Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

I was 18 when I got this lust in myself. It started when I was at my friends house. My friends mom with big 36d boobs and huge bulky ass and stanning milf face. I never had thought for her.

We ere playing ps while her mom was taking bath in her room. After an hour. My friend went to lawn to get something while I was wondering in his house. Miss Benz (friend’s mom) was in kitchen, so I went to her room. I saw used panties on bathroom floor. I had never been smelled or sniffed any panties before. I was a virgin so I was not knowing smell of a hot lusty women smell. I took it and sniffed it.

Ohhhhhh…… my…… god…… It was fresh and vaginal fluid on it. It feels in like taking cocaine or stuff. It made my dick straight up. I loved that cheesy and fishy smell. It was one of the best thing I smelled and tasted. It was so smoothing my mind. I jerked off putting those panties infront of my nose. I left the panties there and left.

For a week I got daily lust for Miss Benz panties. I got greedy and nerdy for those milf panties.

One day, I was on my way to bath in my home. I saw used smelly panties of my mom. First I thought it is not socially acceptable but as I Keep it up and smelled. Ohhhhhmmmmminnneee….. fuck the society. I love panties. I jerked off……

This was not over. From the day were I go, I started to gather used panties. I got collected smelly panties in my locker. My lust got so bad that I started to go neighbour’s house at time when all aunties and their daughter came out from shower. I used trick to somehow went to their laundry room without being noticed.
In a week I almost collected 24 panties; 8 of neighbouring aunties, 9 of my friend’s mom, 4 of neighbouring teens, 2 of mom and 1 of my teacher which I used to go tuition.

I used to jerk of with all this in night. In morning my face almost smell like all most pussy smell.

The day came when my lust got released to one person; she was my mom’s sister, Eve. My Aunt (mom’s sister) came on weekends to chill but unfortunately she came with noticing my mom. My father and mom were on their business trip for week. I was alone.

She (Eve) is quite a beautiful and attractive woman in her age of 36. Her face body and hairs looks exactly like the Kajol. She is 5 feet and has a bit plump body like every typical Indian women which suits her age.

Door knocked……
I opened (I thought it was my maid, so I was in erection as I don’t worry about being complaint by my maid). She was Eve. She looked at my bump under boxers. She hugged me tightly as my dick was poking her pussy. (I think was doing because she knew my erection).

After a warm welcome and drinks, she went in rest room for bath. My mind pooped and got idea to sniff my hot and slutty Aunt Eve panties.
I waited for a while to get to the point when she came from shower.

As she after completing shower went to kitchen. I went to bathroom and kept those panties. This was being the first panties with lot of white vaginal cum of it. And panties smelled like pee, then I noticed the panties were not just wet it was soaked in eve’s piss. I licked all the cum. It was mind blowing. This make me more horny so I started to suck the urine from panties. It tasted salty and bitter, but imaging as a sexy hot lusty women pussy I made it.

I got more horny from this, I left my control and grabbed that panties to store in my collection.

I went to my room and grabbed another pairs of panties from collection and started jerking off vigorously.

Oh shit, my door suddenly opened. She was aunt eve.
Eve: What the fuck you are doing here?
Me: Nothing….. sorry…. please don’t tell anyone.
Eve: Oh shit, you are jerking with my panties…. you fucking bitch…..
Me: Soooooo.. sooo…. sorrry
Eve: I have to call your mom
Me: no don’t do that please…….

She started to call my mom…. I was fully in fear..

(On phone)
Eve: Hi sis, eve here
Mom: Oh good to hear you
Eve: I am in your home and suddenly this thing happen…

In behind I was bowing down to her

Mom: What?
Eve: My flight got cancelled due to some airline problem….. (She lied)
Mom: So what?
Eve: Nothing, I want to ask when are you coming?
Mom: After 8 days…..
Eve: Ohhhh….. I am so here at your home as far as you came here….
Mom: Oh that’s great, my son will get your company…
Eve: Yaa she will enjoy with me and I will enjoy him, (said in sexy humour)
Mom: Great, well bye dear….

Then she kept hand on cock over my shorts and said if you feeling this things with my thighs u like na
And slowly I too smiled and suddenly she was happy and hugged me tight and kissed, slowly our lips met and started kissing lips then tongue met and she inserted tongue in my mouth and having my saliva. Then we stood up and again started kiss, later heard somebody’s voice and separated. I went out and saw people still awake and having fun sitting near fire camp then I came inside closing our tent zip and when I turned I saw she removed her top and skirt standing in bikini for me. I was stunned to see her such a wonderful figure in bikini, like a model.

Couldn’t control myself so I hope you will be my best friend too? I looked at her and said, “OK Mom, If you be my best friend then I’ll be with you.” She then immediately turned her face towards the door and said as she winked her eye, “I can see. And I think we’ll enjoy a lot in the next coming days of our stay here?”

By Nasus

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