face with complete shame.
He then order to be in the position of dog ie keen down. He told me to think safe word and nick name for my dog and left the room. After about 15 min he came back and place a caller on my neck and whisper in my ears “So what should be your name my pet”. This sentence gave me the worst feeling and thought ran in my mind “am I loosing my self respect”. But my desires were not giving way to this thought. Ravi gave a tight slap on my ass and shouted “what should be your name?” With frighten voice I replied “would sweety be ok?” Ravi replied “sure it’s the best one and what about safeword”. He asked. “I need some time for that”. Ohk said ravi.
Now you have to act as the dog so you will eat, sleep, pee as like dog.

To be continued in next part.

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