Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Janet and I got up early. We had a busy day ahead of us. First we had to travel two hundred miles to meet a man in a Walmart parking lot. After that we would travel another fifty miles to meet another man at a truck stop just off the interstate. Our first meeting was at 10 AM at Walmart. The second meeting was at 3 PM. We would have to leave the house by 6 AM, so I woke Janet up.

“Wake up Hon,” I said as I shook her. “We have to get ready and leave by 6 and no later.”

Janet rolled over on her back, her forearm over her forehead. “What time is it?

“It’s 4:15, come on roll out of bed. Wanna take a shower with me before we get ready?”

“Yeah, okay. Will you let Ralph out, his bladder is probably overloaded.”

“C’mon Ralph, let’s go outside.” The big black lab jumped off Janet’s bed and lumbered to the back door. The reason for our trip today was to check out and return with two dogs. Janet and I have nearly fucked poor Ralph to death. Yes that’s right, we are going to “Buy” two dogs to fuck us and give old Ralph a break.

*** Luellen ***

Advertising on those bestiality sites brought me a large number of emails I had advertised for a large knotted dog and asked for pictures. My roommate, Janet, and I narrowed down the choice to two dogs and we were going to meet their owners today. We didn’t have the money to pay cash outright for the animals, but the owners were willing to give us the dogs for free. The catch of course was we had to be video taped while we fucked the dogs. Not a problem for either of us.

Janet and I took our showers together. We both are bisexual, so we had a little fun while showering. It took me all of five minutes to have Janet on the shower floor, shaking as her orgasm ripped through her body. She wanted to do me, after she recovered, but I declined, I would have my orgasm while knotted later.

She called me a spoil sport because she wanted to taste my pussy. “Okay, have your taste,” I told her.

I spread my legs so Janet could lick my slit. Her tongue felt good, but I just wasn’t in the mood. My mind was ablaze with thoughts of my pussy being locked to a big dog cock. That’s when I would have all the orgasms that I needed.

*** Janet ***

I was on my hands and knees, a huge wolf was over me. He was snarling as his pointed cock searched for my entrance. I tried to escape, but a sharp snarl froze me in place. His cock was poking closer and closer to my pussy opening. I was going to be raped by a wolf and there was nothing I could do about it. The whole pack of wolves were circling the two of us. Watching as the dominant male tried to breed his new bitch. His pointed cock finally found my wet pussy and he lunged. I was impaled on his large cock. I felt him hit bottom in my pussy as his knot enlarged inside me. I was being bred as he pumped his sperm into my womb. His knot swollen so large that I would never be able to break away.

Orgasm after orgasm rocked through me, my body shaking like a rag doll. It was then that I woke up, it was Luellen shaking me.

I remembered, today was the day her and I would be traveling to pick up two male dogs. My poor Ralph was being fucked to death by two horny human females. He needed some relief.

I got up and Luellen and I showered together. I was still horny from my dream and I loved being eaten out by Luellen. She brought me to a crashing orgasm, but when I wanted to return the favor, she declined. She was horny to be knotted, tied, locked with a dog’s big cock, hopefully later today.

It was approaching 10:05 when we pulled into a far corner of Walmart’s parking lot. There was a blue pickup truck there waiting. I parked the car a couple spaces away. A woman got out of the truck and walked over to Janet’s window. Janet rolled the window down.

“Are you here for a specific reason?” She asked. We had prearranged for a response to that question. That was to protect us and them.

“Baseball,” Janet answered.

The lady smiled, “Follow me, I will stop at a motel on the outskirts of town.”

We followed her for a couple miles before pulling into the motel’s parking lot. It was an older motel where the doors all opened onto the parking area. They parked and the lady came over to our car.

“Come with me,” she said. “By the way my name is Lois.”

We followed her as the man opened the room’s door. Once inside, we were in a fairly large room. There was the customary queen bed along with chairs and a desk. I noticed that all the furniture was pushed against the walls, making for a large area on which a blanket was spread. On the bed was a large professional looking video camera. Probably the video camera that would be recording Janet and I fucking a dog.

In the corner, laying in his dog bed, was a beautiful brown dog. He stood up and waited. The dog was big, a lot bigger than Ralph back home. The man called to him, “Chuy, come here and meet some beautiful ladies.”

Chuy came over and we both patted him on his head. Being a male dog, he shoved his nose into Janet’s crotch. It must have smelled the way he wanted because his tail was wagging like crazy.

“Look, he likes me,” Janet exclaimed.

“Looks like he knows which of you two he wants as his master,” the man said.

“I think he was her first choice anyway,” I said, “Janey” argued till she was blue in the face for us to choose him.”

“Then Janey will be first,” Lois said.

“Can’t we let him choose who is first?” I asked.

“If you want it that way okay, I’ll get my camera ready.” Which she did.

“Now before you two get down into position, I want to record you dropping your panties. Chuy doesn’t like panties in the way of his tongue.”

Janet and I both hiked up our skirts and removed our panties as sexy as possible. Of course Chuy was running around both of us very excited. I could see the pink tip of his cock peeking out of his sheath. Lois and Teddy had trained him very well.

I dropped into position a second or two before Janet. Chuy stopped behind me and smelled my pussy, he licked me hard. He mounted me and I felt his cock tip hit along side my pussy slit. If he had been a half inch more centered, he would have been inside my now very wet pussy. He poked a couple more times before he dismounted me and moved over to Janet.

All the while, Lois and Teddy also, were recording what was going on. Chuy was behind Janet now. He licked her pussy a few times. His big tongue covered her whole slit. I saw Janet spread her knees, this exposed her slit further. I could see that Janet was ready to be fucked, her labia were swollen and very red. Being so swollen opened her pussy up, I could see a ways up inside her vagina.

Chuy was ready, he mounted her and wrapped his legs around her waist. His front paws pressed hard against her thighs. His ass was moving in a slow fucking motion as he searched for her pussy. Janet squealed as he found her mark and lunged forward. His tail whipped down between his legs, he was inside her now. Chuy fucked Janet like a machine. Janet was moaning as Chuy fucked his doggy cock into her woman pussy. Chuy kept his fucking motion up for minutes, long surpassing the motion time of Ralph. Janet was getting the fucking of her life.

I was on my hands and knees looking between Chuy’s legs, I saw his knot was still outside Janet’s pussy. Every time Chuy rammed forward, her pussy lips would spread open and some of his knot would disappear in her. Chuy’s knot was smaller than a tennis ball, but not by much. I saw him ram her harder, he was really trying to push his knot inside her cunt. He rammed really hard again and he successfully slipped inside Janet’s cunt. Chuy stopped fucking, he was loading Janet’s pussy with his cum. I watched as his asshole puckered every time he pumped more cum into her.

“Oh, fuck… he’s swelling up inside, I can feel it.”

Janet was still on her hands and knees, but she was tiring from holding Chuy’s weight. Slowly her chest sunk down onto the blanket. Chuy had to stand on his front legs now. I moved back so I could see Janet and Chuy together. What a beautiful sight they were. Chuy was locked inside his woman. I had a feeling Janet would be his favorite fuck from now on.

“Oh my god,” Janet blurted out. “His knot is so biggg…”

Janet was having another orgasm. She had a couple while Chuy was trying to get his knot in. It looked to me that she was having multiple orgasms, one right after another. The poor girl wouldn’t be able to fuck again for awhile.

Chuy was done. He tried to pull out, but couldn’t. Janet moaned as another orgasm overtook her body. She looked so well fucked, her chest on the floor, her ass up in the air. She looked at me and smiled,”Oh god, this dog can fuck. Lois did you train him? If you did, thanks, you did a great job. OH… OH, OH!”

Chuy must have twisted and pulled his knot against the inside of Janet’s vagina. We all watched as Janet’s body was racked with more orgasmic tremors. I saw the look of lust in her eyes, even if they were hidden behind her Mardi Gras mask. This was when Chuy decided to dismount. He pulled hard and then relaxed, over and over. Janet was in orgasmic agony. Her screams muffled by biting on the blanket she had stuffed in her mouth.

Chuy turned on her and they were now ass to ass. Chuy’s ass held high by his tightly locked cock. He had the most forlorn look on his face as he continued to pump more cum into Janet’s now full pussy. The blanket was wet under them, the excess of their juices squirting, then dripping out from her pussy.

Chuy pulled and then walked forward. Janet was dragged backwards. She was up on her hands and knees now. She tried to move forward but couldn’t. Chuy was tied tightly to Janet and she was enjoying it. Chuy decided to stand still and wait. Janet pulled forward a time or two and had an instant orgasm each time.

Chuy had mounted Janet around 10:30, it was now 11:15. When would these two separate was the sixty-four thousand dollar question. All this time the cameras had been running. There would be a lot of dead minutes to edit out, but the remainder was priceless.

Chuy pulled and Janet pulled. With a loud sucking noise, Chuy’s now almost deflated knot was released from Janet’s cunt. Janet’s vagina released a torrent of mixed Chuy cum and Janet cum, onto the blanket. Lois had the camera at the right angle and zoom to catch it all on video. She did a great job. Janet’s vagina was still an open hole with a big puddle of their mixed cum in the bottom.

“Stand up Janey,” Lois commanded.

Janet stood up, but her legs were unsteady. I stood up and helped her stand. I tapped Janet’s foot, signaling her to spread her legs. As her legs spread, a stream of dog cum ran down the inside of her thighs. Janet was still unsteady.

“God Lacy, that dog fucked the shit out of me. Poor old Ralph is going to be getting a lot of rest from now on. Chuy is the best.”

I looked over at Chuy, he was standing there, his back humped up, his long thick cock hanging down. He looked like he was tired.

“Janey, look at the size of that cock. You took all of that inside you and never complained.”

“He looks like I fucked the shit out of him also, doesn’t he? Man, that dog is great.”

Lois was busy downloading the video from her camera onto a laptop. As soon as she was done, Teddy did the same.

“Did you bring a portable hard drive to copy to?” Lois asked.

I opened my purse and handed her the drive. While the files were being downloaded, Janet took a shower. I picked up my panties from the bed and pulled them back on. My pussy was extremely wet from watching Janet be fucked.

Janet returned from the bathroom. She looked refreshed, with new eye liner and lipstick. She picked up her panties and pulled them back on.

“ Chuy is a young dog and sometimes he can be overzealous.” If he gets carried away, just lay flat on your belly, he will stop immediately. That won’t work in the missionary position, but a hard tap to his belly will. He’s very well trained, took me almost four months. I think I’m still sore.”

Lois went on to explain how she had trained him. She told Janet of all his habits, of what he liked and what he didn’t like. The one thing that stood out was that he didn’t like a man to be to close to him when he was fucking a woman.

“He doesn’t care if a woman sat on his back if his cock is in another woman, but no man better be anywhere near her.”

Teddy showed me his forearm where Chuy had bitten him. There ware two red marks where his canines went in. Ouch!

I looked at Chuy, his cock was almost back to normal. He still had that just fucked look on his face.

Lois said, “Lay down boy.”

Chuy laid down. H started licking his cock until it disappeared back into it’s sheath. He laid his snout onto the floor. I followed his eyes, he was looking at Janet. Chuy had chosen his favorite piece of ass and it wasn’t me. I couldn’t wait until this afternoon to see what the next dog would be like. I hoped he would choose me, but Janet really attracted the male dogs. Must be the pheromones she emits from her pussy.

“We have to leave now,” I said. “Is the deal the same, fuck for free?”

“Yes,” replied Teddy. “He is Janey’s dog now.”

With that we left, I made sure I had my hard drive in my purse. Chuy was happy, he was sitting in the backseat with Janet. Licking her pussy whenever she spread her legs, which she was happy to do.

The drive to the truck stop went without a hitch. We pulled the car into a spot where they had told us to park. Again a woman came up to our car. I rolled down the passenger side window and waited.

“Are you here for a reason?” the woman asked.

“Wrong question,” I responded. “Try again.”

The woman smiled, “Sorry. Are you here for a specific reason?”


“Thanks,” she said. “I was just a little anxious to get it right and then I flubbed it. I want you to follow me, I have that red convertible that’s parked over there. We will be going to a house. I am a house sitter for a couple that will be gone for a couple more weeks. They are Italy on holiday. If we get separated, here is my number, call me.”

She handed me a restaurant business card with her number hand printed on the back. She then left for her car. I backed out of the parking spot and waited for her to go. I followed her closely as she drove for a few miles to a small city off the interstate. She turned into a long driveway that led to a big house situated at the back of the property. It looked rather private being so far back from the street. It looked like their nearest neighbor was like two or three blocks away.

“Looks like an ideal setup for training dogs,” Janet said. “I wonder if the house sitting for a friend is just a scam. This might be her property.”

“We’ll find out soon, here she comes to get us.”

I exited the car and Janet did also.

“What have we here?” she asked. “Is this your puppy?”

“It’s hers,” I said while pointing a finger at Janet. “She just bought him today.”

“Well bring him along. By the way, my name is Lilly and yours?”

“I’m Janey and she is Lacy.”

Hi Lacy,” she said looking at me. “Hi Janey. Come with me and bring your dog, he’s welcome here.”

Janet and I followed Lilly, she didn’t head for the house, but for a building further back. She unlocked the building’s door. “This is my studio. I keep my dogs here. I’m sure two intelligent ladies have already figured out that this is my place. So, come inside and I’ll show you around. Janey, put your dog in one of those empty kennels, he’ll be comfortable there.”

Janet placed Chuy inside one and closed the gate. He stood up, his front paws high up. I saw Lilly look appreciatively at Chuy’s belly. His sheath was fairly thick. I had a feeling Lilly fucks dogs.

“Come with me to the studio,” Lilly said. “It is here where you will meet Samson. Samson is a dog that I personally trained and he is very good with a woman. Your ad requested a large knot, Samson is more than qualified in that way. He will tie for thirty or more minutes before you will be able to break apart without hurting your pussy. How would you prefer to meet Samson?”

“We like our dogs to choose us,” I told Lilly. “How about Janey and I get down on all fours and let Samson do his thing.”

“Sounds good to me. How about you Janey, is that okay?”

“Perfect for me, but what if Samson mounts me instead of Lacy, what do we do if that happens?”

“We’ll just bring out another dog until one prefers Lacy over you. I know Samson, he’ll be all over Lacy, I have that feeling. You said, your couldn’t afford the six hundred for him. Are you still going to let me video record as he fucks you Lacy?”

“That’s the deal. Will I be able to get a unedited copy of the video? Just for personal reasons. I would never show it to anyone other than Janey.”

“I planned that and I have a release for you to sign. It gives me the rights to your video to do as I see fit with it. I plan on editing it into a video that I can sell. That pays me for Samson and you get him. The release also prohibits you from selling it or giving it away for free. Like you said, personal use only. Of course you can show it to friends if you so desire. But not one dime may exchange hands or you forfeit Samson and the video. You will receive a small commission of sales, that also is incentive for you not to break your contract.”

We walked through another door, the interior was set up just like a Hollywood movie studio. Lights everywhere, spotlights too. There was a raised stage that was covered with red velvet cloth. Very plush velvet cloth. I walked over and pressed my fingers into it, it was very soft.

“To protect your knees, Honey. We don’t want red knees to show up in our movie. Samson is trained for floor use or bed use. We want to film this on the bed. Now I want you to meet my staff. There will be three cameras in use at all times. Camera one is my husband, Cameron. Camera two is Roger and camera three is Kitty. Kitty is her nickname, she loves to film the pussy shots and she does a good job.

“Ladies, let me set the scene. First I want you two to come in the door fully dressed. I want you talking to each other. Loud enough for the cameras to pick up, but not forced. As natural of a voice as possible. Move to the stage and talk about what you two are here for. I want the movie audience to have no doubts about what is going to happen. Tell each other how horny you are for dog cock. Play it up how you want to be fucked by a big cock with a big knot. You can ad lib as much as you want, just so long as it is about sex.

“I want you both naked. I want the audience to see your tits rocking as you are getting fucked. As soon as Samson jumps on the stage, you both will strip off your clothes. If you would, strip each other, along with a little lesbian kissing action. Get your audience hot and horny. Samson might mount one of you, fuck you a bit and then move over and mount the other one. We’ll see, one thing for sure, dogs don’t follow directions very well when they know they get to fuck a hot woman.”

We all exchanged pleasantries and the staff picked up their cameras and moved to the ready.

You can be as expressive as you want. You can squeal, scream, laugh, yell, whatever as loud as you want. I encourage you to express what you are feeling. Just talk loud enough so your voice adds pleasure to those watching the movie. This is a very private place and you can be totally uninhibited. Just don’t fuck the staff, especially my husband. Okay, let’s go… out the door and wait for me to call for action.”

Janet and I left the room and closed the door. It was only a few seconds before we heard Lily.

“Quiet on set… Action.”

I opened the door, Janet and I walked towards the stage. We carried on a conversation about dogs and lesbians. How lesbians could have their cock and not cheat on their partner with a man.

The stage was about a foot high and neither Janet or I had a problem stepping up there. I heard a door open and the clicking of toenails on the hard floor. Samson was in the room. He jumped onto the bed and lay down looking at us. Janet and I stripped each other, all the while Samson was looking at us. He was tipping his head from side to side. I kicked our clothes off the bed and Janet moved over and got down on her hands and knees. I followed. We were down maybe a second before Samson stood up and moved behind us.

I felt Samson’s hot breath on my ass before he took a good smell of my pussy. I peeked back as he walked behind Janet. He smelled her pussy and licked her, something he didn’t do with me. I wondered if he was going to fuck her first. Samson mounted Janet and halfheartedly tried to fuck her. He poked a few times before he jumped down. He licked her pussy again then came back to me. I felt his long tongue lick my slit from my clit up over my asshole. It felt so warm and wet. I was surprised when Samson kept licking me. The more he licked the hornier I became. Samson came up and licked my face before he moved back behind me.

Samson mounted me hard, I almost fell forward. He was heavy and he was very active. His cock must have lined up well with my pussy because when he pressed forward, his cock split my pussy lips. Samson rammed and I mean Rammed with a capital R. He rammed his cock all the way home inside me. I let out a scream, “Bloody hell, he’s in deep.”

Samson drove his cock into me like he was a jack hammer. My pussy was slick and I could feel his dick sliding in and out. I felt myself building for a climax which happened so fast. I shook as my orgasm raced through my body. My pussy was clenching Samson’s cock. Samson’s knot was at my opening. When he rammed forward, I felt my pussy stretch open, trying to let him in. Samson kept fucking me, he was squirting something into me, it made my pussy walls slippery. His cock must have dragged some out from within me because his knot was going further in with each inward thrust. I never felt fucked this way before, Samson was so different than Ralph.

In my mind I saw Samson cock and my pussy together. This picture brought me to another orgasm.

“Oh fuuuccckk,” I screamed out. My orgasm made me collapse onto my chest. My tits were flattened against the red velvet. “Fuck me Samson, fuck me hard, Baby.”

The angle of my pussy and Samson’s cock must have been perfect because on his next thrust his knot disappeared inside my hot pussy. My ass was squirming around on its own. I was close to another orgasm when Samson pulled back. His cock was locked in. Samson and I were tied tight. I screamed again as another orgasm rocked my body. Samson now stood still, he was pumping his hot sperm laden cum into me.

I didn’t know there were people around me. I was concentrating on Samson, his cock and my pussy. My pussy which was becoming very full with cock, knot and cum. Samson pulled back, his knot pulled inside my vagina giving me sensations that tripped my orgasm button and I had another. Never in all my days had I ever felt such good sensations. I didn’t care how perverse it was to fuck a dog. Inappropriate or not, I was hooked now more than ever. Samson was coming home with me. I was in for the good life.

Samson’s knot grew more, filling my pussy. My vagina walls were stretching as my vagina cavity filled. A slight pain, but one that made my pussy much more slicker and I liked that. I felt myself building for another orgasm from all the pressure on my G-spot. I was so full of cum it was spurting out around Samson’s knot and my pussy lips. When Samson’s cock tip pressed against my cervix, I felt his cum enter my womb. Samson kept on pumping and my womb was filling up. I felt like a stretching balloon. I felt like I had to pee also.

Then Samson stopped, the throbbing of his cock only pumping cum periodically. He pulled back, the pressure of his knot giving me another orgasm. Samson kept pulling applying more and more pressure inside my pussy. Now my orgasms were coming one right after the other. I couldn’t help it, I started screaming over and over, “Oh, fuck me, fuck me, baby, fuck me Sammy boy!”

Samson jumped off me and moved forward. His cock dragged me forward. My hands slipped off the edge of the bed, I fell forward, my tits crashed onto the velvet top. Samson stopped, then turned, my pussy was firmly engaged by his knot. We were locked together now, ass to ass.

Samson started to walk away, I think he wanted to jump off the bed. In the process I was being dragged around the bed, my body was flopping along behind him. The sensations in my pussy were driving me wild, my multiple orgasms continuing. I was so overwhelmed with internal stimulation that I almost passed out. My pussy had never felt so alive and good. I would kill now if Samson could not come home with me.

Samson stopped moving, the intense pressure inside my pussy diminished slightly. My orgasms slowed then stopped, probably just in time for me not to have lost my sanity. I remained still on all fours, my body covered in sweat. Today was a new day for me, I had never been fucked like this before. I dropped my chest to the bed, not moving, I waited for Samson’s knot to shrink.

Twenty minutes later, Samson pulled again, my pussy stretched wide and released his knot. I turned to see what had been inside me the past hour. Samson’s cock hung down, still long and still thick. Samson didn’t move when I positioned myself under him, I lifted his cock and brought it to my mouth. I sucked his red veined cock with passion. He started to hump my face while he shot his juices inside my mouth. His cum dribbled down off my chin as I moved back and forth on his prick. Kitty had the camera lens pointed at my mouth, she was recording the best blowjob she ever videoed.

Janet spread my knees wide, what the hell was she doing? I knew as her lips encircled my clitoris. My clit was very sensitive and I regretted doing so, but I pushed her face away. I pet her cheek to let her know that I wasn’t angry and to let her know I was okay with her. She probably knew why anyhow.

Lily called, “Cut.” The filming was done.

I sat up, my legs hanging down, my feet on the floor. I was tired, my pussy was sore and full of cum.

“Where is your washroom?” I asked.

Kitty took my hand and led me to another door. She opened it and there was an immaculate washroom. Fitted with the latest decorating ideas.

“The shower is fantastic,” Kitty opined. “Use it and when you can, come back into the main room. You did a fantastic job in there, I hope you like the shots that I was able to get. Lily will edit this into a very hot movie. She is probably making copies of all the camera files now.’

I was in shower forcing out as much doggy cum from my insides as I could. I heard Janet come into the bathroom.

“Can I join you? Your action out there has made me so damn horny. I want to freshen up then we can get out of here and head back home.”

“C’mon in, this shower is the bomb.”

Janet was only in the shower a few minutes before she turned the water flow off.

“I brought your clothes in here. I’m sorry that I didn’t think of bringing a change of clothes so we would feel fresh, Janet said.

“My panty crotch probably smells like hot pussy, so I want to put them in the car trunk for the ride home. Don’t want our dogs to suffer on the long trip back.”

I laughed at that one. I checked my phone, the time indicated that if we left soon, we might get back home before midnight. I dressed, shoving my panties into my purse. As we walked back into the main room, I felt the cool air circulating about, it felt good on my stretched pussy.

Lily was still there, the others had disappeared. She smiled as she handed me three USB sticks. “It’s all there, remember to keep it to yourself. I’ll send you an edited copy as soon as it’s done. Have a safe trip back home and I packed a bag for the dog. It’s just a couple days of food and his favorite toys.

If you two girls want to do this again, call me. Hot women, like you two, and horny dogs, like I have, can make a lot of money for all of us. Think about it after I send you the final video. Watch it, then see if you want to, I hope the answer is yes.”

“I will do that, how about you Janey, how do you feel about making a dog fuck movie?”

“We’ll see. I want to see how this video turns out.”

The ride home went by fast. Janet and I talked the whole way back about what had happened today. Our two dogs were laying in back, sound asleep. They were getting along really good, a complete surprise to us. Maybe they knew if they were good, they would be in for some good pussy.

*** Six Months Later ***

We are settled into our new home. We just love the quiet of the country, no busy city sounds. Lilly delivered the video as promised. I was shocked at the professional camera work and editing. The hottest segments were the close up shots of Sammy and I locked together. I was so hot and horny watching myself being fucked. When he pulled out, his knot stretching my pussy made me cum. And when his cock slipped out, I could see my pussy squirting his cum and my juices out. I heard Janet moaning, she was masturbating and having her own orgasm.

A couple weeks later, I received a small package from Lilly, inside was a wad of cash. The package was labeled ‘Priscilla’s Lingerie Club’. The enclosed note explained, “Your cut from sales to date. I want you to know this is from private sales only, I do not sell on the open market. Count it and if you want to make more movies, just call. Please share with Janey, she had a small part in the movie. I want to record Janey also, she is a very hot woman and I would love to film her.

I have a new dog. His big knot would tie you and him together for at least an hour. Check your email for a picture.”

I counted the bills, a total of thirty two hundred dollars, more than I ever had in my hands at one time. I tossed the package into the trash and ran the letter through our paper shredder.

“Look Janet.”

Her eyes opened wide, “OMG, you had fun doing this and look at the cash. We need to discuss making more videos. Maybe we can pay off the mortgage or buy a new car.”

I opened the email from Lilly and we both gasped. There was a dog cock with the hugest knot we had ever seen.

“Oh fuck Janet, we have to call Lilly.”

“Bet your ass we will call her. I got dibs on being first.”

The following week we had long conversations about Lilly and making videos for her. In the end we made a decision to call her. Lilly was more than excited to hear from us and our decision to possibly make videos for her. When Janet told her about being first, Lilly said, “That is exactly what will happen. I had already made that decision when I saw you on the bed with Samson. You and your body are exactly what my clients are looking for and I’ll make sure they pay dearly.”

For the next two weeks, Janet and I watched my video over and over. We even watched it while Chuy and Samson were mounted and tied with us. It was so fucking hot. We are about ninety nine point nine percent ready to do it. We will be making our final decision this weekend. So if you’re patient, I will write the story of Janet and my next new adventure.

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