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Mistery gift – The gift that keeps on giving.

This wild story begins one lovely morning as any other morning on our farm. Right next to the house is a barn where all the dogs are kept. The shining sun bathes my naked body as I wake from my slumber, I skip to the shower, try myself off and head downstairs to get some breakfast. My mother is already hard at work cooking food for us. I sit down behind the table and watch my mothers perfect ass sway in the morninglight. I always had the hots for my mother, she has brunet hair and a sexy 37 year old body any man would die for. After watching my mother do her seductive dance infront of the stove, I am getting hard. I don’t want my mother to notice my erection, so I decided to get the mail, I just had to get her ass out of my mind. Got the mail and headed back to the house as I check who they were for. Most of them are bills, but there is this one that caught my eye. A large flat envelope from SSS technologies, it is addressed to me. I have never hear of a company with that name, I am curious, but my rumbling tummy told me i had to eat first.

After eating, my mother went to the barn to tend to the dogs and i run upstairs to my room. I take the letter, the one addressed to me, and I start to tear it open. Four pads fall out, they were like 25cm flexible circles that stuck to anything you sticked them to. I notice two of them have IN and the other two have OUT written on the backside.  As I mess around with the pads, I see my finger enter one of the IN pads and exit a OUT pad. Amazed , I investigate the curious objects. How could this be possible? I study them in minute detail, it is wonderous. I had to know what is going on. I get up behind my computer and search for the company that sent it to me with no success. It truly was a mistery.

I take one of the IN pads and stick it on the wall infront of me. Then I grab the OUT pad and start to think where I could put that. All sort of mischevious ideas come to mind. Suddenly the naughtiest idea popped to mind, what if I stick it on my ass. The idea of me fucking myself makes my cock jump from excitement. I spit on my fingers and apply it to my waiting fuckhole. After lubing myself up, I stick the pad on. I gaze at the  IN pad, breathe in deeply, while positioning myself infront of it. I take my cock and put it at the entrance of the pads hole, I lean forward and watch my cock dissapear into the IN pad. As I inch depper, I feel my dick hit my anus.  Slowly I force it in, I moan as I feel  my own cock spread me open.  I feel  the tip touch my prostate and a sudden wave of pleasure goes over me, forcing myself forward inpaling as deep as it can go. I start to clench down hard on my, now throbbing, cock as my hips start to jackhammer in and out of my yearning hole. Every thrust makes me closer to cumming, with few last strockes I unload a massive load deep inside. Painting myself white inside. I pull out and collapse on the floor gasping, cum dripping from my asshole. I clean myself up and go to the barn to help out my mother.

As I am walking torwards the barn, I can feel my arse burn from the fucking I had given it, my cock jerks from the thought. I step in the barn and got to my daily chores. One of my chores include putting a mating doll inside every cage, so the dogs don’t get too frisky. Its like a animal doll with a hole in it. As I start with the first dolls, I can’t get the pads out of my head. One of the dogs goes right for the doll and starts furiously fucking it. I stand there mesmerized looking at the dog go for it, I get an idea. I take the mating doll and stick the IN pad on its rump. i open one of the cages for the dogs and place the doll into the corner. i close the cage and just stand there waiting for a reaction from the canines. Since dogs used it often, they know what its for and the phermones coming from the doll make them go wild. But none of them seem too interested,  soo I use this opportunity to leave and get to the house quickly.

I rush inside the house and head straight to the bathroom. I feel excited, waiting eagerly for whats to come, I get into the tub and get the water going. I feel warm airflow and then a long warm lick on my hole that sends shivers down my spine. The tongue keeps licking everywhere,  reaching every nook and cranny. Sometimes to my joy it even goes in for a long lick, making my insides squirm, wanting more. Then all the action stops and I feel unconfortably empty. Suddenly I feel a hot pierce and there is a dogcock inside me. All I can do is to lie there moaning from the fullness  forcing its way to my deepest parts. I start to rock back to the fucking spreading my legs wide,  squirming with pleasure from the fucking I am recieving. After some good pistoning, my ass can’t take anymore and is ready to give up, every thrust making my mind go blank. The dog cock starts to throb and I know what’s to come, as I feel a hot lightningbolt shoot into my waiting hole. The force of the cum shooting into my bowls sends me over the edge as I start to come. The cock pops out and a hungry tongue replaces it. After licking clean my hole from any cum remaining, I feel a light breeze as the dog leaves.

Exchausted, I lie there, fully sadisfies, cum flowing from my honeybot. Suddenly I feel another pierce, yet another dog cock found its way in me, this one much larger than the last. It starts to hammer my backside without any remorse as I scream from the suprise filling I just recieved. I feel something pumping at my entrance, then I realize that this dog has a knot. With a loud pop the knot goes into me, right against my prostate, making precum leak. I feel another orgasm building up as the dog notices my arousal and speeds up his furios pumping. The first of many waves of orgasm wash over me and I clench down hard on the dogcock. This pulls the knot closer to my prostate and the constant fucking milks it brutally. I feel more hot jizz shoot into me, bubbling like hot lava. I pass out from all the pleasure and pain as the next dogcock replaces the last. I wake up hours later, still being impaled and pounded. I imidietly grab for the pad on my ass, my hand sloshing through all the doggycum accumulated from the ordeal. I quickly start to remove the pad, as it slowly comes off, the cock coming out of the pad never stops  thrusting. The last thrust, I remember,  punches my now sensitive prostate, forcing orgasm after orgasm untill I pass out again.

As i woke up, I shower and go out of the bathroom to my room, and put the pad away. My mother was already done with her work, she loved dogs and loved to take care of them, soo she was making dinner. It did’t take long before I was called down stairs to eat dinner. While eating i couln’t forget the pads and ideas how to use them. I look at my mother and thought about telling her about the pads. But decided not to, not just yet anyway. After dinner we spent some time watching tv. Then I went to my bedroom and she went to check on the dogs as she always would. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the pads. I close the door and rush to take out the pads. I hear my mothers voice coming from the drawer the pads are in. As I found the one where the voice is coming from, i remembered that i left one of the pads on the matingdoll in the barn. I am nervous. What if my mother finds it, I listen closely. I can hear moaning!? Is she having sex with the dogs? I had to find out! I got up and ran to the barn. Opened the door, making sure not to make too much noise, and went in. When i got there i found my mother in extasy on all four, fucked hard by all the dogs, some waiting patiently for their turn. She is too mezmerized to notice me standing right there, soo i try to grab the pad. As I slowly reach for the pad, keeping my eyes on mom, looking at her for any sign of lucidness. One of the dogs finishes his business and comes up to me with his tail wagging. That made my mother aware of me. With shock in her eyes, she screams and yells at me to get out. I can’t move, stunned infront of my hot naked mother. There is a gleem in my eye, my heart starts to pound hard, I move closer to her.  She tries to cover her privateareas with tears appearing in her eyes.

„Stay away, Im your mother,“  She sobs.

„I know, but your soo hot, I can’t stop thinking about you,“  I confess.

„This is wrong, we shouldn’t be doing this,“  She replies.

I get closer and take her in my arms and hug, trying to calm her down.

„You don’t have to explain, i’ve been letting the dogs have their way with me for a while now,“  I whisper in her ears.

She covers her mouth with her hand as shock and excitement fills her eyes.

„But your a man, you shouln’t be doing that,“ She tells as she starts blushing.

„Yes, I am, but I also love getting fucked in the ass,“ I claim.

Your grab her ass and insert one of your fingers into her wet asshole. With a loud moan, she shivers and squeels in your arms.

„I see you love anal too,“ I whisper.

I see her eyes change from fear to bliss as you wiggle your finger in her. Suddenly she grabs your cock and starts to jerk it.

„Ahhh, I don’t care anymore. I need your cock, give it to me,“ She plurts out.

My actions get renewed energy from her enthusiams. I caress her over, taking my sweet time on each of her sexy parts. Then I remembered the pads and a great idea came to mind. I tell her to wait as rush to the house to get them. I get back into the barn and show my mother how they work. She is amazed, as I was when i first saw them. Then she sees a cock appear from one of the holes and she almost instantly blushes. I took the pad and give it to her. She looks at it, doggycock going in and out, lust in her eyes.

„Do you want me to put it on?“ I ask.

She nervously nods.

I spread her asscheeks and start to lubricate her asshole with my tongue. My finger made it easy for my tongue to get in. I love the taste of her ass, I keep licking her until she moans with pleasue. Place a pad on her ass and give a playful slap to show her its ready.

„Now my turn, get to it!“ I order.

I stand up and lie on my back on the floor, legs spread out for her.

„You have a nice ass and your cock looks soo delicious,“ She said as she grabs for my cock.

Her firm hand reaches over and starts to jerk my manmeat. She spits on her fingers and lubes up my bum. As she inserts her finger in, you instantly tighten around her finger and hump your cock in her hands.

„This is soo hot, Im going to have lots of fun,“ She said to herself outloud.

She licks her lips as she give your pole a slap.

„Now your ready, what now?“  She asks.

I stand up and go get the matingdolls ready in the next room and come back to my waiting mother with devilish grim in my eyes.

„Just wait, you will love it,“ I replie.

I sit infront of my mother, my cock throbbing visibly. Her eyes clued to my stick as it rocks around. Suddenly she jumps forward into my lap, her hands around my neck as her body starts to go numb.

„Ohhhh, something just went into me,“ she cries out.

I caress her ass, molding it in my hands, savoring every touch. My dream of fucking my mother is close. I wanted her, I needed her, I had to have her. I can feel  the force of the fucking through her body, her slender hand reaching for my cock. The moment her hands touch my cock, my waiting honeypot is invaded. Now i lunge into my mothers lap as i moan from the feeling of my suprise invader. We grab eachother tight and caress like animals in a matingfrenzy. The more we got pounded the closer we pulled each other. I can feel a big doggyknot pounding at my entrance, trying to find a way into me.

„Mom, its fucking me soo good, the knot is about to go in,“ I yell out.

“I can feel one too!“  She replies as she spreads her legs around me.

My head goes fuzzy as I give my mother a deep wet kiss. We kiss for severals minutes, the ruthless pounding on our poor behinds never stops. Her legs lock around my waist as both of the knots plop in. Her locked legs pull her down and right onto my cock, It goes in without any resistance. Both of our eyes widen as we realize I had penetrated my mother.  She grabs my ass, spreads and pulls me deeper into her. My hips now are out of my control, fucking furiously my moms cunt on their own. Then the dogs stop their furious fucking and pour their loads into us. Thats sends us to seventh heaven as I feel my orgasm building up.

„Im gonna cum!“ I yell out.

„Baby, come into me, I need it!“ She ordered.

I start to cum , like never before. Her pussy is  sucking hard as if trying to empty me. She  tightens as the first shot fills her, giving her a massive orgasm. We franticly hump into eachother, our hips out of our control. Something inside us needing to be sadisfied, made us into a pile of sex.

After hours of constant fucking, we clean up and go into the house for a shower together.

To be continiued… maybe:D

Mistery gift by Preacha

Pls comment, any advice appreciated.

Ps. Not a writer nor from a english speaking country, be forgiving:D

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