Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Hi my name’s Carol my story happened when I was 42 (I’m 52now). Me I’m small 4ft10 tall, brown eyes 36dd tits, not slim but not fat and still brown hair. I used to go stay with my friend Lynne once a month. Lynne had health problems, so would help especially her small garden. She lived in a rough estate, but I liked being there. It also give my husband peace.. A couple off lads used to go by and joke about my tits, like I could see me sucking them or I milk you dry.. Always done with a laugh, nothing harmful. Over the next number off months they regularly talk to me or make suggestions off sexual nature. It turns out both guys where 19 and shared apartment up road. Lynne and I laugh about it, but never told my husband. It seemed harmless enough. Then one Saturday I was gardening, it was very warm. I was wearing old t shirt and shorts, I was on my knees weeding. When they both stopped for a look it was a loose t shirt. Most off my tits where showing. Mmm john shouted nice view, I suck them off you. His mate Rick said your right just ready for milking. I laughed got up walked to side off Lynne s house and lifted my top. Well I was flashing my tits at them ( I don’t know what came over me ). I bet you run if we came in their one off them said. Like a challenge I moved further down side off house so neighbours could not see and removed my top, by now they had entered garden and got to me. No words just took a bit each and began licking them and sucking them. Omg 2 young guys where sucking my sensitive nipples. My heart was on fire. What if anybody seen us. Suddenly my shorts button was undone and a hand was inside them, rubbing my pussy through my pants. My head was spinning with excitement as my shorts where pulled to the ground, the hand was now inside my pants. Fingering my pussy to I cum. I was then dragged round back my pants literally ripped off me. I was on all fours with johns cock deep in my soaking pussy, fucking me without mercy and Rick’s in my mouth. I was been spit roasted to I felt john cum in my battered hole. Then as I lay there on the ground Rick mounted me and began fucking my pussy hard. I don’t know how long but Rick’s cum joined johns in my well fucked hole. They both kissed me and left. I went inside only to find Lynne had been watching us. To my surprise she took me into her room pushed on the bed. Forced my legs open and began licking my juices and cum from my sore hole. Causing me to have orgasm. Over the next number off months both guys fucked me in Lynne’s house and after they finished Lynne would lick me clean. My husband never found out.

By Yumiko

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