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My name is Olivia, and this is the story of me and my dog, Benny. I was 16.

I had always been a good kid; obeyed my parents, got good grades, done my homework, so my parents decided to take a vacation and leave me home with Benny. I was to take care of him and myself for a week and a half.

The day my parents left, I went through my usual routine of chores, saxophone practice, walking benny, and other things. After that, I began browsing Google for some new porn videos (my parents didn’t know), and i found a tag I’ve never seen before: DOG SEX. Curious, clicked on the link and scrolled around. I didn’t actually watch any of the videos, because they looked gross, but I did see the faces of the girls. It looked like satisfaction. I ended up watching my usual step-siblings porn.

The next morning, I woke up extremely horny. Instead of getting up and at ’em, I took my time. Slowly, I got into the shower, washed myself and shaved my body hair, and got out. I put on some sexy black panties with lace trim, and a black tank top with a built in bra. I than put my hair into two braids, one going down each side of my head. I put on firetruck red lipstick, and did my makeup to perfection. I looked like a model. I skipped over my chores that day to relax.

While sitting on the couch, I saw Benny sleeping peacefully in the sun across the room. I remembered the porn genre from the earlier day, and got an idea. I walked over to benny and laid down next to him. he looked up sleepily and licked my face. realizing this could be a disaster, I went to the bathroom and cleaned off my makeup, then returned to my position next to Benny. I put my hands down my panties and wet my fingers inside my vagina. I pulled them out and held them in front of Benny’s nose. He opened his eyes and licked them. I knew Benny would enjoy my pussy. I crawled in front of his face and opened my legs. Benny moved forward and started licking my panties. It was the most amazing feeling. Soon, my panties were wet with my juices and Benny’s saliva. I moved my panties to the side, revealing my bald pussy, and Benny moved forward more. He vigorously started licking and I started moaning quietly. I had never felt anything so good in my life! His tongue sent an electric shock into my womb.  After about five minutes, I regained my senses and got up. I was shaking slightly.

By now it was only about 1:30, so I got dressed into a short denim skirt and let benny into the backyard. I grabbed my purse and started downtown. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but settled for an ice cream. At the parlor, I masturbated in the bathroom, and walked out with my panties in my purse.

When I got home I immediately took off my skirt and started playing with my pussy. I was about to orgasm, but spied Benny looking at me. I regained my composure, and walked into the kitchen to grab a doggy treat. An idea came to me. I put my panties back on, and slipped the doggy treat halfway into my vagina, covering it with my panties. I went and sat down next to Benny, and he started sniffing my crotch excitedly. I pulled my panties to the side, revealing the treat, and he got it in one lick.

The familiar rush of warmth came over me as Benny’s tongue made contact with my pussy.  I wanted more. I let him lick me for a few minutes while I moaned, then moved to the side of him. Although Benny was laying down, his 7 inch doggy dick was sticking out from under him. Slowly, I touched it. It was warm and rubbery. I told Benny to roll over, and he did. On his back, I could see his erection in all its glory. I didn’t want to surprise him and have him bite me, so I started rubbing his belly and moved slowly down till I got to his dick. I spit on my hand and started to softly rub it. To my surprise, his dick grew bigger still!

Getting more horny, I took things one step further. I moved my mouth to the tip of his cock and started to lick all Benny’s pre-cum. It was salty, but good. Next, I took his dick into my mouth and started sucking. I started going faster, and taking more into my mouth till I was gagging on his cock. When i removed it, Benny was up like a flash.

Benny started licking my face, and I had to push him away to I could take off my shirt. Once I had, I let him keep kissing me. His tongue found my mouth, and we were frenching. I pushed him away, told him to stay, and walked across the room. I took my panties off, threw them into the other room, and got on my hands and knees. I called for Benny, and he came bounding over to me. He mounted me easily, and maneuvered his cock into my pussy.

It hurt like hell and felt amazing at the same time. I was, up until that point, a virgin, and had never had anything bigger than my middle and ring fingers together inside my pussy. I was panting and moaning really loud, the neighbors probably could’ve heard me. Benny pushed deeper and deeper into my womb, and cummed. I orgasmed at the exact same time, and it was the best orgasm of my life. I felt Benny’s seed gush inside of me. I tried to pull myself free from his massive cock, but felt an intense pain. I couldn’t get him out of me for almost 45 minutes, when, in a flash of pain, he pulled out. Our juices oozed out of my pussy and into a puddle on the floor. I fell down on my stomach crying, realizing what a whore I was, and how I was Benny’s bitch. After a few minutes, the pain lessened enough for me to get up, collect my clothes, and get in the shower. While the hot water washed over me, I realized that i was craving more. I actually enjoyed having sex with my dog!

Benny and I had sex four more times in that week and a half, and we continued secretly when Mom and Dad returned. I was only 16, but I would have a sex partner for the rest of my childhood. Even now, I have a labrador to keep me company, and to satisfy my sexual desires at a moments notice. I fully expect on regularly having sex with my dog for a long while.

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