Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Dear Friends I have posted my perivous story My sex desire-01 has published recently. I thank newsexstory for accepting my post and wonderful response from some of the readers who ping me personally. Here is another story I have to share with you all.

This took place in the year 2014-15. I met a girl who is 5 years elder to me on facebook. Initially the chat we very normal and there was no much interest shown from my side also. But once I went to Bangalore I told her and we met in MG road. Her name is Maya, she is very average figure but her boobs are really tight and she is virgin at the age of 30. Our first meeting went really well and she gave me a departing hug to which my Junior responded very quickly.

When it comes to second meeting we met at some mall where some construction is going on so we accidentally went into construction zone. Being Sunday no one was around and by this time I realized that she is attracted to me. I am 5.10 and my Junior is of fairly decent size (I never measured actually). So I slowly tried to touch her shoulder and moved my hand towards her hip. She started responding, I took the lead and I hugged her tightly. I felt she is suffocating, initially I taught it is because of the close place but later she told it is because of the physical touch and she is very excited with my hug. Then I planted a kiss on her lovely lips and we kissed for almost 10mins. Both our lips and tongue started salsa dance. Later we departed and I left to my place. But I used to think about her body and boobs all the time. I only got an opportunity to touch them on the fabric. I was waiting for the big day to come.

On one fine morning I was resting at room. Suddenly she pinged and asked me what I am upto. I said just relaxing. Then she informed that she is getting bored as no one at home. I self invited myself to her home and I know what is going to happen.

She shared her location and I went to her home. But she is totally scared because her family is very conservative and she is afraid of getting caught to neighbors.. But I made her calm down and we entered the house.

But soon after she closed the door to my surprise she jumped on me and started to kiss me wildly. I was holding her in my arms and took her on to the sofa. Where she sat on me and started to kiss all over my body. I realized who much she is waiting for this day.

Then I asked her where is the bedroom and lifted her while our lips are locked and she showed the directions with her hands and we broke the kiss after falling on bed together.

Soon I tried to remove her top and I kept my one hand inside her pant. I realized a big waterfall is there in side her pant as she is not wearing anything inside. She slowly directed my towards her boobs and I drank the juice out of the boobs completely.

Throughout the time she is moaning like hell… MmMMMM.. AaaaaAAAHHHHH… Come on suck me… Take the milk out of my boobs…

She is asking me… Ohh you like to drink the milk baby…. Come on.. Drink it.. Drink it….

While sucking on boob my one hand is playing with her another boob and other hand is trying to explore the pussy…… While continuing this I slided my two fingers into pussy… She experienced a hug orgasm… She was completely wet and she cum. The fountain is flowing out.. I drank some of that and I hold some juices In my mouth and tasted the same to her by kissing her..

Then she came down and started playing with my Junior. And started kissing my dick. She was totally in heaven throughout the period and ofcourse I am also. Her boobs are hanging and jiggling while she is sucking my dick… She made me cum very quickly because I didn’t experience sex from many years… But she didn’t stop sucking even after drinking the entire cum… And I can see some of the cum strains on her face too… Which made her look more sexy..

Soon within few minutes again my Junior is on ready for his duty… Now she come on top of me and started rubbing her slit on my dick… With out juices together mixing and the fire within us….. Made my entry into her pussy very easily…

Soon after that she started acting wildly and started jumping on me.. She has total control over my dick and me… Her entire body is moving in a rhythm… Then I caught her hip and I started drilling her pussy in the same position.. She started screaming..
Don’t stop Don’t stop.. Please Don’t Stop.. You fucker.. I pussy belongs to you.. I am belonging to your.. Here after you can fuck me any time… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ahhhhhhhhhhh….. Fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!..

I felt my balls are getting heavy and I stopped her and shifted to another position which is my fav.. Doggy… I hold her hair.. But this time hair is so messy.. So I used my sweat bring them together and hold it tightly and started fucking her… I felt as if I am raping someone.. But she is also enjoying…

The suddenly she jumped like cat and fell on the bed…. Soon I realized she had another orgasm.. Again she sprayed the female fluids and with that I felt as if I am taking bath in the cum…  Later I went missionary position to fuck her for some time and finally we cum together again…

Finally we slept for some time… And I kissed and departed… Thank you for reading… There are some more stories… Please encourage me to write more and do comment your opinion in gmail.. [email protected]

By Yumiko

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