Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

This is chapter one. Chapter two is ready for edit. The story is fairly long, but that is how I write.

My name is Luellen Johnston. I’m a twenty eight year old woman who has been divorced for ten months. My ex and I physically and verbally abused each other, so we decided to end our marriage. We didn’t have children so it ended somewhat amicably. He stayed in our apartment because he could afford it and the lease was still in effect. I on the other hand, moved out and rented a two bedroom apartment on the other side of town.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that my cost of living was more than I was earning. I was talking about my predicament during lunch and one of the girls suggested that I rent out my extra bedroom. I had never thought of that. I didn’t want to touch my savings account, so I placed an ad for a roommate. I received many email responses, mostly from men. Some were even vulgar, thankfully I had used a throw-away email address to keep me safe.

There were several from women, mostly young women who were in the same shoes as me. For various reasons, they couldn’t afford an apartment either. I responded to a few emails that looked promising, asking for their phone number. I received three phone numbers and I called each one. I set up a meeting at a local coffee shop with each of them.

I met the first woman the next evening. I guessed her age to be around twenty three or four. She had never been married, but was struggling to make ends meet. I told her how much the rent would be and she was pleasantly surprised that she could afford it. She lost her apartment because she couldn’t afford the lease. She was living with a friend and was sleeping on her couch. I liked her and we hit it off well, the only drawback was she owned a dog. Pets are allowed in my apartment complex because each apartment has a separate entrance to the outside. The apartment owner is a very pet friendly person and he allows two dogs or two cats, or combination, per apartment.

I told her I had more interviews to make and I would let her know my decision in about a week.

The next evening the interview didn’t go well. The woman was very bitchy and had a bad attitude. We departed after about fifteen minutes. I let her know she wouldn’t be getting a call back.

I interviewed the last woman. She looked a little haggard, thin and weak. She was very pleasant and I thought that maybe she would be the one to rent to. I told her I would let her know in about a week.

I had both women’s socials, so I did a background check. The woman with the dog passed with flying colors. Nothing in her background other than one speeding ticket. The frail woman had a rap sheet as long as my arm. Prostitution, drugs and petty larceny, multiple times. She was stealing and whoring herself out just to buy drugs. I called her and let her know I wouldn’t be renting to her.

Now I had a decision to make, should I offer the room to the woman with the dog or not. That’s when I heard a rap on my door. It was the front office looking for my rent. I was late, but the agent let me slide on the late fee. He gave me a receipt as I paid him in cash. He took a lot of time looking me up and down. I’d bet my last dollar the next time he would be asking for sex. I closed the door and picked up my phone.

Janet answered her cell almost immediately. She was very happy that I had picked her. She told me that she could move in immediately and had the cash for her first month’s rent, plus the one month’s rent for the deposit. Since tomorrow was Saturday, I told her she could move in then. I asked her if she needed any help and she said, “No, my car is already packed with everything I own.”

I told her that she had to sign an agreement. Just a few restrictions on overnight guests and stuff like that. She said not to worry, she would not be having guests or parties. I said, “Okay, see you tomorrow morning.”

Janet moved in the next day. I helped her empty her car of her belongings. Everything she owned fit inside her room with room to spare. I was able to meet her dog Ralph, He was a four year old black lab. He seemed very friendly, he sniffed my crotch, then went over and laid down on his bed.

“Would you like to sit and have a soda? I asked her.

“Sounds great, I’d really like that,” she replied.

We went into the kitchen and I retrieved two sodas along with two glasses. We spent the rest of the morning talking. She wanted to know where to shop for groceries. I told her I’d fix her lunch and then we could go to the store. I fixed grilled cheese sandwiches for the both of us. It was nice having someone to talk to and eat lunch with. We went shopping and after putting away the groceries, she went to her room and I sat on the couch watching a cooking show on TV.

~~ Four months later. ~~

Janet has been a dream of a roommate. She keeps quiet, never any noise loud from her TV or radio. She pays her next month’s rent on the last day of the current month. Perfect, just perfect. I pay my rent on time now, so “Mr. Leering Agent” has no reason to visit me anymore.

Janet was sick one day and stayed home. I cut out from work early and headed home, maybe I could help her heal. I opened the apartment door and tipped toed in, I didn’t want to wake her if she was napping. She wasn’t napping, she was moaning, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, it’s so big.”

My first thought was she had company, but I didn’t hear bed springs or fucking sounds. Then I thought that maybe something was wrong, I headed for her room. The door was open and I saw her on the floor on her hands and knees. She was nude and Ralph was pressed up against her, ass to ass. The dog was looking at me, but Janet couldn’t see me, her head was hanging down and looking away. I quickly stepped back, I didn’t want her to know I had seen her fucking her dog. I went back to my car and drove to the park. I would have to wait at least a half an hour before I could go home. That would be the normal time I would arrive home from work.

As I sat there, I wondered why Janet would be fucking her dog. Was she that hard up? She could have any guy she wanted, she was pretty, had a nice figure, and was a jovial person. I was surprised at myself for not being angry about the situation. Most people, especially women, would be grossed out seeing a dog fuck a woman. I wasn’t, which surprised me, and I was curious. I wanted to know why women mate with their dogs.

I went home and walked in. Everything was normal, Janet was sitting at the table. She had a cup of coffee in front of her. Ralph was laying near her chair, snoozing.

“Can I get you a cup of coffee?” She asked me.

“Yes, that would be nice,” I replied.

Janet poured my coffee and sat it before me. She talked about her day, how she felt better in the early afternoon. She and I talked while I fixed dinner for the both of us, it was my week. Janet and I switched off cooking for each other. One week me, one week her.

After dinner, Janet went to her room. She usually stayed there all evening. I went to my room and checked my email. Mostly junk and sales from stores. I trashed it all. That’s when what I saw this afternoon popped back into my mind. I was curious enough to search the internet. I had to find out why Janet or any woman would do that. It didn’t take long to find out, the internet was loaded with stories, pictures, and advice.

I’ll detail some of it here for you, I don’t know if they are true or not. Anyway here goes.

Dog cum is very beneficial to women. The chemicals and hormones inside the cum makes a girls vaginal walls thicker, stronger and more sensitive, and the womb far more fertile for the breeding dog’s sperm. It also increases the alkaline environment in the vagina, which makes it much easier for a man to impregnate her. Again, your pussy will be far more inhospitable to different dogs sperm. Another dog’s sperm will surely die, while a human male’s sperm will thrive. It also rejuvenates a woman and makes her pussy tighter and her vagina walls thicker. It tightens her breasts and make them more perky. Dog cum will make your skin look younger and glow, and can even make wrinkles disappear… just from having him ejaculate in you, it’s a win-win.

Wow… Who knew. Wait, there’s more, a lot more.

A dog cums directly into a woman’s womb, thanks to their pointed cock, which creates a warm full feeling inside her. This usually contributes to the intense orgasms she will have. While a man’s cock which is curved away from the cervix makes it impossible for a man to ejaculate into a girls womb directly.

Dogs ejaculate far more volume than necessary, this will totally fill her womb. This often results in a very visible belly swelling that stays there for hours or maybe a day, sometimes two. This remaining cum often drips out her cervix and pooling in her vagina, before exiting through her labia. To avoid embarrassment, a girl needs to wear maxi pads. Any leftover sperm and ejaculate will be absorbed by her body.

Doggy sperm pumped right into the woman’s womb? I wonder what that feels like?

Dogs have many more sperm cells per drop of semen compared to the most fertile of men. Dogs ejaculate 500 million to more than a billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation. The most fertile of men ejaculate 300 million. This is an astounding feat considering the amount of ejaculate a dog can make. A dog makes enough sperm in forty eight hours to impregnate every woman and girl on the planet… twice.

If a dog were able to impregnate a woman it would take an astounding 24 seconds at least and 30 seconds at average to impregnate her. If you were to look at the egg while fertilization was occurring, the egg would be completely engulfed by millions of sperm. This is due to dogs ability to ejaculate directly into the womb. Meanwhile men lack that ability. and when fertilization is occurring between humans, there are only a dozen or so sperm on the egg and it often takes several hours, sometimes even a day to impregnate her.

Nice to know a woman can’t get knocked-up by a doggy. Next is the part I like.

The average penis size for a large breed dog like a Great Dane, German Shepherd, Husky, Labrador, etc. is seven inches long and six inches or more of girth.

The average testicle size for a large breed dog is around the size of a small egg, or about twice the size of the average man’s testicles.

Or about the size of the average black man’s cock and balls. I know about the black man’s cock and balls, but that’s another story. I continue.

When copulating, a male canine initially mounts the woman from behind, a position known informally as doggy style. The male will often move about as he thrusts his penis forward, until he feels his penis enter the woman’s vagina. A woman feels his cock tip ramming randomly about, very close to her opening. When he feels his cock penetrating her warm cunt, he will thrust hard, slamming his penis deep into the woman’s vagina. At this point, the penis is not erect; it is slender and held rigid by a small bone inside, it known as the baculum. If the woman is not prepared for this hard thrust, she may feel a minor pain for a second or two. With experience, a woman will know how to align her vagina to the dog’s penis, thus eliminating pain, she will only feel pleasure.

Tell me more, this is turning me on…

When the dog is firmly inside a woman, his penis will swell. It’s natural for a dog to thrust very hard. A woman has to remember that her dog likes to fuck her as much as she likes him to fuck her. He’s enjoying it, your vagina is giving him sensations. By thrusting deep, he is making sure his penis is deep enough for his knot to swell inside you. A swollen dog’s knot will directly stimulate the woman’s G-spot which creates a state of high and consistent pleasure. Some breeds of dogs have a knot large enough to actually “Tie” with the woman. The dog will not be able to withdraw his penis from her vagina. This usually brings intense pleasure for the woman, she may even pass out from the intense euphoria she is experiencing. This heaven-like state can last up to a half an hour, and is punctuated by a multitude of earth-shaking orgasms. Most women will want to knot with their dog for this very reason.

Now I know why I heard Janet moaning the way she was. Her dog’s cock must have been tied with her pussy. I wonder how many orgasms she actually had. I’d like to ask her, but she doesn’t know that I caught her fucking her dog.

This is from another web site.

Dogs cocks, semen and precum are full of hormones that after prolonged exposure create a long term craving for more sex with the dog. It will make a woman’s pussy much wetter and hospitable to her dog’s sperm.

Also when a woman is active and exposed to her stud dog and his hormones, the level of stimulation is much much higher than with a man. A male dog’s hormones drive a woman to want more canine cock.. a very primal need. In other words, she not only wants to be fucked by her dog, she needs to be fucked by her dog.

What K9 women are feeling is the very deepest sexual desire without the clutter of procreation and other complications… makes for a very wanting bitch for a k9 stud.

This next bit of information I downloaded was from a woman whose friend is a female veterinarian. They must be a very good friends that they can trust each other to talk so openly.

My friend, an animal doctor, explained to me what is happening inside a girls body when a dog is fucking her… her words.

“I’ll run through what is happening during the sexual activity with a large breed male dog from the beginning to finish. He slides it into you and you feel a large spike of pleasure and stretching. This spike in pleasure, which remains at a constant level, while he is in the thrusting/fucking juncture with a human girl, is both the higher temperature of his cock and his precum. You will feel the new foreign texture of his cock and knot. Even after fucking a dog for many many years the texture and heat will always feel extraordinary and foreign.

The hardness is also an awesome contributor to the pleasure because it is different than what you’ve felt before. Since a dog’s cock can hold more blood and also has a bone making it feel very hard with no possibility of erectile dysfunction. Unlike what a large amount of men experience. The hard pounding being so fast and dominating is an exclusively dog/k9 experience. No man can keep it up while a dog’s body is absolutely designed for it.

Meanwhile he’s lubing you up with pre-cum..around 8 ounces or so. Your pussy literally absorbs the new stimulant and your estrogen goes thru the roof and his system reacts to that and he starts making lots of testosterone to peak your pussy. You feel it as an itching then warming sensation as your vagina walls start to spasm. He drives his cock deeper and deeper, still pumping precum into you. You start to feel him hitting you deep as your estrogen and his testosterone levels continue to rise, making your pussy wetter and deeper. Then you’re really feeling the urge to take him deep, opening up for his cock and knot. This is when you are having a strong and powerful first orgasm. Your hormonal levels are rising rapidly and you instinctively push your pussy back onto his cock. You are craving more of his incredible sex.

He stops a thrust deep inside you. Now his pointed cock meets your cervix opening making what zoo doctors like myself call a “cervical kiss”. His pointed cock, pressed tightly in your cervical opening, creates an efficient entry point for his many billions of sperm cells. His knot continues to grow and your vagina walls squeeze his knot as you spasm hard. This is a signal to him that your cunt and his cock are locked and tied tight. The end of his cock is puffy, creating a seal between your cervix and his urethra. He responds by pumping you full of his incredibly potent seed. Millions upon millions of his sperm are now searching for your egg.

His pumping action is far far stronger than any man and you will definitely feel it as it is very very prominent. With each pump of semen, his cock will become thicker, sometimes as thick as a soup can. This creates spikes of pleasure within your pussy. You body will now experience a continuous orgasm. You will receive more please than any human male’s cock can give you.

His feet and legs press tightly against your thighs holding him tight inside of you. He needs to keep his cock tip sealed against your cervix opening. As you feel his warm cum fill your womb, you start shaking and cumming harder. He pumps more sperm into you and his knot swells slightly more in response to your powerful orgasms. This will seal your pussy around his cock. He acts instinctively because he doesn’t want you to lose any of the valuable load your womb now contains.

Your mind is likely in a state of total euphoria by now and you essentially stop thinking as you are totally washed over by pleasure. You drop your face and shoulders flat, causing your ass to be higher in the air, your estrogen levels are at an incredibly high rate. These high levels force you to submit to the alpha cock that is at least seven or more inches deep inside you. Your pet has complete control of you, mentally and sexually. Your pet’s cock will throb as each spurt of cum enters your womb. You will feel each throb and beg for more, it’s that good.

After fifteen or twenty minutes, but sometimes an hour of prolonged intense incredible pleasure and ejaculation, his knot finally shrinks to the same girth as the rest of his penis and he slides out. You may hear a loud plop sound and be prepared for a wave of ejaculate pouring out of your pussy. There may be a small number of his sperm that does not make it into your womb. Something I find very funny is that the very small number of sperm that do not make into your womb, the number is often far larger than most men’s total number. Your vagina opening will slowly close, returning to normal within the next few minutes.

Your pet will be able to mount you again within minutes. He will usually lie on his side and lick both of your juices from his prick. His cock will slide back into his sheath, when this happens, he is ready to breed you again. It may take up to a day for him to fully replenish his sperm. Don’t let this stop you from fucking your dog. He will enjoy your pussy just as much and you will enjoy his cock even more.

It astounds me that very little money has been put into more research into male dog/human female copulation. This is being done in the name of stupid traditions and prejudice. It is very clear to me and my colleagues that what a woman experiences is very beneficial to her, both mentally and physically. We are not surprised that inevitably it often becomes a full-time obsession for her. I hope someday that this prejudice will end, then we can put more funding into discovering and studying the power of sex that a dog has on a woman.

This would be the best thing science could do to help zoophilia, Research would also likely make global headlines and spike female interest in their stud dog. I can only imagine the large number of girls and women that are curious about what it would feel like to fuck their dog.”

Another woman doctor added this. To me, this sounds like her personal experience.

“Well it goes with being a newbie and being overwhelmed at first in a sexy, oozing powerful fuck beyond anything you’ve ever had before. It gets better the more you breed and learn to bitch for him, lots more rewards are cumming your way. Sexually you will never be the same, you will learn how much you lust to be bred. You will find yourself living and working around your new interest and sexual companion. You will find your dog’s cock is a real treasure to protect. In some cases you’ll worship how it makes you feel, just my $.02”

And more:

When the male dog achieves penetration of the woman’s vagina, he will often hold her tighter and thrust faster, and it is at this point when his penis expands. Canine reproduction is different from human sexual intercourse, because human males become erect first, and then enter the female. Canine males enter first, then swell and become erect. In humans the testicles produce sperm constantly and they are stored in the epididymis. This allow the human male to store sperm as it is produced, and to release (ejaculate) it into the female all at once. Dogs do not have the epididymal storage. They are required to “pump” their sperm directly from their testicles. This process requires cellular transfer directly from their testicles, through the urethra, and eventually into the woman. This process in initiated from five to twenty minutes after the tie. If a good tie does not occur, the woman will not receive any sperm cells. If a tie breaks before five minutes, a woman may receive a few sperm. This does not mean that the dog will not pump her vagina full of a liquid that would have carried his sperm.

Can a dog impregnate a woman?

If you mean on a genetic level, no. Dogs have far more chromosomes than humans. If you mean it’s physical properties, then no as well. The time it takes a dog from start of ejaculation until he finishes, is somewhere between five to thirty minutes. During that time nature has provided the base of the penis with a gland that will swell prior to his climax so that his sperm is kept inside your vagina. This swelling makes it difficult if not impossible, depending on the dogs size, to remove the knot. From the time a dog enters you, until he finishes breeding you, is somewhere between ten minutes to an hour. During this time, a woman will experience many orgasms. I hope this explains more.

And another bit of information on dog impregnating a woman.

Dog sperm can live in a woman’s uterus for up to 9 days. If an egg is present, millions of the dog’s sperm will try to break the egg’s cell wall non-stop, 24 hours a day. The human egg has antibodies on the cell wall that will kill the dog sperm. But the antibodies are slowly reduced over time as they kill off sperm. Most of the time the dog’s sperm out number the antibodies about 50:1. When the antibodies are depleted the dog sperm can then penetrate the egg’s cell wall. When this happens the egg dies fairly quickly because the chromosomes do not match, so nothing happens. But if you want to get technical, when the dog’s sperm breaks though the human egg cell’s wall, you are fertilized and pregnant. The woman is pregnant for a few seconds before the egg dies. So all science says a human can’t be fertilized by dog sperm. But for that tiny few seconds you are.

Enough of the internet information or misinformation.

Based on my internet searches, I would say a woman’s dog is her ultimate stud. I wonder if Janet would loan me her dog, I want to try a dog fuck for sure now. I didn’t believe how wet my pussy had become, I was a horny bitch that needed to be fucked. I stripped my clothes off, laid on my bed, and masturbated like a banshee. I climaxed once thinking of Janet and Ralph. Then I fantasized about me and Ralph, That led to two more fantastic orgasms.

I fell asleep, but woke up from a fuck dream around 5 AM. In the dream I was tied to a huge dog and he was running. I was just bouncing along, his cock tied inside my pussy. I woke when he pulled his knot from me, a knot the size of a grapefruit. I was all sweaty and I was short of breath. What the fuck? I tried to fall back to sleep, but it was impossible. A nice shower made me feel better. After my shower, I went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. Janet came into the kitchen, yawning and stretching.

“Why you up so early?” She asked.

“I had a dream that woke me up,” I replied.

“Must have been either really sexy or a nightmare to wake you.”

“Kinda of both,” I said.

“Tell me, I like to interpret dreams, it’s been a hobby of mine for a long time.”

“I don’t know if I should,” I replied to her. “It was kinda freaky and taboo.”

“C’mon, no dream is bad. Spit it out and let’s see if it is as bad as you say.”

I told her my dream, Janet’s eyes got big and round when I told her about being fucked by a dog. She giggled when I talked about bobbing around on the big knot.

“Why are you giggling? I asked. “It wasn’t funny to me.”

“That would never happen,” she said.

That was my opening. “How do you know that? I mean, don’t dogs get knotted when they breed?

“Well yes they do. It would have to be a big knot to tie with a woman.”

“How Big? I’m curious.” I was leading Janet down a path where she would eventually divulge her and Ralph’s relationship.

“Well every woman has a different size vagina, so it could be hard to say.”

Oops, she deflected that one. Somehow I had to get her back on track.

“I think you are saying that you have some knowledge about woman/dog sex, am I right?”

Janet just stared at me while she contemplated her answer.


I was going to have to be blunt to drag a confession out of her.

“Have you ever fucked Ralph?” There I said it. She would either have to lie or tell me the truth. If she lied, I would tell about seeing her fucking her dog, the day she was sick.

Janet didn’t say a word, but I could see in her eyes that she felt trapped.

“Janet, how old were you the first time? Tell me how it happened, I will not judge you.”

Janet looked down at her hands, then looked into my eyes.

“I had just turned sixteen. My parents were avid hunters. They owned three beagles. They were cute little dogs. One dog was always kept in the house, his name was “Bull”. Mom always told me we needed a house dog for protection. If anyone came up the front walk or pulled into our driveway, Bull would bark his fool head off. Bull was always at my mother’s side. When bull died, another beagle was brought into the house. This one was named Bull also. At first the dog just laid around anywhere, but after a week or two, he was my mother’s faithful companion. I didn’t know it at the time, but my mom was fucking Bull. That’s why all the house dogs were named Bull.

At sixteen, I was almost fully grown. My period started a couple years earlier and I filled out nicely. All the boys in school liked my tits. I even saw writing on the hall walls with pictures of tits and my name above them, at the time I was very embarrassed.

One day I discovered a stash of DVDs in my mom’s dresser drawer. I was putting away her panties that were just laundered and folded. I took the panties,that were still clean, out of the drawer. I saw a few DVDs, so I looked at the titles. There were various titles, but one that I looked at, front and back, was titled, “Mom Likes It Doggy.” There was a picture of a big dog and a petite woman on the cover. I put everything back and left the bedroom. I’d heard of porn, but had never seen any. Some of the girls at school used to whisper and giggle about porn videos that they had seen.

On Saturday morning Mom told me that her and dad would be going to the city and be gone all day. We lived in a very small burg, maybe four hundred people. Mom knew I was having my period and she said it was okay for me to stay home. Bull would be there to guard the house. They left and I sat down to watch TV. Most of the channels had dumb kid cartoons on, so I started reading a book. That was boring also, then I remembered the DVDs.

I retrieved the “Mom Likes It Doggy” DVD and loaded into the player. I was kind of excited, this being my first porno. The video started out normal, a woman doing housework. I looked close, the woman was wearing a apron, you know, like a baker wears, only she was nude underneath. She sat down on a couch and was reading a magazine when a big dog entered the room and stuck his nose under her apron. She pushed him away, but he went right back. This went on a couple more times before she tossed the magazine. She pulled the apron up and slid her butt down to the edge of the couch.

The big dog was watching what she was doing. When she spread her legs, I could see her pussy, the dog starting licking her. He kept licking her pussy, all the way from her asshole to her clit. One time he slipped his tongue into her vagina. She let the dog keep licking her pussy, then she acted very different and pushed his head away. She clamped her hand on her pussy and closed her legs. A minute later she opened her legs again and the big dog licked her again. Then the big dog climbed up on her and tried to get her to turn over. I was fascinated by how hard he tried to get her on her hands and knees. Finally she rolled over, her knees on the floor and her chest on the couch.

The dog immediately mounted her and I saw his big cock poking around. He was missing her pussy, but coming close. He jumped off her and wandered around the room before returning and mounting her again. He poked away again. I saw the tip of his pointy cock poking her labia. I watched as the tip slipped between her labia and the dog lunged forward. It was at this moment that my pussy was tingling. I felt my pussy lips and they were all wet, I was turned on.

About that time, Bull came up to me. I was sitting in the big chair. He looked at me just like the big dog did to the woman in the video. “Bull, you want to lick me?” I asked him. He just wagged his tail. I got up and went into the bathroom. I pulled my tampon out and removed my pants and panties. I wanted to see what it felt like to be licked. I returned to the big chair, put a towel on the seat and sat my butt down. Bull came to me right away and sniffed between my spread legs. My pussy was underneath me, but Bull licked my tummy. I slid forward like the lady did and Bull’s tongue slipped between my labia and he licked up, hitting my clitoris.

I almost screamed, it felt so good. He kept on licking, his tongue going deep inside me and it felt so good. I let him continue until I had what the girls called an orgasm. It was my first orgasm and it was such a great experience, I thought I was in heaven. The my clit became sensitive and I pushed Bull away, just like the lady in the video. I sat there, my legs tightly pinched together.

That’s when Bull started pushing me with his feet. He was trying to get me on my hands and knees. He wanted to fuck me just like the big dog in the video. I was afraid, but I wanted to try. I guess the licking made me want more and Bull had what I wanted. I rolled over onto my knees and my chest was on the cushion. Bull jumped up on me, but he was too short, his penis was going between my legs.

I got down onto the floor and Bull jumped on me, on my head of course. I pushed him off and then he kept his front feet on my back and scooted around. Once he was in position behind me, he pressed his feet into my thighs and humped me. His penis tip was poking me just like in the video. Bull kept poking, once his penis touched me a little inside, but he didn’t push it in. I spread my knees, this lowered my pussy hole and Bull hit his target.

Bull rammed forward and his cock went up inside my cunt. Nothing had ever been inside me before other than a tampon. Bull’s cock went deeper than any tampon did. His cock felt so hot. It hurt me a little but then I felt so much hot fluid inside me. It really felt good and it was filling me up. Bull’s cock kept going in and out of my pussy. I could feel water running down my thighs, it was Bull’s precum. Then I felt a pressure on my pussy lips. My pussy expanded and Bull rammed his knot inside me. He stopped fucking me and pressed his belly hard against my ass. I felt the tip of his cock pressing on my cervix, but it didn’t hurt. I felt something hot further up in my belly. Now I know he was pumping his cum laden sperm into my womb. He did this for a few minutes.

I felt a pressure growing in my vagina. Bull pulled back a little and I felt his knot wedge inside me. He pulled back hard, his cock stayed inside and I felt sensations that I didn’t know existed. I screamed and had another orgasm. My whole body was shaking, I was worried that something was wrong with me, but it felt so good. Then it stopped and Bull relaxed, he wasn’t pulling so hard. Some water spurted out of my pussy and ran down my thighs. Bull moved and the water squirted so hard the calves of my legs got wet. My little pussy and womb were drenched with Bull’s cum.

Bull stayed tied with me for a long time. I was beginning to think we would never break apart. Then Bull started to jump off me, he turned, lifting his hind leg and his furry butt and balls were pressed back against me. While he was turning the pressure of his knot made me cum again. Every time Bull tried to pull his cock out of me, I had another orgasm. I had never felt so good in my life, I enjoyed many orgasms while Bull’s cock was inside me.

Then Bull pulled hard again and I felt the pain of my pussy stretching wide to let his now small knot slip out. His cock slipped out also. Bull turned and put his front paw on my back. I was his bitch and he was letting me know that. I peeked and saw how huge his cock was. I didn’t think a girl my size could take such a thick cock. He wasn’t that long, just thick with a puffy tip. I saw his knot too and it looked like a baseball. That was what hurt when he pulled out. Bull then licked my pussy and walked away. He laid down and licked his cock until it disappeared back into his sheath.

I was on my hands and knees in a puddle of Bull cum and Janet cum. I raised up and my pussy flowed. More cum splashed in the growing puddle. I was glad my floor was wood, not carpet. I wouldn’t know how to explain to my mother how the carpet got wet and smelly.

I stood up, I was shaky, my legs didn’t want to work right. I walked to the hall bathroom, or should say, I wobbled to the bathroom. I held my pussy shut with my hand so no more cum would leak out of me. I sat on the toilet and it sounded like I was peeing, but I wasn’t. Bull had really filled me up.

I cleaned myself up and the floor. I had to use a towel to soak up all the cum. I got dressed again and went downstairs to watch more of the video. The video ran for three hours, I was totally turned on and hot when it ended. I couldn’t believe how many women fucked their dogs in that three hours. Must have been a dozen. I put the DVD back in my mother’s panty drawer. On the way back to the couch, I wondered why my Mom had such videos. Then it dawned on me, maybe she was fucking our dog. I wondered if Dad knew.

TV was boring, reading was boring. I made myself a sandwich and poured a glass of milk for lunch. Bull was at the back door, he wanted to go outside. I let him out and finished my lunch. Bull barked once, I went to the door and let him back in. He took a drink out of his water bowl and wandered off.

I went back to my room, I felt like a nap. I fell asleep laying on top of my blanket. I had a dream of a boy sticking his finger in my pussy and when he pulled his finger out, it looked like Bull’s cock. I woke up from my nap and saw Bull laying on my bed,

“Get down you naughty dog, you can’t be on my bed.”

Bull jumped off and onto the floor. He laid down and started licking his dick. I lay on the bed watching. He kept licking and I saw an inch of pink come out from his sheath. He kept licking and I watched his tongue. My pussy started to tingle and inside I felt an itch, I was getting horny again. I wanted Bull to lick my pussy.

I got down on the floor and lifted my skirt. Bull come over to me right away and sniffed my crotch. I had panties on and he licked my panties. His tongue was warm on my clit, but I wanted his tongue right on my clit. I wanted to cum again. I raised my hips and slipped my panties down my legs and off my feet. My legs were in the air and Bull had access to my pussy. He licked my labia until I lowered and spread my legs. He went right to work on my pussy, licking my clit and my slit. Bull licked me for a few minutes before I had my orgasm. It felt so good and made me more horny.

Bull kept licking me until I had another orgasm. I wanted to fuck again and Bull was ready. I got up on my hands and knees, only this time I lowered my chest to the floor. Bull mounted me right away. He poked twice before his cock slipped into my pussy. He rammed me good and it didn’t hurt, my pussy and his cock were at the proper angle. Bull fucked me like there was no tomorrow. He rammed his dick into me so hard, I liked the way Bull fucked me.

I was having an orgasm when Bull’s knot slipped in between my pussy lips. I felt it swell again, filling my small vagina. Bull was pumping hot fluid inside me, he kept pumping until it started to leak out. Bull rested for a couple minutes then turned in me again. His knot was pulled tight inside me and I h had three or four fast orgasms. I had just finished coming down from my last orgasm when I heard heel clicks on the wood floor. I panicked, my parents were home early.

I tried to pull away from Bull, but all I accomplished was to drag him backwards. I needed somewhere to hide, maybe my closet. I started crawling, that’s when I my mother blurted out.

“Janet, what’s going on?”

“Oh Mama, I’m so sorry. It just happened, I don’t know why, but it did.”

“I can’t let your father see you like this.”

Mom left my room, closing the door behind her. My father asked where I was. My mom told him that I was sleeping and Bull was napping in my room. Nothing more was said about my fucking Bull. For my next birthday, Mom and Dad gave me a beagle dog, his name was Bull also, but we called him Junior. Mom had told my dad about Bull and me and he wanted me to have my own dog.

I’ve never had a boyfriend, or been kissed by a man other than my father. I’m happy with my dog and I don’t need a man’s companionship. There, I’ve told you all and I have fucked my dog in your apartment. If you want me to leave, give me a few days to pack and find another place to live.”

By the end of Janet’s story my pussy was flowing. I was so damn horny and I needed sex in the worse way.

“Janet, I have a confession to make. I came home early the day you were sick. I was being quiet so as not to wake you if you were sleeping. Your bedroom door was open and I saw you and Ralph butt to butt. I left and came back at my normal time to come home. I became very curious about dog sex and did some research on the internet. I don’t think it’s wrong if a woman wants to have sex with her dog. I’m glad you told me your story and like I said before I will not judge you.”

“Thanks, If you want to try, I’ll help you.”

Did I want to try? You bet I wanted to try, I was so horny I needed to be fucked right now.

“Can I try now?” I asked.

A big smile lit up Janet’s face. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. Once inside, she turned me around and kissed me on my lips and unbuttoned my blouse. Next my skirt was removed and tossed aside. I now stood before Janet in bra and panties. Janet walked behind me and removed my bra. Her hands came around my chest and she hefted my tits with her hands. I leaned back into her, I was so damn hot. Her fingers twisted my nipples before they dropped to my panty waist and stripped me nude. It was very obvious that I was turned on, my panty gusset was wet and filled with my sticky pussy goo.

It was about this time that Ralph came into the bedroom. He looked at Janet and then made a beeline towards me. His cold nose touched my pussy and I flinched.

“He won’t hurt you,” Janet said. “Relax and let him smell your goodness. It will make him excited. He will know that you want to fuck him.”

I relaxed and spread my legs a bit. Ralph’s long tongue then licked my crotch, from back to front. It felt good, no man had ever licked my pussy so good.

“Come lay back on my bed and spread your legs, there he eat your pussy real good.”

I did and Ralph did too. It wasn’t long before I was moaning and moving my ass to get more of his loving tongue. A few times I felt my vagina open as his tongue slipped inside. It was wonderful to feel his long tongue so deep in me. Ralph kept eating me and I kept getting hotter and hotter, I wanted cock.

I was moaning when Janet said. “You are ready, get down on the floor on your hands and knees. Lay your chest on the floor so he lines up with the angle of your vagina.”

I did exactly what Janet told me to do. Ralph came around me and licked my pussy once before he mounted me. I thought, “This is it, I’m going to be fucked by a dog.”

Janet was on her knees beside me. She was rubbing my back with her hands. I felt Ralph’s soft belly fur on my skin as he positioned himself. His front paws were pressing on my thighs as he gently made fucking motions, his cock was searching for my pussy. I felt the tip of his cock hit my labia then slip right inside my pussy. Ralph lunged forward, jabbing his cock deep in me.


“Did it hurt? Janet asked. “I tried to make sure you were lined up right.”

“No… it… didn’t… hurt, it… feels… so… good.” I blurted out between Ralph’s powerful thrusts.

It didn’t hurt, it felt good. My pussy was on fire, and Ralph was doing his best to squelch the flames, but only made it hotter. The thoughts going through my mind and the strong intense sensations in my cunt gave me a fervid orgasm. My whole body was shaking. Ralph’s front paws were pressed into my thighs, his nails digging into my skin. He was holding his body tight against my ass, yet somehow his cock was beating the hell out of my cunt. Janet moved his front legs so his paws were between my legs. I wondered how bad my thighs were scratched.

“Oh my god,” I croaked out. “It feels so good and his cock is so hot. I’m going to cum again…”

Ralph was pounding my pussy harder now. I felt his cock growing and filling me with his precum. His balls were hanging low and slamming against my clit. I was building for another climax. Then Ralph rammed forward, hard, I felt my pussy stretch as his knot slipped inside me. That’s when I had another fantastic orgasm. I’ve been fucked before, but men never felt this good. Ralph stopped his thrusting, his knot was now firmly embedded inside my vagina, it wasn’t coming out. I felt his cock’s tip on my cervix. It didn’t hurt like when a man’s hard cock hits it. I did feel some pressure on my cervix, but it really felt good. Ralph stood perfectly still for a long time, maybe ten minutes. Then I felt sensations inside me that I had never felt before.

“Oh my god, Janet. I feel my belly expanding. What’s happening now? Is everything okay?”

“He’s pumping his sperm into your womb. Your womb will swell from all the liquid. You should start having multiple orgasms soon. It is during this phase that I sometimes pass out from the sensations in my vagina, especially when Ralph tries to pull his cock out. He is testing to make sure all his sperm stays inside his bitch. In this case, his bitch is you. Everything is okay, enjoy your fuck.”

I was being bred by a dog. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. My womb was full of his cummy sperm and the pressure sensations were suddenly giving me orgasm after orgasm. I usually would have an orgasm or two with a man, but now I was having so many I lost count. I didn’t care anymore, I wanted more dog cock in me. I started wiggling my ass back and forth. The knot inside me was pressing back and forth, causing sensations that were making me lightheaded. I was holding my breath as an orgasm rolled through my entire body. I felt Janet slide her legs under my belly and raise her knees up, then I passed out.

When I came to, I was still on my knees and Ralph was behind me. There was an intense pressure inside my vagina, Ralph was locked tightly in my now ravaged cunt. Janet was sitting on the floor next to me.

“How do you feel Honey, you passed out for a couple minutes.”

“I don’t know.” I replied. “I’ve never ever been fucked so good and for so long. I love it and I now know why you have a dog and not a man. I’m for sure joining your club and today no less.”

“You are welcome to join. There are no dues or meetings, well there is a type of meeting about every day or night. You know the meeting of your pussy with some good hot dog cock. These meetings may even happen multiple times a day,if you want.”


It’s been a year since Janet moved into my apartment. Poor Ralph only lasted for a couple weeks before becoming totally exhausted. Janet and I had him so fucked out he didn’t make any move to mount us as often. We had a long discussion on what we should do. It wasn’t hard to for us to come to the same conclusion, we needed another dog. I wanted a dog with a huge knot. Janet agreed with me because she likes a big knot also. We searched the internet to see if there was such a dog. There was a lot of bullshit posts so we gave up on that. We decided that we would go to a rescue operation and adopt a dog. Our excuse for a big dog, if asked, was two women living alone needed protection. We soon found out that any male dogs available were neutered. Case closed on trying a rescue.

“How about we join a forum and ask there,” Janet said. “At least we will get some ideas. We can divulge that we are two horny females and see what kind of replies we get.”

So we set up an email address at a safe mail site. We then searched for a beast forum and found a bunch. We joined three different forums and asked this question. “We are two horny women who enjoy dog sex. We love the tie and are looking for a dog breed with a huge knot, one so large he cannot pull out. We like to knot and our current dog is pooped out due to our excessive fucking. We need another dog. We are willing to pay for a one to two year old dog. Send pictures of dog and his knot to (our safe email address)”.

The next two days were very interesting for Janet and I. We received over fifty emails with many pictures in each one. I down loaded the emails that I liked, the Janet did the same only to a different label. Then we compared our two files. If an email was liked by both of us, we saved it again. If we had different ones, we debated why we liked it or didn’t like it. If either one of us persuaded the other, we saved it. We ended up with about ten emails. We downloaded the pictures and printed them out. I told Janet to pick her favorite three pictures and then I would pick mine. We both agreed on two pictures, so we destroyed the one we didn’t like.

Again we debated the two pictures. The dogs both had fabulous cocks and knots. Their knots looked like a pencil (cock) shoved through a Portabella mushroom. We both agreed that the knots were large enough that we couldn’t break a tie with either dog. We could not come to an agreement on one dog. Now we went back to the emails and reread them. Both dogs owners would give the dogs to us for free if we would let them video tape us having sex with the dogs. Otherwise, one wanted $500 and the other one wanted $600. Neither Janet or I had that kind of money to spend on a dog, but we both were willing to fuck and video for them.

We replied to the two dog owners emails, informing them that we would fuck for the dogs and where would we meet them. They then replied telling us where. One was in a Walmart parking lot in a city about 200 miles from us. The other was about fifty miles from the other one in a small town like ours. They don’t have a Walmart, but they have a truck stop just off the interstate.

We agreed to meet one guy the next Saturday morning and the other in the afternoon. I won’t go into the details of what happened that day, but I will say that it was a lot of fun. I’ll write another story, about that day, and post it.

We brought both dogs home with us. They fit right in and Janet’s dog Ralph became friends with them right away. We got away with having three dogs for over a year. The nasty rental agent tried to kick us out, but we appealed to the apartment owner. He allowed us to keep them for six months, then it’s one gone or we all are gone. We said we would move out because we weren’t going to part with our pups.

Janet and I are in the process of buying a nice little house with a big yard just outside city limits. Life has been good for us. We have jobs now that pay really good. Neither of us have boyfriends, but we don’t care. We get more good fucking than you can shake a stick at.

We’ll be back with you in a few months. We both are working on writing our story from the moment we met our new dogs. Search for a story title beginning with Luellen.

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