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Hello everyone this is Naveen back with my new story. I’m going to narrate this story who is one of the most sexier woman I came across. She is my school teacher.

By the by this incident happened before 5 years that is when I’m studying my 10th class. I was new to that school. I didn’t got any new friends at my new school. It was the first day of my 10th class in that school. I was standing near the school gate that time I saw a suzuki swift stopped near me. A hot lady came out of the car. And went into the school.

I thought she might be a government officer has she has a such a great look and a wore a grand saree. I didn’t take it to my mind and I searched for my classroom. At evening my first day at that school over. The bell ran and I went outside the main gate I saw the same lady came out of school and a same car came to pickup her. I asked my friend Riyaz that who is her coming through car to school. He said that she is a staff in our school, and he said that she is new biology teacher who came new to the school just before six months.

The next day I settled in my class room. I didn’t see her. I was talking to my new friend. Actually he was my only friend in that school whom I can share some private stories. It was our last our and it is mathematics hour. Our mathematics teacher went half a day to her home. So that teacher came inside our classroom for substitution. I admired at her beauty.

Talking about her, she may be 6 feet tall and 60 kg of weight. She was wearing orange color saree and a orange color blouse. I went to the corner of the bench and sat near girls side bench facing girls. I saw her hip and her blouse covered boobs. It felt awesome. I just don’t want to look her boobs again as she is my teacher. But her hip called me to her. So I continued to watch her. That time she raised her  arms and shown her armpits so I could see her boobs very clearly. It made my dick to raise.

She got up and talked to everyone and asked  their names and their aim and from where they coming to school. She told that her name is Stella Mary and she is 26 years old and her she has one year experience she got transferred from her native to Chennai after her marriage.And she said that she is working as biology teacher in our school.

Then she asked my name and place I come from. I told that the location of my home. She said her husband also bought one new flat  for her in that area as but he went foreign as he has business work and he is business man who living Royal at Chennai.

After that all told their name and their home location. The class ended and all went she also went to her cabin and I was chatting with my new friends outside the campus. She came outside of school and she went in that car again.

Days passed like this and one day she was also standing with me outside school gate waiting for vehicle to pickup both of us. She got a call from her driver met an accident so he has been admitted at nearby hospital. She called me with her. I also without telling anything entered into a auto. And she asked him to go to the hospital where her driver is admitted. When went to the emergency ward where he was there.

She gave me some money to bye juice and fruits for him. I bought it nearby shop and gave it to her. She gave his wife 10 thousand rupees for his hospital payment. She asked him to take rest and we went to see the car it was damaged severely and it takes minimum two months to restore.

We went home through another auto. I asked her why she kept a old driver for driving car. She said that her husband is a mad and he will suspect her that she may enjoy sexually with young drivers so he appointed old drivers.

Stella:  he is like that always suspecting me.

Me:  hmm.

Stella:  even I can have sex with old drivers as they also has cock. But he suspect me that’s irritating me.

Me:  yes mam. You are right. If you thought you cam even have relationship with me also.

Stella:  no I don’t think you like that. I never think like that.

Me; no mam. I didn’t mean that I just said.

Stella: it’s ok.

Me:  but I don’t blame your husband.

Stella:  why?

Me:  cause any husband who has wife like you think like that.

Stella:  why he think. They will go with them?

Me:  not like that mam. Just to protect his wife. They will think like that.

She got angry with me and didn’t spoke with me a single word. I apologized her. Then she spoke with me. She asked me to come to her home. I said I will go home as my parents will search for me as it was already late.

Stella:  so you don’t want to come to my home?

Me:  not like that mam.

Stella:  then come I will inform your parents and I will drop you at home.

Me:  alright mam.

Stella:  stop calling me mam.

Me:  you are my teacher so.

Stella:  that’s for others we are friends ok.

Me:  it’s my pleasure mam.

Stella:  now only said we are friends.

Me:  then how I’ll call you.

Stella:  just call me Stella.

Me:  but how can I call my elder as by their name.

Stella:  I’m not that much aged so call me by my name.

Me:  ok Stella

She gave me a cup of coffee and we both settled on a sofa. She called my parents. They said that they are at outside so I can stay there for sometime. She went inside the bedroom and came with a tank top and a shorts. I could she her bra outline and her boobs packed inside her bra tightly. She saw me seeing her boobs.

Stella:  how is it?

I was at fear and asked her what she mean. She told she mean the coffee she gave and gave a smile. She raised her hand and relaxed on sofa. Like she done at school. And she turned her head. I saw her boobs raised when she bent. She caught me staring at her boobs again and said, “you want to see”?

I was shocked again and asked what? She said that she mean her home and smiled again. I cannot find that she is giving me hint to seduce her. But I didn’t understand that. Then I understand what she said.

Me:  yes Stella everyone wish to see this big one. And gave a smile.

Stella:  you mean my home only no?

Me:  yes then what you thought.

Stella:  nothing.

She said her husband is at foreign and she is alone her at that big house . She said though she has luxury life she didn’t enjoy anything. I said her ” Tell me I will do what you want” She said with a smile , ” You cannot do that with me. Only my husband can satisfy me” I said anyone can satisfy anyone.

Stella:  not for this.

Me:  you mean that?

Stella:  yeah.  That you got no.

Me:  yes.

Stella:  we enjoyed our life only two or three weeks.

Me:  you have any child.

Stella:  we planned to birth a child.

Me:  did you had sex with your husband?

Stella:  yes only once. That too on my first night after that no sex. I also didn’t get birth.

Me:  I’m sure no girl will like that.

Stella:  I had so many dreams before marriage. That I get satisfied after her marriage but he is at foreign. As he is at foreign I’m doing work in school for time passing.

Me:  can you drop me now almost late night.

Stella: if your parents allowed you you can stay with me this night.

Me:  I want to stay with you but they won’t accept.

Stella:  ok

Me:  I will visit tomorrow with my friend.

Stella:  no you can come anytime you want as tomorrow is holiday no with friends.

Me:  ok.

We both went outside as her car was crashed we want to use bike. She started the bike and wore the helmet. I sat behind her and she asked me to hold. We went half a way to home then rain started. We are almost wet. The rain started heavily. She came outside with the tank tops aand shorts. Finally we reached my home. Both were drenched at rain.

I saw her tank tops were closed stick to her boobs. She asked what happened. I said why she wore tank tops. She asked what is the reason. I told courageously that her figure is exposed clearly. She lifted the tank top and left again I saw her naval. She said no problem and she said she will manage to go home. She called me tomorrow to her home anytime.

I went to home and slept. Next day I was preparing to go to her home with my biology note to ask her doubts when we are free. I went to her home and knocked at the door she said wait for five minutes. I did heard that and saw her window what she doing. She naked to her room from the shower without towel. I saw her ass from back and she didn’t saw me standing near window. I got hard on. Seeing her ass became a mad for her body.

I just want to do her badly. She then ran to her room and wire a sleeveless t shirt and a leggins and came near door. I ran near door and acted I didn’t saw anything. I could see tiny water droplets running to her boobs. I’m sure she is not in bra and panty as she didn’t got enough time to dress change. When she opened the door I quickly hugged her and she was shocked by my act. I just that go feel her boobs. I felt her boobs and crushed a little. Oh man. It was so soft and bouncy. I just want to play with her boobs. She went inside the room. I planned to seduce her there. She turned immediately and she asked me why I’m standing behind her. I said her hair smell is great. And told so I stood behind her.

Me:  think so you came from shower.?

Stella:  how you know?

Me:  I found through your hair as it is wet.

Stella:  I came out as someone knocking the door. When I came it was you.

Me:  did you finish you bath or you going to continue?

Stella:  no I’m done.

Me:  ok.

Stella:  why you came?

Me: I’m having doubt.

Stella:  on what?

Me:  on biology.

Stella:  I know you are arts student then why you want to learn biology.

Me:  I just want to her my knowledge.

Stella:  no need I will teach you grammar for your exams.

We both settled on the couch and i said I didn’t slept last night she asked why I said I was sad of her as she is long way from her husband she said she didn’t sleep at night. I asked why. She said she said that she has the habit of sleeping of sleeping nude but as it rained last night it was cold and she didn’t slept naked.

Me:  then you called me to stay with you at night. If I stayed I’m sure something might happened.

Stella:  what would happened?

Me: you would be pregnant.

Stella:  what?

Me:  just for fun.

Stella:  nothing fun here.

Me:   then you tell something fun.

Stella:  you know something?

Me:  what?

Stella:  I ran naked even now from bathroom to my room.

Me: what is fun in this?

Stella:  ok

Me:   we become close no.

Stella:  yes. can you do me one favour?

Me:  what?

Stella:  come with me for shopping?

Me:  where?

Stella:  to nearby lady shop.

We both walked to nearby shop there I’m the only boy all saw me. She took me in and ask me to suggest. I asked what I need to suggest here. She said I need to suggest a good  bra for her for sports. I asked her the reason why she called me to buy sports bra.

Stella:  yes

Me:  why?

Me:  I want to see your preference and taste.

I went near the sales girl to ask for the beautiful bra in that shop. The salesgirl was shocked to see me there. She asked me the size. I showed the salesgirl that’s for Stella and pointed her. The salesgirl said she need the size.

I went near Stella and asked her the size. She said what size. I said I need her bra size. She said smilingly* you never saw my boobs”I don’t what to say. I said how do I know that. She immediately took a inch take and asked me to measure her boobs size. I placed the tape near her boobs and she made a sound ahh. I was afraid why she behaving like this. I asked what. She said that she thought that I may crush her like I done before. I said fine. And kept again near her boobs. I turned around as someone would see us. She said, “how much time you going to keep your hand on my boobs like this. She came near me and her boobs caressed my palms. She told what happened. I said I don’t how to measure. Then she told me ” Then why you kept hand on the boobs to measure? ” I said sorry. She gently hugged me and said she done all these for fun and said her size is as 32 b.

I told that to the sales woman and she gave me the bra I didn’t see any models not even saw that and asked her to pack that. We went to home and I gave the bra to her she said me to stand out. I said I also come inside.

I switched on the AC on the bedroom and we went inside the room. I was sitting on the bed. She asked me to open the box which has bra. She quickly removed the t shirt. I said I will go out and come in a while. She said ,” That’s what I said but no problem stay here. ” And she said she need my help. I asked you want me to wear the bra?  She said don’t dream. I said then. She wore the bra and asked me how is that. It was showing middle of her boobs. I said I don’t know. She said you took me a hot bra and asked why I took that and she told” You want to see me like this ” I said I didn’t saw that bra itself and asked the girl to pack it. She said” Then you want me to teach you glamour not grammar” I asked her is it ok or not so that we can exchange now. She asked me” Is it ok for you? ”

I said her why she asking me? She said don’t act like innocent. We went outside of the room and I took  the book and asked her to come to bedroom. She smiled and asked ” Why calling me to bedroom? “I said the AC is on so.

She said with a smile” You want to do in AC. I was shocked to hear that. I said what she mean. She said ,” You want me to do exercise at bedroom. ” She said she going to do yoga . We went to bedroom and she done done yoga moves. I saw her boobs and asked her to change the bra and wear t shirt. She said she want to be in bra to do the yoga. She went near the wardrobe and picked the gym pant and removed the shorts. I said mam I’m inside the room. She said so what. And said she is wearing panty. I said when you wore panty. She asked me how I didn’t wore panty. I said that I just told. She told angrily. That how I know. I said I saw her nude through window she said that I’m spying her. I said not like that. She laughed and said you got afraid?  I said yes and said sorry. She wore the gym pant and saw me. And bent near me. When doing exercise she asked me to hold her hip.

Now she is bending before me and I’m holding her hip firmly. She said this is the first time a boy other than her husband holding her hip. I saw the panty outline of her and grabbed her near my penis. My cock touched her ass I made too and from motions it felt great she asked me what I’m doing. I said this is also exercise. I caressed her hip and she made so excited moaning. I taped her ass slowly and she started to moan heavily. I pushed her ass through my cock heavily and I lifted her and she said is this your exercise. I said I know you want that. I quickly gave her a lip lock and she also responded well she let her tongue inside my mouth and searched for my tongue. I widened her hands and smooching continuously I broke the kiss and said her ” You want me to measure your boobs” And grabbed her boobs and removed the bra and crushed her both boobs hardly. She was at pleasure and I took the bomb on my mouth and bit her nipple and I removed her pant and panty and made her  use I pushed her towards bed and said ” I will show you I’m better than your husband” I fingeringed her pussy and licked her pussy and drank her love juice. She took my cock in hand and kept at her mouth and gave me a blowjob. I placed my dick on her pussy and fucked her she was moaning in pleasure. I gave some force and fucked her she started to scream in pain and made some aou d like ahhh. I let my cum inside her pussy as I want to make her pregnant.

After that day I’m her husband who satisfied her I fucked her daily. She spent lot of money for me and we went to many places like ooty for honeymoon. When we went to school field trip I fucked her at her car at school even crushed her boobs at noon at staff-room.

This is how I seduced my teacher.

Hope you all enjoyed the story and made boys to cum and girls to fingering. See you next story.

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By Yumiko

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