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Neil, put his hand on her thigh. The lust in their eyes as he felt the sheer fabric of her stockings on his hands.

” Your a naughty boy Mr Conner. ” She said.

” I know ” he replied.

” We really should not be doing this. ” She said.

” Oh don’t be silly ” he said ” Whats the harm. ”

” True ” she said smiling. She leant over kissing his lips. They sat in the car overlooking the lake. A private spot on his friends private property a 30 minute drive out of town.

” You truly are beautiful. ” He said smiling his hand slipping under her skirt. She looked down as his hand stopped mid thigh.

” Never been with a man before ” she said.

” No ? ” He replied admiring her body

” Does that worry you ? ” Neil asked her

” No ” she said ” Quite the opposite really. No one will catch us. ? ” She asked.

” No, its a friends property. I come up here fishing. The cabin is a 5 minute walk. ” He said.

She put on the sneakers he had brought her.

” Sneakers, stockings, short skirt. ” She said. They got out of the car and started walking up the short track to the cabin.

They got inside. He closed the door behind her she stood and looked around.

” Basic ” she said.

” Yes ” Neil replied. He hugged her kissing her lips. His hands sliding to her arse cheeks. He lifted her skirt putting his hand on her arse over her stockings

” Mr Conner, awfully forward, do you want to fuck me or something. ? ”

” Yes please ” He said.

She smiled as he slid his hands up to her blouse over her bust, squeezing her D Cup breast as they kissed. He started undoing her blouse button by button slowly revealing her blue bra. Her breasts pushed up in the fabric. She looked down her hands behind her head taking her hair out of the pony tail, letting her long reddy brown hair fall down.

He lifted her blue short sleeved blouse out of her skirt sliding it off her back dropping it to the floor. He erect nipples visible through the fabric.

” Been wanting to see these tits for a long time ” he said.

” Just had to ask ” She said smiling.

” Cheeky bitch ” he said kissing her as his hand slid to the back of her skirt, undoing the clip and pulling down the zip. It fell to the floor.

Her size 16 body slowly been revealed.

” They kissed as she slipped off Neils polo shirt. She ran her hand down his chest. She undid his shorts dropping them to the floor.

” Samantha doesn’t know you are bi sexual ” Neil asked.

” No, Kylie said ” Gosh, I’m going to fuck my girlfriends father.

” When Samantha came out being a lesbian, and then meeting you four years ago. It was a shock to my wife and I. ”

” Yeh Samantha was nervous telling you. ”

” I could tell. ” Neil said.

” God I’m 24 Bi sexual and going to fuck a older man at 58. ” She said.

” Not just any older man, your girlfriends father. ”

” Ive never really wanted to sleep with men, I had sex with my boyfriend at 16 a couple of times, then decided I was a lesbian, then at 18 I slept with my boss, since then no one except
Samantha, but shit, I’m attracted to you. ” She reached in his underwear pulling out his cock. It was hard she stroked it looking down at his thick shaft.

” We seem to have a sexual attraction ” Neil said. She sat on the chair playing with his cock.

” God its big ” she said looking up at him dropping his underwear to the floor. Neil stepped out of then now naked watching his 24 yr old lesbian daughters girlfriend play with his cock.

She pulled it to her mouth kissing his knob. She then slid his cock in her mouth slowly sucking it.

” First cock ha ” Neil said

” Yes ” she said taking it out. She stood up Neil kissed her cupping her breasts. He slid his hand behind her back undoing the three clips on her bra, releasing it. He pulled it off her D Cups falling out. He dropped the bra to the floor and fondled her breasts.

” Fuck these are nice ” He said smiling at her.

” Thanks, Samantha loves them to. ” Kylie said.
He sucked her nipple squeezing her bosom, kissing them. He flicked her nipples with his tongue, nibbling them.

He pushed her towards the small single bed in the corner. He straddled her stomach. He placed his cock between her breasts, pushing them up. He started tit fucking her as he rubbed her nipples.

” Oh yes ” she said. ” This is why I like having big tits ” she said watching his cock slid between her bosom.

He fondled and squeezed them as he fucked them.

After a few minutes he knelt between her legs he pulled down her stockings taking them off. He looked at her grabbing her underwear sliding them down her body. Her pussy in sight. She was shaven he looked at her clitoris and pussy lips.

” First man in 6 years to see my pussy ” she said.

” Very nice one ” Neil said smiling running his fingers down her. He leant in circling her clit, she groaned as he pushed against her clit harder circling it.

” Ohhhhh Fuck yes. ” She said grabbing her breasts squeezing them. Neils fingers finding their way to her vagina entrance, he pushed them in making her lurch, ” Shhhhhhit ” she said as Neil slowly finger fucked her as he licked and circled her clot with his tongue.

” You taste delicious. ” He said looking up at her.

” Usually its your daughter down between my legs. ” She said. ” But you know what, your the first guy to give me oral sex. ” She said.

” Really ” he replied looking up at her his fingers slowly sliding in and out of her.

” Yes. ” She said.

” Well ” Neil said getting back to her pussy using his fingers to spread her labias licking deep in her as he fingered her, listening to her groan. He looked up at her. ” So, am I as good as my daughter at eating pussy.? ” He asked.

” Well Samantha is good. Just like her father. ” Kylie replied.

For the next ten minutes Neil gave her oral, making her orgasm. He then kissed up her body to her breasts sucking each and then kissing up to her lips they kissed as he reached down grabbing his cock sliding it deep into her pussy.

” Oh fuck ” she said as he slowly slid in and out of his daughters female sexual partner. Neil kissed her as he fondled her breasts fucking her slowly, his hard cock riding between her pussy lips deep in her vagina. ” It feels nice ” she said ” I love your cock. ”

” Good ” he said as they made love. Neil sped up the old bed squeaking as Neil thrust her.

” Fuckin bed ” she said.

” Yes, it does squeak. My wife wont fuck on it ” Neil said.

” I don’t mind it ” she said ” No one can hear right. ”

” No ” Neil said enjoying the sex, her wet moist lesbian pussy accommodating his cock.

He sped up the bed squeaking louder as each thrust shook the bed. He kissed her groaning. Suddenly the bed broke one side falling to the floor.

” Shit ” Neil said. They both looked at each other and laughed. They got up and dragged the mattress to the middle of the floor. Neil lay down she straddled him sliding down his cock. She rode him. Neil looking up at his daughters girlfriend admiring her beautiful breasts. Looking down at her pussy his cock riding between her pussy lips. She groaned as she fucked him.

Neils felt in build up inside him. He groaned squeezing her leg. ” Cum baby ” she said ” Never had cum in me, ”

Neil moaned as he let go, his juices entering her pussy.

” Yes baby ” she said. ” That was good ” she lay down on him kissing his lips.

Neil pulled a blanket over her back. They lay there kissing as his cock softened slipping out. Cum dripped from her pussy. She sat up the blanket falling to Neils thighs she looked down at the cum dripping out of her pussy. ” Always used condoms ” she said.

” First to give you oral, first to cum in you no condom ” Neil said. She lay back down on him. They put the blanket back over them. She lay at his side her leg up on his thigh. He ankle between his feet. They kissed and fondled.

” I loved that ” she said.

” As did I ” Neil replied.

” Your the only man, I want to fuck. ” She said. ” Can I see you again ? ” She asked.

” Really ? ” He said. ” Have an affair with my daughters girlfriend. ”

” Yeh I know. ”

” We have to be so careful. ” Neil said. ” My wife Matilda cant find out.

” Our secret ” she said.

” They got up and dressed then left back for the city. Neil dropping her of at her car at the mall parking lot.

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