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Hi, my name is Sandra. I’m 40 years old, married and have two children. I’m 5’4 and pretty petite, with the exception of my 34 DD tits. My tiny figure makes them look even bigger than they are.

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with horse cock. I’ve watched so many videos of girls getting to suck big horse cocks and it makes me so jealous. I never really knew how I’d ever get to suck one but I certainly wanted to.

There’s a horse stable along the road that I pass all most every day on the way to work. I always see the horses as I drive by and all I can think about is their big cocks.

One afternoon on my way home, I was feeling exceptionally horny. I pulled into the long dirt driveway and parked along the fence. I just wanted to see a cock up close. When I got out, a few horses got curious and walked over to me. They seemed used to having people around. One brown horse was male and I could see his big balls and cock. It looked so good. My pussy started getting wet just looking at it. I started by petting the horse’s face. I couldn’t reach much further because of the fence.

“Excuse me ma’am, can I help you with anything?”

I turned around to see a young man probably about 18. He obviously worked at the farm by the way he was dressed. I didn’t know what to say at first so I just made some things up.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I said. “I was just passing by and noticed your horses. I had one as a little girl and I just wanted to reminisce I guess.”

“Oh no problem at all ma’am. Take as much time as you like. That’s Brutus and I’m Billy. ” The young man said as he spit dip on the ground.

I smiled at him and continued petting the stallion. I was getting so wet being up close to the animal.

“Would you like to ride him?” He asked.

I really had no interest in riding him but I was enjoying being so close to him. I figured I’d give it a go.

“I’d love to. If that’s ok.”

“No problem at all miss. Meet us over at the barn.”

He lead Brutus by the reigns to the stable area. I watched as they walked. I couldn’t help but notice Brutus’ big balls swaying as he walked. They were magnificent. When we arrived at the stables, Billy told me to pet Brutus so he gets used to me while he grabbed the riding equipment. I began to run my hands along his neck and down to his sides. I gently made my way to his rear and began to rub his belly area. I was close to his cock and balls and could easily get away with staring at them from the position I was in. Billy through a saddle on Brutus and began to strap on the the equipment. He told me that I was doing great and Brutus must really like me.

Billy watched as I continued to rub Brutus. I started to get lower and made my way to his underside. Billy and I locked eyes as I ran my fingernails alongs Brutus’ belly ever so slightly closer and closer to his groin. I decided to push it as far as I could. I now was rubbing the area all around Brutus’ cock and balls. I was inches away. I kept looking back at Billy. He just watched my hands as I massaged the horse. He wasn’t stopping me so I continued on.

I was now closer than ever to my fantasy and Billy wasn’t stopping me. I began to rub Brutus’ balls. I lifted them with my hand. The weight of them felt amazing. They were so heavy. Billy watched and didn’t say a word. As I caressed the horse’s balls, his cock began to grow. It started slowly then quickly became fully hard. I watched in amazement at the sight of its massiveness. It began to slap against his belly. The strength of the big cock was absolutely amazing. Brutus stomped his rear hoof a few times almost as if he was begging me to take care of his giant erection.

I looked at Billy who was still just watching.

“Billy, would you mind giving me a few minutes alone with Brutus.” I asked.

Billy, didn’t say anything at first, and then spat on the floor. “Actually ma’am, I’d like to stay if you don’t mind.”

Billy wasn’t going to be a problem and I really didn’t mind putting on a little show. I wasn’t sure if I would ever get this opportunity again so I decided to go for it and do it exactly how I always fantasized.

“Ok, Billy. But do you mind if I take off my clothes?” I said to him in the sexiest tone that I know how.

“No ma’am. I don’t mind one bit.”

I didn’t think he would mind. I started by pulling my top off over my head. I felt big tits jiggle in my bra when I did. I tossed my shirt aside and then unfastened my pants. I debated on taking my shoes and socks off but the stable seemed clean and free of piss and shit. It was a concrete floor with a thin layer of scattered hay. I took them off and then my pants. I stood there with only my bra and underwear. I haven’t been naked in front of anyone but my husband in nearly 20 years. But I was so horny I didn’t care. I reached back and unclasped my bra, freeing my big tits. Billy watched my every move closely. Finally I pulled down my panties. I was naked from head to toe in front of an 18 year old boy and a horse with a huge erection.

I focused my attention back on Brutus. His strong cock still pulsing and slapping up against his belly.

“Shhhh. It’s okay Brutus. Want me to take care of that for you?” I whispered softly to Brutus.”

He stomped his hoof again almost as if he understood me. So I squatted down next to him and finally took hold of that giant horse cock. The feeling of it was indescribable. I started stroking it slowly. I watched as I stroked back up to his balls as the skin uncovered the giant head of his cock. While I stroked the cock with one hand, I massaged Brutus’ massive balls with the other. I could feel my pussy soaking and dripping.

I noticed a bail of hay in the corner of the stable and got an idea. I asked Billy to bring it over and he was more than helpful. I had him place it under Brutus. I then got under Brutus and sat on the bail facing his cock. I leaned back and supported myself on my elbows. Lifted my legs and placed each foot on either side of Brutus’ cock and began to stroke it back and forth. I watched as big horse dick was only a few inches from my face. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out as his cock was closer to my mouth then ever. I put my feet down and let Brutus’ cock go. I remained leaning back on my elbows. Brutus began to stomp again. He didn’t want me to stop. I was having so much fun with this horse.

“I’m right here Brutus. C’mon.” Then I put my hair in a pony tail, opened my mouth and tried to lure Brutus to me. He got the idea and took a step forward. His big dick hit my mouth right on target. I finally tasted a horse cock for the first time. It was delicious. He began to thrust so I grabbed his cock and let him fuck my mouth the best I could. I held his cock from choking me to death. I managed to fit his entire head in my mouth but that was about it. I stroked his cock while massaging his head with my tongue. My fantasy was coming true and it was way better than I expected.

After a few minutes of sucking and stroking, I was really getting into it. I began to stroke faster. When I did this it wasn’t long before Brutus began to nay and stomp his hoof. I knew what was about to happen. I opened my mouth and held it on his cock. I kept stroking and waited patiently. A few seconds later, Brutus unloaded a massive cumshot into my mouth. I couldn’t take hardly any of it but I sure tried. I pulled his cock from my mouth and let the rest soak my face and tits. His cum tasted wonderful. I loved it.

I let go of Brutus’ cock after he was done cumming. His cock slowly retracted back into his body. I licked the cum from around my mouth and what I could reach on my tits. Then i stood up. I almost forgot Billy was still there. He was smiling as he looked over my cum covered naked body. I didn’t know what to say.

“Well, I guess I better get going.” I said sheepishly. I didn’t know what else to do.

“You want to clean up a bit before getting dressed?” Billy asked.

“I guess that would be a good idea.” I said as I looked down at the massive amount of horse cum all over my body.”

Billy led me out of the stables and over to a chain link pen with a concrete floor. There was a hose on a reel inside. I guess I couldn’t really expect Billy to take a cum covered stranger to his farm house to take a shower. So I stepped inside the pen and started to unreel the hose.

“Let me help you with that.” Billy insisted.

He pulled the hose out and turned on the water. He put his thumb over the end and started to spray me down like an animal. Considering what I just did with Brutus, I guess I deserve to be treated like one. I closed my eyes and let Billy hose me down.

“Spin around.”

I spun around and he hosed off my backside. After he was done I stood there naked, dripping. The cold water had my nipples rock hard. I walked back into the stables slowly letting the warm air dry me off. Billy awkwardly followed me around back into the stables and watched me get dressed.

“Come back anytime Ma’am. But I gotta let you know, next time it won’t be free.”

I understood and was grateful for Billy letting me experiment with his horse and from what I could tell, he would keep it a secret.

I smiled at Billy and said, “Oh no problem, and yes you definitely will be hearing from me Billy. I got in my car and drove home thinking about Brutus and that magnificent cock of his.

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