Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Arrived Jamaica.


Hot AF, actually. Wish you were here

Why? So I could sweat?

Because horny. Y’ know how hot weather affects me

Just hold on two days. I’ll jump your bones at home. 🙂

That’s a long time, babe. Gonna need distractions

When’s the reception?

On my way now

What’re you wearing?

The LBD I got for Annie’s party

The one with no back?



What? It’s comfy in this heat


Duh. Can’t go barefoot to a fancy party.

Least not till the dancing starts 🙂

Meant which ones

The heels I got to go with the dress

The fuck me pumps?

Nobody says that anymore. Sexist

You said you’d only wear that outfit around me.

That’s why I let you get it

LET me??? Wanna reconsider that last text?

Sorry. Just…. You know what I mean

Do I? Anyhoo, you shoulda come

We talked about it. Your company paid for you.

We can’t afford my ticket plus a sitter

Yeah yeah.  Walking in now. Little late. I see a seat over there.


Oh, fuck me


They’re starting the Goddamn speeches. Why wasn’t I a little later?

Ugh. Marji win the same award again?

Of course.

Anybody to talk to?

Actually, yes. SF guy.


The guy I told you about. From the CA office?

He and I talk on the phone all the time

Always sounds tall, dark and handsome

What’s the reality? Short, fat and dumpy?

Want the truth?

Why wouldn’t I?

Better in IRL. Still as charming AF tho. Just sayin

Hey, I asked. Better watch yourself


Anybody else?



Still there?

Sorry Been dancin my ass off.

With SF guy

Lemme guess. Good dancer too

What can I say? When you’re right you’re right.

Gettin’ kinda handsy now

Christ. Sorry you have to put up with that.

Is he drunk?

No worse ‘n me.

Good to hear.

So… Shitfaced!!!

Funny. Can you lose him?


You just said he was handsy.

You need to read your own goddamn texts

And you need to chill out.

Anyway, I’m the handsy one.

Dude’s ass is tight.

Oh, nice! How many drinks have you had?


Time to leave the party

Agreed. Gettin my shoes now

Glad to hear it

Hey, sorry I got mad.

Sounded like he was hitting on you.

Hard for me. Being so far away and all.

Text me when you’re back in your room

You there yet?

Um, about that… We’re in his room

What the actual fuck is going on???

Hey, babe. Just cuz you didn’t come doesn’t mean I can’t

Does he know you’re married?

Do YOU know you’re married?

Too many things to remember, babe. OMG


Guy’s dick is huge

Okay, let’s slow down.

I’m not pissed off. I know you’re drunk.

That’s when we all make bad decisions.

But think how you’ll feel in the morning.

By which I mean BAD

Doubt it. You’re right bout one thing tho.

The morning? Bad decisions?

Bout this dress. Comes off sooo easy

You know you’re talking like a slut, right?

You’re aware of that…

Least I walk the talk. You jerkin off yet?


Why would you even ask that?

I’ll share my Os if you tell me yours


You say wild shit when you’re drunk.

You know that, right?

And yes. I’m jerking off.

Was that so hard?

What’s goin on there?

What’s not?

Be specific

How can I describe it?

How bout, there’s a big fat tongue werkin my swollen clit.

How’s that?

Pretty good for you, I guess.

YES YES YES. Gonna cum

Christ. I came just now, too.

Just so you know

How bout that, babe. Simultaneous orgasms at a distance!!!

We’re magic

You mean you and me? Or you and him?


O Fuck

What now?

He’s inside me. Jesus. He’s stretching my pussy.

Never had a cock like this

You know you’re texting your husband. Right?

You mean the guy who said a discount fare wasn’t worth it?



He’d pumping so much cum in me

What about the rubber?

Drunk. Remember?

For a handsome dude he makes funny faces when he cums.

Kinda sweet. Gimme a second

You back?

Yeah. He was sleepy. Time change, y’ know.

Tucked him in. Sleepin like a baby.

Does that at least mean you’re going back to your room?

Nah. Promised to wake him up early. With a BJ.

We wanna fuck before the morning session.



You mad?

Would it matter?

Is there a shrug emoji?



You awake?

Tryna go to sleep. What???

Was any of that real?

Was it?

What do you hope I’ll say?

Just the truth

Sleep tight, babe

By Yumiko

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