Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

I was 21 my girlfriend she lived with her aunt I’d go spend the night on weekends.. Her aunt was single shared a bed room with her 2year old son and my gf had her own one night we where drinking and called it an early night I took a shower and made my way to her room we started passionate kisses turning to 69 then full on sex we tried to keep it quite being her aunt was in the next room I got a little rough and the bed hit the wall.. The next morning her aunt pulled me aside and asked if we could take are sexual activity else where alittle embarrassed I said yes.. Later that night we drank again and her aunt told the both of us not to engage in sex while at her house so we said ok.. She wasn’t mad but it just bugged her she said a few weekends later we are back and her aunt asked if I could give her a ride to the market.. My gf stood behind.. While driving her aunt mentioned about why us being intimate bothered her shes single and gets horny.. With out thinking I told her I’d meet her for some fun if she needs she let out a laugh and turned red… She didn’t say yes are no except how would that happened I sat and thought about how it would with my gf there one lucky weekend came up she had to work a Sunday morning shift. I woke up drove her 30 mins to her work and came back her aunt still asleep I took a shower and waited.. About an hour after she appears out her room hey we are alone you need some.. She was nervous but willing I took her hand at first she pulled away but I coaxed her that it will be fine I wont say a word I took her into the room and pulled her close my hands ran up and down her back and she pulled away wait.. She took off and 1 hour later she was showered clean in a nice short skirt and top I took her again this time she stood. Are lips locked into a kiss and my hands explored her body my cock was erect and ready her hands worked my shorts off and she went to her knees sucking me a few minutes then slipped me in I took her fast and rough she was moaning and cumming about 30mins I blew my load deep into her pussy wait I’m with a moan no pill I didn’t care I had a few more loads I kept fucking her and blowing into her wet pussy finally we were done her pussy dripping and she was happy I need you often about a year later her and my gf where both pregnant.

By Yumiko

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