Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

I’m now 33years old, but my story begins when I was 5, I have two older sisters and my mom is single. One day I walked into my sisters’ room and asked them if I could dress like a girl, they giggled and said they’d wondered when I would ask. Ashley is 4years older, and Judy is 6years older, they asked me to remove my clothes and Judy gave me some panties, Ashley was bringing out a pile of dresses for me to model, I tried on several dresses, but picked out a cute sundress, they braided my long hair and polished my nails a cute pink and when my mom came home she asked the girls where they found her missing daughter! When I was 8 we got a dog, a mutt we named augie, and when I was 1*, my mom had gone to visit her sister for a month, Ashley had gone to camp, and just was at work. I was scratching his belly and saw his red penis emerge, I touched it and began to play with it, before long I was giving him a handjob as his erect cock got bigger and bigger, I didn’t hear Judy come home, and she asked me if I was having fun, and if she could watch. This was the beginning of my life with dog sex, he got a huge knot, and then began to cum.. A lot! Then Judy asked me if I wanted to learn more about playing with my dog! The next day she showed me how to suck his cock, so I practiced that for awhile, then one day when she came home, she said pay attention to this, she took off her panties and got down on all fours and lifted her skirt up, augie came over and sniffed, then licked her and jumped on her back and I watched his erect cock get big, and he put it in my sister and then began to fuck her, she told me how good it felt, so I said can I be fucked too? Let’s see about tomorrow when I get home, ok? When she came home, I was wearing my favorite panties and dress, had pink lipstick on, so she said take off your panties and get down like I did, she put some lube on my butt, and let augie in, he made a beeline to me and jumped on my back, then tried to find my hole, then he scored and slid into my butt! It took my breath away, then he really started to fuck me harder, and it began to feel good! My sister said that his knot is coming up, so relax and enjoy the feel of that, I started to whimper as his knot got part way up my butt, then it was all the way inside me, he stopped pumping, and pulled back a little bit and then began to cum, I said, this feels so good, getting fucked by a dog is fun and I like it, he kept on cumming, Judy kissed my cheek and said that I was a real girl now! His knot got stuck in me for a long time, but when it came out of me, lots of cum dribbled out, I got cleaned up and then put my panties on, Judy kissed me hard and said you’re not a virgin anymore, I told her that I loved being fucked by a dog. I asked her not to tell anyone else, and, she promised to keep it our own secret, I lost count of how many times augie fucked me, now I’m on my 3rd dog, my sister Judy comes to visit every now and then, and we still like to watch each other get fucked by a dog!

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