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Many decades passed since she has arisen last. Her hunger and lust are making it near impossible to accomplish a simple task as to open a door. She reaches again, her muscles twitching with more painful spasms after another, bones crunching with transformation if she did not eat and fuck soon her existence would be one horror stories could only imagine.

Finally, her hand grips the handle slippery with sweat and in vast amounts of need and pain, the door lets loose. Stumbling into the corridor and down the hall, she halts in front of a steel and concrete door. “Hard to think. Shit the code!” she thinks as she trusts her fingers to push the right digits in the correct order.

A simple drop of her blood and the doors to her salvation will open. Her rigid nail picks and pulls at the skin of her wrist till a thin line of blueish-purple ooze slips out into the night air. Unable to manage small motor skills and a slide right now, she smears her wrist over the sensor to release the door.

Her heart beating harder and harder with every moment, crunching bones, transformation, she was through the door before it could fully open. What a sight she must be at this moment, bursting forth gnarled and bent with the transformation.

Everyone there had dreams of the day the wall would open. Now, here with grandmother standing there staring like a starved animal changing into a beast, no one could move. The matriarch of the family twisted and vile.

An unaware young server walks by with a plate of hourderves; grandmother reaches out her wounded wrist and, with her long rigid nails, slits his throat, and with a fevered need, she suckles at his throat, consuming every drop. Wiping her chin as she turns, her eyes become locked on an exceptional beauty.

Now to take care of her other need. The need to fuck! She has stopped the transformation, but to become once the beauty she was, she must fuck.  Like a knotted old woman, grandmother determinedly makes her way towards the unknown temptress.  The air changed, and the mind was lost, fog filled the heads of all around, thoughts of sex, and more sex came flooding into the group. Soon many were unclothed and ready to hunt as well full of lust and hunger themselves.

Grandmother swoops in like a vulture; the beauty has no idea what is to happen. The beauty, pinned almost instantly, falling to the floor, nails ripping at material and flesh; grandmother took her.

First, splitting the beauty’s frim, yet supple legs devouring what must be had.  As grandmother Dedria’s desires are addressed, so are her deformities. The more Dedria’s lust flows out, the more she becomes herself.

Dedria pulls and tears at the beauty’s clothing till her nude body lies writhing on the floor in anticipation of more. Dedria moves atop the beauty and brings her warm, juicy, expectant lips down upon the beauty’s face. The beauty grips Dedria’s thighs and brings her down hard as the beauty nibbles at her clit. A small whimper escapes Dedria’s open mouth. Her enchantress, darting her quick tongue in and out between sweet nibbles and the need so fierce for both now, they become one together on the floor in rhythmic movements. Rubbing, grinding, cuming, sweet release! Dedria explodes in a bone-chilling howl at the crest of her orgasm that releases the rest for their frenzy on the world.

Each is going their way, many not to return until the next few decades. The house lies quiet as the two women lay on the floor, still kissing and caressing each other. With every kiss and every flick of her clit, Dedria’s youth finds her. Her skin supple and soft again, her long amber hair flowing with the slightest hint of a curl, her eyes steel grey with a pouty grin, her beauty is one to behold. The strange beauty gives one final farewell as she pinches Dedria’s clit from the bottom and begins to lick it once again. Dedria’s head flies back in utter ecstasy, her mind a blur from the sweet release of decades pent up. The strange beauty begins to suckle on her bulging hot clit as it throbs once more, using her fingers the strange beauty thrusts them into Dedria. Moans and stutters are all that Dedria can muster through the waves of passion rushing through her.  Soon Dedria climaxes one final time, her transformation complete; she is now once again the beauty from her youth.

“Leave!” Dedria commanded, slipping on a see-through blood-red silk gown. Dedria slowly reacquaints herself with the house and those who are now taking care of it. Looking quite stunning with barely anything on, Dedria enters the kitchen, where most the staff is hiding after witnessing the death of the severing boy. “I require food now.” She begins.

“Organic preferably plucked by your hand out of my garden. I also require meat, the bloodier, the better, if you want to keep your heads that is.” Dedria chuckles as she glides over to where the help is cowering. One young man stands tall, protecting the others. “I also require…” her voice trailing off as her eyes rest on the young male servant, “you.” She says. The young man’s eyes widen with terror, which only makes Dedria laugh harder.

Specific instructions left with the staff as to the next steps in the night are given, and life springs forth from the kitchen in an instant. Pots, pans, knives cutting is all anyone could hear, all too scared to utter a peep, in case they get noticed next. All eyes are on Dedria, yet her attention becomes focused on the young man not cowering in the corner.

“Don’t I scare you, boy?” Dedria asks as she runs her beautiful long nail across his chest. “I can smell ur innocence.”  She coos as her nails trail down the line from his nipples to his erect penis. Slowly popping each button from his shirt as she goes.  Dedria forcefully opens the front of his pants, takes his erection in hand and holds it tightly. “you are going to make me scream young man, but if you don’t,” her grip tightened, “I will hang this on my wall.”

“DDDamon, please, and yyyes, my mistress.” He says as her grip tightens as she leads him towards her room.

Bulging erect penis in hand, Dedria quickens the pace as servants file in line behind her. Although not struggling against her hand but struggling to maintain pace and his member attached to him, Damon moved clumsily, but he dare not go limp.

Damon fumbles as she leads him along the halls; he takes these moments to admire his new mistress.  Hair as dark as a raven that glistened in the moonlight, skin light and supple, her lips red with blood and wine. Her every move screamed seduction, and his erection only grew to her touch.

Upon entering the room, Dedria moves Damon toward a wooden structure built in the shape of an over-sized X. She releases his throbbing cock and begins tying him to the frame. Dedria runs her hand slowly down Damon’s left arm and grabs his wrist, lifting it high above his head and securing it.

Damon swallows hard now, “is he to be the next meal?” he asked as she reaches and ties his other wrist. Suddenly he felt a startling sting invigorate and awaken his sense as Dedria slaps his cock.

“You’re legs!” she demands, and Damon quickly obliges.

After shackling her newfound plaything, she acknowledges the servants with the food. “Set it down. Quickly and remove yourselves.”

A flurry of color on trays and delicious smells fill the room. Servants, setting down dishes and bumping into each other to make their exit, for they dare not be the next to find themselves trussed up.

Once they are alone, Dedria approaches her captive. “It is my command that your cock shall not soften, understand? You must maintain my standards if you are to live through the night.”

Another sting, Damon’s heart thumps in his chest, as his erection pulsates harder and harder with each slap of her hand. Sweat begins to bead on his forehead, and he closes his eyes in sheer torture and desire. Dedria releases Damon and whispers in his ear,  “do as you’re told, and you will be rewarded.”

Damon watches as Dedria unties her gown and slips it off, exposing only a breast. Taking the most luscious strawberry, she rubs it all over her naked flesh. Dedria locks eyes with Damon and begins to provocatively run her tongue over the engorged fruit letting her wet pink tongue dart in and out of her mouth. Watching Dedria tickling the tip of the fruit slightly with her teeth, Damon fears he will spill his load and be of no use to his mistress. His mind in a haze, thoughts unable to become clear Damon again looks to lock eyes with his mistress.

Dedria no longer in front of him strawberry gone and his mind reeling Damon turns his head as far as it will go to catch a glimpse of her pale skin. His heart beating in anticipation, his cock responding with every beat, his need great Damon startles as Dedria speaks in his ear again, “if you cum I will have you then your life,” as her nail trails his carotid artery.

Dedria laughs a melodic tune as she finishes stripping off her gown. Before he could breathe in, she was in front of him on her knees. Breathtaking in silk, her skin was that of a newborn babe, soft with just a hint of color. Her nipples firm and perk, breasts each the size of a good mouthful, his member jumping at the thought. Torso strong yet supple and hips with a gentle curve into the shape of her firm buttocks, Damon longed to put his hands upon her skin.

Sucking in air abruptly and moaning deep, Damon’s head whirls with excitement as Dedria hungrily devours his, by now, engorged penis. Mouth wet and hot, sucking and releasing with every up and down motion, knowing it’s the end if he slips, Damon is helpless against her.  He should be terrified, he shakes his head to try to clear it, but his mind can only think of sex, of Dedria.

“You did well. I so love eating cock,” Dedria says as she whips his cock again, the sting bringing him partially back to his senses.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Damon manages to mutter shakily.

Foggy thoughts again reclaim Damon’s mind, and lust once again overtakes his mind and body.  Dedria was all he could see, amid the fog and haze in his mind, he opened his eyes, and she was there caressing and pumping his penis.

Dedria moves Damon toward the bed, Damon feels something inside him snap. The fog, the haze, the need for sweet release, forcefully, he grabs her hips and brings his head down between her thighs. Licking up and down, inching closer to her swollen clitoris, Damon’s desire increases. Finally able to indulge his Mistress in ecstasy, Damon’s seeking mouth found her wet and gasping for more. Bringing his mouth down and her hips in he, drank her in like a fish needs water. His tongue darting in and out, up and down, sucking and messaging her clit as her body writhed under his beastly control. He could hear a low hungry growl forming in his throat, her flesh thin beneath his fingers.

Damon’s claws pressed her flesh, drawing tiny pricks of blood along the way. He releases Dedria’s hips, pushing her into the mattress. The haze is all he can see, sex all he can smell and taste in the air. Damon lifts Dedria and flips her onto her belly.  Vigorously he mounts her like a beast in the wild. Thrust after thrust stronger and stronger, he begins grunting and snarling.

Damon takes a fist full of hair and pulls tight, Dedria’s body moved in response to his every move, licking her fingers thrusting them into her vagina as the two came as one Damon got a glimpse of what he had become.

At the sight of himself in the mirror, he jumps back and falls to the floor. Damon looked like a beast, snarled and rutting, eyes wild, nostrils flared. Dedria chuckles as she pulls a cord at the bedside. She moved with such swiftness, Damon only felt the constraints tighten around his wrists and ankles, as she fastened him back to the wooden structure. This time his mouth was being forced open, and a large round ball forced into his mouth. Dedria fastened its straps around his head, slapped his now limp member, watches as it springs back to life. “You will live tonight.” She whispers whimsically in his ear, and with a tender bite of his ear lobe, she turns away.

Within seconds of pulling the cord, many ladies entered. The room bursts into life as they each take their turns to clean, bathe, dress, and aide their Mistress. In a flurry Dedria is washed and dressed, she slips between her black silken sheets and promptly falls to sleep.

By Nasus

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