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There are moments in life that define you, and this was one of them. I could feel the dog’s slobber drip onto my back, it’s hot breath panting in my ear, it’s slippery cock jabbing wildly leaving wet trails across my ass. It was at that moment that I knew with every fibre of my being that I wanted to become a dog slut. As I felt the dog’s movements become more frantic my mind flashed back to how I started this journey and it was hard to imagine it was less than a week ago.

It was a dreary Monday morning as I sat at my husband’s computer idly flicking through his browser history, which he normally carefully cleared, wondering what sort of things really turned him on, when I caught sight of myself in the mirror. “I am still attractive,” I thought as I looked at myself with a critical eye. My long straight black hair fell just past my shoulders and as my deep brown eyes stared back at me, I took in my full figure. Sitting a little more upright I thrust out my 38C breasts that still had little sag despite reaching my 40th birthday a few months back. I stood and sucked my tummy in a little, and admired that my ass was still tight, thanks to the regular gym workouts. “You still got it girl,” I said with a smile, and sat back down at the computer. “But life is just so goddamned dull,” I sighed, as I clicked the next URL on the history page.

I gasped at the image that popped onto the screen, a picture of a naked woman on all fours being mounted by a large, black, Great Dane. The voices in my head were screaming to close the browser, but I watched my hand, almost involuntarily, navigate the mouse to the big red PLAY button and click.

My mouth went dry as the sound of the woman’s moaning filled the room and I sat spell bound as I watched the cause of her moaning, a huge angry red dog cock, which rapidly plunged in and out of her body. She looked helpless and trapped beneath the powerful beast, yet from the sounds she was making, she was clearly enjoying herself. I felt the sight of a woman and a dog should repulse me but I felt myself get wet and hot between my legs. Blindly without thought, I slipped my panties off from under my dress and put my feet up onto the desk. Spreading my knees wide apart, feeling wonderfully slutty and excited, I started to rub myself frantically. I heard the woman panting as it seemed our orgasms were building together, and as she screamed with pleasure the dog clearly unloaded inside her as I thrust 3 fingers deep inside, fucking myself hard, shuddering as a huge orgasm burst through me. In what seemed like ages later, the video had stopped and I stared at the screen waiting for my heart to slow to normal beat. My face reddened as I thought about what I had seen and the way I had reacted, yet as I scrubbed myself in the shower, my nerve endings still tingling, I knew a fire had been lit that might never be put out.

I could hardly wait for my husband to leave for work the next day, though he left with a huge smile on his face. The night before we had made love and the best was as he took me on all fours. As he puffed away hardly believing his luck at sex on a weekday, I closed my eyes and imagined I was that woman with the black Great Dane fucking me into ecstasy. Often I have to fake it with my husband, but not last night, as I came easily and viciously as I pictured myself as a dog slut.

His car hadn’t even pulled out of the drive when I clicked on the first link and watched, holding my breath, as a different dog, a large Alsatian, mounted a different woman. I was more prepared this time, the robe I had worn to see my husband off to work was now discarded on the other side of the room and I sat in the chair naked. Earlier after a frenzied search I had found the never before used dildo that had been bought as a joke for my 40th birthday party. That night it had been waved in the air a few times to loud peals of laughter, subject of a few dirty jokes before ending up being hidden in the back of my underwear drawer. Now, it sat staring at me on the desk, as if it knew what I was becoming.

The dildo was bigger than I remembered and my hand didn’t quite fit round its girth. I could feel the lifelike veins on its black and smooth skin and I began to become concerned it wouldn’t actually fit, as it was at least twice as big as my husband that meant it must be nearly 10″ long. Still wondering, I clicked on more and more links and felt myself flood as the screen filled with the images of woman after woman being fucked by dogs and sucking their cocks. As quick as one video started it seemed to end, sometimes leaving me unfulfilled, almost sobbing I clicked on yet more links and was soon rewarded. I lost count of how many orgasms I had over the next few hours and my pussy was sore from the savage fucking I had given it over the morning with the huge dildo, which now fitted with ease.

Needing a break, but still seeking knowledge and not wanting to leave this exciting new world, I logged onto a chat site that specialised in more extreme sex. Selecting the dog sex room, I entered my screen name as Sally Slut and started chatting. After a couple of hours I had learned a few things about dog sex, not the least being that it was more common than I had thought. I explored my feelings & fantasies and had joked and flirted with many men and a few women, causing me to squirm in my chair with lust, though the dildo had sat unused like a huge black totem pole on the desk. I started to feel more relaxed but was still cautious about revealing any details apart from my name for fear of the dangers of blackmail about liking such a taboo subject. I had become more open about my desires and although I had never had any lesbian encounters in real life, over the years I had a couple of lesbian fantasies about certain women I knew and found chatting with other women even more stimulating, though I suspected more than one was a man. I was about to log off, grab a shower and make lunch when a name popped up requesting a private chat. It was the name that caught my eye and made me accept, Julie_C that was the same name as my neighbour including the initial of her last name. She also happened to be one of the women I had fantasised over & I remembered how at my birthday party her and her husband had mingled quietly, moving around the room like two large cats stalking their prey. I felt my pussy tingle and my face redden as I recalled how that night I had locked myself in our bathroom and fingering myself to a climax imaging it was her fingers inside me.

I forgot all about lunch as we chatted, slowly becoming friends, as I told her about my dog fantasies and my boring sex life. I was pretty certain it wasn’t my neighbour though the fantasy of it actually being her fuelled my growing desire. She described to me some of her wild past and as she described her exploits, especially how as a young woman a dog had fucked her, I couldn’t help but touch myself. The touching soon gave way to me sliding the dildo slowly in and out moaning as its full length filled me. She must have guessed what I was doing as my typing became shorter and in places more jumbled. “You are touching yourself aren’t you” the words rolled across my screen as without thinking I typed “yes”. The next few sentences & my actions changed my life forever.

Julie’s words appeared, “If you want I can arrange to more than fulfill your desire for dog cock. I will have you fucked over and over, every hole used by dogs and when you have their cum dripping from you I will fist your cunt making you my slut if that is your desire.” I was pumping the black dildo in and out with one hand as I tried to type with other. Before I could reply the words appeared, “turn on your web cam slut and I will turn on mine.” My brain screamed `NO’ as I knew the huge dangers but I couldn’t stop myself clicking enable camera. As the main image started to form I could see in the bottom corner my own image showing me with legs wide apart, the black dildo pushed deep into my pussy, juices bubbling round the small amount still showing. My heart nearly stopped as I found myself staring into the piercing blue eyes of my sexy neighbour as she smiled and pinned me with a look that went to the depths of my soul. I wanted to stop, click close and run away screaming but knew it was too late as her soft velvety voice filled the room. “That’s it my slut, work that dildo in your cunt knowing that soon my hounds will take you like a whore and make you their bitch.” The words and the dildo sent me over the edge as my orgasm burst like a dam. As I sat slumped in the chair her words filled my brain, “your cunt is mine …..your ass is mine …… your mouth is mine …… your whole body is mine to do with as I wish, when I wish & with whoever or whatever I wish. Do you agree my slut?” “Yes Mistress” I stammered as the screen went blank.

For the rest of the day my mind was elsewhere as I replayed in my head the various scenes and words over and over, at times wondering if it was all a dream. The doorbell rang breaking my thoughts and I yelled to my husband John “can you get that honey, in the middle of fixing dinner.” As I busied myself at the stove I heard my husband say, “she is in the kitchen, just go on through,” before shouting, “it’s our neighbour honey.” Turning I looked straight into the serene smiling face of Julie, “oh I am sorry I didn’t realise you were in the middle of cooking but I won’t be a moment. It’s just I have two tickets to the `Take That’ concert this Saturday and have been let down at the last moment. My husband isn’t interested and you mentioned ages ago you liked them ….. consider it a late birthday present.” My brain was whirling as I stammered “I didn’t realise they were performing round here.” Julie’s smile widened and she delicately licked her lips before replying, “it’s not round here it’s in Newcastle, but don’t worry the hotel is all booked for Friday & Saturday, so it will be a girlie weekend …….if your husband can spare you that is.”

Before I could reply John piped up “you go Sally, you will enjoy it, you love that Jason whatever his name is.” “It’s a date then” Julie replied happily, “will pick you up at 11:00 if that’s Ok and have you back before lunch on Sunday.” There was a pause before Julie locked eyes with me and went on, “Oh and I want to pop in and see an old friend who owns a kennel which is easy enough as it’s on the way.” It felt like that she had screamed the word kennel, though it was just my imagination, but even still the word burned into my brain. “Thinking of getting a dog are you?” John enquired. “Yes” Julie smiled at me as she replied, our eyes still locked, “maybe Sally will see something she likes as well.” I felt myself go weak at my knees as my husband replied, “Me & Sally would love a dog I think, though would have to a good size one don’t want a little one, do we love?” Julie’s eyes danced with laughter as she replied, “My friend has a large variety of dogs and I am unsure which one to choose but I am sure Sally will be able to help me decide on the best one………or two.”

I had seen John off to work and sat in the kitchen nervously waiting, watching as the clock ticked round to 11:00. Even though I expected it the doorbell made me jump and I ran to the door my heart racing. Stepping inside Julie said nothing as she looked me slowly up and down, then in a voice that sounded like chocolate poured over steel she purred, “Last chance to back out, are you ready to become a true slut?” I just nodded as she went on, “mine totally for the next 48 hours?” I nodded again, my mouth to dry to respond as she barked, “STRIP.” Shyly I removed my clothing until I was standing naked, her gaze taking in every inch of my body. “I think the dogs will enjoy their new bitch, now dress,” she laughed as she kicked my panties away, “you won’t need those.”

The next few hours passed in a blur as Julie drove her small sports car northwards on the main road before taking smaller and smaller side roads that took us deeper and deeper into the country. I had pulled my hair back into a ponytail as instructed and found my mind wandering as I took in Julie’s firm body controlling the car with ease. Pulling up beside a large set of iron gates Julie pressed the buzzer, when a woman’s voice answered Julie simply said “it’s us” before looking into the camera. The gates swing open and as we drove up the drive I could hear the sound of the dogs barking in the distance. A tall elegant woman with short blonde hair greeted us and to my surprise they not only embraced but also kissed deeply, their tongues entwined. Julie beckoned me from the car with a crook of her finger as they continued to kiss. I stood nervously looking at the beautiful country house waiting when Julie broke the kiss and looked at me. “This is Sally Slut” she purred then almost like it came as a surprise to her that I was clothed she said firmly, “strip …. but you may retain your pumps.” I could feel the colour rise in my cheeks as I slowly shed my clothes feeling the gentle breeze caress my naked body. Julie & the woman talked in muted voices and I caught the odd words ….. ” dogs” …… “virgin”…. “straight I think,” then they both laughed as they exchanged a private joke. “Come slut” Julie commanded, “it’s time for you to get well and truly fucked.”

I could feel my juices making my inner thighs wet as I meekly followed them as they walked arm in arm into a large barn like building. Down both sides were cages and in each one a dog prowled sniffing the air and barking as they caught my scent. In the middle of the room was a padded bench surrounded by a three quarters circle of padded chairs. The bench was high enough that someone could lie along it being supported from under while on all fours. There was a platform running parallel but extending beyond the length of the bench, with what appeared to be padded indents for knees, and at the end of the platforms was leather buckled restraints. Julie laughed as she caught me staring at the contraption. “It’s a breeding bench,” she laughed as she led me gently and pushed me onto all fours before fastening me in at wrist and ankle. I found that I could relax and the bench supported me fully but I could not move. The bench was short enough that my breasts dangled freely over one end and my lower body from the other. The width of the fastenings meant my pussy and ass were exposed to the elements, as I lay there totally vulnerable.

I closed my eyes for a moment trembling with anticipation as to what was about to happen, and then they flew open as I felt a finger probing inside me. “The slut is soaked” I heard from a slightly Eastern European voice behind me. As I heard Julie reply I realised that it was the other woman who was fingering me. “Get her ready Natasha while I welcome our guests.” I wanted to scream in protest and confusion when the probing of a soft tongue inside my pussy halted my words. I relaxed and closed my eyes as Natasha’s tongue delved and licked causing an orgasm to build inside me. A slight noise caused me to open my eyes and I could see that the twelve chairs were now filled with a variety of men and women. I wanted to run away but the restraints held me in place and Natasha’s skilled tongue drove me over the edge as my first orgasm burst inside me. “She is very ready” Natasha laughed as she stood licking her lips. It was then I heard the gate door open and the dog bounded out.

Smelling my arousal the dog quickly moved behind me and as it mounted I knew my defining moment had come. The dog’s panting was loud in my ear and where as the previous jabs had missed their mark the dog finally found the spot it was looking for. With a mighty thrust the dog buried itself deep inside filling me with its hot cock and then began to fuck me with a ferocity & intensity I had never experienced before. At that moment I knew I was hooked on dog cock forever and throwing any last vestiges of shame away I screamed loudly “fuck my dog slut cunt like the dog bitch I am.” The dog ignored my words and just pounded away but the people in the audience gave a murmur of approval as they watched. Looking up I could see their excitement etched into their flushed faces. One of the men had taken out his cock as the woman next to him worked it on. She in turn was being fingered under her skirt by the woman on her other side.

I felt the dog pushing something at my pussy and realised this must be the knot I heard talk about and seen in some of the videos. Taking a deep breath I slowly exhaled, relaxing myself sufficiently for a moment to allow the knot to slip inside. The initial pain was soon overcome with the most intense feeling in my life as the dog began to thrust less as its knot swelled even more. As I thought it would blow me up like a balloon I felt a huge spurt of hot scalding seed shoot deep into my pussy. Screaming words that didn’t make any sense the knot throbbed and pulsed as spurt after spurt of seed filled me.

I must have passed out for a moment as when I came to I felt a sharp tug as the dog pulled out causing cum to drip slowly in a puddle beneath my legs. I heard Julie’s voice “bravo Benji another virgin broken in by you.” I looked up and saw Julie smile as she held up one finger then raised another mouthing silently, “two”. The words didn’t register at first until I felt a cold wet nose pressed against my ass and then moaned as a rough tongue lapped in huge licks sending mini orgasms through me. The second dog seemed thinner than the first but was certainly longer. I could feel the long hot cock driving deeply in reaching spots deep inside. The second dog’s knot slipped in with welcome ease and I was bucking and straining back as the hot cum splashed inside. Panting for breath I looked up and saw Julie’s smiling face as this time the two fingers she held up was joined by a third.

“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned hoarsely as the second dog slipped out and was replaced by a third. This dog was bigger than the previous two and I closed my eyes and groaned loudly, as he drove his bone hard cock into my soaking pussy, already filled with two lots of dog cum. I felt a splatter on my face and opening my eyes, stared straight into the purple head of a man who was fisting his cock to orgasm, spurting into my face and hair. I could feel the dog’s warm belly fur on my back as he took me in the only way he knew how, savagely and completely. I started to move my head but the dog clamped his teeth on my neck, not enough to draw blood, but enough to tell me I was his bitch now. I looked at the faces of the people watching, not caring that I was performing with a dog like the slut I craved to be. “Shove your knot in my cunt,” I cried loudly drawing shouts of approval from the crowd, “make me your fucking bitchhhhhhhhh.” The last word drawn out in a howl as I orgasmed on the dog’s driving cock and almost like he had understood he drove his knot in and my pussy closed around it. The now familiar feel of hot cum covering my insides filled me with joy and pleasure and I howled like the bitch in heat I had become.

Julie stared into my eyes as the dog slipped from me leaving an aching gap inside. She smiled as this time a third finger was joined by a forth. “I think you are ready for King now,” she laughed. “How many” I croaked as my voice was ragged from the screaming, Julie just shrugged and then turning to Natasha who was now naked and draped over asked, “how many dogs do you have Natty darling?” her reply sent shivers through me though I wasn’t sure if it was from lust or fear. “Twenty three” Natasha laughed, “and I think we agreed ….” I didn’t actually hear the next words as the forth dog, King had mounted and found my dripping pussy with ease. I swear the dog was bigger than the dildo I had used a few days before, it filled me with one mighty plunge driving all thoughts from my brain as it felt like it’s cock would actually come out the top of my head.

This dog was clearly more experienced than the warm up dogs that had gone before it, as its thrusts were slower though still fast compared to a man. I could feel the sheer power of the huge dog and realised like the woman in the first video I saw, this was a black dane. It’s soft fur rubbed on my back as it drove in and out and as it left my body it left a void that made me whimper to be filled again. Somewhere in the back of my head I could hear people close and opening my eyes saw that they had crowded round so they could see the massive cock being sucked into my eager cunt. Hands tweaked my nipples and at one point a cock was thrust in my mouth, though quickly removed when a growl from my canine lover saw his bitch was being disturbed. Glancing through the bodies I could see Natasha’s blonde head between Julie’s legs and by the way Julie’s hands were gripping her hair Natasha’s talented tongue was clearly working its magic. Suddenly I realised that the dog wanted to knot with me and felt like a basketball was trying to be pushed inside me. `This is what childbirth in reverse must feel like’ I thought as finally my pussy opened sufficiently to allow the massive knot to push inside. I mewed; I screamed, I mumbled, words tumbling from my mouth in a torrent of lust and filth… …”fuck me…..fuck my cunt…. I FUCKING LOVE DOG COCK” before passing out again to the sound of applause.

When I came to King was still inside me and felt very stuck and Julie had moved next to me and was massaging my tummy and lower pubic area. She was naked from the waist down and I could see she was totally shaven and her lips were puffy and glistened with juices. Her eyes followed my gaze and she laughed softly, “you will get to taste me when I am full of dog cum, but that will be later, for now just relax so King can slip out without hurting you.” As she spoke the dog tugged sharply making me yelp as the knot slipped out from my ravaged pussy. This time the seed didn’t drip but gushed out with a loud splash as it hit the floor. “Is your pussy sore” Julie asked softly as she stroked my hair, “don’t worry we will give your pussy a rest for now.”

“Thank you Mistress” I croaked then yelped as I felt the cold sting of gel being applied to my anal star. A firm finger started to probe inside causing me to squirm and writhe, “Does your husband fuck your ass little one?” She whispered in my ear. I shook my head as she asked again, “has anyone fucked your ass?” I shook my head again as her laughter tinkled softly. “Best we take it easy for your first time,” she crooned as her finger worked deeper. To my surprise her finger felt good in my ass and relaxing felt the first finger being joined by a second. Julie stood removing her fingers before she said “Natty I think Ginger will be big enough for her ass for the first time, we can keep the cameras rolling and edit later.” I was trying to make sense of her words when she turned to the audience, “you were promised a true virgin and I accept that although it was her first time with a dog she had been a man before and therefore not technically a virgin, however she is a true anal virgin, though not for long.”

Despite Julie getting me ready I was still nervous as Ginger padded towards me, his cock already hanging down seemed huge but maybe it was just compared to its wiry small body. I felt Julie’s hand clamp over my pussy as she patted my ass with her other hand. “Don’t want him missing,” she laughed as she squeezed sending tingles through my pussy. Ginger felt like a feather after King as he leapt onto my back his cock jabbing seeking a haven. Julie’s other hand gripped the dog firmly and placed the tip to my anal star. I could feel the tip jabbing through her fist soaking the area with its watery pre cum. A squeak escaped my lips as the tip entered my ass as the dog scrabbled for purchase trying to force itself deeper. Julie bent and kissed my forehead as she released her grip on the dog allowing its cock to bury itself to the hilt in my ass.

The initial pain was incredible and my ass burned with pain as the dog started to pump inside me. He didn’t care what hole he filled as I whimpered, “please stop please, please it hurts so much.” Perhaps if had been my husband or even another man my cries may have influenced him, but this was an animal that had just one thought in its brain. The dog continued to fuck, slamming in and out and before I knew it the pain had stopped and a strange pleasure had taken over. I felt Julie’s hand in my hair lifting my face up and she could see the lust dancing in my eyes. “A dog cock in your virgin ass and you love it don’t you slut?” From somewhere inside I felt my inner animal rise, and grunting in response I pushed back towards the dog as much as the restraints would allow, moaning like a bitch in heat I begged the dog to fuck my slutty ass harder.

Panting into my face, her hands gripping my hair tightly Julie asked me softly a simple question, “do you want his knot in your ass slut?” I screamed the answer without even a pause for thought, “yes mistress, oh please yes I want its knot in my slut ass.” I heard the crowd gasp as Julie pulled my cheeks apart then another burst of light as the knot the size of a tennis ball pushed inside my ass. I couldn’t stop orgasming over and over as the hot seed spurted deep into my anal passage. Julie’s fingers were probing inside my pussy milking the dog cock as it filled me full of seed while at the same caressing and tweaking my slippery clit. In what felt like a synchronised movement the dog slipped from my ass as Julie pushed a forth finger into my open pussy, and it was a moment later that I felt her full hand enter me, not as long as the dogs but much wider than even King’s mighty weapon. As Julie fisted me from behind the only words that rushed through my head and blurted out of my mouth, over and over was “I am yours Mistress.” The pleasure was intense through the pain, as it seemed Julie’s fist moved deeper and deeper the copious amount of dog cum still in me making the passage easier. With her other hand she was rubbing at my clit sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. Eventually my multiple orgasms ceased and as her hand withdrew I felt a void inside me and smiling happily to myself I slipped into an exhausted almost comatose sleep.

When I woke it was evening and I had been untied from the bench & carried to the large bed I found myself in. My body ached from head to toe and my pussy & ass throbbed with pleasure and pain. As I recalled the events of the last few hours my hand slipped under the covers and between my legs rubbing at my sore but engorged clit. I closed my eyes and drew my knees up; starting to rub more intensely and at that moment the door to the bedroom flew open. “Good you are awake” Julie purred, “and did you enjoy?” For my answer I just smiled at her and threw back the covers so she could see my busy other hand. “That’s good,” she laughed, “as you still have another eighteen dogs to service.” Those words sent me over the top as I shuddered and came hard at the thought.

By: Shady Lady Julie

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