Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

I was lying in bed my bf in another room doing some work and I fell asleep. I woke up and found my younger brother humping my leg, I let him continue knowing that I was going to be able to punish him later. He then came and some landed on my face I jumped up and grabbed him and asked him, “Do you like humping my thighs.”

In between his sobs, he replied, “Yes,” as I cuddled him.

I said, “I knew you were humping me I liked it.”

At that point, my boyfriend stormed in the room dragged my brother off of me and spread my legs wide apart. He then went to the other room where we kept some spanking stuff and brought back a very heavy, very painful leather strap he threw it down on the bed and dragged me to the edge of it so my legs were off the edge of it. He then picked the strap back up and placed it over my damp pussy lips. I close my eyes as he raises it high into the air. Next, I hear a quick *swoosh* and *CRACK* I close my legs as soon as it made contact with my sensitive pussy feeling the painful burning sensation between my legs. My boyfriend yells “DID I SAY YOU CAN SHUT YOUR LEGS SLUT”

I reply while quietly whimpering, “No, Sorry, it hurts so much.”
He replies “IT’S MEANT TO HURT!”
I spread my legs really wide revealing my sopping pussy


I started screaming and howling and sobbing after the first smack on my sensitive pussy.


My bare pussy was dark red, swollen, bruised and extremely sore as he left the room to go to the others I tried closing my legs but it hurt too much he comes back in with a reformatory cane and puts that on the bed and picks me up placing me on his desk adjusting me so I was sat so most of my legs were on the desk. He then goes and picks up the cane walked over to the desk where my pussy was secreting a clear liquid onto the desk. He placed the cane over the front of my thighs and then raised it up and…

*SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* *SWISH* *CRACK* my thighs were now burning. Bending down he says, “Sorry baby girl, I am sorry for hurting you but you should not have allowed that to happen.”

I while hugging him replied between my sobs, “I am so sorry baby, it just felt so good, please whip my bare bottom I deserve it”.

He replied picking me up and sitting down on the bed with me hugging into his chest, “No, baby girl you have being punished enough”.

With that, he sits me on the bed grabs a whip and beings thrashing my naked brother in the corner all over his body he whipped him for about 30 mins and then dragged him threw him to the floor and then ripped off his belt and began thrashing him between the legs with it. After he had finished he then got me into bed and threw my brother out into the back garden and locked the door then threw his clothes out of a window and locked the window. He then got into bed with me caressing my sore pussy and thighs he then slid down by my pussy and sniffed it, he picked me up and carried to me to the bathroom sitting me on the edge of the bath he grabbed a cloth wetting it and applying some soap to it he carefully cleaned my swollen pussy after that he dried me and took me back into the bed and began caressing my swollen pussy lips with his soft tongue until I came in his mouth at which point he began kissing my bare pussy. And we fell asleep fucking each other my pussy hurting but it felt good, his hand smacking my bare round bottom as we fucked.

By Tommy

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