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After we got out of the tube. I was going to put on my jeans and get dressed. She said to me please don’t put those clothes on. She said look your eyebrows are thin and arched feminine and nails done and painted and toes painted and your hair is cut and styled feminine and I want you to be Paula 24 7 for a few days maybe longer. Well okay then I said. Then she said something to blow my mind. She told me that the super glue that she gave to use to glue myself down to look like a woman’s virgia was industrial strength super glue and I will be like a woman’s virgia for real for at least 2 years or more.

I was just a little bit mad about it and then I realized that there was only surgery or let it wear off in time. So I thought to myself about it for a few minutes.. I told her that I was not mad or anything else at her. But I did tell her that I had glued on my silicone breast with the same glue. I did tell her that I was going to kiss my nails done and painted and eyebrows done thin and arched feminine and hair cut and styled feminine the whole time I was.

She said that she was sorry about the glue. But I didn’t tell her that I only used that glue she gave me to glue myself down and used different glue for breast. Well we done our hair and makeup and lipstick and got dressed in mini dresses and heels.

I said now that I am Paula 24 7 I need to ask and know something. She said ok what is it. I said how are you going to feel if I am with a man and you are there and so forth going on dates etc. She said that she was very excited about it and happy. I said ok and went got a drink.

When I went to the soda machine I called the guy who I was with from the club. He said your ears must have been ringing. I said yes and told him about what happened. We talked more about it when he suggested that we could meet at the mall.

Well I didn’t tell her that he was going to be at the mall. When we got to the mall we had been there for a few minutes and he came up behind me and kissed my neck softly and said hello Paula baby. Well my wife Misty was surprised when he did. We talked a bit about last night and then walked around the three of us. John and I held hands as we did. We even kissed a few times.

Well he was with us all the time and I even model some stuff I bought and so did Misty. Well she was ready to go back to the motel. I whispered to her asking if she was wet and horny. She said that she was soaking wet and horny as well. I said ok. Well I gave him a sweet long very passionate kiss goodbye. But not before I whispered in his ear and told him to come over to the motel room. He asked if we were going to have sex. I said very very very passionate sex with her watching us handcuffed in a chair.

Well we got back to the motel and took off or dresses and she took her thong off and was dripping wet. Well I talked into letting me handcuffing her completely to the chair. Acting like I was going to take some pictures.

Just a few minutes later he showed up. I opened the door and he came in and we kissed passionately and made out like she was not there I helped him undress completely. For the next few hours we made passionate love as she watched us. She couldn’t say a word as his big thick hard stretched out my gurly-boi-pussi hole his hot cum running out of it.

As we laid there in the bed we were looking how she came soaking the chair. Well he was sucking on my neck leaving hickies and I said that we have driven her crazy enough. So him and I came up with a ideal.

I got up and we went over to her I had her suck his cock hard again she was all over it. We uncuffed her and he fucked also. As he was fucking her I made her eat my gurly-boi-pussi clean.

Well after he left the next morning I told her that since I was glued down for a few weeks that I was going to fuck around with guys.

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