Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Taylor Swift sat back in disbelief, looking over the desk to her agent who had an apologetic look on his face as he explained to her just what her own private company had found out. Taylor had arranged her own warm up acts from among her group of friends so she could not only help her friends get more exposure but also so that she could go on tour and spend all the time with her friends as well. Everything had been going perfectly until one tabloid comment too many had gotten to her friend and now, the blonde headed mega star was left with one act down.

“But Taylor, please don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry!? We’re supposed to be going out onto the world map with millions of dollars in merchandise, lighting and whatever the fuck else you people put on those airplanes and it’s all being throw away!” Taylor exploded, resisting the urge to slap her hands down on the desk but still sitting back and fuming as she looked over at the older man.

“Taylor, please,” The man stopped himself from asking her to calm down, his age was enough to let him know that was stupid. “This is the sort of thing we can rearrange easily. You could make one of the acts stay on stage for a couple of extra songs or you could just play a longer set of songs between the final act and you coming on. Do you understand?”

The words settled in Taylor’s ears and she bit down on her bottom lip, her teeth threatening to scratch away the ruby red lipstick she had chosen to wear today. Her smoky eyeliner accentuated her stormy blue-grey eyes and as she thought on what the man had said, Taylor sighed and nodded her head. Bringing her right hand up, she threaded her fingers through her long blonde hair and she found her voice again.

“Okay… Okay. You’re right.”

“That’s sort of my thing Taylor.” The man said with a smile, prompting a smile from Taylor as well. “But, there’s nothing to say she can’t come out and join you if she wants to go to rehab or even if she just wants some time off to let her name drop from the tabloid hit list.”

“Yeah… Yeah, that makes sense. We could even just let her rest too. Not mention it to her until we come back to the Americas right?”

“Right! That’s a good idea too.” The man complimented her thought patterns. “So, other than that… We’re right on track for you to head off in the next week. You’ll fly out from La Guardia and be in Europe for the next couple of months, taking a bus through mainland Europe and then one final flight to England and Ireland before coming home just in time for the holidays and the new year.”

Taylor sighed softly before nodding her head.

“That makes sense.”

“Okay, did you want to go over anything else?”

“No… No. I think I’m good.”

“Okay, thanks Taylor. Like I said, it’s sort of my thing to make sense so please don’t worry about this. We can get it sorted out for you, you just focus on putting on a crazy good show for those Europeans right?”

Taylor smiled and rolled her eyes before pushing her chair back and slipping up out of the chair. Standing, the two shared a brief hug before she turned and made her way out of the office and down towards where her parked limo was. Her eyes scanned the inside of the parking building and saw her driver standing by the front of the jet black car, a vape pen in his mouth and he was seemingly texting on his phone. Puffing out the smoke, he looked up from his phone and saw Taylor making her way over to where he was. Quickly standing upright and stuffing the vape pen in his jacket’s pocket, the man rushed over to the back of the car and pulled the door open. Taylor smiled to him and pulled her handbag up to the elbow joint of her arm as she thanked him and slipped into the backseat of the limousine. Settling into the car and plugging her seat belt in, Taylor looked up towards the front of the car where the driver was quickly filled in. His own eyes moved up to meet Taylor’s and he asked his question.

“Where to Miss Swift?”

“Home, thank you Dax.” Taylor smiled, using the nickname she had heard his friends use on him almost as punishment for him referring to her as Miss Swift.

“Very good Miss- Taylor.”

That made the 22 singer giggle to herself, pushing herself into the backseat of the limo as she let her head fall backwards slightly. Her mind started to wander as she thought about the tour and what was coming up. Closing her eyes slightly, Taylor opened them again as she looked up towards the rear view mirror and over to the eyes of her driver who was now looking at the road. She always got this excitable before she went on tour and now, she found herself with no real way to escape. Of course, the plane ride to Europe would have given her plenty of time to unwind and destress herself before she would have to get ready to go and perform but now, those options were starting to really dwindle.

So, now what could she do? Just go home, play with her cats and then go to bed with one of her toys? Call up one of the escort numbers she had in her phone? She could just use her phone and read one of those smutty stories people wrote about her and her friends. She still really could hold a southern soiree and no one would be the wiser. Chewing down on her bottom lip again, a nervous move she would often make, Taylor let out a breath of air and closed her eyes before she reached into her bag and plucked her cellphone out to her hands. Unlocking the phone and looking down at the screen, Taylor’s right thumb hovered over the screen before she ignored all the apps and went down to the large ‘Chrome’ button on the bottom bar to bring up her phone’s web browser. As her eyes scrolled over the main headlines, Taylor found her eyes settling on the entertainment section. There were a couple of handsome, younger guys who were standing together with a pop art style image over them to make their faces really stand out.

It was doing the trick for Taylor admittedly.

Sitting up and clicking on the link, Taylor read over the news article. A pair of New York City Youtubers were now sitting down with one of the many record companies to record their debut album. They were famous for starting off as a comedy double act but eventually moving into a more serious musical act, one of the duo, Cliff, would play the guitar and sing back-up vocals while the other guy, Jeff, would take the lead vocals. They were sitting at a more than comfortable thirty million subscribers, about six million less than her official channel, and they frequently got comments and people screaming for them to be more famous. Her thumb came up and brushed against her lips before she thought it over.

She could invite these guys on tour with her. Her team wouldn’t have to worry about fixing it up and she would have a couple of guys at her disposal as well. That sounded like a good excuse for her to find a way to get her itch scratched and also fill out her tour card. As the limo came to a stop inside typical New York traffic, Taylor’s mind came to a decision and she closed out the web browser and brought up her phone’s contact list. Scrolling through until she found the name she wanted, Taylor pressed her thumb down and brought her phone up to her ear. The phone rang for a few moments before the woman on the other side of the line picked up.


“Nancy! Hi! Listen, I know you guys are putting the tour together and everything but I wanted to see if you could pull some strings?”

The line was briefly quiet before Nancy spoke again.

“Uh, sure? What do you need?”

“I’ve been reading about these guys online, The Four F’s?” Taylor asked, her eyes flicking to the outside of the car before back to the inside of the car.

“Oh yeah! I love those guys!” Nancy, the woman who Taylor’s people generally got in touch with when the blonde mega star was ready to record a new album said.

“Awesome! Did you know they’re recording their album in New York?”

“Are they? Oh… Oh. I get what you’re saying. You want me to find out where?”

“Could you?”

Nancy laughed down the line.

“Of course I can! Give me ten minutes and I’ll ring around my contacts. Someone will know where they’re recording.”

Taylor nodded her head. “Okay, I’ll speak to you soon then.” Taylor said, the two said their goodbyes and Taylor hung the phone up. Tossing the phone back into her purse, the blonde sat back in the car and she felt a rush of relief threaten to break over her. Was she still as horny as before the phone call? Yeah, she probably was as well but the stress was definitely coming to a near stop. Crossing her legs in the back of the car, Taylor pressed her thighs together as various lewd, dirty thoughts started to dance through her mind. Her mind was wandering and as she was ready to really think about getting between The Four F’s and having them ravage her body, Taylor’s phone rang again.

“Taylor?” Nancy spoke up into the phone’s receiver, speaking towards the blonde woman.

“Nancy, hi!” Taylor greeted.

“So, I found out where they’re recording. Not too difficult in New York like you suggested.” Nancy said, agreeing with what Taylor had said. “They’ve checked into the Midtown main studio, you know Phoenix Feathers recording?”

“I know the place, yeah.”

“They’re there. It was the place you went to work on 1989 when you first moved to New York. Shouldn’t be the end of the world for you to find right?”

“Not at all, I’ll head over there now. Thanks Nancy!” Taylor said, hanging the phone up without really giving the member of her management time to dwell on it. Tossing her phone to the seat, her eyes floated up to the rear view and she spoke out. “Can we head to midtown please Dax?” She asked, calling up to her driver. The two made eye contact before she nodded her head. “Yeah, the studio.”

“Of course Taylor. Let me take you there now.” The driver said, changing lanes and taking Taylor towards the deeper, more busy part of one of the more full cities in all of America. Looking out into the city, Taylor grabbed her phone again and quickly fired off a text back to her manager who had previously let her know that her friend had needed to drop out of the support act.

‘Found a replacement act, will get them to send over the necessary information.’ Was all the blonde needed to send, her eyes scanning the text over once more before hitting the send button. Ignoring the fact that she was getting messages back just as quickly as she had sent it, Taylor grabbed the small makeup mirror she had brought with her and inspected her reflection. Clad in a tight white t-shirt with a black pea coat on over it and some black skinny jeans to go with the pea coat, Taylor knew she wasn’t exactly in prime seducing clothing but she figured she was good enough as she was. She knew she looked good, there was enough people that would spam her instagram with lewd comments about what they were going to do to those pictures that she could feel comfortable with it.

Despite having to deal with the traffic, the trip was actually pretty short and soon enough, the limo had come to a stop outside of the building. Looking out of the window and up towards the top of the building, Taylor ignored Dax’s comment that he was coming out to open her door for her instead, she simply let him know that she would get in touch with him when she was done. Opening the door and walking straight across the sidewalk to the large recording studio in the middle of New York, Taylor stepped inside of the recording studio. As she crossed the threshold inside the base of the building, she had almost directly snapped out of her horny haze and she was back to being the HBIC a lot of her fans, and people on her payroll, considered her to be. The building had been a hotel but it had been changed to a set of office blocks before someone had the idea to merge it into being a set of musical rooms and various other things you could possibly require to make a record in New York City.

Walking up to the main desk, Taylor put a warm smile on her face to encourage the guy behind the desk to give up the information as to where The Four F’s were recording. The information was easy enough for someone like her though, she could easily say she was fronting the money up and she just wanted to check in or she was just wanting to meet the guys or something along those lines and it would be enough for the person behind the desk to believe her. Now, with a key card in her hand to the recording studio and the floor that they were recording on, Taylor walked into the lift and pressed the button for the floor. Closing her eyes and doing her best to ignore the arousal that was starting to creep into her mind again, Taylor tried to focus herself on getting a new act for her to go on tour with.


“Yeah it sounds good if you want our tracks to sound like a Playstation game! Seriously, you might as well just throw some bad Japanese to English translations on it and I can see it being on one of those stupid black discs!” Jeff argued as Cliff turned around in the chair from the mixing desk to look at his friend. The room was actually quite small and while the two were enjoying a comfortable level of fame, they weren’t Billie Eilish or someone who would be deserving of one of the bigger studios so they were sitting quite close to each other with, naturally, a Mac computer recording their new album on it.

Cliff let out a bored sigh, sick of arguing with his friend before rolling the sleeve of his dark blue henley top up to look at his wristwatch to see just how long they had been inside the recording studio. He knew what they had to work on was important but with them both arguing with each other on how the songs should sound was starting to really grind on his nerves. Looking up towards the vocal shield, Cliff was torn between just moving on to the next song or working on the one they were currently arguing about. Spinning around in the office chair he was sitting in, the older of the two men pulled his Mac back onto his lap and started to tap away at the computer’s keyboard before sighing again and dragging one of the large blue bars, the one with the musical keyboard being more prominent, onto the current track arrangement.

“So how about this then?” Cliff said, looking over his shoulder to his friend, and band mate to see what he thought of the new one. “It’s the first cut I arranged but I wasn’t sure on.”

Cliff got it set up and then hit the play button, almost wincing as he half expected Jeff to dislike it as soon as the track started. The song began and slowly it started to come to life only with the subtle keyboard sounds filling in the track and putting it to life with more of a big bang arrangement. Leaning back and pushing the small headphone into his ear so he could fully hear the song, he turned to look at Jeff who had his eyes closed and was leaning backwards so he could hear the song completely by himself without any real distractions. Not even thirty seconds had passed before he pulled the headphone out of his ear and shook his head.

“We can’t tell like this. Unplug the headphones and restart the track.”

Cliff nodded his head silently and unplugged the headphones from the joint socket and dragged the tracking cursor right back to the start of the song. Hitting the play button again with the cursor, Cliff sat back and relaxed in the chair as the song started to fill the inside of the small room. His chair spun slightly to the right so he could fully observe just what was running through Jeff’s mind as he sat there on the cheap olive green futon provided by the studio and they both listened to the song.

The studio, while small, was actually pretty decent. It was about the size of a small office, there was a small mixing desk with amplifiers in one corner and the ‘vocal’ area being in the other corner where a microphone was left standing with a half cover wrapping around it with a set of thick black padding in to ensure that no outside sound could get in and taint the track. The floor of the studio was a mix of linoleum and a dark scratchy carpet which held where the seating areas was. There wasn’t much in terms of seating though, the futon and the office chair that Cliff was sitting on was pretty much all they had and all they needed too. Sometimes, they would have an extra set of ears in the room leading the recording process. But, for most of what they were working on was without any sort of guidance due to them having to put the money up to use the studios and relying on Kickstarter money.

While the two men had their backs to the entrance of the studio, neither of them could even tell that they were joined by one more set of ears. Taylor walked inside the room but stopped a little before actually walking in towards the pair of men. Looking at them, Taylor could feel herself almost falling back into that horny haze she had been dealing with. Her eyes looked over Cliff and then Jeff and seeing them focusing so hard on their music was enough for Taylor to feel like her heart was racing. While her heart was pounding, Taylor unbuckled her coat’s belt and loosed it so she could strip down to just her tight shirt. She placed her coat on one of the free hooks that were on the wall next to the door and waited for a good moment to introduce herself. As she waited, she caught the sounds of the song they were working on. It came to a stop and as she stepped forward to talk, she was interrupted by either Cliff or Jeff.

She couldn’t tell who was who at this point.

“I don’t know… I don’t think it works.” The one on the couch said with a sigh. The one in the chair nodded his head, exhaling as well.

“Yeah, it doesn’t.”

“I think it sounds great!” Taylor said, walking forward to both scare the hell out of the men but also to let them know she was there. Both of the guys did almost jump out of their skin at the sight of her being there as they turned to face her. “Hi guys.” She said with a smile, waving softly. Walking a little further so she was now fully in the room with the two men, Taylor crossed her arms softly under her breasts, pushing them upwards almost subconsciously as she looked to both the guys.

“You think it sounds good?” Guy on the futon asked as the guy in the chair pushed it backwards and stood up to greet her.

“Uh, I’m Cliff, this is Jeff?” Cliff said, pointing to himself and the guy on the futon.

“Dude, Taylor Swift just complimented our work and that’s what you go with?”

“I don’t know man, this isn’t exactly normal!” Cliff said, arguing with Jeff as the two turned to face each other. “Wait, how did you even get up here? Isn’t it locked?” Cliff said, turning back to face Taylor who simply smiled. Lifting the hem of her shirt up to show the waist of her pants and also the key card to the studio that she had tucked into her jeans.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’m pretty famous.” Taylor said with a wicked smile on her face.

“Uh, okay…” Jeff started, standing up to join the other two people inside the studio. “So, I’m guessing you aren’t here just to compliment our work. What can we do for you?” Jeff asked, the reason for her being there coming up for the trio to discuss.

“Well, I don’t know if you read the tabloids but one of my support acts on my next tour has had to pull out and go into rehab. That last part, is of course if you believe the tabloids.” Taylor said with a smirk, sticking her tongue out and pushing her finger towards her open mouth to simulate being sick. “I know you guys are huge on YouTube so I wanted to invite you on tour with me.” She said with a smile, her eyes moving from side to side to look at both of the men who were in turn looking at each other.

“I mean…” Jeff started, his hand coming up and scratching at his chin and then threading his fingers through his thick chestnut hair.

Cliff looked over to Jeff before he spoke up. “We can’t.”

“You can’t?” Taylor asked, her voice raising slightly, almost in disbelief. “Why not?”

“We’ve got to work on this album.” Jeff said, seemingly coming down on the side of Cliff as well. “We had people donate to our cause to get the album out. We can’t just take their money and come on tour with you instead of doing what we were paid to do you know?”

“I mean that’s great and everything but come on? You could be on tour with me? Think about how many new people you could hear you with the tour?” Taylor argued the point, her eyes flicking between the two men.

“Look, it sounds great and I’m sure we could do more with being on your tour but more ears isn’t really enough for us to say yes.”

Getting frustrated with the lack of progress, Taylor looked over to the two men and then her mind conjured up an idea she could go with. Looking at the two men and then running her tongue over her bottom lip, she decided to voice it.

“Well, I could offer you some alternatives.”

“Alternatives?” Cliff asked, looking at Taylor. “Like what?”

Well, she had to do it now.

“Like me.” Taylor said, her voice getting slightly lower and huskier. She grabbed at the bottom of her shirt and then puller her shirt up over her body and left herself in her bra and skinny jeans. Looking at them both as they went slightly wide eyed, Taylor then undid the button on her skinny jeans and rolled them down her legs, kicking her shoes off as she did so. Now, standing before the men in only her bra and panties, Taylor looked down at the front of the guys pants and could see a sizeable bulge starting to grown in their pants. She licked her lips again, almost signalling that she was going to get just what she wanted. “Like.” Taylor added, walking a little further into the room, her bare feet plodding against the linoleum of the floor so that she was now standing directly between the two men. “Me.” She finished, dropping down to her knees now on the floor and fully committed to what she wanted to do..

With Taylor now on her knees between the men, they started to get with the programme quite quickly and they moved forward for her to take hold of them. She licked her lips, watching them unzip and the horny haze she was dealing with earlier started to come back and flood her panties with arousal. Her fingers moved up from her thighs and she took hold of the two dicks in front of her. Slowly pumping her hands up and down on them, she felt them come to life in her touch while she stroked them up and down. Nodding her head, Taylor smiled up to the men.

“I bet the tour is looking better now huh?” Before they had a chance to answer, she opened her mouth up and wrapped her lips around the fat head of Cliff’s dick. Hearing the man moan, Taylor started to push her lips down a little further on the cock in her mouth while her hand came up off of the dick and both hands moved to take hold of Jeff’s dick, wrapping her hand around the cock while the other hand cupped his balls and offered them a gentle squeeze. Sliding her hand up and down, she worked on sucking Cliff’s dick while she jerked Jeff’s dick. This was certainly a new experience for Taylor but as she worked her lips up and down on Cliff’s dick, she found that she was doing it well from the sounds of the men as they moaned for her. The horny haze that was taking her over started to dampen her panties, she knew the scent of it would start to fill the room.

As her tongue pushed up against the underside of the cock in her mouth, she brushed it all over the skin while her hand offered Jeff’s pole a gentle squeeze and her other hand cupped and massaged his heavy balls. Slowly moving her lips up and down, her hands worked together to take her hand all the way up and down on Jeff’s length and her hand both cupped and squeezed his sack. Working her hands and mouth, Taylor’s eyes opened briefly to look up at the men while she was double teaming both of the lengths of her hopeful new support act. Working her lips all the way down to the point where her nose was buried inside the curly pubic hair of Cliff, she pulled her mouth up to catch her breath.

Moving her mouth over to the other hard dick, Taylor’s hands left Jeff’s cock and she briefly steadied Cliff’s pole with both of her hands. With the dick hard and to life, she opened her mouth up and sucked on Jeff’s head while her hands moved up and she started to jerk off Cliff’s slightly wet dick. Her eyes flicked open and she made eye contact with both of the men as she happily moved her mouth up and down on the slightly fatter pole and her hands were stroking against the longer, thinner dick. Using her tongue to bathe Jeff’s dick, she let out a low moan as she felt Jeff’s hand slide through her long blonde hair and started to help her take the cock inside of her mouth. Sliding her lips up and down as Jeff seemed to direct her, Taylor closed her eyes and just moaned around the pole as she pressed her lips down tightly. Her hands slowly moved up and down just working on stroking the skin rather than doing all of the other things she had been doing with Jeff’s cock.

Sliding her mouth up on one dick and down and stroking the other one, Taylor couldn’t help but blush as she worked on them both and felt like such a cheap slut for doing this. Especially since she didn’t even really know these guys but as she did it and heard them both moaning for her, she ignored the feeling and just focused on giving these guys the best appeal she could do. Looking up at them with heavy eyelids slightly obscuring her view, she could see them both hot and heavy and ready for more but as she sucked on them, she knew she could do more.

Pulling her lips up off of Jeff’s dick and her hands came up off of Cliff’s cock as well. But, before they had a real chance to argue the point, Taylor stretched her mouth open wide and pushed her lips forward to swallow them both. Her lips closed down and as the cocks filled her mouth, Taylor screwed her eyes shut and let her tongue come up and bathe both of the dicks in her warm saliva while she happily blew both of them in her mouth. She knew this was doubly horny and slutty for her to do but she really didn’t care as she let them both inside of her mouth. She could hear them both moaning for her and now two sets of hands were in her hair but she couldn’t tell whose hand was whose but she also didn’t really care as her panties just continued to soak.

Despite having deepthroated the couple of the dicks in front of her, with two dicks in her mouth Taylor couldn’t really get them much further inside of her mouth. So, her tongue moved up to beat against both of the dick heads in her mouth. Bathing them in her warm, wet saliva, Taylor couldn’t really believe that both of the poles had fit inside of her mouth. Slipping her lips forward a little bit, she pushed her mouth forward and the dicks disappeared inside of her mouth just a little bit more. Coughing and spluttering while she double teamed the two dicks inside of her mouth, Taylor moved her lips backwards a little bit so she could at least breathe through her nose while she sucked on them both. Working her mouth up and down, Taylor could feel her breath starting to become slightly heavier and with regret, she opened her mouth up and let Jeff’s dick fall from her mouth.

Her eyes flicked open and she watched as Jeff’s fat, heavy dick came up and smacked against her cheek. She moaned as she felt the heavy, bulbous head of Jeff’s monster beat against her cheek and side of her face. Closing her eyes and letting Jeff just beat his dick against her face while she slipped her mouth up and down on Cliff’s longer dick. Sliding her lips up and down as she felt the impact of Jeff’s cock smacking against her cheek, Taylor moaned around the cock and brought her hand up to steady herself with the inside of Cliff’s thigh. Holding herself steady, Taylor bobbed her head up and down, a little bit faster to time it so every time she brought her mouth up she was able to be smacked against the cheek with Jeff’s dick.

As she pushed her mouth down, she felt a hand tug on her hair, opening her eyes, she could tell that Cliff was ready to cum. Pushing her lips down one last time, she looked over to Jeff who took a step back and let her go to work. However, as her lips came up and slipped off of his dick she was surprised to have Cliff’s cock erupt and shoot his load out from his cock and against her face. Spraying the load over her face, covering her right eye with his cum, some landed in her hair and the last set sprayed over her cheek and bottom lip. Taylor moaned as the cum smacked against her face, painting her porcelain skin with his thick load. Letting him finish, Taylor wiped at her eye and then looked up at Cliff who was now sweating through his shirt.

“Are you done?” She asked, expecting an answer in the negative so she could at least keep going.

“Not at all.” He said, a smile on his face as he looked down at her and then over to Jeff who was slowly stroking his own dick.

“Good.” Was all she needed to say, standing up and sucking the load she had wiped off of her face up off of her finger. She looked over to Jeff and shot him a smile. Her thumbs came up to the waistband of her panties and she started to push the silky material down her long thighs and down towards the ground. She was helped up to her feet by Jeff and Cliff but as she was brought up, she could see Jeff moving behind her. His hands came up to her back and slowly unbuckled her bra, slipping it off of her body so she was now totally naked in front of the two men. Standing between the two men, Taylor looked over her shoulder to see what they wanted to do but she was given her answer fairly quickly when Jeff’s hands came up to her shoulders and she was encouraged to be bent over. Taylor moaned gently as she was rearranged but she was into it. Spreading her legs a little bit to keep herself standing for the two men.

She reached behind herself and rubbed against her lips before she felt the fat dick head that she knew belonged to Jeff push against her. Feeling her pussy spread open ever so slightly, Taylor moaned as her walls were split open and the incredibly fat dick moved inside of her. Jeff took hold of her by the waist and steadied her, keeping her bent over in front of him as he slipped himself inside of her. Moving himself inside of her and then pulling his hips backwards, Taylor could feel her walls being spread and her tight pussy being filled with his cock. Gritting her teeth and letting out a near silent moan as she was filled, Taylor could feel her horny haze being fucked almost out of her.

As Jeff moved his hips backwards and then rammed his hips forward, her body was rocked with how his dick was moving and she could almost feel herself getting pumped out of her body. She closed her eyes and let the cock hammer inside of her while she had her wet lips fucked. Taylor rocked backwards and forwards, her body being moved with the strong pushes of the man behind her as her tight walls were forced to be spread open. Biting down on her bottom lip and closing her eyes as best as she could do while she was fucked, Taylor let out a squeal of pleasure as he hit one particular sweet spot inside of her. Her eyes flashed open and as Jeff fucked her from behind, she could see Cliff was already stroking his dick to life. Looking over to him, she grinned and brought her right hand up to beckon him over.

Watching the other man with the long, thin cock step in front of her, Taylor nodded her head and opened her mouth to let the man slip his dick right back inside of her mouth. As she had her mouth filled with the cock, Taylor felt the full force of Jeff’s push from behind and she was forced forward to swallow every single inch of the longer, thin cock. Taylor’s hand came up and rubbed against Cliff’s chest as the man she was sucking on moved his hands through her hair and held her in place as he started to slide his own hips backwards and forwards, working in tandem with her band mate who was behind her and giving her pussy the work out she had so desperately needed. Even with cum on her face already, Taylor wanted more than this sort of action.

Jeff’s dick was working inside of her, moving backwards and forwards pushing himself inside of her pussy. Taylor’s walls were tight and squeezing down on his length making him feel like he was fucking a silk vice but with each pump inside of her, his balls started to slap against her slippery clit and the sounds of the three people moaning and his heavy balls slapping against her skin as he pumped into her. His hands held her by the sides before he moved his left one up and under her body, cupping and squeezing her breasts as he hammered her. Moving backwards and forwards while she swallowed down on Cliff’s dick, the man was struggling to really believe what was happening in front of him but as he took hold of her nipple, he found he didn’t really care.

Taylor closed her eyes and let Cliff use her mouth, filling it up with his long dick as she had her throat bumped with every other push of Cliff’s body. As she started to cough and splutter around it, she looked up at Cliff who then took a step backwards and pulled his dick back and out of her mouth so she could take some more deep lungs full of air. Cliff’s dick had no sooner been out of her mouth before she could feel the beads of saliva she had produced in her mouth being slapped against her cheek and lips. The cock was nice and hard again and as Jeff pumped inside of her, she was having her cheeks cock slapped and it was enough to make her even more wet. Jeff’s hand moved from each of her tits, giving her nipples a tweak and it was enough for Taylor to grunt and then let out a low whine. However, as soon as the whine escaped her mouth, it was replaced by an extra loud scream as she was flushed by an orgasm.

Jeff continued to pump in and out of her, his hands holding onto her by her breasts as his big, heavy balls beat against her clit and it pushed her right over the edge. Her walls clamped down tight on his length and almost threatened to stop him from even going further inside of her. But, he had already got her ready for the fucking and as he slipped inside of her, he just held her on his dick as she came hard around him and soaked his cock with her hot streams of cum. Taylor panted in pleasure and her head almost fell limp as she rode the pleasure of orgasming hard around the fat cock inside of her.

“Oh fuck me…” Taylor grunted, her right forearm coming up and wiping the sweat away from her forehead to try and keep herself somewhat presentable even with a load of cum drying on her face.

“I think that’s the idea.” Jeff said, pulling his hips back and offering her round ass a firm slap.

Taylor shrieked at the contact but she nodded her head.

“You dirty fucks are just getting started aren’t you?” She asked, using language far unexpected of the current Queen of Pop music. Jeff answered the question with a hard flick of his hips that rammed her forwards and almost sent her over the end of his dick as he fucked her from behind. “Fuck! So fucking big!” Taylor grunted, almost in surprise but relishing the feeling of the big dick inside of her. “Bigger than my last boyfriends.” Taylor panted as Jeff pulled his hips backwards and then pumped them forwards.

Cliff looked over at Jeff who now had a wide grin on his face at getting that compliment. He reached down and tangled his fingers in her hair before letting the strands of blonde hair fall from his touch and letting the non cum stained strands of hair fall down to the sides of her face.

“I think this sexy little kitty wants some more.” Cliff said, looking at her as she was bounced backwards and forwards.

“Okay, fuck… Okay Jeff… Stop…” Taylor panted, her hand coming up off of Cliff’s body and raking her fingers through her hair and then pulling herself forward and up off of Jeff’s dick by clasping onto Cliff’s body. She looked around and saw the office chair that had been used previously for editing and working on their album. She looked at the two men before nodding her head to it. “Jeff, sit down. Cliff get behind me.” She ordered, arranging the men in the way she wanted. Watching the man take her orders and sit down on the chair, Taylor walked forward and threw her legs down on top of Jeff’s. Leaning forward slightly, Taylor reached between her legs and guided the fat cock right back inside of her. With each move of her legs, Taylor slipped her long legs between the thin gap that held the back rest up and sank herself down on Jeff’s fat cock. Her head fell back and she let out a long, low moan of pleasure. Her golden hair ran down the back of her body and her sweaty body started to adjust to having the same fat cock back inside of her pussy.

Grunting, Taylor looked behind her and nodded towards Cliff as if to suggest what she wanted. Her right hand came behind her and then she pried apart her ass cheeks to show off her asshole and new target for Cliff to go for. The man moved forward and as Taylor bent forward, her breasts being pushed into Jeff’s face, she closed her eyes and held herself all the way down on Jeff’s dick. The slick cock that she had sucked on was now pushing up against her ass. Biting down on her bottom lip, Taylor then had her asshole pushed open by the long, thin cock and she was filled up with dick. Taylor paused for a moment before her hands pushed down on Jeff’s shoulders to push her up and down on the fat cock that was splitting her open.

Cliff watched as Taylor started to bounce herself up and down on Jeff’s cock and he moved to angle himself with her, pushing himself upwards and into her asshole before pulling backwards and then moved inside of her all while she bounced herself up and down on the dick belonging to the man in the chair. Working herself up and down, Taylor could feel her ass being split open and being doubly stuffed with the massive cock inside of her pussy. Biting down on her bottom lip and doing her best to not just cum there and then again. Taylor started to slide herself up and down, bouncing on Jeff’s cock. She felt the hand on her shoulder and it was enough for her to know that Cliff was angling himself to slide his dick inside of her ass to meet her bounces. Taylor’s hair was starting to get messy with sweat as she felt another sheen of sweat coming alive and sticking to her body as she moved up and down. Her hands came up and clasped behind Jeff’s neck, pulling him closer to her chest so she could have her breasts ravaged as well.

Taylor had both of her holes filled of dick and as she worked herself up and down with Cliff being behind her to use her asshole, she felt so nasty, so dirty and just so God damned right too. Her head fell back and her mouth fell open in a near permanent gasp for air. She could feel lips being wrapped around her nipple, teeth teasing against the hard nub as she bounced up and down on Jeff’s dick while Cliff pushed his hips forward to meet her bounces. Looking over her shoulder, Taylor grunted in pleasure and panted before moaning out loud and letting them both fuck her holes.

“Fuck! Fucking use me boys!” Taylor panted out, her pussy getting stretched just like her asshole was behind her. Bouncing up and down on the two cocks, Taylor could barely keep herself contained as she slammed herself down and she started to cum again. “Fuck!” She screamed out, accentuating the point of cumming all over Jeff’s dick. Even with the orgasm dripping out over Jeff’s cock and down onto the chair, she continued to bounce herself up and down, accentuating the point with the creaking of the chair Jeff was sitting on. Looking behind her and watching Cliff slide himself in and out of her, Taylor’s body was slick with sweat and she was almost dripping with pleasure as both of her holes were being used so thoroughly by the two men she wanted on tour with her. Feeling her asshole get spread open, she hadn’t been fucked this good since she had been fucked on New Year’s day with the rest of her girl group. She was filled with cock and she couldn’t quite believe she was being filled this much and as soon as she pushed her hips down again, she started to cum for the third time.

Her grasp on Jeff’s shoulders tightened and she pulled him closer to her chest to let him fully be absorbed in her chest. Jeff’s lips kissed and licked against both of her breasts, her teeth nibbling down on the nipple from each of her breasts. Cliff, behind her, slipped in and out of her ass, grunting as he fucked the tight hole behind her as both of her holes clamped down on her from both of her long, explosive orgasms. Sliding himself backwards and forwards, pushing through the clamped down hole to fill her with the long spit slick dick, his hands came up and held onto her by the shoulders. As Taylor’s hair was tugged, she let her head come backwards and she felt both of them bouncing in and out of her and fucking both of her holes.

The two men were both keeping up with her requests and as they pumped in and out of her, they were both doing their absolute best to hold off on the orgasms that were threatening to rip through their bodies. Sliding in and out of her, Jeff bounced her up and down, working with Cliff before pulling himself up and moving with Jeff to hold her up. Jeff’s hands moved up under the bottom of her legs and spreading them. Keeping hold of her knees and placing them over the inside of his elbows, he helped her bounce up and down on his dick while Cliff slipped up inside of her ass, moving from behind and sliding up into her. Taylor’s head fell backwards and she called out various expletives as she was doubly filled with dick. Taylor’s right hand came up and smacked against Cliff’s chest gently as she was fucked.

“Ah fuck… Going to cum…” Jeff called out as a warning, prompting Taylor to open her eyes and look over at him.

“Cum on my face, put me down you big dicked bastards!” Taylor panted out, her sweaty body almost giving up on her exhaustive fuck session. Slowly, the two men dropped her down and got to the point where Jeff was standing in front of her and she was now riding Cliff’s dick as it was left inside of her ass. Moving herself around so her feet were now planted on the rough carpet, she started to bounce up and down on the long cock, Cliff helping her move up and down as Jeff stood in front of her face. Taylor’s pussy was dripping from all of her orgasms and she had little doubt that the room was going to reek of sex once the three were done but as she rode the cock in her ass, she didn’t really care. Her hands came up and she took hold of Jeff’s cock and she teasingly licked against the head of Jeff’s cock, scooping up some of her cum off of the pole.

Riding Cliff’s dick, she could feel the man beneath her start to twitch as well, almost as if he was going to cum again. She stroked her hands up and down on Jeff’s cock before the man trembled and started to cum. Shooting his load out and onto her face, cumming on the other side to where Cliff had shot his load. Jeff’s cum tore over her face, landing over her eye and onto her cheek and chin, some getting into her mouth as the other came over her forehead. Stroking the cock to the point where it was empty, Taylor panted in both pleasure and relief. Just as she caught her breath though, she felt Cliff bounce his dick up inside of her asshole and he started to cum. Firing his load inside of her back door, Taylor’s head fell back and her long golden hair, still slick with sweat, fell down between her shoulders all while she let him just fill her asshole with his hot cum.

As the cum started to finish being fired into her asshole, Taylor slowly pulled herself down to make sure none of the cum would escape and then, she pulled herself up. Moving up and off of the long cock, Taylor almost lost her balance as she fell forward and onto her hands and knees so she could at least catch her breath. Taking a deep lungful of air, Taylor moved forward on her hands and knees and she could almost giggle at the feeling of the load inside of her ass threatening to leak out of her. The cum on her face was already enough to make her feel disgusting but having cum in her ass as well as two loads, she knew it was enough for her to look like an absolute whore. Opening her one clear eye, Taylor turned herself around and took a seat on the carpet, the cum threatening to leak out of her rear.

“So… You sure you can’t come on tour with me?” Taylor had never really experienced post-nut clarity before, she had heard of it but it had never really hit her like it was now. She looked up at them and waited for their answer, all while she recovered from the intense fuck session.

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