My Dog Experience…

Hello, I am 18 now, I was always interested in dogs to play with. I was not feeling horny or anything at all. Just like to play with dogs. My dad found this and bought me a two feet tall Doberman. In the first week, I fed him and tied him at the back garden tree. It was a summer with 21 degrees. My dad did not like the idea of neutering animals, because it is a kind of torturing their lives. I am slim, 5’6″ tall, nice breasts just flowering to get tighter and feeling some itchiness something to do with it but not known what.

Even though I was little scared in the beginning, the dog I got was very friendly and trying to lick my fingers and my neck once. At the time I felt like I should hug him but I hold my anguish secret until I am sure it is that I want. This is weird feeling that night, I felt like to see him right away. My mom and father was in their master bedroom quietly sleeping. The time is around 1 am. I do not have nobody except my parents in the house. Our backyard facing the conservation area, and mild birds singing sound coming as I herd while I opened the window to get some fresh air breeze. I slowly opened the door and see, if I can go out and see the dog, .. I felt like going to go to washroom for peeing. I finished peeing and felt my thighs are getting stiffen and my pubic area becoming like a hill. I touched to see if it is real; my heart beat get steadier. My nipples get some kind of a stiffness appeared. It all new to me and no so sure, what it is and remembered photos in the movies young adults hugging and kissing but it seems someone has to do the same to me to at this time. I just peak through the blinds and opened the back door without noise. It is so dark and some light slits coming through the tight fence from our neighbors house. I just walk left adjacent to the wall toward the most left corner of our house. I can see my Doberman just get alerted ads he disturbed from his sleep. He lift his head and saw me; I just startled and sit in my knees.

I connected his eyes to make sure he is not going to bark and wake my parents etc. He recognized it is me. I am confident he is not going to do any unusual stuff, I slowly moved toward his tree where he was tied for the day. I got stuck by stone in my right knee and felt pain. I just move slowly and reached his area. As I came this time, he awake and sitting and watching. I untie him from the tree. I just slightly brought my face beside his ear and let my breath breezed his ear as I then just touched his ear by my nose. He right away stood up and licked my ear. As he licked my ear, I am at the top of my heat and hold my hand around his neck slightly. At this point I am sitting on my knees and caressing his shoulder area. He moved his face to my other side of my head and licked my neck and ears. Then I turned the other side and hold him little tighter towards me. I felt his body had a little shake, and took his head away from licking and watching at a feet distance. Then I watched his under belly sheath have some kind of a thickness but I could see well enough. I put my hand again above his shoulder. He just jumped and put his two legs on my shoulder but it fallen unsuccessfully to the floor. I pulled him towards me as how I felt doing so. I am in my shorts and have no underwear or anything, I could feel some moisture between my thighs. I let me face go closer to his face. He licked my face, I let him do that as I am becoming more and more tense of feeling something. Then he got my mouth and nose and keep licking; I just opened my mouth the get some air, he just slid his tongue in my mouth. I just get completely connected to his action at that point and holding him in a hugging manner. As I am hugging him, he put his weight on my shoulder as he intensely licking my mouth, I had to fall in my back as hugging him. At that time his some kind of thick underbelly stuff pressed at my belly area. I figured I am getting into something serious; may be I am not doing this further. I pushed him and turned around to get up. He jumped from the back and pressed his thick four inches long masculinity on me. I even more scared but my inner body system said, just to see how it is going to feel. As this thinking going in my mind, I just stand up on my knees and getting some force to get on my legs. At this point he held my waist by his legs, and pulling down.

I turned around and see his eyes; the determination and kindness in his eyes let me sit-down and held him again. I just holding him, He look at my head from both sides; it looked to me he trying to consume me completely. Then he started to lick my mouth and nose in side ways as I open my mouth, he slid hid tongue completely to the very deep, and keep licking very aggressively. I hug him tightly and could feel his masculine stem stroking my left side of the breast and touching the nibbles once or twice in every twenty seconds. I pushed behind the second time, I hugging him little tighter this time.

Beyond my surprise, my waist area lifted up to hit his abdominal area. I didn’t expect this. I could not control this as I am deeply eaten from my mouth, as this kind pet becoming a strong beast on me. I am kind of liking it because it is new to me and something from inside want to see the new experience of being happening. I just slide my hand to his abdominal area, felt that strong thick 6 inches long of a beast coming out and throbbing. I like him to go in his pace, because I am completely succumbed by his aggressiveness and intense tongue penetrating licking. My waist pushed up against his belly area and touched his penis may be.. This time he started to hump once or two time and my waist came down. I just slid my panties down. At this time he leave me as I lay down, watched me at a distance as wagging his tail and wiping his face by his tongue; licking his under grown swollen masculine stuff. I left my panties away from my legs, touched my thigh area and felt the dripping silky watery drips. It is the first time I felt like this.

He just come closer and lick my cheek and making a sign me to get up; then I got up ad I holding him by his neck. He moved himself to my back and hit by his head at my back. I move forward, he put his two legs by my shoulder, I felt the penis touching at my left back. I lift my back and came on-to my knees and hands. He licked my crouch area from behind. I felt an electric tense all over my body. I felt like cry loud. I controlled very intensely, My hands were shaking. I felt like pushing my back towards him. He just jumped from the back and hold my waist by his two legs as pulling my back towards his penis area, it touched my right bottom, I felt wet hot fleshy touch. He kept humping and touched all over the place. I becoming hornier and hornier. Finally he came down without finding the way in. I sat few seconds, I tried to stand up, he pull me back by his two legs. I just sat as my blood magnetically stiffen my whole body. Then all of a sudden he came behind me put his two legs on my shoulder. I understood what he want and I came on to my knees and hand the second time. He jumped as his flesh touched my crouch but this time I had an intense feeling, he must have touched my opening. Just within seconds he start to intense the humping all the way. I have pain and I cried loud but, controlled right away. I just cannot stand there because it is so intense. I start move on my for legs, towards my house wall. I took few steps and he is getting deeper and deeper, as he holding me closer to his back as he smashing my back by his back as his tail touching my real thighs. It is so big and all wet muscle thrust in me, I felt like I am going to faint. I am keep moving and reached the left corner of my house. I felt the swelling in my pussy, so painful, dripping some watery liquid dripping along my thighs. He stopped humping. I just not known what, but I know, I cannot move until he got down on me. I hold his faint legs by my right hand, just stayed there. He was so warm and look very tired and taking very deep breaths. I stayed there about fifteen minutes. Then he came down as lots of water exploded all over. I turned and hold his neck and kissed his eyes and nose.

I felt so tired and cannot leave him either. I felt a strong attachment towards him. I took my panties and put it on, walked towards the door. He start walking behind me. I just sat and kissed him again. Then I walked, he followed to the door and waiting outside as I went inside. I felt so, pity on him and so, I sign him to come in. He came in. I brought him silently to my bedroom. I closed the door. I put an old blanket beside me on the bed and make him lay down beside me. I hold and slept. Around 2 am.

I must have went onto a deep sleep; I felt some wetness on my mouth. I woke up. I saw my doberman trying to wake me up. I just lifted my hand and was trying to caress his back. He started to lick my fingers. It made me the same feeling as earlier; so horny as feeling of nerves and blood started to pump the whole body tighter. Unconsciously my hand moved to his belly area and found the thick flesh went in me last time. He was ready again. I just two pillows under my waist and show my back exposed up and spread my hands above my head, as I removed my nighty. He jumped and tried to find way in me. It seems that he cannot hold my waist well, because of pillows. He just got down and walk around me and watching and licking his penis over and over again. Then I realized that he want me to be on my knees; I just sat there; He hit on my back again by his head. I came on my knees.

He jumped and trying to get it in me as all dark except a night light in the room, and all were in sleeping. He hit the right thigh and came down. I just kissed his mouth and he started to lick my mouth very intensely. Suddenly without knowing myself I caressed his balls at his back. It was nice marbles just dangling at his back. He got aggressive very much again. I felt I should be on my knees. I did exactly he wanted. He Jumped and held my back towards his back. I was searching his penis by moving my back; no use; he got down again. Then he licked his penis over and over as I sit and wiping my watery drips. Then he came on again, This time he hit dead on the spot. It went on very fast and very deeper than earlier. I almost screamed, controlled by biting the sheet, but I exerted a big moan. He is so warm and I hold his leg by my hand. About fifteen minutes, He came down again with lots of come came dripping along my thighs. I kissed him and caressed him. Let him lay beside me, went to sleep.

As I was turning and not came to asleep this time, I accidentally touched his penis by my leg. He startled and woke up. I hold his neck and pulled him toward me and let him lay down and sleep. He slept few minutes and then woke up and sitting and watching me. I pretended like I was in deep sleep. Then he stand up and put his one front leg on my pubic area. I startled and woke up and look the time it was 4 am.

I realized, I am becoming very much connected and he is in intense love with me. So continued to pretend as I was sleeping but just casually exposed my pubic area; it is totally free as I was sleeping naked. He took few minutes watching it. I almost got into sleep; He started to lick my crouch area. It is so nice feeling, he started to lick deeper and deeper. I spread my legs as the dripping fluid ran down wetting the bed. I started to caress his penis and balls. He wanted me to be on my knees again. I went on right away. He mounted and got it in straight. It was so intense feeling. I waited another twenty minutes for him to finish. After this I hug him very close and slept.

In the morning I woke up early and told mom I want him with me in my room and went bought a sleeping bed for him. He is my lover from that day to this day. It is a very happy moments.