Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

It was my younger days. I was at a friend’s house only one that didn’t make fun of me for being being completely hairless an smooth except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and hair my long hair on my head and feminine.

Well she had an older brother by 1.5 yrs. He was kinda of a nerd and geeky. He knew that I dressed as Paula and I wore makeup and lipstick but never seen me completely as Paula. So he didn’t know that my finger nails we’re done and painted and toes painted.

So one afternoon I was completely dressed as Paula head to toe makeup and lipstick and hair done wearing a mini dress and corset and stockings and high heels etc. Lori had come over dressed to. We where walking  talking on the back road .

We just had stopped to sit down on a rock. Here brother David rode up on his bike. Lori asked him what was going on. He said nothing. He didn’t have only couple of friends due to the area and size of the town we lived in. He asked her who I was and I said it me he was very surprised since he never seen me completely as Paula. He said that I looked very beautiful and wonderful as Paula.

Well he asked how long we will be there. Lori said I don’t know why? He asked if he took his bike home if he could come back and walk with us. Lori and I said yes. But hurry up and get back.

While he was gone Lori said that he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. Well before he got back I took my g-string off and hiked up my dress so my stocking tops and garter straps were showing an bottom of my ass cheeks.

We seen him coming up the road so we stood up. Well he got there Lori and I in heels started to walk he was kinda of behind us a little bit . Well my dress rode up a bit more as we walked so since he was behind us was getting show. We stopped so he could catch up. As we stood there Lori asked me if I wanted to due something fun besides walk. I said sure, what is it?

She suggested that we walk up to the the old camper on the hill. I said yes and we squeezed through the gate . The more we walked more my ass show. We had a about 3/4 miles to go and stopped for a break.

We got up to the camper and went in due to I knew where the key was. The drinks were even still there Lori and I left. Well after a few minutes of talking. David said that he heard something outside. I told him go see what it was.

While he was outside Lori said that she thinks he likes me an he keeps looking at me. I told her that he was a chicken and she said that he was all talk . So her and I talked about something before he came back inside.

After a few minutes I said that I should just take my mini dress off for cause I was warm. Well he said you don’t dare to . So I stood up and slipped it off . His jaw dropped and was very surprised when I sat on his lap and asked him he liked what he sees.

He could barely talk and said that he did. Then I got up and Lori said dam what wrong with you to him. She told him that I was on his lap in just a corset and stockings and high heels and no g-string on and he just sat there getting hard by the second.

So I whispered in his ear and asked him if he wanted a bj and to fuck me. He said that he always has been wanting to. So I pulled his shirt off him and undid his pants. I put my hand inside of pants an felt his hard chubby cock. I kissed him passionately.

I got up an had him lay down on the bed and I pulled his pants off and boxers . I started to lick his cock and balls then sucking him he didn’t last but two minutes before he came in and shot his hot load into my mouth and throat.

Well I knew that he be embarrassed so I keep sucking him he got hard again and then got on top of him and rode him for a while till he came again.

Well he couldn’t believe that Lori watched us and was nude playing with herself. Well after a few minutes her and I got dressed and left him there naked.

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