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A true story which happened a few years back, I was residing with my family in Silvassa, we lived in an apartment, on each floor there were 3 flats, most of the people were either Gujrathi, Marwari or Maharashtrians.  I was so involved with my work that had no time to know people around my flat, I used to go early in the morning and come back in the evening and have dinner and watch some tv and went to bed.  The factory where I worked had to be closed down for a week for maintanence that is when had free time and was at home, my wife Shilpa made it a point to introduce me to all our neighbours, I was shocked to meet them since most of the women were of our age and they were having kids of the same age as ours and most interesting thing they were looking very nice and were attractive, this made my inner sexual instincts awake, that is when I thought as to what I was missing in life and how to get closer to the women.  The immediate neighbour lady’s name was Seema she had a son who was in LKG, she asked me to come inside her house and me and my wife entered her house & then we started chatting, I came to know that they were Marathi speaking, I knew some marathi so she liked me conversing with her in the same language, she said she will prepare tea and went inside, and went inside her buttocks revolved when she walked which was also exciting, after a while she called and said that the gas had got over and needed to change, I said will help her change and went near the cylinder she was trying to remove the regulator but could not that is when I tried to open the regulator my hands felt hers, there was a shock passing through my body after some techniques I could open the regulator and change the cylinder and as I turned around she was just behind me watching & lost her balance and crashed on me her whole body touching mine, she shied away & I said sorry but she just smiled and said it is ok that is when I observed her    with keen interest, she was pretty & exciting, she must be around 5 feet 4 inches fair having wheatish complexion, long hair and had a gorgeous figure, her breasts were firm & shapely, she was wearing a blue chiffon saree which showed her sweet navel and also her complete body structure could be felt.


Then we had occassions of having lunch or tea or dinner in both houses Seemas husband Rakesh also had become a friend, our closeness was becoming more of a routine, whenever I could get a chance of touching Seema here and there would never miss the chance, she also never objected, Rakesh was attracted towards my wife so he made it a point to come to our house on some pretext or the other and would start chatting with my wife Shilpa I would go inside the kitchen where my wife and Seema would be cooking on the pretext of searching something or the other would try to feel her body by going near her or then would watch her cutting vegetables sitting down which would show me her globes, one day late in the evening we all had to go for a function in the society where a pooja was organised, since I was late from office all had gone, as I changed my dress and was about to go heard some noise in the next door house  I rang the bell it was opened by Seema who was wearing a nighty which was totally drenched on the top her nighty was touching her breasts, I enquired why she was not in the function she said she will be joining very soon after completing her work, Seema noticed that my eyes were wandering on her drenched nighty,`she asked me to sit inside and went into the bedroom she was damn sexy, she was trying to remove her bra which was sticking to her body but   I tiptoed towards the door and was watching she had removed her nighty and was only in bra and panties, wow she was great, I was mad looking at the scene, I saw that Seema was struggling to unhook her bra since it was wet, so that is when I entered and unhooked the bra, she was shocked and shouted at me and said get out but I had seen her breasts totally nude which had made me mad I kissed her boobs and pressed it she shouted again to leave the room but leaving a damsel that too when the chance was ripe just embarassed her and started kissing her, she was reluctant but under my force she accepted the situation and responded to my kisses my hands started roaming on her back she started struggling to get out of my grip and requested me to please leave her so that nobody doubts the late arrival at the Puja, but I told her how could I leave the mangoes unattended without being tasted, she said not now and I left she came dressed with a naughty look and said lets go that is when I caught her and kissed her and made her promise not to tell this incident to my wife, she agreed and we left for the function that is when asked for Rakesh she said he will come late today as it is month end and work was too much, we went to the function there was Ganpathi puja going on and lot of people were sitting on the ground, I looked for my wife but she was in the far corner with her and seema’s kids, we both sat next to each other where we got a place, all of a sudden lights went off, this waas another opprutinity to fiddle with Seema, my hands started roaming on her waist she did not object , it looked like the lights were not coming, I lifted her saree and started inserting my hand inside to feel her thighs, she objected and asked me hold my advances, at that same time lights came on and the fun had ended.


My wife had to go to Mumbai to meet her cousin for a week had to leave her and come, after I returned Seema was eagerly waiting for me and asked me to join for dinner, I took bath and went to Seema’s house, Seema opened the door she was wearing a teeshirt and a jeans pant which I had never seen her wearing, I admired her beauty and her dress sense Rakesh was already there, he offered me drinks and as we were sipping, Seema came with some Pakodas, we all sat down and were chatting, that is when I said Seema bhabhi you also have a peg, the atmosphere will be good, I made a peg for her she took it and started sipping that is when I said Rakesh why not we play some game of cards, he agreed and Seema brought cards, Rakesh said who ever wins will ask the other 2 persons to remove one of their dress, it was agreed and we started to play, the first game was won by Seema, myself and Rakesh removed our shirts, then again we started to play this time Rakesh won the game, when he won he took a peg, this was his 4th peg I removed my banian and Seema removed her teeshirt, my god she was just in her black bra, the atmosphere was getting hot,before playing I made a call to my wife enquiring about her whereabouts, while speaking I encouraged Rakesh to have another peg, Rakesh made a drink and went to the toilet before he could come back I dropped 2 sleeping pills in his drink which Seema also encouraged me, after he came back I was still on my cell but acting to talk, was buying time so that Rakesh dozes away, Rakesh who had taken another gulp was not in balance was going to collapse any moment,  again we played this time it was Rakesh who won, I removed my pant, my dick was trying to pop out of the undies, the atmosphere  had become quite hot, Seema removed her jeans and then again a game took place and now I won Rakesh before he could removed his pant he collapsed, and Seema removed her panties, Seeing Seema’s sexy cunt nude, Rakesh was getting mad, before he could think of something I pounced upon Seema and started kissing her cunt, Rakesh could not control himself nor he could anything since he was in deep slumber.  Rakesh seeing this went mad and pounced upon Seema and they started making love, they forgot I existed and was watching the whole show, Rakesh entered Seema’s cunt but within seconds he cummed and exhausted and was lying on the side Seema was unsatisfied, she wanted more that is when I went near her and started smooching her and started roaming my hands on her body, but she was not in mood and she was angry and dressed up and went into the kitchen I followed her only in my undies and started feeling her from the back, she shrugged and said stop it, she asked me why did I not take her first instead of her hubby, I dressed up and had dinner and returned back, and the whole week was hectic by the week end my wife and kids had returned, hardly had time to meet Seema.




After the incident there were many times here and there touches only but nothing concrete was happening since there was not a clear opportunity, but one day myself and Rakesh decided to go out for a dinner at Daman for New Year celebrations which is 40 kms away, we already had booked for the New year, we went to Hotel Miramar which is situated on the beach of Daman where there is Orchestra and people dance to the tune of music, we ordered snacks and myself and Rakesh ordered whisky, but the ladies opted for Vodka and were sipping when my wife and kids went and started dancing on the floor, Shilpa also got up with her son and started dancing, I saw Rakesh was eyeing my wife, The next dance was slow and we had to hold our partners close, I was with Seema and Shilpa my wife was with Rakesh, Seema didn’t seem to mind my holding her close and was grinding into me, seeing Shilpa  with Rakesh so close was giving me a hardon and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable as I was sure Seema would feel it, but to my surprise Seema got more excited and seemed to rub her pussy into me. The next dance was hotter and I was with Priya, Priya is also from our apartment she had come with her hubby who was busy drinking I felt we all were getting hot and losing inhibitions with the drinks and dancing. I was grinding my cock into Priya’s pussy and she was responding, everyone was enjoying and no one had any inhibitions of who was eyeing whom, but one thing was sure that Priya also was on heat and had chances of flirting with her, Priya’s husband came to the dance floor and started dancing with Seema, Rakesh was busy with my wife,I caught hold of Priya and took her on the beach little ahead and then started smooching Priya, as my lips touched her we both got so hot that we could not stop and soon our tongues were exploring each others mouths, my hands went to her boobs and squeezed them through her shirt, she did not seem to mind and was enjoying it and a moan escaped her lips. She then found my cock and rubbed it, as everyone was busy nobody knew we were missing I lowered my hands to her butts and pressed them. They were really tight, her body was my now. I started kissing on her neck and came down to her chest. Then buried my face on her breast, then opened the first hook of the blouse then slowly opened all of them. There was no bra under it. So the moment I opened the buttons the great, sexy, juicy, firm and tight globes were there in from of my face, I took the right one in my mouth and she held my head on her hand. I slowly rotated my tongue on her nipple then all over her right breast. She liked it so much she was enjoying this and moaning too. Then I worked on her left breast, man those were the best breast I have ever sucked. She was enjoying and I was getting harder and harder in my pants. By now we she was kissing me and had opened my fly and was massaging my penis through my underwear. I in turn started fondling her cunt lips and rubbed my finger up and down her cunt slit. By now both of us were hot. She had caught hold of my penis and was moving the foreskin of my penis gently over my cock head. I in turn was rubbing her cunt slit that had now turned damp. I whispered to Priya that we should be getting back since people would miss out and the romance would be spoilt, she agreed and we were back in the dance.Priya’ husband was busy with Seema dancing and trying to kiss her , my wife who had already taken 2 pegs was getting high and  was also flirting with Rakesh, Rakesh boldly took my wife in his arms and started kissing her, Seema had returned back and asked me to watch my wife that is when I pulled Seema closer and asked her how was it with Priya’s husband Satish, she smiled and said cheers and gulped down a drink so fast I was surprised, I started feeling my hands on her thighs and my hand went on her waist line which was not covered and started feeling her navel, after some time the kids, my wife and Rakesh came back and we had dinner, it was time for us to leave, I could feel Rakesh was too high, but since it was his car he took to driving, . Rakesh was driving, Seema was in passenger seat, and I was behind seema and my wife next to me. The kids were seating on the last row of the minivan. My wife was tired to she started sleeping and kids were playing some game, it was night so it was dark in the minivan. I started talking with Rakesh and Seema. I leaned forward and rested my head on Seema’s seat and was talking to Rakesh. Since I had few drinks I was little excited and started taking a little risk. I put my right hand from the other side of the seat and slowly touched seema shoulder. At first she moved away from it, but then realized that nobody can see that she leaned back to my hand. Now my hand was on her shoulder, I slowly started lowering my hand to her arm, and started touching her bare arm right below where her sleeveless blouse was ending. Wow, what a feeling it was. Then I lowered my hand a little more and forwarded my finger towards her right boob. I made sure that my hand was under her saree so nobody can see that. She did not mind that, now my middle finger was touching her right breast. Within few minutes my four fingers were touching her breast. I was still talking with Rakesh, but my mind was on her body now. After playing with her breast I thought of touching her flat belly, I lowered my hand and touched her belly, she was shocked by that and she grabbed a bag filled with dancing cloths which was laying near her feet and kept on her lap. That gave me a good cover, I shifted little more towards right and lower my hand touched her belly button. The house was still 15-20 minutes drive away so I wanted to use the opportunity. I lowered my hand and wanted to touch her butts, but could not go far there. So I came back to her belly and started inserting my finger through her sari towards her pussy, she was surprised by that and started adjusting her self. She kept her right hand under her saree and kept it on my hand. She took my hand and slowly showed my way to put it under her saree. My fingers were inside her saree, petticoat and panty, but they were barely inside. I could not go any further, she guessed that and she moved back a little. With that move, my fingers could touch the pubic hair. Wow I was playing with seema pubic hair. I could not go any further so I removed my hand and came back to her right breast. Pressed it really well, it was firm, round and her nipples were tight. Now the house was near so I came back to my original position and woke my wife up.  I had to allmost carry her to the flat and put her to bed and then went back down to bring the kids that is when Seema said that Rakesh has passed out and she needed my help to carry him upstairs, I left my and Seema’s kid in the house and went down to bring Rakesh, myself and Seema gave him support and brought him to his flat and put him to bed. 


Now it was me and Seema alone in the house with Rakesh boozed off. I went close to her and said “Can I have my delious mangoe now,  She Said I do not have any mangoe I went close to her and put my both the hands on her shoulder, she said “I will make tea for you”. And ran towards the kitchen, I went behind her.   I grabbed her from behind and kissed her on the neck. She did not say anything. I put my both the hands on her boobs and pressed it slowly and said “this are my mangoes

 I moved her towards me so now her face was right in front of me. I kissed on her forehead, then her eyes and then on her lips. She just opened her lips a little and I put my tongue though it. She was so tasty and she was sucking my tongue very well. I lowered my hands to her butts and pressed them. They were really tight, her body was my now. I started kissing on her neck and came down to her chest. Then buried my face on her breast, the opened the first hook of the blouse then slowly opened all of them. There was no bra under it. So the moment I opened the buttons the great, sexy, juicy, firm and tight alphanso mangoes were there in front  of my face, I took the right one in my mouth and she held my head on her hand. I slowly rotated my tongue on her nipple then all over her right breast. She liked it so much she was enjoying this and moaning too. Then I worked on her left breast, man those were the best breast I have ever sucked. She was enjoying and I was getting harder and harder in my pants.I now put my hands around her and pulled her saree up from her legs and pushed my hand up the saree and reached out for her crotch. My hands went to her panties and lowered it to feel her pubic hair and was happy  . By now we she was kissing me and had opened my fly and was massaging my penis through my underwear. I in turn started fondling her cunt lips and rubbed my finger up and down her cunt slit. By now both of us were hot. She had caught hold of my penis and was moving the foreskin of my penis gently over my cock head. I in turn was rubbing her cunt slit that had now turned damp. 




While sucking her tits, I started pulling her saree out of her petticoat, once it was out I started looking for the naada of the petticoat. She understood that and showed me the naada. I pulled that string out, and her petticoat fell on the ground. She was standing naked in from of me, I was on my knees now, and my face was near her pubic hair. The smell of her pussy was coming and it was making me hornier. I took her hand and pulled her down, she came and sat in front of me. I started kissing her again and slowly pushed her to the ground. She was lying down on the ground. I went back to her pussy, fingered her pubic hair and the ran my hand on her thighs, she has the best legs, thick and hairless. Her skin was so smooth. I kissed her on her left thigh and then right thigh, she was enjoying this lot. She was trying touching my head with her hands. I went right between her legs and parted her beautiful thighs so I can see the wet vagina. She was really wet and her hairy pussy was pink. I parted her pussy lips with my finger and saw the pinkish flesh inside. I opened my mouth and started licking her pussy. I started pushed my tongue inside and also started putting my finger inside. Wow, the juices flowing from her pussy was so tasty and salty. I was licking her and she was moving her hips with the rhythm. She was shivering now. She could not handle it any more, she was moaning lot louder now. She started saying “Oh, kuch karo, jaldi karo, I need you now, inside me, please do it now, put it in” so I asked her “what do you want me put it in?” she smiled and said “aap ko pata hai mai kya daal ne ko kah rahee hoon” saying that she sat down and told me “aap apna T-shirt nikalo” I did that and she then she said “give me my carrot back which I gave at the buffet” and she pulled me to her and started opening my pants, I helped her and there it came out.


My penis was in her hand, we both were seating naked on the ground of her kitchen. She took my dick in the hand and said please do it fast, your Shilpa has alwasys been blabbering that you make love for a longer time,I want to feel the same, that is when I told her that I will do that but let me first have a taste of your body. I said “aise hi nahin daalunga, pahle tumhe pura chaat loo, fir chodunga” she said “As you wish, I am all yours but do it fast, I can not wait, I want your big dick inside my choot now”  . I pushed her back to the ground, licked her pussy more and then I asked her to sleep on her tummy. She did that. I saw her round, firm, shiny butts. I just wanted to lick her butts, I started licking her butts and that made her mad, she started begging “ab bas karo, mujhe jyada excite mat karo, daalo no, please, jaldi karo” I went and slept on her, my dick was on her ass, touching her ass hole, she said “ab daal do please, jaldi se daal do” I asked her “kya tum ne kabhi piche ke hole me lund daala hia?” she said “nahin, kabhi nahin, Rakesh kabhi us taraf jate bhi nahin hai, lekin abhi to tum mujhe aage hi daalo, piche nahin, maine soona hai bahoot dard hota hai. I said “theek hai pahle aage fir sochte hai kya karte hai” I turned her straight and asked her to spread her legs, she did that, her wet pussy was ready, sticky fluid was coming out it. I took my hard dick near her pussy and pushed it, then I laid on her, she started moving her hips and started taking my lund inside. I asked her” kaisa lag raha hai” she said “feels like I getting fucked for the first time, you are so good, just push it all the way in, I want to get that big dick inside me and I will not let you go out” I pushed my lund inside, all the way, and then started pumping her, within a minute or two I came. I was off loading my cum inside her, I did not how but it was lot of cum that day, I pushed my dick till I could do it. Then I just collapsed on her. She enjoyed that a lot, her satisfaction was showing on her face. She held me tight inside her pussy even after I was done.


Then my dick started getting back to its normal size, and it came out of pussy. She sat back and there was lot of cum on the floor where her cunt was. She showed me that and said “8 saal ki shaadi me kabhi itna saara pani nahin nikala, aaj to maja aagaya, aap ne mujhe pahle aisa kyon nahin kiya” I said “Seema, I did not know your intensions, I wanted fuck you since the day I saw you but did not have guts at that time” she said “well, at least now we know, we can fuck when ever we get chance”. I took her close to me and then slept on the ground, she was on my body now, and my dick was again getting ready for another treat. She felt my dick and said “wow, one more time, mere pati kabhi ek se jyada baar nahin kar sakte” I said “well, you are so sexy, I can fuck you all night, but if I don’t go back soon, my wife will doubt on me so lets get it done faster” she said “yes, I want one more I told her dont worry since Rakesh is interested in Shilpa a day will come when we will be joining together and making love, lets wait for the day to come, lets play together when Rakesh is out station, I said bye and left for my house. 2 days afterwards I was shocked to hear that Rakesh was transferred and had to leave Silvassa for Delhi, I was to miss such a great body, but when I met Seema she said no problem yaar we can always meet in Delhi when you come on official trip, you can stay with us only.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


By Yumiko

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