Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


I had turned eighteen two months ago, I had left my home in Florida and gone backpacking. I had flown to London and had spent a month there. Then I flew to Amsterdam. I loved it! To be away from my parents, my siblings, my friends and my hometown…. I had never felt so free! Oh, I didn’t do crazy things, it’s not like I went to orgies, did drugs or slept with every man I met, far from it. My father had raised a good Christian girl. Hell, he used his belt on me whenever he thought that the skirt I was wearing was too short. Just the feeling of being away from his ever watchful eyes and those of the rest of the inhabitants of the small town I grew up in was bliss. It allowed me to do whatever I wanted to do… I went to parties, went on dates and even made out some. I was still a virgin though. I had been raised with the notion that sex before marriage was one of the biggest sins a girl could commit. The feeling of freedom, the parties, talking with lots of different people with lots of different ideas and the occasional couple of glasses of wine slowly eroded my parental instilled ideas until one night after a party and a glass of wine too many I let this Dutch boy take my virginity. Next day when I woke up he had already left and I was alone in the small single room I rented in a backpackers hostel. As I lay in bed I tried to figure out how I felt…. and concluded that I was actually relieved the boy was already gone. For the life of me I couldn’t remember his name. Him not being here probably saved us both from a very awkward situation.
The next couple of days were great, I felt like a real woman and I was sure everybody could see that I wasn’t a virgin anymore. Silly, I know. But I still felt great. I bought a couple of new and very sexy outfits, short latex skirts and tops! Now I sure as hell didn’t look like a virgin anymore! It was summer, the weather was great, I lunched at sidewalk café’s, sat in the Vondel Park drinking wine, had dinner in nice little restaurants, either alone or with someone I had just met. It was great meeting all these new people, new ideas…
Then a dark cloud appeared in my blue sky…. I was running out of money, soon I would have to fly back to Florida and back to my old life… Just the thought made me cramp up…. I couldn’t go back to that place, to the girl I had been…. I decided to look for a job, but it was harder than I thought, I had no work experience whatsoever. After two weeks of fruitless job hunting I was pretty desperate. My money would run out in a couple of days’ time. By now I had also used the money that I had reserved for my return ticket so flying home wasn’t an option anymore either. Oh, I could text my dear old daddy and he would pay for a return ticket, but I’d never hear the end of it.
That evening as I was enjoying a pizza in a small Italian restaurant this young man slipped into the chair across the table from me. I was wearing my short latex skirt with a matching top, it looked great with my long blonde hair. “I really, really, want to spend the night with you”, he said. I just looked at him, not really knowing how to respond. It was a bit too direct. “I’ll make it worth your while. How about 200 euro’s?” he asked. He was good looking too, nice smile, didn’t look like some scary creep. “All night, 400 euro’s”, I heard myself say. “Done!”, he said. Oh fuck, what had I done now?! I had just become a prostitute..! My appetite suddenly left me, I downed my wine, shit, shit, shit, I was thinking, now what?? “Eager to get going?” he asked, as he put eight 50 euro bills in my hand.
I smiled at him and got up. He took me by the hand and led me out of the restaurant, slipping the waiter a 50 euro bill, thus paying for my meal. Shit, did he print these himself? We didn’t have far to go. He opened the door to a monumental building on one of the canals. We climbed the stairs to the second floor. He opened another door and we entered a very luxurious apartment. He quickly poured us glasses of wine and then led me to his bedroom. The bedroom was dominated by a very large bed which was completely circular.
He proceeded to kiss me, slowly undressing me. Then he licked my pussy until I came, which really didn’t take very long, he was quite skilled with his tongue. It was my first orgasm! The best feeling ever!!! Then he kissed me again and I tasted my own pussy on his tongue. I slowly kissed my way down his chest until I reached his dick. In my very limited experience it was quite big, certainly way bigger than the dick of the boy who had taken my virginity not too long ago. It was at least 9 inches. I slowly took the throbbing, purple head in my mouth and stroked it with my tongue. This was my first blowjob and the taboo nature of the act, at least in my upbringing, really made me feel slutty. According to my father sex was for procreation, not for fun. And now here I was, a prostitute, a whore, giving a stranger a blowjob and planning on letting him fuck me all night long if he wanted to, all for 400 euro’s. It made my cheeks glow with shame, and gave me a strange feeling in my belly I couldn’t divine. It also made me horny as hell. Not having had to deal much with temptation and feeling horny back in Hicksville, I was completely overwhelmed with all these new feelings surging through my body and mind. I felt like a complete slut when he, hell, I didn’t even know his name yet, again??, came in my mouth and face. I felt used and degraded but I had accepted 400 euro’s and there was no way back. I laid on my back as he entered my sopping wet pussy and slowly started fucking me. He lazily stroked away as I felt his cum drying on my face. He bit my nipple hard as he shot my pussy full of his cum. It hurt but it also pushed me over the edge and I had my second orgasm…. “uuuooohhhmmmmmyessssss….”, I moaned. Hell, that was even better than the first!
As I lay basking in the afterglow while he poured us some more wine. We talked. I told him my name was Nathalie and he said his was Dirk. We talked for hours until we finally drifted off to sleep. In the morning I awoke to the smell of fresh coffee. Dirk looked at me and said “good morning princess, coffee?” “I’d love some,” I replied. Then he shocked me. He told me he had just apped a pic of me sleeping to his best friend, a guy called Liam, and Liam had insisted we have a trio that evening. First of all, how dare he send a pic of me to his friend without asking me??? And second, a trio?? What the fuck! I only had had sex twice! The first time I didn’t even have an orgasm, did that even count?? “He’s willing to pay 1000 euro’s for that trio”, Dirk said. Well, that stopped my mental chatter… “Hmmmm, okay…..”, I whispered. Shitpissfuck, I have really become a whore….., I thought.


I walked back to my backpacker’s in a daze, I showered. I had lunch and drank a couple of glasses of wine. I dressed in the same outfit I had worn yesterday and made my way back to Dirk’s apartment. Dirk opened the door and let me in. I walked ahead of him into the living room. Liam was already there. Naked. With a ten inch erection. Shit. How was I going to take that monster inside of me?? He got up and walked up to me and took my face in both his hands and kissed me. Really kissed me. Wow! Then both my hands were grabbed by Dirk who had come up behind me, now also naked by the feel of his erect cock against my backside. Together they led me into the bedroom, nibbling, kissing and biting me wherever they could get their wet mouths on my naked skin. I wasn’t wearing panties and they had my pussy juices running down my legs in under a minute.
They undressed me, standing at the foot (?) of the big circular bed. When I was naked they led me onto the bed and proceeded to lick, bite, nibble and kiss me, all over my naked body. Then Liam started to eat my pussy while Dirk was kissing me and twisting my nipples. Liam licked my pussy, then slid one, two, three fingers inside while he softly nibbled on my clit. Then he slid one of his with my pussy juice lubricated fingers into my virgin asshole. I lost control completely then and orgasmed for the third time in my life. “AAAUUUNNNGGHHYEESSSSSSSSI’MCOMINGGGGG……”, I screamed. They just kept working though and I kept coming. I think my orgasm lasted two minutes, until they finally gave me some rest and the spasms slowly subsided. “Wow, that was awesome…”, I said. “You just wait honey, that was only the warming up”, Liam replied.
After a short rest in which we had some cool drinks to revive us, well mostly me, Liam had me straddle Dirk, taking his nine inch cock in my pussy. He pushed me forward until I was lying on Dirk’s chest, my face inches from his. Dirk slowly fucked me while Liam started licking my ass and worked first one, then two and then three fingers into my tight asshole. He took his time, giving me time to get used to the feeling and my asshole time to relax. They had obviously worked together like this before. Then he sat up and I felt him push his big cock against my anus. He must have put lubricant on because he slipped inside quite easily. Slowly, ever so slowly he worked his cock into my ass, inch by inch. Then he started to slowly fuck my ass, in the same rhythm that Dirk was fucking my pussy. It was the most exquisite feeling, to be fucked in both my holes simultaneously.
All that was missing was another big cock in my mouth. As that thought ran through my mind I realized I was fast becoming a major slut. Quickly following that thought was the realization that I had actually already gone beyond being a slut. I was a prostitute, a whore, doing two guys at once for money… I had always been told that, together with junkies, whores were the lowest form of life. Now I was a whore myself. The feeling of shame hit me hard as I wondered what my family and friends would think of me if they could see me now.
Then I orgasmed again and Dirk and Liam took that as a sign to pick up the pace, which had me coming harder and harder, panting and moaning and screaming. They managed to come simultaneously and the feeling of both of them shooting their cum inside of me was indescribable. Liam slid out of me and lay down on the bed. I just collapsed onto Dirk. After a couple of minutes when my breathing had returned to somewhat more normal I rolled of Dirk. I lay on my back, wondering where this life had taken me, and where it was gonna take me in the near future. Little did I know! Liam had gone to the bathroom to wash up, I spooned Dirk and drifted off to sleep. In the morning I woke up in the arms of Liam who informed me that Dirk had left as he had some business to attend to.
Over breakfast Liam told me that he wanted me to come to his place that evening, that he wanted me to be his slave for one night. I was extremely hesitant but he managed to convince me when he explained that we would use a “safe word”, and that if I used the safe word he would stop anything and everything he might be doing to me. Oh, and the 5000 euro’s he gave me upfront helped too…..


That evening I made my way to the address Liam had given me. I was wearing thigh high “fuck me” boots, black leather hot pants and a black leather bra with metal studs and a black leather collar, with the word “WHORE” on it in silver letters. I had bought it this afternoon in one of the many sex shops. Liam wanted me to get into the feel of things. It was working, pretty much everybody stared at me as I walked down one street after another. My cheeks flamed red with the shame and I had a fire burning in my belly. Some men even pointed their mobile phones at me to take pictures… But who was I to complain? I was what my collar said, a whore…
I finally reached the address Liam had given me and rang the bell. The door opened and Liam’s voice came down the stairs, “come on up!” I climbed up the stairs, Liam lived on the first floor. His apartment was barely furnished, there was a couch, a desk with a laptop and a bed. There were also chains hanging from the ceiling and from nails in the wall hung a variety of whips, riding crops, leather belts and other restraints and other stuff that I didn’t know what the hell it was….
“Strip”, he told me, “but keep the boots and the collar on”. I removed the bra and the hot pants, which had zippers down each side just so you could easily remove them. Just the thing for a whore like me, I thought. Liam put a leather blindfold over my eyes and fastened leather cuffs around my wrists. I heard something click and then a whirring sound. My arms were pulled up, apparently the cuffs had been fastened to one of the chains hanging from the ceiling. I felt Liam put a restraint around my right ankle, then he pulled my legs wide and fastened another restraint around my left ankle. A bar between my legs made sure I kept them spread wide, exposing my cunt and ass. More of the whirring sound and my arms were pulled up a bit more, ’till I could just stand on my toes, with my legs spread.
I was a little scared. What the hell had I gotten myself into?? I was blindfolded, couldn’t see a damn thing and I was thoroughly restrained. Completely defenseless, I was at Liam’s mercy…. I was also the wettest I had ever been, my juices were running down my legs. I was a whore, a slut who got sopping wet just from being restrained and blindfolded by a guy I didn’t even really know…. This caused me to feel very ashamed of myself, I knew I shouldn’t get horny from submitting like this… Hell, according to my dear old daddy I shouldn’t get horny at all… Nice girls shouldn’t get horny…. But I was a slut, a whore who had kinky sex for money and who got sopping wet from her submissive feelings…
SWIISSHHH, SMACK. “UUNGHH!”, I gasped as the whip bit into my ass. SWIISSHHH, SMACK. SWIISSHH, SMACK. “UUNNGHH!” I grunted each time the whip hit home. It hurt like fuck all, Liam wasn’t taking it easy on me. I wanted to scream the safe word, but the 5000 euro’s promised to me if I didn’t made me clench my teeth together and endure the pain. After ten minutes or so, it seemed much longer to me, my ass was a burning furnace of pain and I was panting in shock, but also from lust… I had almost come, just from being blindfolded, restrained and whipped…
Something clicked and I felt a sharp pain in my left nipple, I gasped, another click, the same sharp pain in my right nipple, at least it took my attention off the pain in my ass. Suddenly a weight was attached to the clamp on my left nipple, then another weight to my right nipple.
Something wet and cold was squirted between my buttocks. I felt Liam push his cock, that big ten inch monster, against my anus. I tried to relax, I knew he would fit, he had fucked my ass the night before. Inch by slow inch he pushed his cock all the way into my sphincter. Then he started fucking me, slowly at first, but then faster and harder. With each thrust the weighted nipple clamps made my tits swing back and forth. It hurt, but also increased my lust. My ass still glowed, my tits were pulled this way and that by the weighted clamps in the rhythm of Liam’s thrusting cock up my ass…
I couldn’t help it. Even though I’d been taught all my life that everything that I was letting Liam do to me was completely wrong, sinful and unforgivable, I moaned. “UUUOOOHHHMMMM!!!!!” “You like that, huh, you dirty whore..?” Liam asked. “UUUUUOOHHMMM!!!”, was my only answer. “Say it”, Liam said, tell me that you’re a dirty subwhore and that you like being fucked up your ass by me!” “I like to feel your big cock in my ass because I’m a dirty subwhore… I can’t help it”, I moaned. Liam responded by increasing the power and speed of his thrusts. After a couple of minutes he started grunting, “I’m gonna shoot my cum in your dirty slut’s ass!” I moaned, “yesyes, cum in my ass, shoot your cum into my fucking whore-ass!”
With that Liam shouted and I felt him shoot his hot cum deep into my ass. That pushed me over the edge as well and I came too, “UUUUOOOHHMMM, yes, yes, fuck me, shoot your cum in my ass….”, I moaned. After a couple more thrusts Liam pulled out and I felt his slimy cum run down my thighs.
More of the whirring sound and my arms came down. Liam released the cuffs from the chain and pushed me down on my knees. He removed the blindfold. I was looking at his big cock just inches away from my face. He was still hard. He also had my shit all over his cock. “You know, I’ve had some very kinky ideas. You might just get a 25.000 euro bonus if I get to do them all without you using the safe word…”, he said. I looked up into his eyes. “You can start by licking your shit off my cock, whore”, he said. I immediately felt my cheeks glowing red and my stomach twisted itself into a 100 knots. He had just called me a whore and told me to lick the shit off his cock… I was a whore of course… But licking the shit off his cock? Even if it was my own…? But 25.000 euro’s! And who would ever know? Just this once…
I tentatively took a first lick. Then a second. My shit tasted bitter. I licked some more. Liam moaned. I took his shit smeared cock into my mouth and sucked, I let my tongue twist around the shaft and swallowed. The forbidden nature of what I was doing had me glowing from head to toe. I just knew my cheeks were bright red. At the same time that same feeling made me even hornier then I had already been and I wondered if there was anything I wouldn’t do for the right amount of money. “You fucking dirty shit-eating whore”, Liam grunted. My shame-filled gut told me that he was right, that was what I was, a dirty shit-eating whore…
When his cock was clean Liam led me to a leather couch and sat me down on it. He fastened my wrist cuffs to a ring in the wall above the couch. He removed the bar from between my ankles and fastened my ankle cuffs to the corners of the couch. There I sat, my legs spread wide, my cunt wide open, just waiting for what would happen next.
I didn’t have to wait long. Liam took a whip from the wall. It had a handle shaped like a big cock and many thin leather straps attached to it. SWWIIP, SMACK! SWWIIP, SMACK!, he started whipping my still clamped tits. He wasn’t holding back and it hurt like hell. I clenched my teeth and thought of all the money I would make if I didn’t use the safe word. He kept whipping my tits for about 15 minutes ’till they were both bright red and glowing like they were on fire. He then started using that same whip on my spread open cunt. “AAUUIITTSSJJJ”, I yelled. He just smiled and kept whipping my cunt. I yelled each time the whip hit home. After the seventh strike my orgasm hit and I yelled, moaned and screamed. I couldn’t move much so I just sat there, a quivering mass of 18 year old girl… Liam hit my cunt a couple more times for good measure, while I writhed and moaned…
Then he threw the whip aside and walked to a door at the far end of the room. When he reached it he turned around and looked at me. “Remember, 25.000 euro’s, on top of the 5000 I already paid you….”, he said. I looked at the door, wondering what the fuck was behind it.
Liam opened the door. The biggest Rottweiler I had ever laid eyes on ran into the room and ran straight at me. My mouth opened in a silent scream, shock prevented me from producing a sound though… The Rottweiler started licking my wide open and sopping wet cunt without a moment’s hesitation. I gasped. His tongue felt cold after the intense orgasm I had just had, but it felt hot, soft and rough at the same time. This was the wrongest thing I had ever done! I had never even thought about having sex with a dog, it was just so wrong…. but at the same time it felt so good! His big tongue reached way inside my cunt and had me coming within 30 seconds. “UUUOOOHHMMYESSSSLLICKMYCUNTUUUOOHHMYESI’MCOMINGUUNNGGHHFUCKYESSS!!” , I moaned. At the same time “what’sthefuckingsafeword??”, was going through my head, but I already knew I wouldn’t use it, it just felt too good, I kept coming and coming and the more I came the more enthusiastic the dog licked….
Liam reached over and removed the nipple clamps one after the other. My tits were on fire as the blood flowed back into my nipples. Luckily the dog kept my attention on my orgasming cunt for the most part. The dog stopped licking and jumped up, placing his front legs on either side of my chest. I felt him thrusting against my cunt and felt his cock poking into my thighs and buttocks, him not immediately finding a hole to bury it in. “Freedom,thesafewordisfreedom!”, screamed through my head. Apart from my moans I didn’t hear a sound though… And I knew it wasn’t just the money… I knew I was just a dirty submissive whore, curious what it would be like to be fucked by this huge, powerful dog… My lust had completely taken control of me. Even through my feelings of shame and red hot glowing cheeks, I knew I wanted to feel that big strong animal cock inside of me…. And I knew that once I did there was no going back. No one would ever know of course… Well, Liam would, but other than that it would be my big secret. Still, I knew I would be an animal whore the rest of my life, I would have had sex with a dog because somebody paid me 25.000 euro’s to do so… and because I was a fucking whore who was horny and curious what it would be like….
The dog hit the bull’s eye and rammed his big cock all the way into my wide open cunt. “UUUNNNGGHHH!!!!”, I grunted. The dog started fucking me at train wreck speed and had me coming in under a minute. I gasped and moaned… I had never even imagined anything as intense as this… The physical feeling of being pounded by this powerful dog coupled with the mental feeling of shame, of how wrong it was to submit my body to an animal was the most intense feeling I could ever have imagined…
The Rotweiller licked my face, my mouth… Overcome by lust I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. The dog kept licking, my tongue, inside my mouth… I just kept coming, moaning and grunting while the dog kept pounding away and licking my open mouth and stuck out tongue… I was nothing but a writhing, moaning subwhore…. I looked into Liam’s eyes and the feeling of intense shame hit me anew as I realized he was watching me being fucked by a dog, watching me French kissing a dog, all voluntarily… after all… I could have used the safe word….
The dog howled as he came and shot all his slimy cum into my cunt. After a couple more thrusts he pulled out and I was left feeling empty, still in the after throws of my orgasms, quivering and moaning. Liam released me from my restraints and I just slid of the couch, I couldn’t control my body enough to stay in a sitting position. The dog sat next to me, licking his big red, still erect cock. I looked at it, never having really looked at a dog’s cock. That big red pointy cock had just shot me full of cum! Once more the red hot glow of shame spread through my body as I realized what I had just done.
“Suck his cock, whore!”, Liam ordered. I looked him in the eyes… I knew I would obey… I crawled over to the dog and took his big slimy cock in my hand. I had crossed over completely and didn’t hesitate. I took that slimy cock in my mouth and started sucking and licking, really giving it my full attention. Precum filled my mouth and I used the dog’s cock to spread it over my face. Then I continued sucking and licking that big red dog cock. Within a couple of minutes the Rottweiler came and started to shoot his slimy cum into my mouth. I let his cum run out of my mouth and down my chin and then let him shoot the rest of his hot cum into my face. Then I looked up at Liam and licked my lips, like the dirty dog whore that I was…
Liam fisted his hand in my hair and pulled me along as he walked to a door somewhere halfway across the room. I crawled after him, not having much choice. He opened the door. It was a bathroom. He pushed me into the shower cubicle and started to piss in my face. I just let it happen… I was too far gone to object… “Open your mouth, whore!”, Liam grunted. I opened my mouth and tasted his piss as he directed the warm yellow stream into my mouth. By now I was a completely submissive subslut, not even thinking about what I was doing… I just obeyed every order Liam gave me, he had effectively become my Master and I his slave. When he was done pissing I swallowed the last mouthful of piss and closed my mouth.
“Get up”, Liam grunted. He walked out of the bathroom and I followed him. Once inside he pointed to the discarded hot pants and bra. “Get dressed, slut!”, he ordered. Dutifully I obeyed and pulled the hot pants around my waist and zippered up. Then I put on the bra. I was wet and slimy, cum coating the inside of the hot pants and bra and making my flesh slide around in them. Dog cum and piss was drying on my face and in my hair. Liam walked towards the door and opened it. When I reached him he stopped me, showed me his cell phone as he transferred 25.000 euro’s into my account and spat in my face, once, twice… he kept spitting ’till he ran out of spit and his spit was running down my face. “Time for you to leave, bitch!”, he said.
I felt empty and discarded as I walked down the stairs, the feeling of intense shame hitting harder than at any time the past couple of hours… the lust was wearing off and the realization of what I had done, what I had become was dawning fully in my mind… People looked at me in disgust as I walked down the streets back towards my hostel. I knew what I looked like, dressed in my whore outfit, cum and piss and spit drying on my face and in my hair. Everyone could see that I had just been used and abused, that I had cum, spit and piss drying on my face and in my hair. I kept my eyes straight and looked as far ahead as possible, trying not to see the looks on the faces of the people I passed.
When I reached my hostel I rushed up the stairs and into my room. I undressed, pulled a towel around me and made my way to the shower. I showered for 50 minutes, ’till I was pretty sure all the dog cum, piss and spit had been washed off my body. I knew I would never feel clean again inside, though… The memory of this evening would haunt me for the rest of my life.
I dressed, packed, checked my bank account on my cell phone and saw that Liam’s money was added, the money shortage problem would be gone for a good while. I exited my hostel and took the train to Schiphol, time to leave Amsterdam and that damn Liam and never come back… At Schiphol I went to the Easy Jet counter and bought a ticket to Marrakech, Morocco.


A couple of hours later I arrived at Menara Airport, three miles out of Marrakech. I took a cab into the city and checked into the Kenzi Menara Palace Hotel. It was early afternoon, so I changed into my bikini and went to the pool area. After a short swim I laid myself down in one of the comfy lounge chairs. A waiter brought me a cold drink and I took a couple of sips. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Free! I had escaped… I hadn’t really been a captive as such, but I had been a captive of my own lust and it had taken me places I had never wanted to go… I had become a prostitute, a whore! I had drunk piss and been spit in my face… I had let a dog fuck me… I had even sucked a dog’s cock and let him shoot his cum in my face while someone I hardly even knew was watching…. And all because I was strapped for cash… I felt the shame starting to color my cheeks a bright red again as I had to omit to myself that the cash was just a minor reason… I had been curious, horny as fuck and very curious. I had wanted to be fucked by that dog, I had wanted to suck him off. Liam had started to dominate me and it had turned me on as nothing ever had. The idea of being dominated by that big, powerful Rottweiler had completely taken possession of me as soon as he bounded into the room. Hell, my cunt was getting wet just as I remembered what that big dog cock spurting it’s hot slimy cum into my mouth felt like.
Slowly but surely I dozed off. In my dream Liam was whipping my tits while a big dog was fucking my ass. Liam spat in my face, and again, and again. He pulled on a little chain that was attached to a little ring that was attached to my tongue piercing and pulled my tongue out of my mouth. He spat in my open mouth as he kept whipping my tits. The dog came and as I felt him shoot his hot cum into my ass I came too. “UUUUOOOHHHMMMYESSSSS!!!!”, I moaned as I awoke. Oh shit! I looked around me, no one was near… I quickly made my way back to my room. I entered the shower and turned it on. The hot water felt good on my naked skin. After twenty minutes I turned the shower off, and walked into my room. The green light on my cell phone was flashing indicating that I had a new email. Several in fact.
I opened the first. FUCK! It was from Liam… there was an attachment… I clicked it and the next moment I was watching a short clip of me sucking off the Rottweiler’s cock. It was the moment supreme of course and I watched, horrorstruck, as I saw my own face being pumped full of dog cum and me then licking my lips…. There were more clips, of me being whipped and moaning, of me drinking Liam’s piss, of me being spat in my face…. Oh fuck, no no no no, NO! How the fuck did this happen??
My cell phone beeped. A message came in from Liam. I read it. It told me to go to an address in Hivernage, one of the more luxurious neighborhoods in Marrakech. Rue el Jahed. If I wasn’t there by six o’clock the footage of me getting my face plastered with dog cum would be send to all the email addresses in my cell phone, which he had copied earlier. A couple of email addresses were in the message, my parents, three of my best friends…. OH FUCK! It was five-thirty. I didn’t even have time to think about this. I quickly dressed, stuffed all my clothes back into my backpack and rushed out of my room. I checked out and asked the receptionist to call me a cab. He started questioning me. Why did I want to leave so soon? Was there a problem with the room? “No, my daddy is in the hospital, I have to get home”, I blurted. He called a cab and I walked outside to wait.
Minutes later the cab arrived and I gave the driver the address. Four minutes to six the cab stopped in front of a big gate, nr 17. I paid the driver and got out. I walked up to the gate. I hesitated. I had no idea what lay in store for me beyond this wall. I thought of all my family and friends receiving the same emails I had received this afternoon… I really had very little choice if I ever wanted to see any of them again… My face started to glow as I realized my cunt was already wet, anticipating what was going to happen once I rang that bell. I would never think of my cunt as a pussy again. I was a complete submissive slut, a whore, and pussy was not a correct name for that dirty fuckhole between my legs that ruled me, that seemed to be craving to be filled with cock, any cock, pretty much all the time of late.
I pushed the button and I heard the bell chime somewhere in the distance. The gate swung slowly open, automatically. I walked inside and heard it whizz as it closed behind me. I breathed deeply and followed the path to the front door of a big house. It had a nice ornamental knocker, but knocking wasn’t needed as it swung open as I approached. A Moroccan man greeted me. “Hi, I am Achmed”, he said. “I am, what you would call, a butler, I suppose. I work for Ayoub, he is my boss, and your Master for the time to come. Do exactly as he tells you, and you will be fine. Don’t, and he will punish you severely. He might do so, regardless, if he has a bad mood, but not being obeyed will certainly put him in a bad mood, and that is not good for any of us… Leave your backpack, follow me.”
We walked down a hallway, through an open door and went down a flight of stairs. There was another door, old oak by the looks of it. Achmed opened it and walked inside. I followed him, my heart trying to hammer its way out of my chest. “Strip”, Achmed ordered. I stepped out of my sandals, took off my dress and slipped out of my panties. I stood in the middle of a cellar in Marrakech, naked, with a man I only met a minute ago, about to continue my life as a sex slave. Achmed fastened a leather collar around my neck and leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles. He then pulled my arms up my back and fastened the cuffs to a ring in the collar. My arms were now restrained high on my back. “Kneel”, Achmed ordered and I lowered myself onto the tile floor.
I big tv screen came on. Next I saw myself restrained in Liam’s apartment. A couple of lights came on in the cellar and I saw that I was surrounded by about twelve men. The DVD went to play and the image on the screen came to life. I saw myself being whipped by Liam, fucked in my ass… I then saw myself lick Liam’s shit smeared cock… The men shouted things I didn’t understand… The DVD played on and I, and all the men, saw me getting licked and fucked by Liam’s dog… They saw me suck the dog’s cock and lick its’ cum off my lips… The men shouted in excitement and I…. I felt my stomach tied in knots, my cheeks glowing with shame… I let my head hang… Still there was more as the men watched as I drank Liam’s piss and let him spit in my face…
When the DVD finished one man got up and walked up to me. I looked up. “I am Ayoub el Yandouzi, but you will call me Master. You will be my sex slave for the next couple of weeks. You will obey my every order without question immediately. When you don’t you will be punished. You will be fucked by me and my friends, we will do anything we want to do to you, you will be fucked by my dogs and by my horse. When I am satisfied with your performance you will be paid 50.000 euro’s and I will send you on your way. No permanent harm will come to you. Do you understand?”
“Yes Master”, I replied. My cunt was already sopping wet. My God, I had become such a slut! I really had become nothing more than a submissive whore….
Master pulled me up by my hair and I quickly got up. My wrist cuffs were unhooked from my collar but immediately fastened to a chain hanging from the ceiling. The chain was pulled tight, pulling my arms up. Consequently my head went down ‘till my face was level with Master’s crotch. He lowered his pants and held his stiff cock in front of my face. Someone behind me started to push his cock into my all-too-ready cunt. He started fucking me. “UUUOOHHMMMM”, I moaned. I opened my mouth, wanting Master’s cock inside of me, but Master just stood there… The men were all talking excitedly in Moroccan, or whatever… I didn’t understand a syllable. I stuck out my tongue trying to reach Master’s cock. God, I was horny, I needed to come. Master laughed, stepped forward and allowed me to suck his cock. After a minute he fisted both his hands in my hair and started face fucking me.
I loved it… I loved the feeling of humiliation, of being dominated… The man behind me grunted and shot his load into my cunt. Another man immediately took his place. He lubricated his cock in my cunt and then started pushing his slimy cock into my ass. I pushed back, wanting that cock inside my ass as deep as possible. He fucked my ass a couple of minutes with powerful strokes. Master moaned and shot his first load into my mouth, pulled back and shot the rest into my face. The man behind me shouted and filled my ass with his cum. I came. He pulled out and I felt his cum running down the inside of my thighs. He came in front of me and presented his shit-smeared cock to me. “You like, huh, whore?!”, he said. I just moaned, took his cock in my mouth and sucked him clean. Once again I was completely overcome by lust, all I wanted was to be fucked as hard and long as possible… I wanted to come, and come, I needed to be fucked, to be used, to be abused, to be dominated…. This went on ‘till everyone had emptied his balls into one of my holes.
Then the chain was lowered and the cuffs were unhooked from the chain and fastened to the collar again, but this time in front of me, which was more comfortable. A leash was also attached to the collar and I was lead up the stairs, followed by all the men, who were talking excitedly. I wondered what I was in for next. We went up the stairs and at the top went through a door I had missed on my way down. We walked through a corridor and through another door into a courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard I was told to kneel and a chain attached to a ring in the ground was hooked to the collar. Then Master whistled and four big dogs came running up. One of the dogs immediately mounted me and rammed his cock into my buttocks a couple of times before he found my cunt. As soon as he felt the warm wetness of my cunt he started fucking me. I grunted each time the powerful dog thrust his cock into me. Another of the dogs got impatient and decided to mount me from the front. Having some room to maneuver my hands I grabbed his cock at the base and started sucking it, his precum filling my mouth. The men all shouted and laughed.
I knew I was lost. I was feeling ashamed and loving it. The men watching me only turned me on more. I was a slut, a whore, somehow I enjoyed being used and abused and dominated, whipped, pissed in my mouth, spat on…. I came again, shivering almost uncontrollably…
The dog came in my mouth, I pulled his cock back and let him shoot his cum in my face. The dog fucking me also came… Their places were rapidly taken by the other two dogs and the process repeated itself with similar results.
When the dogs had all come and their slimy cum was running down my thighs and face, the men all gathered around me, took out their cocks and started pissing on me. The chain had enough slack for me to be able to turn around and lie on my back. They pissed on my tits, my cunt, into my face… I opened my mouth and immediately four of them directed their piss into my mouth. I swallowed what I could and the rest flowed down my face, into my hair. When they were all done I was lying in a big puddle of piss… I was feeling so dirty, so incredibly slutty… They started to spit on me and there being 12 of them I was quickly covered with their spit… I rubbed it over my tits, felt it running down my face… I opened my mouth again and let them fill my mouth completely with their spit before I swallowed. Finally, they were all done and they walked away, laughing and talking…
One of them remained. I recognized him, Achmed. He unchained me from the ring in the ground and led me back down to the cellar. He opened a metal grid door which was about 4 ft high. I looked inside and saw a mattress. There was nothing else, nor room for anything else. “Inside”, Achmed ordered, “I’ll bring food and drink later. You did well, Master was pleased, you’re a real slave-whore!”
I crawled inside and lay down on the mattress, which was stained and smelled of old urine. I wasn’t the first slave to use it… I lay there and felt the dog cum, piss and spit slowly dry on my body. I wondered how long it would take to satisfy Master, when I would be “sent on my way”… Did I even want to be sent on my way? The thought slipped into my head and I sucked in a breath as I realized that maybe I would prefer to live my life like this… The shock of that realization silenced my mental chatter and I just lay there in the dark….


In the morning Achmed woke me up and led me back to courtyard where he told me to shower. When I was clean he handed me a towel and I dried myself off. Achmed fastened the collar around my neck again. Then Master appeared and led me to a part of the wall between two doors. There was a little ledge and he ordered me to hop up and put my ass on the ledge. Then he shackled my wrists to the wall next to my thighs. He then grabbed my left ankle and pulled my foot way up and shackled my ankle to the wall. He repeated that with my right ankle. I now sat on the ledge, my wrists shackled to the wall and my ankles shackled to the wall above my head, with my legs spread. My cunt and ass were completely spread open for all to see, and use, I assumed.
That thought had my cunt starting to get wet. Master unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and pushed it into my cunt and started fucking me. He made his strokes as fast and forceful as he could. “UUUNNGGGHHH!! UUUNNGGGHH!!!”, I grunted with each thrust. While Master kept fucking me he put first one nipple clamp on my left nipple, then one on my right. I sucked in a breath between grunts. Master spit in my face. I came, “UUUURRRGGGHHHHHYESSSSS!!!”, I hissed. Master spat in my face again, and again, and I kept coming. The feeling of being completely vulnerable, of being completely open and utterly defenseless, of being used, abused and degraded kept me coming ‘till I almost blacked out. Then Master grunted and shot his cum up my cunt, pulled out, spat in my face one more time, turned around and walked off… Leaving me shackled to the wall, his cum dripping from my cunt, his spit running down my face and onto my tits.
Then it was Achmed’s turn. He pulled out his cock, which was considerably larger than Master’s, pushed it into my cunt, pulled out and started pushing it into my ass. “OOUUHHMMYESSSFUCKMEFUCKMYASS!!”, I moaned. Achmed started stroking away. “You fucking whore!”Achmed hissed, as he spat in my face. “Yesss, I am a fucking whore…”, I moaned, confessing it out loud to Achmed and myself made me even hornier. After a couple of minutes Achmed grunted as he shot his cum into my ass, pulled out and spat in my face again. He took both the nipple clamps between his fingers and pinched them even harder while he spat in my face again. “AAARRRGGHHH…”, I grunted as I came again. “You like that, huh, American slutwhore? Well, you’ll get yours today…” Then Achmed also walked off and I was left by myself, wondering who, what would be next…
It turned out be a big dog who walked up to me, smelled my juices and started licking. My cunt and ass were spread open from my position and from being fucked, hard. His tongue reached all the way inside my cunt and had me coming in a minute. “UUOOHHMMYESSSSSHITFUCKLICKMEDOGGY….”I moaned. The door to my left opened and four men walked out, looked at me and started laughing. They talked in Moroccan and I couldn’t understand a word. It was clear however that they were talking about me and making plans…. The dog kept licking and I kept coming and moaning, writhing against the wall and the shackles that kept me in position. The shame of cumming from a dog licking me, with an audience of four men I didn’t know, had me coming even harder, as I licked my lips, looking at the men, anticipating their lust….
After a couple of minutes they chased the dog away. The biggest one pulled out his cock and started fucking my cunt. By now I was so horny, so overcome by lust, I was almost running a fever. “YESSSPLEASEFUCKME, HARDER, HARDER….”, I almost shouted. He started ramming his cock into me as hard as he could, which had me coming almost instantly and continually. I needed to be fucked, to be used, to be degraded like the slutwhore I was…. I needed punishment…. “Slap me, slap my tits, please, PLEASE….”, I begged the man fucking me. He slapped my tits, hard. It made fresh pain from the clamps shoot through my body and had me come even harder… “You like pain, eh, you filthy animal slut!”, he hissed. One after the other the men fucked me, using my cunt or my ass as they saw fit, all the while slapping my tits. The combination of having my nipples clamped and being slapped had my tits glowing like they were on fire… and kept me coming, writhing against the wall… When the last one was done they went back inside and left me, still shackled to the wall.
Then about 30 minutes later Achmed came back. My post orgasm high was slowly wearing off. Achmed released me from the shackles and I simply fell off the ledge and onto the ground, stiff from being restrained and weak from all the orgasms… He grabbed my hair and pulled me along to the middle of the courtyard where he chained me to the ring in the ground again. The chain was a bit longer this time and I wondered what was up… Master walked up, leading a camel. The camel was obviously male and in a state of arousal as his cock, all 20 or so inches of it, was hanging out of its sheath. “Suck his cock, you filthy animal whore!”, Master ordered.
I crawled underneath the camel and took its cock in both my hands. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. I licked it. At least it didn’t taste as bad as the camel smelled. I kept licking it and stroking along its length with both hands. Suddenly it became obvious that Master wasn’t impressed with my efforts as his whip bit into my ass… “SWISSHH, SMACK, SWISSHH, SMACK”, again and again the whip struck my bare ass and I quickly upped my efforts, trying to get the head of the camel’s cock into my mouth. I finally succeeded and started sucking, my bubbling moans trying to escape from my mouth each time I pulled back on the animal’s cock, releasing strands of slime, which dangled from my face and onto my tits. Master just kept whipping me until the beast finally exploded into my mouth… “BBYYUUURRRGGGG”, I grunted as I pulled back on the giant cock filling my mouth with its’ cum, so as not to drown. The camel kept shooting his slimy cum into my open mouth, my face and onto my tits… When he was done I sucked the last drops from its cock and licked it clean.
Then Achmed led the camel away and Master pulled out his cock. “Open your mouth, whore!”, he ordered. I sat back on my heels and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Master started pissing into my wide open mouth and I swallowed as much as I could, the rest flowing down my face and body. When he was done he put his cock away and walked off. Achmed returned with a big dildo and a big butt plug. He told me to get down on all fours, inserted the dildo into my cunt and the butt plug into my ass. He attached a tube to the dildo and pushed a button on a little pump. The dildo inflated and got even bigger, stretching my cunt to the max. He repeated that procedure with the butt plug. He then locked some device around my middle and between my legs which prevented them from slipping out. I had never felt so full, so stretched. I had to walk with my feet two feet apart when he led me back to my sleeping cell with the dirty mattress. He ordered me inside and closed the grid, then walked away.
I lay in the dark once again, piss, spit and camel cum drying on my face, my body. I realized I was being programmed. Programmed to be a slut, a whore, who would have sex with anybody, anything, and even as the lust slowly wore off and the shame returned, I liked the idea….


I awoke in the morning when Achmed opened my cage. “Out”, he ordered. He led me to the courtyard. There were about six servants in the courtyard enjoying the spectacle. He removed the belt that kept the dildo and buttplug secured in my holes. He deflated them and told me to remove them, which I did. When I removed the buttplug the contents of my sphincter followed suit. There I stood, with 7 strangers looking at me as my shit ran down my legs. I felt my cheeks glow as they turned scarlet. Even through my degradation and shame I felt my cunt get wet… God, I was such a fucking shitwhore…!
“Shower and shave yourself, whore!”, Achmed ordered. I stepped under the shower and cleaned and shaved myself. When I was done Achmed led me to the center of the courtyard and chained me to the ring in the ground once again. The crowd of onlookers had swelled to about fifteen men. Achmed put a rubber bit in my mouth which he secured around my neck. He shouted something I didn’t understand and all the men rushed towards me. I now saw they all carried small whips… I sucked in a breath as the first strike hit me. Then I bit down hard on the rubber bit as they all started whipping me simultaneously. They didn’t hold back and it hurt like a motherfucker. I tried to scream but didn’t get much sound past the bit in my mouth. They kept whipping me ‘till it felt like my whole body was on fire. All in all it lasted maybe ten minutes, but to me it seemed like a fucking fortnight. When they were done someone led a dog up to me. He immediately mounted me and after a few humps found my cunt, which was gushing with my juices. To my own surprise I was sopping wet!
The dog started fucking me like he had been waiting for this all his life. “UUNNGGH, UUUNNGGHH, UUUNNGGH….”, I moaned each time the dog thrusted his big cock into my cunt. Then I felt its knot trying to make its way in. After spending the night with a big inflatable dildo in my cunt, my cunt was stretched and accommodated the knot with not too much trouble. I felt my cunt close around the base of the dog’s cock, securing the knot inside. The dog came and as I felt him shoot his hot slimy seed deep into my cunt, I came too, hard. The dog turned and we were ass to ass, tied by his knot. The men laughed and began spitting in my face. I looked up at them and opened my mouth, letting them fill it with their spit ‘till it ran down my chin.
After ten minutes or so the knot shrunk enough for the dog to be able to pull out. I felt his slimy cum run down my thighs. Achmed unchained me from the ring in the ground and led me to a sort of bench. He pushed me on it, belly up, and secured my wrists and ankles to the bench. I was about five feet off the ground. Then Master came into view, leading a big stallion. An excited stallion. His cock was already erect and looked to be almost three feet long and a couple of inches thick. Oh, fuck, I hope this won’t kill me, ran through my mind. At the same time I licked my lips, wondering what it would feel like to be fucked by that big horse with his huge powerful cock.
Master gave the bridle to Achmed and got hold of the horse’s cock. He inserted it into my cunt, which was already wet and slippery from the dogcum. As soon as the horse felt his cock being enveloped by something wet and warm he pushed forward and I felt his cock sliding into my cunt… It was the most amazing feeling, that big powerful cock sliding into my cunt, and it just kept sliding in, and sliding in… I felt completely full, then the horse pulled back, and pushed back in again… He began fucking me in a steady, fast rhythm with powerful strokes.
“UUNNGHH, UUNNGHH, UUUNNGGHHH….”, I grunted with each thrust, past the bit in my mouth. Within two minutes I was coming, my cunt clenching and unclenching around the horse’s big cock until the horse came too… I could never have imagined that feeling. It was like a water hose had been turned on inside my cunt… The horse’s cum exploded from my cunt and onto my thighs, the horse just kept coming and shooting more cum into me, pushing me over the edge again, and again… When the horse was done coming he was led away. I was released from the horse-fucking-bench, as I now thought of it, and led back to the ring in the ground at the center of the courtyard. I was again secured by the chain, the bit was removed from my mouth.
Another horse was led up to me. “Suck his cock”, you filthy whore!”, Master ordered. By now I did not question any order I was given, I just obeyed, as the wanton animal-fucking, shit-eating whore that I was. I grabbed the horse’s big cock with both hands and started jacking him off, at the same time licking and sucking it. All the men were still standing in a circle around me, talking in a language I didn’t understand. I knew I was lost, the old me would never return… I sucked on a horse’s cock and the feelings of shame of doing so and being watched by a crowd of strangers only added to my lust, made me hornier, wanting to go even further, do things no sane eighteen year old girl would do… After about fifteen minutes the horse came, cum exploded into my mouth, out of my mouth and immediately my whole face and body were covered with horsecum… I let go of the horse’s cock and licked my lips, looking expectantly at Master.
The horse was led away, all the men pulled their cocks out of their pants and started pissing on me. I just lay on my back with my mouth open and let them fill me with their piss. I swallowed and swallowed… When they were done pissing they started spitting on me and calling me names, like dirty dog whore, filthy shit-eating-whore, animal fucker, piss slut, etc…. their name calling turned me on even more. My hand went down and I started rubbing my clit furiously, ‘till I came again, writhing on the ground in a puddle of piss and spit… A dog came up and sniffed my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He licked my open mouth and tongue and I moaned as I came again…. He then lifted his leg and pissed in my face… I opened my mouth again, grabbed his cock at the base and directed the stream of hot yellow dog piss into my mouth… I swallowed some and let the rest run back out and down the sides of my face. When the dog was done, he pulled loose and walked off.
All the men walked away, talking and laughing. Achmed unchained me and led me back to the shower. “Clean yourself”, he ordered. I showered and dried myself off. Achmed handed me the dress and slippers I had arrived in. I asked where my panties were, but he just laughed. I dressed and followed Achmed to the gate. He handed me my backpack. “Master has transferred the money into your account, you did well. The taxi will take you to the airport. Here’s a ticket to Chicago, Wayne’s men will pick you up from the airport. Make sure you meet them, or all that we filmed here this past week will be sent to your friends and family”, Achmed said.
With that he pushed me out of the gate. I walked towards the waiting taxi and got in. The driver got into gear and started driving, apparently already aware of my destination. I fished my cell phone from my backpack and checked my bank account. Added were the 50.000 euro’s Master had transferred. I had close to a hundred thousand euro’s in my account, but I was still a whore, sexslave. I had to meet up with Wayne and Wayne’s men in Chicago. Who only knew what would befall me there?
I arrived at the airport and got out of the taxi, which had apparently already been paid for. I went inside to the security area. The two security officials there, looked at each other and smiled. One of them took my backpack, the other my hand. They led me to an office. Once inside the guy holding my hand immediately pushed me over a chair and pulled up my dress. The other guy dropped my backpack, unzipped, and fished his cock from his pants. He fisted his hands in my hair and I opened my mouth. He pushed his cock as far into my throat as he could manage and started facefucking me. The other guy spat on my ass and started to push his cock into my anus. After having an inflated buttplug buried up there all night, his cock met with little resistance.
As I was getting fucked from both ends simultaneously I realized I wasn’t even surprised at this turn of events. I had now thoroughly become a subwhore, expecting to be used, wanting to be used, even needing to be used…. As I sat on the plane an hour later, cum leaking from my ass and making a wet spot in the chair I was sitting in, cum drying on my face and in my hair, I wondered what Wayne and his friends would have in store for me… Just thinking of the possibilities made me wet….


When I came through Immigration I saw him. It would have been hard to miss him. A huge black guy, must have been at least 6 foot 6 or 7, holding a sign with my name above his head. I hesitated only a moment. Should I just walk out of here? But what about all the movie footage that had been made of me? Did I want that sent to all my friends and family? Posted all over the internet? Also, what could they do to me that hadn’t already been done? Surely they would let me go after this?
I walked up to the guy. “That’d be me”, I said, pointing at the sign. The guy looked at me, just dropped the sign on the floor and said “Follow me”. He turned around and walked to the exit. I followed, like the obedient dirty fuckwhore that I had become. My cunt was already getting wet, thinking about how big a cock a guy this big would have… We arrived at a waiting Cadillac. “Get in the back”, the guy said, while getting in the front passenger seat himself. I did. The driver pulled out and drove off.
“You should’ve put that bitch in the trunk, man, you seen what she does, she lets dogs and horses piss on her, hell, she even licks her own shit from cocks that have ass fucked her..!”, the driver muttered, loud enough for me to hear. I felt my cheeks start to flame a bright red once again. That feeling of shame seemed to just get stronger the more perverted the actions my Masters had me do… and the longer this went on… the more thoroughly I became this perverted sub whore who enjoyed what my Masters forced me to do…. the stronger the shame… “Yeah, that wouldn’t have looked weird at all, putting a girl in the trunk in the middle of the airport…. Just shut the fuck up and drive idiot, you’re not paid to think!”, passenger guy growled.
I looked out the window and saw the neighborhoods we passed through get worse and worse. We ended up in West Harrison Street in the Garfield Park area, but of course I didn’t know that, not knowing any street in Chicago from any other…. We pulled into a vacant lot and got out of the car. We entered a house that looked like it should have been demolished ages ago, half the windows boarded up. We walked through a hallway and entered a room. A big black guy sat in a huge leather chair, some naked white girl on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock, the biggest cock I had seen on any human.
“Ah, the animal whore has arrived, good!”, he said, “I’m Wayne, but you will call me God, because as long as you’re in Chicago you are mine. I can use you as I want, keep you or set you free, as I see fit, hence I am your GOD.” He spoke the last word with emphasis. I looked around the room, there were six black guys there, apart from Wayne, or God, as he wanted me to call him, and the guys who had picked me up from the airport.
God saw me looking around and laughed, a derisive laugh. “Hah, don’t even go there, bitch, one of them touches you I’ll shoot him. I want my men to stay healthy, and you… well, you’re a disgusting piece of fuck meat to be used by subhumans and animals”, God growled. “Strip that whore!”, he bellowed, shocking me. Four of those big guys grabbed me, pulled my backpack off and ripped the little dress I was wearing from my body. I wasn’t wearing panties or a bra so there I stood, naked. I stepped out of my slippers, not much use they were in these circumstances.
“Right, Dwight, you know where to take her”, God said to one of the man. Two guys grabbed me and followed the man called Dwight as he left the room. We left the house by the backdoor and they pushed me into a van and slid the door closed. After a short drive we stopped again. Dwight got out and the sliding door opened. One of the other guys took my arm and pushed out of the van. I followed Dwight into a house, well, it looked abandoned, and it was. All the windows were boarded up, the front door hung askew. Inside the place smelled of shit and piss and mold. The walls were covered with graffiti, garbage was strewn all around. I would have thought “oh fuck, get me out of here, get me out here”, if the capacity to think had still been with me. I was scared now. What the fuck were they gonna do to me here??
We entered a room in the back. Somebody flipped a switch and a lone light bulb on the ceiling sprung to life. I wondered how this place even had electricity… Then Dwight pushed me down on my knees onto a dirty stinking mattress, fixed a broad metal collar around my neck with metal strips going left and right with cuffs at the end which he used to cuff my wrists. The collar closed with a padlock which also fastened to a chain, the other end of which was bolted to the wall. He then cuffed my ankles to a two and half feet long metal bar. He took out a Magic Marker and wrote something on my lower back. He told me to turn around, which I did with some difficulty, my legs being spread wide and not having complete use of my hands. He wrote something on my lower belly and on my forehead. He laughed, took out his cell phone and took a few pics. He showed them to me. “WHORE” was written on my forehead and CUM HERE with little arrows pointing to my cunt and ass on my belly and back. “There’s a five liter bottle of water over there, see you in a couple of days”, Dwight said. They all turned around and left.
I was left, lying naked on my back, on a dirty mattress that reeked of piss and shit and felt moist, my legs spread by the metal bar, my hands cuffed either side of my head, chained to the wall in an abandoned building somewhere in Chicago, waiting for whoever, or whatever, was gonna come to fuck me, invitations written on my body with Magic Marker. And my cunt was getting wet… how the hell had I gone from a good Southern Christian church going virgin to a complete fuckwhore in only, what, four weeks or so..?
It was maybe an hour or so later when I heard stumbling in the hallway and voices. “I tellin’ you, they’s a chained slut here! Dwight told me and ya know he ain’t fucking aroun’!”, somebody mumbled. Two big black guys came into the room and whistled as they saw me, lying there, naked, my legs spread and cuffed, my hands restrained, chained to the wall, completely at their mercy. Of which they had none.
“Turn around, bitch!”, one of them hissed at me. I turned around onto my belly, awkwardly and pulled my knees under me. My ass was now sticking into the air while my face was pressed into the stinking mattress as I was unable to support my body with my hands. One of them slapped my ass, hard. It stung, but it wasn’t too bad compared to the whippings I had received the past few weeks. He kept slapping my ass for a minute or so and then decided it would be more fun to fuck me. I felt him push his cock into my now sopping wet cunt. He had a big cock, but by now my cunt had been trained to take much larger cocks than his so he slid in easily. He started slowly fucking my cunt, it felt good and I moaned into the stinking mattress.
Then the other guy pulled my head up by my hair and presented his cock to my open mouth. I sucked him in and started licking the head, he must not have washed in a couple of days, his cock was covered with dick cheese and had a strong taste. It only made me hornier and I sucked and licked ‘till his cock was completely clean. He fisted both his hands in my hair and started face fucking me. The guy behind me, fucking me, increased his speed and started grunting, he wasn’t far from coming. He yelled as he came and shot my cunt full with his cum. He pulled out and I felt his cum running down my thighs. The guy face fucking me also came and shot his first load down my throat, then pulled out and shot the rest of his slimy cum into my face and eager open mouth.
When he was done he let go of my hair and my face fell back into the mattress. “I’m gonna fuck her ass!”, he growled. I felt him push his cock against my anus and having just been in my mouth he slipped in without too much difficulty. He started pumping away as hard and forcefully as he could and I grunted into the mattress with every thrust. It only took him a couple of minutes to come again and fill my ass up with his cum. He pulled out and I felt his cum running down my thighs tracing the cum that had leaked out of my cunt.
I slumped into the mattress and rolled over as best I could, to lie on my back, which made it easier to breathe. I had only looked up at the two guys who had just fucked me when first one, then two, streams of warm yellow piss hit me in the face. I opened my mouth and let them fill it with their piss. I swallowed some then opened my mouth again and stuck out my tongue. “Look at that fucking slut! She likes it!”, one of them said. When they were done I was completely wet and the mattress on which I was lying was soaked as well. They weren’t done yet and started spitting on me, coming in close to spit in my face. When my face was completely covered with their spit and it ran down the sides of my face to join the piss in the mattress I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. They filled my mouth with their spit and I swallowed. The guys had had their fill, or rather had given me my fill, and just walked out of the room and left.
I was left alone, lying naked, restrained, cum, piss and spit drying on my body, on a piss soaked mattress… I hadn’t come myself, yet I felt satisfied, used and abused, like the totally perverted submissive whore that I had now fully become….


You would have thought that nobody else would even want to touch me, covered in cum, piss and spit, lying on a piss soaked mattress… well, you’d be wrong. Within thirty minutes a man walked in, looked at me and exclaimed, “well, I’ll be… it’s true, a free whore!” He undressed completely. His cock was already erect, all 8 inches. He straddled my chest, grabbed my hair and pulled my face up towards his cock. Another unwashed dick entered my mouth and I started sucking while he started to fuck my face. He pushed his cock all the way down my throat ‘till I felt his balls resting on my chin. When he pulled out he wiped his slime covered cock on my face. He slid down and pushed his cock into my cunt and started to fuck me. I just lay there, moaning softly. “You fucking whore, you like that, huh?” he asked. He slapped my face, hard. My cheek glowed with the sudden sharp pain. “I fucking asked you a question, whore!”, the man growled. “Hmmmyess, I like to be used….”, I moaned. The man grinned evilly, bent down and bit down hard on my left nipple. I arched my back as I came, my cunt convulsing and gripping, milking his cock. He bit down even harder as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss passed through me.
He pulled out of my cunt, sat back, grabbed the spreader bar between my feet and pulled it up, then pushed his cock into my ass. He started fucking my ass as hard and fast as he could. I looked up at him as I grunted with each thrust. He spat in my face, again, and again. I licked my lips, licking up some of his spit and swallowing it. He came, grunted as he filled my ass with his cum. He pulled out, let go of the spreader bar and straddled my chest again. He wiped his shit stained cock clean on my face and in my hair. He spat in my face again, got up, dressed and left.
I was lying on the mattress, feeling even dirtier and more used than before, my own shit drying in my hair and on my face. I couldn’t reach it either, my hands being restrained either side of my head about a foot distance from my face. I got up on my knees and crawled towards the bottle of water. I looked at it. How the fuck was I gonna get the lid off and drink, restrained like I was…? Fuck! Next to the bottle was a bucket. I felt like I needed to shit so I sat on it and felt my shit just fall out of my ass, no need to exert any pressure. I got up and looked in the bucket, which now had a load of slimy, mixed cum and shit in it. I sighed and laid back on the mattress, looking at the ceiling.

The rest of the night passed in much the same way, men came in, fucked me and abused me, then left. By morning, I could see light through the cracks of the boarded up windows, I was a complete mess, soaked in cum, spit, piss, and shit drying in my hair and on my face as more men had used my face and hair to clean their cocks after they had fucked my ass.
One of the men who had brought me here came in. He looked at me and grimaced. “Fuck, you’re a mess…!”, he hissed, “feeding time, whore.” He produced a sub from under his jacket, tore the paper off and held it out to me. I bit off a chunk and started chewing. He fed the whole foot long sub to me that way. Then he grabbed the water bottle, took the lid off and held it out to me. I drank long and deeply. God, it was good to taste something else than cum, piss or shit for a change… “Time for the dogs to have some fun, bitch!”, he snickered as he turned around and left.
A short while later said dogs arrived. Five of them. Big strays. They walked up to me, sniffed me. One of them started to lick my cunt. I moaned as he kept licking my gaping cunt, his tongue reaching deep inside. I came in two minutes, shuddering and shivering and moaning. He tried to mount me, but I was lying on my back and he couldn’t enter me. I turned around, pulled my knees under me and stuck my ass out. He mounted me and humped a couple of times before he found his mark.
As soon as he felt my warm wet cunt around his cock he started jackhammering away. I moaned and grunted into the piss soaked mattress. I felt his knot banging against my cunt and pushed back. His knot entered my cunt and I felt him starting to spray my insides with his cum. Another dog stood at my head and made humping movements. I found that I could support myself on one hand if I twisted my body sideways and that made it possible for the dog to hump my face. He was eager, spraying my face and open mouth with precum. Then his cock entered my mouth and as soon as I closed my lips around his slimy cock he grabbed my head between his front paws and started to fuck my mouth. I felt so dirty, so perverted, being fucked from both ends by two stray dogs, yet so sexy, so horny that I wanted this never to stop….
The dog fucking my ass had cum and pulled his knot out of my ass with an audible pop. Cum oozed down my legs. Another dog immediately took his place and started humping. I felt his bony prick stab my buttocks a couple of times. I tried to adjust my posture to make it easier for him. He found my ass instead. He didn’t care and started fucking away at train wreck speed. The dog fucking my mouth tensed and came, filling my mouth with his slimy, bitter, cum. I swallowed but there was too much and it ran down my chin and throat onto my tits. He let go of my head and walked away. Another dog took his place and started to fuck my mouth. The dog fucking my ass came and filled my ass with his cum. I clenched my ass, trying to keep him inside as long as possible, milking him of every last drop of his cum. He finally pulled away and more cum oozed down my legs. The cock in my mouth also erupted and I swallowed as much of the bitter dog cum as I could, as the rest ran down my face again. The dogs all scampered off and after a while I fell into a restless sleep.
Early in the evening two of Dwight’s guys came in, released me from the restraints and took me into another room. A bathroom no less. Completely wrecked, but the shower still had hot and cold running water. One of them threw me a bottle of shampoo. “Better clean up, bitch, looking like this there’ll be no customers this evening. Can’t have that now, can we?”
I showered for about an hour until I was clean. Then they lead me back to the other room. One of them handed me a sub. I was ravenous and made short work of it. Then I drank from the bottle. The guys put me back in the restraints on the mattress. Having been in the other room I noticed its smell of piss and shit even more acutely. The guys left. I felt like taking a shit again and made my way over to the bucket. Another load of slimy shit mixed with dog cum joined the first. I peed. Then I went back to my mattress and laid down, waiting for what this evening had to bring.
The night progressed much as the night before. Guys came in, in two’s and three’s and fucked me, had me suck their cocks, they pissed on me, came all over me and spat on me. It wasn’t long before I was drenched in slime again. Then this guy came in leading a naked girl on a leash. He started to ass fuck her right next to me. The girl moaned, looked at me and spat in my face. I licked my lips. She snarled and spat at me again. The guy grunted and shot her ass full of his cum. He let go of the leash and the girl stepped onto the mattress and squatted over my face and sort of ejaculated from her ass onto my face. My face was immediately covered with cum and shit. Up until now I had only tasted my own shit, when I had been forced to clean guy’s cocks after they fucked my ass. Now my face was covered with another girl’s slimy shit-cum mix. I licked around my mouth, her shit didn’t taste much different from mine.
“You fuckin’ whore, you like that? Here’s some more!”, she snarled as she squatted again. She pushed and I saw her shit exiting her anus. I don’t know what came over me… I just opened my mouth and felt her shit falling across my face and into my open mouth. I chewed a couple of times and then swallowed. I gagged, but managed to get it down. The couple looked at me with a look of disgust and then left, the girl handing the guy the leash to be lead out.
I lay in the light of the single bulb, the taste of her shit still in my mouth. I was confused, disgusted with myself. I had eaten a girl’s shit. Voluntarily. I could have kept my mouth shut. Hell, if I hadn’t licked my lips to get a taste she might not even have done it… But I had wanted to taste it, to degrade myself as much as possible, right before their very eyes… A dog came in, sniffed all around me, licked my cunt a couple of times, but I was too weary and confused to turn around to give him access. He came up to my face, sniffed, took one more step and lifted his leg and let go. A hot stream of yellow dog piss hit my face. I opened my mouth and felt the salty dog piss enter my mouth. I swallowed a couple of mouthfuls but most of it ran down my face into my hair and into the mattress. The dog scampered off.
The rest of the week was much the same, men came in and abused me in a variety of ways, dogs did the same. Dwight’s men would come, have me shower, and feed me. I lay on the mattress and the men and dogs abusing were the only distractions from the monotony of lying restrained on a wet, stinking mattress. I had become a mindless object for whatever the men wanted to do to me. I didn’t care as long as I was used, abused and degraded, I felt satisfied. Ashamed, very much ashamed, but satisfied nonetheless.
After a week or so, I had lost track of the days, Dwight’s men came in. They didn’t let me shower but just fed me. That wasn’t the normal routine, but I didn’t question. When I was fed I laid back down on the mattress. One of the guys picked up my shit bucket which was pretty full by now. I sort of expected him to take it and empty it somewhere. He just turned around and poured the contents all over me. I gasped, shocked. All of the past week’s shit and piss mixed with cum that had poured from my holes was now all over me and the mattress on which I was lying! The smell was horrible and made me gag. “No customers for you anyways tonight, bitch! Sleep well!”, he snickered. He turned the light off and they both left.
Now I was lying in the dark, covered by my own excrement and piss, mixed with cum. I had gotten used to being a receptacle for all kinds of dirty bodily excretions, but this was shocking, even to me, even after all I had gotten used to. I lay there all night, by myself, no distractions. The shame of what I had become raced through my body, making me shiver at times, at other times tears rolled down my cheek. Then again I would want for someone, or something, to come in and fuck me as hard as possible. Or shit in my mouth again, to degrade me even further, as I now felt that that was all I was fit for, all I deserved…
In the morning Dwight came in with his two cronies. One of them made a great show of putting on industrial style rubber gloves before he released me from the restraints. Then they had me shower. After that they gave me some clothes. A pair of very tight leather pants and a matching tight leather boob tube. They handed me a pair of awesome looking cowboy boots. When I was dressed one of them fitted a simple black collar, with a single ring in front, around my neck. “Lest you forget you’re a slavewhore, bitch!”, Dwight said. Then he handed me my backpack and they lead me outside. We got into a waiting car and drove off.
We went directly to the airport where Dwight handed me a ticket. I looked at it. Osaka, Japan. Well, I had never been to Japan… “When you get there, you will be picked up from the airport. Guy named Akihiko will take care of you there. If you don’t meet up with him… well, there’s a lot of footage from this past week!”, Dwight snickered. I didn’t answer, just turned around and entered the terminal, checked in and found a coffee bar where I could wait ‘till it was time to board. I took out my cell phone and checked my bank account, God had transferred $40.000 into my account. I was fast getting rich, but I felt low. I knew I had been transformed, I had become a complete sub whore ready to comply with whatever perverted act anyone would demand of me… And even though that made me feel down it also turned me on and I felt my cunt getting wet in my new tight leather pants….


While drinking my latte I checked my email on my cell phone. There were a lot of mails. I opened the one from my father first. OhshitshitshitSHIT! There was a picture of me with that girl shitting on my face and me waiting with my mouth open… Ohgodno…. I was stunned, couldn’t move, couldn’t think….. I read the text. My dad told me in no uncertain terms that neither he nor any member of my family ever wanted to hear from me again. There were mails from my friends that pretty much had the same content. Some just said not to contact them ever again, some also called me a fucking dogwhore, a shit eater, perverted abomination, scatslut, etc. Fucking Dwight, or God, or whoever had sent those pics… Now I had no chance of ever returning to a normal life…. All that was left to me was this life, as a slut, a whore for the most extreme perversions that men wanted to unleash on me…

I made my way to the gate in a daze, just numbly putting one foot in front of the other until I found my seat. After a little while the plane started to taxi to the runway. It took off and we were airborne, flying West to the Land of the Rising Sun. While looking out at the Pacific far below me I suddenly realized that now Liam, Ayoub and Wayne/God could not blackmail me anymore. They had lost their leverage as I now had no family, no friends… In Osaka I could just slip away and disappear…. But where would I go?
Hours later the plane touched down, I exited the plane and made my way through customs. I saw him as soon as he saw me, he obviously knew what I looked like as he immediately walked over to me and took me by the arm. Well so much for slipping away, he held me in an iron grip. We walked out of the terminal building and to a waiting car. We got in the back and the car took off. We got on a toll road and kept on driving for about an hour. Then we turned off and took smaller and smaller roads until we reached a very big mansion, surrounded by hills.
I was lead inside and told to strip, which I did without question. What would have been the point? Only thing I kept on was the collar, but I was told to remove that too. Then I was pushed into a room. There were about seven men inside. One of them sat behind a big desk. He looked at me for a minute without saying anything. Then he said something in Japanese to the man who had brought me there, who then lead me out of the room again. He took me through a couple of hallways until we came to the rear of the building. We went through a door and entered an area with stables. We stopped next to a table with some collars and cuffs on it.
He showed me a collar, black with four rings equally spaced. It had the word dogwhore on it in metal letters. He put it around my neck. Next he put cuffs on my wrists and ankles. He pushed me forward until we reached a crossroads, we went right, damn, this guy had a lot of horses! A little ways further on he pushed me into a stall which had a bed in it. He closed and locked the stall door. He walked off, and I sat on the bed, waiting for what would come next.
About an hour later the same guy opened the door and stepped aside to let another man in who was carrying a suitcase. The door closed again. The man laid his suitcase on the table in the corner and proceeded to set out some stuff. He motioned to me to lie on my back. I obeyed but looked over my shoulder as he pushed a chair up and sat down. He had a little machine in his hand which made a rather irritating noise. A tattoo machine…. Shit!
“Lie still, or you’ll fuck up your tattoo!”, the guy said in near perfect English. I just hoped it wouldn’t hurt too much. All in all it wasn’t too bad. He worked for about half an hour. He took out his cell phone and took a picture of his work. He smeared something cool on it and put cling wrap on it, then told me to turn around. I turned around and just stared up at the ceiling. He showed me his cell phone. I now had the word “SLAVE” tattooed on my lower back in, I must say, beautiful elegant writing. I swallowed. It didn’t matter anymore, I was a slave. It was now all I was, I could never go back home, back to my family and friends, back to the girl I had been…
He proceeded to put tattoos on my upper breasts. Above my left breast he tattooed “CUMSLUT” and above my right breast he tattooed “DOGWHORE” in the same elegant script. He also tattooed two paw prints either side of my lower abdomen. I was now marked for life for exactly what I was, an animalwhore and a cumslut….
He then put all his tattoo stuff away and I breathed a sigh of relief. Until he took out an assortment of rings and a big needle and a pair of pliers…. Shit, I was about to get pierced as well! He started by piercing my left nipple. I sucked in a breath as the needle went through, but all in all, it wasn’t as painful as I had expected. He put in a little shining metal ring, then proceeded with my right nipple. He then pierced my clitoral hood and put in a little barbell, from one end of which hung a little chain with a little rough ball on the end, which, he explained, was meant to continually stimulate my clit. He then packed everything away and knocked on the door. The door opened and he left. The door closed again and I was left by myself, my attention focused on the pain caused by my new tattoos and piercings.
Later that evening someone brought a hot meal. It was delicious and I ate all of it. Half an hour later the dishes were retrieved by that same someone. Then ten minutes later the door opened again. The man who had been sitting behind the desk entered. “I am Akihiko, but you will call me “Ojisan”. The next two weeks you will rest and eat well, so your tattoos and piercings will heal. After that you will be trained as a painslave. You will come to love pain, come to need pain, just as you have learned to love and need humiliation and degradation”, he said. With that he just turned around and started to leave. At the door he turned around. “No need to have nightmares, you will not get more than you can handle and will not be permanently damaged.” He left, the door was closed and locked.
I lay by myself, on my clean bed, with a bellyful of delicious food. Two weeks. I decided not to worry about my training as a painslave. If that was what Ojisan wanted, who was I to question? I was nothing but a cum addicted whore who lived to please her Masters… whether they wanted me to suck their dogs, horses or camels or spread my cunt or ass for their animal’s cocks, whether they wanted me to drink piss, cum and spit… whether they wanted to shit on my face, in my mouth… I did it all without question… A panel slid open and revealed a large tv screen. It came to life and showed me, at Liam’s place, getting assfucked by Liam…. I watched through the night as all my exploits of the past weeks came back to me on the screen…. My pussy got wetter and wetter but I couldn’t even bring myself to orgasm because the piercing hurt too much when I touched my clit…. I was left frustrated, watching the screen.
For two weeks I was allowed to rest, was well taken care of, the big tv screen continually bombarding my brain with my own sexual deprivations and footage of other girls undergoing training as a painslave. Some of them obviously derived a lot of pleasure from the pain they received, even reaching orgasms from just being whipped…. By the end of those two weeks I was curious and horny as fuck all.
Then one evening the door to my stall opened and I was told to shower and shave, which I did. An hour later the door opened again and a little Japanese man came in. He said his name was Masaru. I was to call him Masaru san. I followed him through the centre aisle between the stalls. We entered the house. Masaru san opened a door and we descended a flight of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a hallway with several doors. We went through the one at the end and entered a dungeon.
I would have been scared shitless, but I recognized the room from all the footage on my TV screen the past two weeks, so it looked kind of familiar, even if that sounds strange.
Masaru san clicked my wrist cuffs to a chain hanging from the ceiling. He pulled the chain tight so I was standing on my toes. He walked to the wall where he studied a collection of whips. I licked my lips in anticipation. I was nervous, scared, but also curious and of course my juices were already running down my thighs, my cunt betraying my good Christian upbringing. He chose a whip with many small strands of leather. He walked up to me and without any further ado struck out at my defenseless tits.
It hurt, but not too bad. He struck out again and again, from the left, from the right, and vice versa. I bit my teeth, wanting, no, needing to show him that he wouldn’t break me easily. I don’t know why, a matter of pride I suppose…
After fifteen minutes my tits were bright red and the pain had become more intense as the whipping went on ‘till now my tits were burning. Masaru san put the whip away and walked back holding two nipple clamps in his hands. Accept they were big and looked like they belonged on a set of starter cables. I hissed as he put one on my left tit and then one on my right. Then he squirted some cold lube between my buttocks and I grunted as he inserted a large buttplug. He then stood in front of me, just looking at me for a minute, while I panted, from overall arousal and the pain in my nipples. He walked back to the wall and when he returned put a dildogag in my mouth which he fastened with a leather strap around my neck. He went to the wall again and took a wooden paddle from its peg.
I grunted against the dildogag as he struck my buttocks. I hissed and panted each time he struck and in no time my drool was dangling from my chin and coating my tits. He kept striking my ass for some 15 minutes or so, until my ass cheeks glowed like Chernobyl. I still didn’t cry or otherwise gave him the satisfaction of me breaking down. He smiled at me, a cruel upturning of the corners of his mouth. He put the paddle back on its peg and took down a long leather bullwhip.
He struck from a distance. The whip bit into the tender flesh of my already tortured tits and I yelled into the dildogag. He struck me again, the whip curling around me and biting into my ass. Again I shouted into the dildogag, more drool now escaping past the gag and dangling off my chin and onto my body. He kept striking me for ten minutes or so until I was a quivering mass of eighteen year old girl just hanging from the chains secured to my wrist cuffs, not having the strength to keep standing anymore. Finally he threw the whip away. He walked up to me, looked into my eyes and pinched my clit hard. I came as never before, my body shaking and quivering, hanging from the chains….
He then released me from the chains and I fell down onto the floor, not having the strength to even stand. “Follow me”, he ordered with a heavy Japanese accent as he walked to the door. Not having the strength to stand up I just crawled after him on all fours, like an animal. We went back into the hallway and he opened the first door on the left and told me to go inside. I crawled into the room. There was a low bed. He told me to lie on it on my back. I obeyed and looked at my body, which was covered from head to toe with red welts, left by the whip. He then secured my wrist cuffs to a ring in the wall above my head and my ankle cuffs to rings at the foot of the bed. He took the clamps of my nipples and I screamed into the dildogag as the blood flowed back into my nipples.
He stood next to the bed and spit in my face, repeatedly, ‘till my face was covered with his spit and it ran down the sides of my head. Then he walked out and closed the door, leaving me lying restrained on the bed, the buttplug still in my ass, his spit drying on my face.
My training as a painslave had begun. It had been far more intense than the whippings I had received up ‘till now. Liam and Ayoub were clearly amateurs.
As I lay in the dark I was wondering what tomorrow would bring….


The next morning Masaru san came in and released my wrists and ankles and removed the dildo gag. Another man came in and put a bowl filled with porridge on the floor. “Show me how a bitch eats breakfast”, Masaru san ordered me. I slid off the bed and crawled to the bowl on all fours. I bent down my head and started lapping at the porridge. Masaru san laughed, but there was no humor in the laugh. It was a cruel sound. I licked at the bowl ‘till it was empty. He then told me to get up and follow him. I followed him down the corridor and into a room.
There was a big barrel in the center of the room, about eight foot high and four wide, open at the top. It had a door that stood open. “Inside”, Masaru san grunted. I stepped inside. Masaru san proceeded to shackle my ankles and wrists to the side of the barrel. He got out and closed the door which had a watertight seal. I heard a whirring sound and looked up. A pipe, about one foot in diameter, swung into view. For a couple of seconds I was scared shitless, thinking that they would pour boiling water on me.
Then the eels were pumped into the barrel… Live eels… They fell all around my feet and calves and immediately started slithering around… The barrel was quickly filled up to my neck and I felt eels sliding around my body everywhere! It was disgusting! It was also the most erotic feeling I had ever had… I couldn’t move, I could only stand there and feel the slimy creatures slide their slippery bodies against mine. My feet being four feet apart, my cunt was pretty much available and it wasn’t long before an eel slithered inside… I came like a maniac, writhing and shaking and screaming….! The eel inside my cunt kept moving as my cunt kept contracting in orgasmic bliss… All the other eels surrounding my shivering and quaking orgasmic body also became more lively and I just kept coming, one orgasm following another, pretty much without pause… My ability to think had pretty much left me in the first seconds after the eel had entered me. I must have blacked out. I remember hearing a noise and all the eels disappearing through a hole between my feet. With one of my orgasmic contractions I squeezed the eel out of my cunt and he too disappeared out of sight. The hole between my feet closed again, a lid sliding into place. I just stood there, dripping eel slime, thought slowly coming back to me.
I had just come from being surrounded by live eels, one of them entering me… How disgusting was that? And yet, I had never come so hard…. Disgusting slut that I was…
I was released from the barrel. “Follow me”, Masaru san grunted. He led me back to my bedroom and shackled me to the wall again. “Tomorrow more pain, less pleasure”, he said as he left. I just lay there, eel slime drying on my body. Tomorrow I would feel the whip again, the nipple clamps…
Eels… what else would they come up with…? My cunt got wet, just anticipating all the crazy things that Masaru san could do to me…


Next morning Masaru san woke me up and told me to shower. It took a while to scrub all the eel slime off. When I was clean he lead me to the dungeon again. He ordered me to kneel on the floor. He fastened my wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs to a ring in the floor behind me. Then fastened a chain to my collar and attached the other end to a ring in the floor in front of me. He then put the nipple clamps on my tits again and I hissed in pain as he first put one on my left, then one on my right nipple. He spat in my face a couple of times ‘till his spit was dangling from my chin. He walked to a cupboard and slid open a panel. He took something out and walked back over to me. He attached wires to the nipple clamps that were attached to a little box with knobs and dials. He switched it on and it started to hum. Masaru san put the dildo gag in my mouth. He turned one of the dials and electricity shot through my tits. I bit down on the dildo gag. “UUNNGGHHHH”! He turned the knob back down. I panted. He repeated the process for a few minutes ‘till the drool dangled from my chin and I was grunting and panting continuously. He unhooked me from the device and unchained me from the rings in the floor. He fastened the wrist cuffs to a chain hanging from the ceiling. He blindfolded me. I waited, my own slime dangling from my chin and on to my tits, my juices running down my thighs…..
Masaru san struck hard. I gasped. He struck again, and again…. I gasped each time. I guessed it was the bullwhip again. Not being able to see and anticipate the strikes made them all the more potent. Also, Masaru san was really laying into me. After ten minutes or so something happened. Almost like the strikes didn’t hurt so bad anymore. They left a hotness on my skin. I found myself eagerly awaiting each strike…. Then the next strike didn’t come. I just stood there, blindfolded, in the dark, waiting and panting, feeling empty, neglected almost…. I wanted, needed more whipping. Then suddenly something bit into my clitoris and I screamed into the dildo gag. And I came…. I stood there, hanging from the chain, shaking and shivering, screaming into the dildo gag, until I could stand no more and I just hung from the chain, still coming, still shaking and shivering, feeling all the intensity from the nipple clamps, the whipping and now the pain in my clit….
I must have blacked out because when I came to I was lying on the floor and Masaru san was pissing in my face. I opened my mouth and his piss entered. I swallowed what I could and the rest ran down the sides of my face. When he was done Masaru san ordered me to follow him so I crawled after him, my legs still too weak to be able to walk. I noticed the clamps had disappeared. Masaru san ordered me to get into a small cage, maybe 3 ft high and 3 wide and 5 deep. I crawled inside and curled up on the smelly blanket that was now my bed I assumed.
Things pretty much continued like this for a week. I’d get daily whippings, electric treatment, clamped… My threshold for pain went up, I came to expect the pain and after the first couple of strikes or minutes of being clamped I would enter an almost trance like state in which I was overcome by lust. By the end of the week there was a session where I was whipped for two hours, my body was one big angry red welt but I was coming every 20 minutes or so, just from being whipped. When Masaru san finally stopped and put the whip away I just hung from the chains, I had long stopped supporting my bodyweight, my knees too weak to support my weight from coming all the time. When I realized Masaru san had stopped whipping me, I asked, begged him to go on…. A little voice in the back of my head was going “what are you doing, you freak, he’s already whipped you for hours, you hurt all over, how can you want him to continue???”, but the whore, the painslave, had been awakened in me and there was no denying her.
Masaru san smiled his cruel smile. “No, enough for today. Three days you rest. Then humiliated you will be. Beyond your imagination.” With that he ordered me back in my cage and I crawled inside and laid down on the blanket. As the lust wore off the pain from the whipping became more prominent and I softly moaned myself to sleep.
I rested for three days, I slept, I fed, I showered… Then on day four at three in the afternoon Ojisan came to see me. I had not seen him for weeks, or so it seemed, how long had a been in Japan now anyway? I had lost track of time…. “Tonight you will ride the subway, a special treat for all horny men. Shower and make yourself beautiful.” I showered, applied make-up and put on the very short black leather micro skirt. It was micro, but not tight, all the better to give the horny Japanese men access to my fuckholes I supposed. There was a matching black leather bra that I also put on. It was small enough that my tattoos showed. I was also still wearing the collar that also informed everyone I was a DOGWHORE. The outfit was completed with a pair of ankle high silver studded black leather pumps. I looked like a treat, and to all those horny Japanese men on the subway tonight I was.
Two of Ojisan’s men accompanied me onto the train. Every pair of eyes turned towards me. Even after all I had been through, all that I had done, the shame still tied my stomach in knots and I could feel it paint my cheeks scarlet. One of Ojisan’s men shouted something in Japanese and a cheer went up from all the men in the carriage. Ojisan’s men pushed me towards a couple of young men who immediately grabbed me and pushed me onto my knees. My skirt, more like a wide belt, immediately rode up giving everybody a nice view of my freshly shaven fuckholes. One of them grabbed my hair and pushed his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked him in. The other guy pushed his cock into my cunt and started fucking me. After a couple of minutes the guy in front of me tensed and shot his load into my mouth. The guy behind me also started grunting and then filled my cunt with his cum. They pulled away and one of Ojisan’s men grabbed my hair and pulled me towards the next group while I tried to keep up, scrambling after him on my hands and knees.
Again I had a cock to suck. Someone else pushed his cock into my cunt and then pulled out and pushed it into my ass. I moaned as he started to fuck me as hard as he could all the while spanking my ass. When he had shot my anus full of cum he pushed the guy I was sucking off away and pushed his shit smeared cock into my mouth. I looked up into his eyes as I licked and sucked my shit off his cock. When I was done I looked around and saw that many men had their cellphones out and were filming me. It didn’t matter anymore. This is what I now lived for, to be used and abused in whatever way men wanted. There was nothing I wouldn’t do…. I had become a whore, an animalslut, a painslave, who lived to be degraded and humiliated…. The other guy, who I had been sucking off, stepped up again and ejaculated in my face. I licked my lips…. He looked at me and spat in my face.
Ojisan’s men pulled me towards the next group, and again I was fucked. We reached a station and the doors opened. Some men got off, some men got on. Three of them with big dogs. Ojisan’s men called them over and talked to them for a minute. The men laughed. The dogs were led over to me and sniffed me. One of them mounted me and started to hump away, not getting anywhere close to his target. I decided to help him out, reached back and guided his big dog cock into my ass. I wanted to feel that big knot in there. The men in the carriage laughed and chattered away in Japanese. I knew they were commenting on what a dirty fucking animal slut I was, so desperate for dog cock in my ass that I would even help him get it in. I looked around and saw pretty much everybody was filming me, either with their mobiles or with small cameras. I licked my lips again and pointed at one of the other dogs. “Let me suck him, please…. please….”, I begged. The dog was led over and I grabbed his already erect, spurting cock and guided it into my mouth. The watching men shouted. I looked around meeting their eyes and more often their lenses as I was assfucked by one dog while I sucked off another. I could feel the big baseball sized knot banging against my ass and I pushed back to receive it. I felt it enter and then we were knotted, I felt his hot cum shoot way into my bowels and I moaned as I kept on sucking the other dog, desperately wanting him to blast his cum into my face. It wasn’t long before he did and I used his cock to smear his slimy cum all over my face. The other dog was still knotted to me so I pointed at the other dog. The men laughed and led the dog over. I reached under it. Nothing…??? The men laughed harder. It was a bitch… I grabbed its tail and pulled it towards me and stuck my tongue into its cunt. I started tonguefucking it. It wasn’t long before its dogcunt got wet and I was eagerly lapping up all its juices…. A tiny voice in the back of my head was screaming at me, “what the fuck are you doing??”, but I didn’t listen, I was gone now, gone forever. I only lived to be used, abused and degraded in the worst possible ways, the feelings of shame only adding to my lust…. The dog behind me had shrunk enough and pulled it’s cock out of my ass as I kept licking and tonguefucking the bitch in front of me, all the while keeping a firm hold on its tail. Then the train stopped again and I was pulled away from the bitch and out of the train. All men exited the train and surrounded me, there must have been thirty men standing around me, pointing their cocks at me. Then they started pissing and I was completely piss drenched in seconds. When one was done, another would take his place…. After a couple of minutes I had drunk a belly full of piss and I was completely soaked…. Then to finish it off they all started spitting on me. I just sat there on my knees, my mouth open, my tongue sticking out, until their slimy spit was running down my face, my body… My hair was covered with their spit and plastered to my head….
Then all the men left and one of ojisan’s men leashed me and pulled me towards the escalator, me hurrying to keep up on my hands and knees. We exited the station, a dark blue van was waiting. The backdoor opened and I was ordered in. I climbed in and sat on the plastic that had been spread on the floor so I wouldn’t drip cum, piss and spit on the floor. Back at Ojisan’s mansion I was led to my cage and ordered inside. I crawled inside and lay on my blanket, in the dark, the piss and spit of thirty men drying on my body, in my hair. I put a finger in my cunt and with my other hand pinched my clit…. I shuddered as my orgasm tore through me… moaning softly….
The next evening one of Ojisan’s men came to get me. He handed me two earplugs. “Put these in”, he ordered. He lead me on a leash to a big room, almost a ballroom. Me of course on my hands and knees. The room was filled with people, men and women. Apparently Ojisan was throwing a party. I hadn’t showered and my hair was still plastered to my head, dried cum and spit covering my body. A big screen on the wall was showing footage of my abuse of the night before. I felt my face turn scarlet again and that now all too familiar feeling in my stomach… All these nicely dressed people, the women beautifully made up… And here I was, a fucking animalwhore still covered with the piss, cum and spit from last evening….
I was lead to the center of the room. There was a porcelain hollow in the floor and I was told to lie in it, on my back. My wrists and ankles were shackled to the sides. Then a lid was closed over me, but there was a big hole in the lid above my face. It hit me then. I was inside some sort of weird toilet…. Something broke inside me then. I had thought I had accepted my fate as an animalwhore – abuseslut… But to be at a party, in the center of the room, and be inside a toilet… knowing everybody would come over and piss and shit on my face… Tears rolled down my cheeks as I realized that my cunt was getting wet…. I had now truly become the lowest form of life… I got horny from being used as a toilet….
The first ass appeared in my view. I saw his anus opening and his shit fell down on my face. I shook my head and most of it fell away to the side. He got up, looked at me, laughed and spit in my face. The next guy came up and pissed in my face. I opened my mouth and drank some of it. A woman squatted over me and again shit fell on my face. I shook my head again but was unable to shake it off. She laughed as she stood there, watching me. Then a man pissed right onto her turd and slowly it disintegrated and ran down the sides of my face. Another man came up and pissed in my face. I was already lying in a puddle of sewage. This continued ‘till the level of sewage rose to the height that every time someone had a piss or a shit I had to drink or it would cover my mouth and run into my nose, drowning me. The evening went on like this, with people coming up and shitting on my face, pissing and spitting on me, and me having to drink the liquid mix of shit and piss if I didn’t want to drown. There was nothing in my cunt or ass, there was no pain, there was nothing to distract me from the fact that I was now nothing more than a toilet for people’s amusement… My humiliation was complete. At the end of the evening I was lead back to my cage, dripping sewage… I crawled onto my blanket and I just lay there silently, piss and shit of I don’t know how many people drying on my skin, in my hair, feeling too empty to even make myself come.
The next morning I was told to shower. It took me a long time to get all the slime and shit off me. When I had toweled off I was handed a pair of black leather hot pants and a matching bustier. I put them on. I put on the pumps I had worn the night before last, they had survived that evening in pretty good shape. I was handed a new collar, the word TOILET on it in metal letters. I put it on. I was handed my backpack. One of Ojisan’s men lead me outside and showed me to a waiting taxi. He handed me a ticket, turned around and walked back inside. I looked at the ticket. Berlin. Back to Europe. With a stopover in Amsterdam. I checked my bank account on my cellphone. Ojisan had added another 150.0000 dollars to my already considerable wealth. I looked out the window as the taxi drove to the airport. As I walked into the terminal all heads turned to look at me. I realized what I must look like to these people. Normal people. With normal lives. I looked like a whore. And with the collar informing everyone I was a toilet, that left very little to their imagination. The feeling of shame hit me again, but I didn’t look down. I just made my way through security and boarded my plane.
I got off the plane at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. No way was I going to Berlin. Why would I? They couldn’t blackmail me anymore. I made my way through Immigration still wearing the slutty outfit I had dressed in in Japan, still wearing the TOILET collar. The officials didn’t bat an eye. Well, this was Holland… I took a cab into Amsterdam, no need to take the train. Plenty of money in my account now. While in the cab I took off the collar. That might be a bit much, checking into a hotel. I ended up checking into the same hostel I had been in before. Why not? I liked it. It was still morning, so I took a nap. Then I showered and dresses, just jeans and a t-shirt, and went out for dinner. It felt good wearing normal clothes and just going out for pizza! Almost like I was normal. But I wasn’t normal. I was reminded of that when my phone beeped, signaling I had a message. Liam. I read it. “You didn’t get to Berlin. Where are you?” I took another bite of my pizza. “Why? Not your business”, I texted back. “You’re in Amsterdam. I want to see you”, he replied. “Or else?”, I asked. “Nothing, I just want to see you. Please?” came his answer. I gave him the name of the pizzeria I was at. Safe enough. He couldn’t very well drag me screaming from a pizzeria, I figured.
He came in. We talked. I told him he’d been a fucking asshole to blackmail me. He agreed. He said he had sent the footage of me to my family and friends because that was the only way I would ever be free to escape from the clutches of the people who controlled me. Little comfort it was. He asked me what my plan was now that I was free. I told him I didn’t know. He explained that he knew this guy named Ivan in St. Petersburg who was into making fetish movies and organized webcam sessions for his girls where the viewers would decide what would happen to a girl. Whether she was to be whipped, dogfucked or gangraped, whatever… He paid his girls well, treated then nice enough and they were free to go if they wanted to. If I went there it would be my own choice, Liam informed me. It was just an option he wanted to put before me. He had seen all the footage that had been made of me, In Morocco, In the States, in Japan, and he figured I was no longer fit to live an ordinary life. He said I would get bored very soon. I feared he was right. I told him goodnight, paid my bill and made my way back to my hostel. I got into bed and lay there waiting for sleep to come. Sleep didn’t come. Memories played through my head. Me getting whipped. Me sucking off a horse, a camel. Me licking some girls shit of a stranger’s cock. Me covered in piss, shit, cum and spit…. I got horny and my pussy got wet. I stuck two fingers into my cunt and diddled my clit. For a long time. No orgasm… No matter how hard I worked on myself, I couldn’t orgasm… I realized I was bored with my own efforts…. I considered going out and finding someone, anyone, to get fucked but realized I probably wasn’t gonna find what I was looking for. I texted Liam. “Tomorrow, Kitchen and Bar van Rijn, Rembrandtsplein, 3pm. I’ll go to Russia”. I turned around and fell asleep.

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