New Owners

The Grocery shop that stood on the edge of the rundown council estate had been owned by John Humber for over fifty years, people of the estate knew that John was retiring and was selling the shop but there was nobody who wanted to buy it. John was honest with people who were interested in buying the shop and told them that the estate was a problem estate with lots of thugs, homophobic and racist people living there, buyers were very quickly put off by this and pulled out of any deal. The shop had been up for sale for nearly two years with out a buyer then news spread that John had sold the shop and one Sunday saw John leaving, as John drove away he thought the new owners will not last long before they give up, Two days after John had left the shop opened for business and residents of the estate got a big shock the shop was now owned by a Bengali family who were going to run it themselves and many residents thought the same as John had thought, they were thinking that the new owners would not last very long and many residents laid bets as to how long it would be before the new owners gave up and left. Sixteen year old Dawn had been on her way to school when she called into the shop and pulled some stuff off the shelves and when the owners daughter Pao who was two years younger than what Dawn was had told her to pick the stuff up, Dawn threw a can of drink at her which missed, when Pao told Dawn again to pick up the stuff Dawn walked to her and aimed a punch at Pao and was totally surprised when Pao avoided the punch and put Dawn in an arm lock and after forcing Dawn to pick the stuff up frog marched her to the door and pushed her out, Dawn went to the rubbish skip and after getting a length of wood returned to the shop and took a swing at Pao with the wood but again found herself in a painful arm lock only this time instead of frog marching Dawn out of the shop Pao frog marched her into the stock room at the rear where she forced Dawn to bend over the table, Pao’s sister Pia who was four years younger than what Dawn was took over the arm lock, Dawn was cursing and issuing threats but when Pao raised her skirt and pulled her panties down round her ankles Dawn stopped with the threats and started screaming as Pao spanked her bare bum stopping after she had given Dawn twenty very hard slaps, Pia then frog marched Dawn out of the shop after Pao had taken a photo of Dawn’s red bum, Dawn went and told her boyfriend Steve what had happened, Steve went to the shop and started to have a verbal go at Pao spitting at her a few times when he did but he threw a punch at Pao like she had done with Dawn Pao got Steve in an arm lock and frog marched into the back room, when she saw Steve in the arm lock Pia smiled and undid Steve’s joggers then pulled them down to the floor and admired his seven inch soft dick, Pao frog marched to a wall where there were lots of pictures of naked girls and after a minutes Steve had a full nine inch erection and after taking photos of it Pia took it in her hand and started to jerk him and after ten minutes Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, Pao then frog marched Steve to the rear door and threw him out. After half a hour Steve’s dad was who had gone into the shop brandishing a hunters knife was staggering down the road with a broken wrist not believing that a little girl had made him cum before her older sister had broke his wrist. That night Steve and Dawn went into the shop with Steve’s twin brother Martin the three of them started to have a go at Pao, Pia who had been in the rear room heard the racket and thought oh good some action and went into the main part of the shop where she saw her best friend who was nick named tiger for some unknown reason entering the shop after a few minutes the teenagers were all moaning in pain as the three Bengali girls frog marched them into the rear room after applying various body locks and once there Pao shouted out ” Palash come here” and when her sixteen year old brother Palash appeared he smiled and got a very sharp knife and sliced through the clothing of the three white teens then while she was being held down by Pia Palash started to rub Dawn’s ample boobs, tiger smiled when she saw Martin now had an eight inch erection and Steve had a nine inch erection, Palsh stopped rubbing Dawn’s boobs and after taking over the arm lock that Pao had on Dawn smiled and watched as Pao started to rub Dawn’s boobs and suck her nipples while rubbing her love tube at the same time and when Dawn shouted out ” fuck of lesbi leave me alone” Palash applied more pressure on the arm lock which made Dawn stop shouting, Pao pushed two fingers into Dawns love tube and started to masturbate her while still sucking Dawn’s now erect nipples, tiger smiled at the way Martin’s throbbing dick was bouncing about, after a few minutes Dawn groaned as she gushed and ten minutes later gushed a second time as Pao carried on masturbating her, and after a few minutes Pao was undoing her jeans and once they were undone climbed onto the table and sat astride Dawn’s shoulders then pulled her head forward and told Dawn to lick her love tube and when she refused Palash put pressure on the arm lock and soon Pao was breathing heavy as Dawn licked her love tube and after ten minutes Pao gushed soaking Dawn’s face as she did, Not long after Pao climbed down off the table and took over holding Martin in the arm lock while tiger undid her trousers climbed on the table and lowered herself down onto Martin’s dick and start to bounce up and down on it, Martin lay where he was unable to move or stop the young Bengali girl as she bounced on his dick and after a few minutes was squirting his cum deep into tigers love tube and as tiger continued to bounce Martin was hoping that she was on the pill and after a short while tiger groaned as she climaxed and when she climbed off the table took hold of Steve’s arm and watched as Pia undressed and after awhile smiled when Pia was groaning as she bounced on Steve’s dick and after five minutes when Pia who had climaxed watched as Pia stroked Steve’s dick making him cum in four spurts, Pia climbed off the table and took hold of the arm lock that Palash had on Dawn, Palash undid his trousers letting his eight inch erection spring free and after a minute was sliding it into Dawn’s love tube before he started to thrust in and out pushing in very deep with each thrust and after five minutes Palash felt Dawn cum but carried on thrusting in and out of Dawn’s love tube and after ten minutes felt her cum a second time and not long after was squirting his cum over Dawn’s body, twenty minutes later three naked teens were thrown out of the shop, they started to head for their homes with lots of residents cheering and admiring their very red bums, the next day sixteen year old Sally went into the shop looked at Pao smiled and said I come in peace, Pao smiled noticing the pokies in Sally’s shirt and showed her into the back room. The local police officer was talking with the retired post master looking at a very quiet Steve, Martin and Dawn and said that the family who now owned the grocery shop all held two black belts in different martial arts and if the trio tried any of their bully boy tactics they would come a cropper, the post master smiled and said ” I have a funny feeling that they might already know that.