Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Just to clarify something, I’m happily married but always felt I may be Bi, and this actually proves it. It all started with a planned motorcycle trip to Wyoming with a riding budding I had known from many years ago but not real well. Anyways, after finding out we both had motorcycles and liked to travel we decided on a weeklong trip which we would share expenses. After a long all day ride, we arrived at our motel that we planned to use as our base for the week of multiple destinations, he insisted that he would get our room and I would pay for dinner that night, after we located our room number we parked in front of our door, unloaded our bikes and entered the room I noticed it was only one queen bed, he told me it was the only room they had left, so I said ok, not a problem. After we went out for dinner and a beer run we settled in for the night, after a couple beers and small talk we decided to take showers that night so we could get on the road quicker the next morning. He took his shower first and then it was my turn, what a good hot shower does to relax the aching muscles, as I came out of the bathroom, I noticed he was watching a video on his phone and jerking himself and immediately stopped when he realized I walked in the room. All I had on was a skimpy motel towel wrapped around my waste and was heading for my gear to grab a nightshirt and underwear. I asked what he was watching and he admitted he was watching porn and I responded if it was anything good and he said he liked it and asked if I wanted see, So I laid down beside him on the bed and he started the video again and held the phone so we both could watch it, that’s when I realized he was watching a guy giving head to another guy, then his hand went back under the sheet that was barely covering his crouch and started stroking his semi-hard cock. Now, I have watched plenty of porn in my days, but not alone in a room with another guy, and watching him stroking his cock was starting to get me aroused, that’s when he took his leg and moved the sheet down to his knees and I could then see his stiff cock clutched in his left hand, it was fat with a mushroom head and was already dripping precum. I’m sure he noticed my cock was also getting hard and parting the small towel I barely had around my waste, as I was about to reach for my on cock and join him in masturbation he moved his hand from his cock to mine, at first I was caught by surprise but my reaction I couldn’t believe either, I just leaned sideways so I could reach his cock and we both started masturbating each other while watching a man on man porn video. I was so fucking hard and oozing precum, and I’m sure it wasn’t the video on his phone but the feel of his hard cock in my hand that had me turned on so much that I could only think of all the fantasies I wanted to experience before the night was through. Then he handed his phone to me and scooted down on the bed, spreading my legs as he positioned himself between them and started caressing my balls and cock with both hands and then leaned in and started licking my balls and asshole, then licking my cock from my balls up to the tip and then slowly taking my cock deep into his mouth, the warmth almost made me cum right then and there, but I managed holding off for another few minutes and was in total bliss when he slide a finger in my ass I instantly shot my load and watched him slurping it down enjoying every last drop, he continued sucking my cock which made me want his even more, then suddenly he came up and straddled my chest with his cock dangling right at my lips, without hesitation I opened my mouth and took his cock in until it was touching the back of my throat and then slowly sucking as I pulled back to its head then rolling my tongue around the entire circumference several times before slowly starting to suck as my mouth moved up and down his shaft and eventually increasing the rhythm, I was so enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth, smooth but hard and warm, I was sliding my hands up his back and down to gently squeeze his buttocks and could feel him shiver with pleasure when I slid a finger across is asshole and I knew he was getting close to explode in my mouth and before long he started to moan and telling me how good it felt, and then his body stiffened and arched backwards as his cock swelled and started gushing his warm load down my throat, I pulled back just so the head of his cock was gripped by my lips and massaging the underside with my tongue so I could swallow his nectar which he continued to shoot what seemed like seven or eight long streams of thick creamy loads of cum making me swallow several times so I would not waste any and then I too continued sucking his cock until he decided to get off and lay down beside me catching his breath and me savoring the taste of him still in my mouth, we both said nothing for a long time, then he said, “I think this is going to be the best motorcycle trip” and I agreed it was special, and then I said what goes on behind motel doors stays behind motel doors, right? Which he agreed. So to end this, lets just say we enjoyed each other in many different ways for the remainder of our trip, including my first anal which was incredible and to this day, we always plan at least one long enjoyable trip a year.

By Tommy

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