Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

“Get on your feet you miserable wretch.
I commanded, grabbing her hair and then pulling her to her feet and then putting her face close to mine.
What is the Shylock’s name and whom is he collecting for?
Remember, things will go badly for you if you lie to me!”

“He said his name was Frank.
I owe him ten thousand dollars.”

“Whom is he collecting for?”
I asked, giving her head a jerk.

“I don’t know.
I met him in a bar with some bleached blond.
I think that her name was Mary or Martha; something like that.”

“Rose my love, please go upstairs to our bedroom and wait for me.
Your sister and I are going to have a little chat.
Do not come back downstairs for any reason.
I do no want you to know about or be exposed to this dirty affair or the people involved.”

“Yes sweetheart, I am sure you know what’s best.”
I laughed to myself at the expression on Clarette’s face as Rose walked away.

“Now there goes a kind, sweet Lady and I love her dearly.”
Turning my attention back to her I jerked her head with her hair.
“Let me get this straight, Clarette.
You expect me to believe that you met a strange man in a bar.
His name was Frank, a complete stranger to you.
Frank loaned you ten thousand dollars?
But you don’t even know his last name…you expect me to believe that?”

“I’m telling you the truth, I swear to God!”

I let go of her hair and then shook my head, sighing.
“It is a shame that you are not more like your sister.
You are either lying or not telling me the complete truth.
Obviously you have no idea what you may have gotten yourself into.
Shylocks are not nice people.
I removed her handcuffs.

And if you continue lying to me………………………………”

I punched her in the stomach taking care to pull the punch and knocking the wind out of her doubling her over.
Clarette sank to her knees gasping for breath.
I hoped that I wouldn’t have to hit her that hard again with my fist.
The implied threat that I would do it again should be suffice.
Rose was sweet and kind…. truly good person.
Clarette was not, she almost let the punk break Rose’s arm.

In order to get Clarette to comply and change her ways, I had to first break her.
I would make her totally dependent on me for everything.

“While we are on the subject of God.
You are not to lay hands on your sister ever again.
God help you if you dare even to raise your voice to Rose.
No matter how smart and clever that you think you are you will never be your sister’s equal
The sooner that you learn that the happier you will be.”

I made her crawl on her hands and knees to the basement and then I handcuffed her hands behind her back with the cuffs they brought.
I then tied a rope around her neck and to the jack post.
Using my serrated Spiderco Cricket I cut off her tube top blouse.
Then I fashioned a gag from her blouse.
I wrapped a bar of Ivory Soap in it before placing it over her mouth and I tied it snuggly behind her head.

“Perhaps now you will think twice before lying to me or leaving out information.
I will be back later for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”
I then cut off her bra and black Capri pants, leaving her in panties only.

I needed to watch Clarette carefully over the next few weeks.
I could not afford any distractions.
My friend David has connections, knowing many powerful influential people.
Although soft-spoken, David is no pushover.
His wife Laura is classy and confident and he loves her dearly.
David enjoys spoiling her.
Behind the scenes, Laura always defers to him.

We sent Laura and Rose to a very exclusive spa and resort.
We wanted them safe and out of the way for the next few weeks.
Both of our ladies were excited about the prospect at getting away to do girl things.
David would be available to help with the Shylock if things got ugly.
The girls were going to be safely tucked away.
I can always count on David being discrete.
He didn’t ask why I needed to be alone for the next few weeks…. or longer.

Clarette spent the rest of the day and the following night secured to the post.

I checked on her early the following morning while Rose and Laura were being driven to the airport to catch their plane to Colorado.
Clarette had soiled herself and then in an effort to get comfortable managed to get her feces on the floor.
That was to be expected.

“How dare you crap on my clean floor like some kind of ill mannered puppy?
I said, feigning anger.
Obviously you were never properly house broken.”
I removed her gag noticing the dissolved soap that she managed to spit and drool down the front of herself.

I removed her soiled panties.
Then I made her kneel by the floor drain.
I then hosed her off with cold water an the floor, followed by mopping with a solution of bleach and water.
And while doing so I was formulating a plan in my mind to further break and humiliate her.
I let her drink from the hose, first allowing her to rinse her mouth.
I made her spit into the floor drain.

“Lets start over puppy.”
I offered, removing her handcuffs.
Get on your hands and knees… good girl.
Exactly how much money did Frank give you in the bar?”
I asked, pushing her wet hair away from her face.

“Frank gave me one thousand dollars, Sir”

“You told me it was ten thousand yesterday.”

“The other nine is the interest.
Please let me go.
I promise…”

“Save your breath and save my ears.”
I interrupted, by slapping her ass hard with my hand.
“What’s in it for no last name Frank and why did he loan you the money?”

“Frank told me that he was tired of the bitch.
Then he laughed and pointed to the bleached blond sitting next to him.
He said it right in front of her, Mary or Martha, whatever.
He said that we should go to Los Vegas for the weekend and party.”

“Did you go to Los Vegas with the Shylock?”

“No, I never went with him, he makes my skin crawl.
I just blew him off.
I didn’t know he was a Shylock.”

What is the name and location of the bar?”

“The Golden Key on Mix Place, Sir.

“I know of the place.
It’s a scumbag bar that is frequently raided by the police.”
I said in disgust.
“You had no business being there in the first place.
You have most likely involved your sister and I as well.
The Shylock is likely to push up on us for your debt.
Do you hate your sister that much, puppy?
Did you tell the Shylock about us?
Do you know his last name?”

Clarette hesitated before answering, and I knew she would lie.
“No, I swear to God.” “I…”

Grabbing her hair, I pulled and forced her over to a chair and sat down I sat down.
I put her over my knee as if she were a disobedient child.

I spanked with my right hand holding her easily in place.
“You are lying to me and if you continue acting like a untruthful child, I shall punish you like one.”

I spanked her until her buttocks were beet red.
Clarette was pleading with me to stop… admitting that she lied.
I continued until she was merely whimpering, and went limp, accepting her well-deserved punishment.
I then handcuffed her in the front this time.
I secured her neck with the rope and tied the other end to the jack post.
I then placed a clean gag in her mouth followed by spreading newspapers on the floor for her to sleep on.

Leaving her I drove to a pet shop to pick up some supplies.
Next, I went to Radio Shack for a wireless camera and monitor.
On the way home I saw a small plastic child’s wading pool put out to the curb as trash.
It was a silly thing but no doubt a treasure and delight to a small child’s imagination on a hot summer day.
It was bright yellow with cartoon sea horses, octopuses and fish.
Growing up on farm money was tight.
As a small child I remember my submarine…. an old galvanized sheet metal watering trough with a slow leak.
My Dad would get in with me to cool off, especially when he just came in from the fields.

God bless him, Dad would make me paper hats from newspapers.
He carved boats for me from small blocks of wood for me to sink.
Dad was an old navy man, a submariner.
What are your orders little Admiral he would say to me.
Afterwards we would sit on the porch and share a double Popsicle broken in half.
It made me rather melancholy weighing the things I was missing…well…. back on subject.
It was undamaged and without holes so I put it in the back of the truck.
I then took a detour to pick up some extra- large bags kitty litter.

After I ate breakfast I carried the wading pool down to the basement and put it near Clarette.
She was cowering by the jack post expecting another beating.

“Please, I have to pee!!

“Please I have to pee, Sir.”
I corrected Clarette, observing that the newspapers were dry and unsoiled.

“Please, I have to pee Sir. ” She repeated, “May I please use the bathroom?”

I ignored her going back upstairs to the truck to get the kitty litter.
I made several trips until the wading pool was half full.

“Your rope will reach the litter box.”
I advised her taking off her handcuffs and pointing.
“You will do your business in the litter box you plump little puppy.”

I made her crawl on her hands and knees into the pool.
“Good girl! ” I told her, patting her head.
“Go pee- pee and pooh-pooh, puppy.
When I am convinced you are housebroken, I may allow you use of the toilet.
That privilege is contingent upon how your obedience training goes.”
I patted her head as she peed in the kitty litter.
Clarette the puppy was crying quietly in her humiliation.
I stood over her with my arms folded looking down at her in the litter box.

“Look at me puppy.
I do not care how Rose addresses you.
No matter how things turn out between us, as Blanche became my sweet Rose, you shall be my Puppy.
Perhaps I may even grow to like you… perhaps not.
For now I hold you in contempt and you will obey me!
Obedience is you only salvation.”

I went back upstairs and returned with her wire mesh dog kennel.
I assembled it while Puppy watched.

It was high enough for her to be on her hands and knees.
It was not high enough for her to sit up.
The kennel was perfect for her to assume the posture of a bitch dog.
I again left and returned with the surveillance camera which I set it up to watch her small section of the basement.

Next, I placed an army surplus wool blanket in Puppy’s kennel.
I made her crawl in closing the door the door behind her.
I then locked her in and secured the cage with a padlock.

“Can I have something to eat, Sir?”

“It is may I have something to eat, not can I have something to eat college girl.
You will be fed twice a day and I will feed you in one hour.”

I returned in an hour with a bowl of dry puppy chow and a bowl of water.
“Here you go Puppy.
You may not use your hands to eat”.
I put the bowls down and opened the kennel door.

It was not my intention to make her eat dog food for the next two weeks.
I intended on purchasing the smallest bag available.
Fortunately I took advantage of a promotion and brought home one free sample.

U.S. law requires that pet foods be processed, and a high quality product like Purina is a processed food.
It is required to meet the same strict standards as food processed for human consumption.
While not particularly palatable, Puppy will eat it when she is hungry enough.

That will be the first mental shackle I will place on her.
The second, making her beg for dog food and be glad to get it.
When she eats it, and she will, I will move on to another mental shackle.

“Are you going to eat, Puppy?”
I asked as she crawled out of her kennel.
She looked down at her bowl of Purina Puppy Chow.
She just shook her head, tears forming in her eyes.

“Suit yourself, Puppy.”
I immediately removed the bowl putting out of her reach.
I left her bowl of fresh water.

“It’s time for your bath and haircut.”

Puppy crawled up two flights of stairs to the bathroom.
She crawled into the tub staying on her hands and knees.
I purchased Sergeant’s Flea and Tick Shampoo and Crazy Dog Apple Conditioner for Puppy’s hair.

The Sergeant’s contains insecticide.
I dumped it out and then rinsed the bottle well before refilling it with Suave Green Apple Shampoo and it matched the color of the original perfectly.
Puppy didn’t know that and I made sure she saw the bottles to read the labels.
Taking my time and using my hands I washed her with Rose’s castile soap.
As I was washing her I was also questioning her.

“Think hard Puppy, what is Frank’s last name?”

“Abzug, his name is Frank Abzug, Sir.”

“Good girl.” I praised her, patting her ass.
You need to trust me or I can’t help you.
In the short time that I have known Rose, I have grown to love her dearly.
Did you know that your sister Rose does not hate you?
She has forgiven you for everything.
Before I sent her away to be safe Rose told me to tell you that
I’m not as forgiving as she
Rose is everything to me and you have put her in danger.
Your own flesh and blood, your sister!
Have you no shame?
Have you decency?
When you meet your maker and he weighs your soul… your immortal soul, Clatette.
Do you know what he will find, I shall tell you; green ink on paper?”

I was becoming genuinely angry with her.
My sublimated rage and resentment were coming suddenly to the surface.
I was remembering her father’s wake and funeral.

Then after, how Rose cried as I tried to comfort her.
Rose cried, not for her father… not for herself…but for her sister.
The sister that she loved, the sister that she cooked, cleaned, and cared for…sacrificed for.
Clarette, the sister Rose protected from their drunken abusive father.
The sister that my Rose, my dear sweet Rose………… “God damn you woman!”
I shouted angrily and then suddenly stood up.

I kicked the cast iron tub hard enough to hurt my foot making her shriek and cower with fright and cower at my outburst.
The pain helped me master my anger.
I left the bathroom to stand in the hallway to calm down and l left her sobbing in the bathtub.

When I returned, I started washing her hair.
“One way or another I will settle with this Shylock, this Frank Abzug!”
I said calmly.

“Are you going to beat me again?”
Puppy asked, sobbing.

I just ignored her and started rinsing the shampoo from Puppy’s hair.
While I was rinsing out the conditioner she was still sobbing,

“Are you going to shave me bald?
Please, I told him and he knows where you live.
I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I must pay him! He said he has people.
I’m afraid, I… I didn’t know what to do.”

“You could have asked your sister to help.
You could have gone to the police.”

“I can’t go to the police. I can’t snitch. She sobbed. I’ll go to jail.
“I have shoplifting warrants in three states.
He said that if I didn’t pay him by the end of the month I would owe him fifteen thousand.
Frank said he would make a prostitute to pay off my debt to him.”

“I will check out your story and give you the benefit of the doubt for now.
If you are telling the truth I will not beat you or shave your head.
I finished by brushing Puppy’s teeth for her and then let her spit the used toothpaste into the bathtub drain.

I could have easily forced myself on her but I put those carnal thoughts aside.
Perhaps she was not the hard case that I thought she was.
Perhaps there was hope for her after all.
So far Puppy was quite compliant and she was not really bad to look at despite the extra pounds.
Puppy’s bath was very impersonal and business like and so unlike the baths or showers I share with Rose.
I really should fence in the backyard and put in a hot tub…but I regress.

I toweled her off in the same business like manner while she was still on her hands and knees.
I wrapped her hair in a towel ordered her to stand.
I put her hands behind her back and held them there.

“Stop blubbering and feeling sorry for yourself.
Because you are Rose’s sister and she loves you I will help you.
I give my word that I will protect you from the Shylock.
Stand straight and keep your hands behind your back.
I want to get a good look at you.
You do not have permission to speak.
I have all the information I need from you for now.
From this point on if you speak without permission I will beat your for disobeying me.
Do you understand, Puppy?”
She nodded yes.

Puppy had the same thick and well cared for hair as Rose.
The difference being Puppy’s hair color was a rich shiny jet- black.
It was cut in long layers falling to the middle of her back.
Puppy had a round face and no dimples.
Although her lips were not as full as Rose’s they were nice.
They had the same small ears and they shared the same nose.
Puppy’s eyes were a darker brown, so brown as to appear almost black in the right light.
She had the same long eyelashes as Rose.

“Open your mouth I want to see your teeth.”
I ordered, removing my Surefire ED2 flashlight from my pocket.
I stuck my fingers in Puppy’s mouth, pulling her lips back.
Puppy had good teeth and healthy gums, excellent.

I did not approve of her long nails painted nails.
Many of her nails were now broken from crawling on the floor.
I cut them short and sensible and removed the nail polish.

Slightly plump, Puppy had a small belly and her hips were wider then Rose’s.
Puppy’s breasts were larger with pinky brown areolas and larger nipples.
Tight clothing really didn’t suit her figure.
Puppy would be curvaceous upon dropping 10 to 20 pounds.

Puppy’s pubis was covered in thick black hair.
I stroked it with my hand making her shudder.

“Your day’s in the tanning booths are over.
Don’t you realize the damage you are causing to your skin not to mention the increased risk of cancer?
You have the same beautiful skin and complexion as your sister, why ruin it?
Go downstairs to the kitchen, Puppy.
I will give you your haircut there and you may walk for now.”

I made her sit on the bar stool and then removed the towel from her hair.
I combed her long hair out smoothing it down her back.
Picking up the scissors, I separated a section of her hair in the front with my fingers.
I slowly chopped it off just below shoulder length.
l let Puppy see each severed lock before dropping it to the floor.
I continued this all the way around, from right to left until the last snip.
I wet her hair again and combed it out.
Next, I divided her hair into sections.
I twisted them up and clipped each section on the top of her head with plastic butterfly clips.

I brought the first section down, and used the comb to cut it straight across exactly to shoulder length.
Then bringing each uncut section down using the cut sections as a guide.
After I blow-dried Puppy’s shorter hair I checked for any stray pieces.
I cut them with my scissors until the bottom was cut perfectly straight and even.
It was now shoulder length with a good blunt cut: almost all of the layers gone.
I planned on cutting it shorter as part of her punishment until Puppy was left with a short, boys haircut.

I played with her hair fluffing it about her shoulders.
It felt much thicker and fuller without the layers.
I parted her hair in the middle and then divided it in two sections.
Then, I fixed Puppy’s hair into pigtails.

“Do you have to pee or poop?”
Puppy nodded her head for yes.
Walk down to the basement and use your litter box.
Remember, I can see everything you do on the monitor.
I will be recording everything on my laptop.
If your training goes well and you please me I will not show anything to Rose.
Your punishment will remain strictly between us.
After you do your potty you will find baby-wipes in the red covered trashcan.
You will wipe your bottom with the baby wipes and you will clean your hands with several others.
Put the soiled wipes in the can, and then come back to the kitchen.
After you return you have permission to speak.”

Puppy ran down the stairs and defecated and urinated in her litter box.
I watched the look of relief on her face as she was going because she must have been holding it for a while.
My best guess was that when Puppy returned she would be more cooperative.

When she returned I said, “You will find a broom, dustpan and trashcan in the closet.”
Sweep up the hair and dispose of it properly and then put everything away.
Wash your hands in the sink and then get on the stool and put your hands behind back.”

I dumped Clarette’s oversized purse on the kitchen table.
I removed her Drivers License, Social Security Card and credit cards.
I scanned them into my desk top computer and sent them to David as e-mail attachments.
David would use this information to have one of his many contacts run a background check.
I followed it up in a telephone call to him and I made it right in front of her.
During the call I updated him of the unfolding events.

We planned on bringing Puppy to David’s and hiding her if necessary.
This was contingent upon the outcome of the meeting with the Shylock.
Nobody can enter David’s property undetected.
Trespassers would be shot and killed…. survivors would be shot again.
The Shylock was a threat to my family and fortunately I now had the Shylock’s name.
David would provide me with a detailed report about this Shylock, this scumbag, Frank Abzug.

After I finished my telephone call, Puppy asked.
“Are you really going to help me Sir or are you are just saying that to get what you want.”

“I am going to give you a pass Puppy to speak your mind and I will make allowances for your cynicism, however do not doubt my veracity.
I tugged sharply on one of her pigtails to emphasize this point.
I then stood behind her and took a pigtail in each hand.
I stood behind Puppy holding her pigtails and continued talking quietly.

Just come out and say it, “what’s in it for you.”
The answer is nothing.
I really am going to help you with the Shylock.
I value honesty, loyalty and friendship…. family.
I imagine these are concepts that are hard for you to grasp.
They come to me as naturally as breathing.
The people I surround myself with breathe the same air.”

“All men want something.”
She stated, matter fatally.

“To a certain extent, yes.
I admitted.
Don’t judge all men by your father or with the men you keep company.”

“My father was a drunken bastard, I hate him!”

“Yet you didn’t refuse your inheritance as spelled out in the will, did you?”

“That was different!”

“Why was it different, Puppy?”

“Because he is my father.
I was legally entitled to it.”

“I see…you were legally entitled to it because he was your father and you hate him.
You took the money or to be precise sold his things to get the money.
It all makes sense to me now.
You didn’t attend the funeral or wake nor did you help your sister with the incurred expenses.
You sure showed him…. didn’t you Puppy.”

“You are twisting my words!!”

“Am I, Puppy? You cleared out the house taking everything of value.
You even took sister’s bed and dresser.
You certainly showed him.”

“But Blanche got the house.”
Puppy said defensively.

“Did she?” I asked.

“Well she got the ruby anyway.

“Did you know the house had three mortgages?”

“How could I possibly know that?”
She answered, looking as if she wanted to cry.

“I don’t know Puppy how could you possibly know that?
I asked, sarcastically.
“Perhaps you could have at least attended the funeral.
By not attending you broke Rose’s heart not your father’s.
It was an opportunity to put aside your differences, to heal.”

“I never made Blanche stay with father.”
She said, tears now running down her face.

“That is true, you didn’t.”

“Blanche could have left at any time.”

“That is also true.”

“But if Blanche didn’t have any money how did she pay for the funeral and headstone?”

I didn’t answer her; I let the silence do the talking.

“You must have paid for them then.”

“Rose talked to me about selling the ruby but I wouldn’t let her… how could I possibly let her?
Did you assume that Rose sold her birthright to pay for the funeral and headstone?
If it came to that Rose would have, Puppy…my sweet Rose would have.
Totally selfless on Rose’s part; leaving her penniless.”

Puppy didn’t answer.

“Then by chance you ran Rose in the restaurant and you know the rest.
This is the woman who protected you from your father, the father you admitted hating.
You were seven when your mother died and Rose was twelve.
Rose cared for you until you left for college at seventeen.
She wore second hand so you could wear new.
Rose worked two jobs to help put you through college, frat girl.
Eight years of college… and you never even graduated with a two year degree.”

She was openly sobbing now as I continued to berate her.
She tried to wipe her face with her hand.
“Keep your hands behind your back or I will spank you for disobeying me.”
I again tugged on her pigtails.

“You still have permission to speak, Puppy.”
“Jump in at any time.”
She continued sobbing, afraid to move her hands and wipe her face.

“When your father was bedridden and helpless Rose gave up the better paying of the two jobs.
She stayed home to care for him because he was family.
Even then he was verbally abusive to her.
On his deathbed he asked for you, before the priest took his confession.
He was still lucid and begged God for forgiveness.
Rose forgave him and comforted him and she assured him that you forgave him too.
Perhaps Rose no longer loved him, but she forgave him.”

“Your father died assured that his daughters did not hate him and had forgiven him.
As for the rest, God will sort that out.
I talked with Father Dennis in private.
He is the priest whom performed your father’s funeral mass and heard his confession/last rites.
He was humbled by your sister’s compassion to the mean old bastard.
Those were the priest’s words, mean old bastard.”

“From the time you left home up until your father’s death, who was there for Rose, green ink on paper?
Get on your hands and knees and crawl down to your kennel.
I’m done with you for now.”
I let go of her pigtails and followed her down to the basement.

Puppy was crying and shaking as she crawled to her kennel on her hands and knees.
She crawled into her kennel refusing to look at me.
I put her water bowl in with her before I padlocked the kennel door.
Before I left I pushed one of her father’s Mass Cards through the bars.

I left Puppy in the kennel for three days.
I allowed her out twice a day for water and to use her litter box.
Puppy refused to eat her puppy chow when it was offered.
Each time I immediately removed the bowl.
Puppy was not allowed to speak until she ate her puppy chow.
I was not speaking to her as well.
When she tried to speak I put her over my knee and spanked her as before and then I put her back in the kennel and left her there.

The background check on Clarette Rousseau came back first.
Puppy did have arrest warrants in three states for shoplifting.
She had multiple traffic violations in numerous states; further difficult situations to deal with.
In addition to this she had managed to accumulate several hundred thousand dollars in credit card debt.

I had every bit of conceivable information available.
Starting with her from birth to the present: birth certificate, baptismal certificate, etc., credit reports, medical and dental records
I had all her school records from kindergarten through high school as well as her college transcripts, everything about her available.

Puppy was an honor student with a near perfect grade point average all through public school.
In college she did fantastic her first and second semesters being accepted by Mensa with an IQ of 180.
At first her scholarships covered the costs of everything except for spending money.
Then her grades started slipping when she was admitted to a highly desirable fraternity, as fraternities go comprised of mostly wealthy spoiled girls.
From there, everything was downhill.

Frank Abzug was another matter entirely because we didn’t have much of anything on him.
It was if the Shylock suddenly appeared on the scene five years ago.
Everything previous to that was erased from the system.
Perhaps the man was an illegal foreigner.
As my father used to say, “I hope you haven’t bit off more then you can chew, Adam.”

All we had was his last known address and all real property was listed in his wife’s maiden name.
We did manage a recent set of photos of the bastard.
We also had information on his motor vehicles: A red 1965 Corvette Convertible and a black 1973 Lincoln Continental.

The last day of the month, October 31st. was fast approaching and I had eleven days to get the Shylock his money.
Even if I paid him, there was no guarantee that he would leave us alone.
The Shylock might look upon it as a weakness and try to extort more then interest from me.
Right from the start I would have to convince him that he had bitten off more than he could chew.

By day seven, Puppy had to be starving.
I gave her bath early that morning and then I brought her to the kitchen and made her sit on the stool with her hands cuffed behind her back.
I styled her damp hair in twin braids tying the ends with a red ribbon bow.
I deliberately waited eating breakfast until after I bathed her and I gave her permission to speak if she wished.

All that Puppy ingested the past seven days was water, therefore; I started with the coffee beans.
There are few things that smell a good as a newly opened can of coffee.
Better yet, grinding the coffee fresh from beans.
Next was the bread.
I bought fresh Italian bread dough to bake in the oven.
Another marvelous smell, freshly baked bread, hot from the oven…slathered in butter.
Rose makes bread from scratch.

Tomatoes were on the menu that morning.
Red and juicy tomatoes and sliced half-an-inch thick.
I drizzled them with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled them with freshly chopped basil.
If you wish, add sea salt or fresh ground black pepper to taste.
But the bacon, never forget the bacon sliced thick right from the butcher.
Cold hickory smoked bacon with a touch of maple syrup frying in the pan.
Following the bacon, poached eggs, round and perfect.
The combination of all these delicious delights, intended as visual and olfaction overload in the kitchen.
Puppy’s bowl of Purina Puppy Chow was on the floor by the stool.

I started to eat breakfast.
“Please Sir, may I please eat my puppy chow.”

“Do you promise to be a good girl?”
I asked, taking a sip of coffee.

“Yes Sir, I promise to be a good girl.”

“Are you my Puppy?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I’m your Puppy.”

“You didn’t lie about your warrants and that’s a good start, Puppy.
I will never punish you for telling the truth.”
The traffic tickets were a surprise however.”

I took out a handful of the puppy chow out of her bowl.
Then I started feeding her one piece at a time and sipping my coffee until she ate about a dozen pieces.
“Are they good, Puppy?”

“No Sir, they are terrible but I am so hungry.
May I have some water please?”

I put my coffee cup up to her mouth allowing her a few sips and then I took one.

“How is the coffee?”
I asked kindly.

“It is delicious, Sir.”

I took another sip and gave her one.

“I don’t hate my sister.”

“If you say so, Puppy?”

“I still hate my father.”

I didn’t comment.
I refilled my cup from the pot and to gave her another sip.

“I am terrified of the Shylock and I thought that I didn’t have a choice…. I was desperate.”

I took another sip and then let her take one.
“Do you normally drink your coffee black?”
I asked, taking a sip.

“Yes, especially when it’s this good, Sir”

“This is one thing we have in common, Puppy, preferring our coffee black.”
I walked back over to the table with my coffee cup and sat down.
“Come over here and kneel by my chair.”

I sat there and shared my breakfast with her.
I fed her by hand, letting her sip out of my coffee cup as before.
When I was done eating I let her lick and suck on my fingers.

I put the plate on the floor next to my chair.
From a kneeling position and Puppy leaned forward with her hand still cuffed from behind.
Puppy greedily licked the plate clean.
As with Rose, my first connection with Puppy occurred in the kitchen.
Under different circumstances, but both of them in need of my help.

“I will give you a chance to redeem yourself in my eyes, Puppy.”

“I will do anything you say, Sir.”

“Good girl.
Don’t disappoint me.”

I took her face in my hands.
“You will start by cleaning the kitchen.
You do know how to clean house, don’t you, Puppy?”

“I know how to clean house, Blanche taught me.”

“Good girl.”
I said, removing her handcuffs.
“We will make it a contest between you and Rose.”

Puppy worked non-stop until early evening glad to be out of the basement.
In all honesty she did do a very good job and she followed me room to room while I was critiquing her work.

“Very nice work Puppy… very nice work.
Every room is clean, neat and tidy.
Rose could not do better.”

“Thank you Sir.”
She said, smiling and looking relieved.
“Is there anything else I can do to please you?”

“Your obedience pleases me, but no nothing specific for now.
Go upstairs and wait for me in the shower.
You may walk from this point on.
Consider it a reward for a job well down and you may also use the toilet.”

After a time I joined her in the shower.
I washed myself while she watched and then it was her turn.
Using my hands instead of the washcloth I was gentle with her.
I soaped her down paying particular attention to her breasts and vagina, my hands, lingering and probing.
Of course I had a hard-on during the shower what normal man wouldn’t.

Puppy was certainly aware of it.
I debated to myself about asking her to give me head in the shower.
Puppy would have to spare herself a spanking.

I was content to caress her breasts and arouse her, proving that my theory was correct.
The Rousseau women had marvelous sensitive nipples.
I ended her shower by shampooing and conditioning her hair.

I allowed Puppy to dry my back with a towel.
I then toweled her off, followed by blow-drying and brushing out her hair.

Puppy brushed and flossed her teeth while I watched.
I observed that Puppy was fastidious about her teeth and very thorough in caring for them.

“Sir, may I use some mouthwash please?”

“Don’t push your luck, Puppy.”

“Yes Sir, I meant no disrespect.”

“Perhaps not.
I will wait for you downstairs.
Use the mouthwash if you wish and be sure to tidy the bathroom before you leave.
We have much to talk about.”

I was sitting at the kitchen table when she came downstairs.
I pointed to the floor by my chair and Puppy knelt down next to me.
I handed her a stack of papers, her background check.
“This is you Puppy from birth to the present.”

As she was looking through the papers, she said.
“I don’t understand, Sir.
How could you possibly get all this information on me in such a short period of time?”

“I too have people. With an IQ of 180, you are obviously are an intelligent women and should realize by now I meant what I said about helping you if only for Rose’s sake.
Up until now you have been misdirected, greedy, coveting and intellectually lazy and certainly lacking discipline.”
But you still have much potential and your obedience is the key to unlock it.”

“This is what we found out about Frank Abzug.”
I handed her his background check.
“Not much but in the end my gut tells me that this will be to our advantage.
If he were to disappear suddenly who would be there to mourn him?”

His wife?”
She suggested.

“If you mean the bleached blond you described to me in the bar, not likely.
I bet Martha would be glad to be rid of him.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes please, Sir?”

“We are having a light meal this evening.”

I again fed her off of my plate, as would a Master with a favorite bitch dog.
Afterwards we shared a pot of chamomile tea drinking out of the same cup.
Puppy was sitting at my feet.

She was forthcoming with much information about her perspectives growing up and about being raised by her sister.
Puppy was jealous and resentful of Rose.

I allowed her to talk with me about a whole host of subjects.
I came to understand her as an intelligent woman.
Puppy was very knowledgeable on the subjects of art and classic literature.
Her greatest passion…. she loved to paint.

She expressed her passions, as I would have for my own: rod-building, fly tying and fishing, with Rose now being my first.
Rose encouraged her to study math, chemistry, biology, physics, and anatomy.
Rose also insisted that she enter the field of medicine and become a doctor or surgeon; resentful, Puppy rebelled.

This would explain much, but it didn’t justify all the bad things that she did.
The shoplifting or the scenario with the Shylock leading up to her submission for example, but as I said, it explained much.

In essence I was her confessor that evening and I was now her disciplinarian as permanent.
I was the soon to be mediator between Puppy and Rose.
Then Puppy became silent and sat there looking at me……………………………

I touched her face gently.
Puppy did not cringe or pull away.

“It’s bedtime and well past two in the morning.
Go and get your handcuffs.”

When Puppy returned with her handcuffs.
“Please don’t hate me, I can change.”
She uttered quietly, and looking down.

“Put them on.”
I told her firmly, but not unkindly.
Puppy put them on and then I double locked them.

“I believe I said it was bedtime.”

Puppy got up and headed to the basement to sleep in her kennel.
“No Puppy, upstairs, the second bedroom to the right.”

The second bedroom to the right is my bedroom.
Not the former guest bedroom that I share with Rose, our bedroom.
I refer to this bedroom as my minimalist room.
It contains a Twin Mission Bed.
No pictures are on the walls no rugs, nothing…. just the bed.
There are heavy curtains and shades on the windows to block the light.
I always found the room to be very peaceful and restful.
This is where I have been sleeping after Rose left.

“You will be sleeping here with me, not in the bed but on the floor.
I have provided you with a blanket.”

“Thank you for giving me a chance, Sir.”

“You are welcome, Puppy
Don’t disappoint me.”

“Goodnight Sir.”

“Good night, Puppy.”

In the morning I let her use the bathroom.
After I washed her, Puppy fastidiously cleaned her teeth not having the opportunity before bedtime.
I fixed her hair in a simple ponytail.
Then we ate breakfast and I feed her from my plate while Puppy was kneeling at my feet.
We shared two cups of coffee drinking from the same cup.

Then it was time for Puppy to forge her own collar.
Although not forged from red-hot iron with hammer & tongs it will be a mental binding no less secure.
I am speaking metaphorically of course.

While Puppy was cleaning house yesterday, I received an overnight package from FEDEX.
The package contained the materials for Puppy’s collar.
The raw materials: 6mm deep gem quality red carnelian round faceted beads.

Puppy sat on the kitchen floor and gave her a piece of quarter inch rope.
I showed Puppy how to tie the type of knot between the beads.
This would ensure that if the cord did break all the beads would not spill to the ground.
Puppy soon mastered the knot with the rope.
I then gave her the appropriate red silk cord to string her necklace.
Or if you prefer…. collar, Puppy practiced with this first, trial and error.

She was a quick study and enjoyed the challenge completing the 42-inch necklace by late afternoon, finishing with a 14kt. gold clasp.
It was obvious that Puppy enjoyed creating beautiful things with her hands and she had natural aptitude for such.
I made it a point to complement her on a job well done.
I was now certain in which direction to encourage her to pursue.

“Well Puppy, besides preferring our coffee black we have something else in common.
We have the ability to create beautiful things with our hands.
Some day I look forward to seeing you paint.
I also look forward to learning about art, your bailiwick.
Obviously all the Rousseau women possess abilities and attributes unique to themselves although no less valuable.
Things upon which money cannot weighed, money having no spiritual weight or value.”

“Stand up and put your hands behind your back……….
Good girl, now close your eyes and keep them closed.
Excellent, don’t move from this spot or open your eyes until I tell you.”

I put the necklace around her neck.
I took Puppy’s face in my hands.
I then kissed her mouth.

“Do you know what kind of gems stones you are wearing?”

“No Sir?”

“They are carnelian a form of translucent red agate.
It is sometimes referred to as “cornelian” rather then “carnelian”, the “cor” to the Latin meaning “of the heart.”

“The Romans believed that the stone protected one from evil.
They further associated this stone with emotional warmth, creativity, and rebirth.
Your second chance to set things right… of being born again… your rebirth.

This necklace is of your own making, a talisman if you will for the good and for the future.
To pass on to your heirs much like the ruby and no less valuable.
The real value of the ruby lies not for what it will sell for on the open market.
The real value is spiritual and what it represents.
It represents tradition.
For the love of mothers for daughters, of family, passed from generation to generation…priceless.

“Open your eyes Puppy.”
Why are you crying?”
I asked, even though I knew the answer.

“I’m so ashamed of myself.
Of what I have done and failed to do.
I have thrown my life way.
How can I ever face my sister after what I have done to her?”

“One step at a time.
When you are free of the Shylock and safe I will send for Rose.
First and foremost you need to forgive yourself.
Then you need to forgive your father.”

“But how can I face Blanche after our falling out?
I refused to talk to her for years.
Where do I begin?
What will I say to her?”

“Do you love your sister?”

“Yes…………..” and she started crying again, softly.

“And blessings on the falling out.”
“That all the more endears.
“When we fall out with those we love.”
“And kiss again in tears.”

“You know Lord Tennyson?”
Puppy exclaimed.

“Yes, we brutes are often surprisingly literate.”
I wiped the tears from her face with my hand.

“You are a strange man, Sir.”
Puppy said, smiling.

“Am I?”

“I don’t mean that in a bad way.
You were ruthless with Duke.
Good riddance to my final mistake in worthless men.
You could have killed him by striking his carotid artery.
Fortunately for him you managed the brachial plexus origin rendering him unconscious.
Followed on awakening by disorientation, nausea, loss of fine motor skills and a probable pounding headache.
I was terrified that you might do the same to me, or worse.”

“And that makes me strange?”

“No, not that.”
Puppy answered.

“You absolutely mean what you say.
Then you do what has to be done regardless of the consequences.
You love my sister Blanche with a passion I never thought possible.”

“I envy her that, Sir.
Even though I am still afraid of you, I feel safe with you.
You came charging in with such unbridled rage.
What really scared me was how quickly you mastered yourself.”

“Then Rose…. may I call her Rose?”

“Yes, if you like.” I answered.

“Rose put her hand on your shoulder…and the way Rose looked at you and you her, the love was almost tangible.
No man has ever looked at me like that
I thought you hated me.
Puppy said, wrapping her right hand in her necklace and pressing it to her heart.

“And now?”
I asked.

“I want to breath your air.”

“We shall see, Puppy”

“I understand, Sir.
I shall be patient and accept my penance without complaint.
I know now that you don’t hate me.”

“You assume much, Puppy.”

“Yes Sir, but in my heart I know what I say is true.
This may sound strange but I just know, as if I sense it.
You are a strange man but a good man, Sir.
I do not believe that you would waste your time with hatred as I have.
Just look where it got me.

“Are you familiar with Sylvia Townsend Warner?”

Not at all, Puppy.”
In her diary she wrote in part.
“One cannot overestimate the power of a good rancorous hatred on the part of the stupid.”
“The stupid have so much more industry and energy to expend on hating.”

“Next I suppose you will assume that I like you.”

“Perhaps you may grow to like me, Sir.”

“Do you have anything else to confess?”
I asked.

Yes, even though I doubt that you will believe it.”

“Try me.”

“Are you familiar with the Stockholm Syndrome?”

“Yes I am.”
“An entire study devoted to one incident.”

“I thought as much.
She replied.
“I have been thinking about that and how it applies to me.
At first I made excuses to myself, fear for one and convenience for another.
You made me eat the dog food and I actually begged you for it.
I was so hungry and it tasted terrible.
I rationalized that it had to be the Stockholm Syndrome.”

“You shared your coffee with me.
We drank out of the same cup and you fed me from your plate and I liked it.
Then there was the Mass card from the funeral home with my father’s name on it.
I hated you for that… I hated you!
You forced my thoughts inward and about myself.
I didn’t like what I saw.”

“And the Stockholm Syndrome?” I asked.

“Just an excuse, just so much Psycho Babel.
I have come to a conclusion, Sir.”

“And that conclusion is?”

“I actually enjoy being dominated and being submissive to you.
I want to breath your air.
The necklace was the final key to unlocking the last mental door I placed in the way to deny the truth.
A priceless gift on your part to be sure; how can I possibly refuse such a gift?”
I will gladly embrace a second chance under your terms.”

“Do you trust me, Puppy?”

“I trust you, Sir.”

“Why do you trust me?”

“When I cleaned the house from top to bottom I knew I did a good job.
You said; “Very nice work Puppy, very nice work.”
You didn’t find fault where there wasn’t any and then use that as an excuse to punish me.
You genuinely appreciated my honest efforts.
You have told me what to expect from the start and when I comply or disobey you act accordingly.”

“You are not verbally abusive and you do not curse at me… well maybe once, almost.
When you kicked the bathtub.
“You started to curse but stopped and then left the room to calm down.
This alone told me so much about your character.
When you punched me, and even though it hurt, I knew you held back, thank….”You may finish, thank God.” I offered.
I deserved to be spanked and I am certain that you would never beat me out of cruelty, only to correct and then only as a last resort.
You have not tried to force yourself on me, and I have been naked this whole time.
I was actually annoyed that you didn’t find me attractive.”

“Just annoyed?”

“More then annoyed.”
Puppy looked down and then into my eyes.
“Then we showered, and well…. you know what I mean………….but yes I trust you.”

“Will you please take me to the cemetery to see my father’s grave?
“I have something to tell him.”

“You want to go now Puppy?”

“Only if it is convenient, Sir.”

“Permission granted.”

“Then you do believe me!”
Puppy exclaimed, smiling.

“Trust has to begin somewhere and confession and penance is good for the soul.
I can provide you with panties but none of Rose’s bras will fit you properly.
You are about the same size as Rose, although your bosom is larger and you have wider hips.
Not to mention having lost weight since you have been here.
I believe that the uniform will fit you though it may be a little tight.
Shoes are not a problem, size 7, right?”

“Size seven and one-half Sir, what kind of uniform?”……………………………………….

There are two entrances to the cemetery and both entrances would be open this time of year.
David went on ahead and secured one of the gates chaining it closed.
He would remain out of sight and watch the open gate to monitor traffic in- and- out, just in case.
When Puppy and I leave the cemetery David will unlock the gate and leave things as he had found them.
Samantha would be sitting in her Jeep watching my house from the street.
Grace did the same for me when I went to the pet store to get supplies.

While she was in her Jeep, and just before I left, Samantha called me on my cell phone.
“Adam, you will be careful won’t you?”

“Yes don’t worry.”

“Of course I will worry.
If something happens to you, I will have to find a new lunch partner on Tuesdays.”

“I love you too, Sam.”


“Yes, Sam.”

“Please be careful!”

As I was pulling out of the driveway, I received another call.

“Adam, this is Grace.”

“Yes Little Brat, I will be careful.”

“Good, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my Bogeyman.
Good hairdressers are hard to find…………………

The trip to- and -from the cemetery was uneventful.
Puppy was unaware of the extra precautions.
She had enough to deal with making peace with herself in regard to her father.
It would serve no useful purpose to have her worrying about an early confrontation with the Shylock or the ex-boyfriend.

My gut told me that I we had not seen the last of Puke.
I gave her my word to her that I would protect her and I was prepared to take on grizzly bears this evening if necessary.

It was starting to get dark when we arrived.
The cemetery would be closing for the night in approximately two hours.
This should give her plenty of time.
I got out of the truck first and opened her door helping her out as I did helping her in…my mother taught me to be a gentlemen….I guess I am a strange man?
Then, taking her arm. I escorted her to the gravesite.

“Do you want me to wait for you in the truck?”

She turned to me and said.
“No, please stay with me… Sir.”

“Adam will suffice this evening.”
I offered, squeezing her hand.

“Thank you, Adam.”
She said quietly, squeezing mine back.
“Please stay.”

I stood next to her while she prayed silently as she had been taught.
She remembered her Catholic upbringing as it came flooding back to her, as her tears flooded her face and fell to the ground.
Puppy’s grief was genuine; I could sense it and borrowing a few words from her.” it was almost tangible”.
And then, I held her letting her cry on my shoulder as I did with Rose.

Puppy was very quiet on the way home.
When we arrived I went upstairs to use the bathroom.
When I came back down she was waiting for me in the kitchen.
Puppy had completely undressed except for her necklace.
She doubled it and was wearing it like a loose choker

“Put the panties back on.
Tomorrow we will see about getting you some appropriate clothing.
You did a very good thing this evening.”

“Please put this on for now.”
I said taking off my green flannel lined canvas shirt and helping her into it.

The shirt came down to her thighs and was large and loose on her.
I asked Puppy her bra size and she told me.

“We could just go to my apartment and get some clothing.”

“Your ex-boyfriend cleaned the apartment out a few days ago.”
Everything is gone including all of your clothing.”

We both sat at the kitchen table sharing a meal.
She sat across from me at the table this time.
I explained that I was arranging a meeting with the Shylock to settle her debt.

“Will I be going with you?”

“No, you will be safe with a friend.
David has a huge piece of property and his house has an unrivaled security system.
He is also a crack shot.
And then there is Socrates.”

“Who is Socrates?”

“You will see him when you get there, if not sooner.
Don’t be surprised if he ignores you though he is like that.”
I have to make some telephone calls.
Pick up the kitchen and straighten up the house where it is needed.
I will be in my bedroom.”

“Yes Adam. May I take a shower?”

“Yes, you may take a shower.”

You may sleep anywhere in the house you like except for Rose’s bedroom.”
Puppy just smiled and gave me a look before she got up to clear the table.

First I called Samantha and I thanked her for her help.
Then I talked to Grace thanking her as well.
Grace was quite descriptive with what she would to do for me before during and after her next trim.
I also made arrangements with Grace for Puppy’s clothing.
Grace would drop everything off tomorrow afternoon.

Then I called David.

“Did you tell her about her apartment, Adam?”

“Yes I told her.”

“How did she take it?”

“She took it well, considering….”

“Then you didn’t tell her everything.”

“I didn’t tell her about the graffiti Duke left on the walls about her… the profanity.
How Duke destroyed and defiled her personal belongings.
That would serve no useful purpose.
I should have broken both of his thumbs.”

David continued.
The painters are finished and they will be putting down the carpet down tomorrow.
Clarette’s landlady has agreed not to press charges but she is keeping the security deposit.
You are stuck with Clarette and the bills for all of the damage.
Are you sure she is worth it, Adam?”

“I promised Rose.”

“That’s not what I asked you.
I wasn’t talking about Rose and you know it.
Stop being obtuse!
You know what I mean.
Are you sure that Clarette is worth it?”

“I am absolutely sure.”

“And you, Adam, how are you holding up?”

“I’m ready for bear.”

“You are a stubborn bastard! ”
He said, laughing.
“I wish you would let me go with you when you confront him.”

“This something I have to do on my own, David.
If things go sour you may have to post my bail.”

“Nevertheless, your note was delivered.’
David advised me.
“The meeting is for three in the afternoon at Salvatore’s on the 30th, one day early.
I have made arrangements for you to have a friend’s private corner booth.
The booth is away from the public and they will be closing off that section.
You will be able to get your back to the wall and watch both entrances.
Now for the bad part and you are not going to like this, the ex-boyfriend is back in the picture.
Duke was the go-between for the Shylock.”

“It’s to late to change my plans.
I want you to know that you have been a good friend.
Give my love to the girls.”

After my shower I was lying in bed.
I was going over in my mind about the upcoming meeting with the Shylock.
What I would say, what I would do, and I was trying to figure every angle.
I had to plan for every contingency.
I heard Puppy come upstairs and go into the bathroom.
I was nodding off when she came into the bedroom fresh from the shower.
She was wearing my Kelly- Green shirt with the silk panties underneath.
That was a good sign, Puppy keeping her word to me and not trying to leave.
I left the truck keys on the kitchen table.
My back up was the hidden switch for the electric fuel pump to which she was unaware.

“The hot shower felt so good.
I was hoping that you would join me.”
Puppy said, taking the towel from her head and finger combing her hair.
“Do you shower with Rose?”

“That is a very personal question, Puppy.”

“Yes it is, Sir.
She said smiling.
But so has everything that has happened between us been personal.
I have confessed everything to you.”

“What do you think, Puppy?”

“I believe that you do shower with Rose.
“May I ask another personal question?
Could you love more than one woman at any given time?”

“It’s bedtime Puppy, turn off the light and get some sleep.”

“Yes Adam…………………….


“Yes Sir.”

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Trying to get some sleep, Sir.”
“Good night, Adam.”

“In my bed!
I did not give you permission to sleep with me.”

“Excuse me, Sir.
But I respectfully disagree.
You said that I could sleep anywhere I liked except for Rose’s room.”

“That is not the same as giving you permission to be in my bed and you know it.
Stop being obtuse, Puppy.”

Puppy rolled over and looked at me.
“You didn’t exclude your bed so technically here is part of anywhere I like.
And you were very specific with only one room.”

“You are too smart for your own good do you know that?”

“Do you want me to sleep on the floor?”
She asked, innocently moving closer.

I could smell her clean skin and hair.
Puppy was a woman with a woman’s smell.
Many of her mannerisms were the same as her sister’s.
More then I liked to admit.

“No.” I replied honestly aroused and wanting her body.
I wondered if one of the additional properties of carnelian is mind reading.

“May I kiss you to thank you for the necklace, Adam?”
Puppy asked, getting closer. I could smell her sweet breath.
She was now close enough to feel my erection.

“You may kiss my cheek.”

Puppy kissed my cheek and said.
“Do you like me just a little bit?”

“Perhaps a little bit.”

“Do you know what I think?
Or should I say, what I used to think?”

“Tell me Puppy.”

“That all men are the same.
God gave men different faces so that we women could tell them apart.”

“Why did you think that?”

“I was required to take two semesters of woman’s study courses in college to remain in good standing in my fraternity.
I was on probation for two semesters before they allowed me to be sworn.”

“You did join the fraternity, Puppy.”

“Yes, they allowed me to join.
As part of my initiation my pledge sister Megan took me to an upscale salon for a makeover.”

“Tell me about your makeover. ”

“My natural hair color is black, as you see it now.
I wore my hair much longer in those days.
My hair was blunt cut all one length and parted in the middle just touching my butt.”
Puppy said, touching her hair and sighing.

I am sure your hair was quite beautiful.”
I told her, reaching over and stroking her hair.
Puppy moved closer to me.

“I used to braid it just like Rose.
I was naive and innocent then and I suppose you may find that hard to believe.
But I was happy in those days too.”

I didn’t comment and she continued.

“First, the stylist cut my long braid off at the nape of my neck.
“Even though I was wearing clothing, I felt naked without my braid.
It was a comfort to me.
I can still remember sitting on the bed in mother’s bedroom with Rose.
Mom would brush and braid our long hair calling us her special girls.
My mother had such beautiful long red auburn hair.
I have a picture of her in my apartment…………………..
Are you sure Duke took everything, Adam?”

“Unfortunately yes, the bastard even took that.”
I replied, telling a little white lie.

Moving closer still, Puppy asked.
“Have you ever cut Rose’s hair?”

“I keep it trimmed for her if that is what you mean.
As is my preference, Rose’s hair it is blunt cut all one length to her waist.
Rose will wear her hair any way I tell her; she is my woman.
My sweet Rose is obedient and submissive to me all of her own free will.”

“Then you like Rose’s hair color, you don’t think it makes her look old?”

“I love the color, Puppy.
It makes her look exotic and sophisticated.
You were saying about your makeover?”

“My pledge sister Megan had her stylist cut my hair 6 inches all the way around.
Then it was time for the color.
While the color was working we drank espresso and I was given my first manicure and a pedicure.
Then came my perm; I left the salon with a mass of platinum blond curls.”

“I was required to keep my hair like that.
Megan paid for my monthly salon visits for six semesters.
She was very wealthy you know and at the time I thought Megan was my friend.
When Megan got tired of her outfits she always gave them to me, things that I could never afford.
Megan was always buying new outfits.
Megan introduced me to her older brother, Sean.
He was my first love.
We were inseparable item for three years.
Sean was blond like his sister Megan; he was so handsome.
Sean had his own apartment off campus and drove a Porsche.”

“It is not that Sean treated me bad.
He took me places; Hawaii for example and the Virgin Islands another.
But Sean never took me home to meet his parents.
Sean bought me expensive jewelry.
During that time my grades started slipping.
I rationalized why study I had to look good for Sean.
When he married me I would show everybody, especially my father.
I planned on having Rose move in with us and caring for her for a change.”

“Rose took the bus to see me during my second semester, the bus….
I was ashamed of Rose, my own sister.
What would my friends think…. what would Sean think.
About the way Rose looked and the way that she was dressed.
Rose’s hair was the color that it is now; silver white.
My fraternity sisters, all spoiled rich girls made fun of Rose behind her back.
In retrospect, I am sure that Rose was aware of it.
Megan and Sean were very gracious to Rose; they took us out to dinner?
Afterwards, Sean offered to pay her plane fare home; Rose took the bus.”

“I drove Rose the bus station in Sean’s Porsche.
We waited the station for her bus to arrive.
Rose was carrying a small beat up carry-on bag.

“I have something for you honey.”
Rose said to mmm…. and then Clarette paused.
She started crying softly.
I held her close stroking her hair until she stopped.

“I am fine now.”
She said softly, touching my face with her hand.
I feel so safe with you, may I finish my story now?”

“Of course you may.”

She gave me two small gift bags.
My gifts were wrapped in tissue paper.
She looked so happy, Adam, looking forward to me opening them.
Rose knitted me a hat, scarf and mittens.”

“They are made from real cashmere yarn.”
The ungrateful bitch that I was I didn’t appreciate them.
“A beautiful Kelly Green, I know how much you love that color.” Rose said.

But that is not the worst part.”
Rose had another small package for me, a bag of root beer barrel candy.”

“Rose loves root beer.”
“Why was that bad?”
I asked.

“I was angry with her, Adam.
She didn’t say anything about my hair, my jewelry or my new clothing.
That my boyfriend was allowing me drive his Porsche.
What a jealous bitch she is, I thought.
How dare she refuse Sean’s generous offer to pay for her airline tickets to fly home.

“I was thinking: Blanche almost spoiled everything the old frump that she was.
Do you know what she told me?
I should have listened but I didn’t.
She said: “Honey, don’t let that flash in the pan turn your head.
I am not telling you that you can’t see him.
You and Sean are from different worlds.
You worked so hard for your scholarships and you are a member of Mensa after all.”

“Then I blasted her Adam.
I knew I was hurting her and I just didn’t care.

“You are just jealous, Blanche!
What rich handsome man would ever want you?
Or any real man for that matter.
You act and dress like an old lady.”

“Someday the right man will come along for me, Clarette
He shall accept me and love me for who I am.
Not who I pretend to be.”

“Well Sean is the right man for me so get used to it.
You are not my mother so fuck-off, Blanche!
Die a barren, dried up old woman and spinster for all I care.
All the romance novels in the world can’t take the place of a real man.”

“You are merely an expensive toy to Sean, much like his Porsche, Clarette.
When his toys wear out, or Sean tires them, he will drop them and walk away.
He will buy himself another toy to amuse himself, until he is tired of that as well.
Grow up for once in your life!”

“Then I left her there, Adam. Waiting alone for her bus…I also left the gifts.”

“What about the candy root beer barrels, Puppy?
You said that was the worst part.”

“When I was a little girl Rose always walked me home from school.
We would always visit Mrs. Meyer.
Mrs. Meyer was a widow with no children and was as poor as we were.
Mrs. Meyer had terrible arthritis in her hands and Rose would help her around the house while I watched television.
Father never replaced our TV after he kicked the screen in.

“Then we would all sit at her kitchen table together.
We would have a glass of milk and a sandwich.
Sometimes we had a hot meal with a piece of fruit for dessert.
We would always take a vitamin, Mrs. Meyer insisted.
Mrs. Meyer kept a kosher house.
Yet she always insisted that way say grace before our meal.
Mrs. Meyer was never offended when we made the Sign Of The Cross at the beginning and end of grace.
People are so intolerant these days about such things.”

“I agree, today those type of intolerant people call themselves liberals.”

“Every day before we left Mrs. Meyer would give Rose a small waxed- paper bag.
In the bag were three candy root beer barrels, always three.
Rose would take one from the bag and put it in her mouth, a look of pure joy on her face.

Rose would give me the other two.
I would chew up the first one quickly and then slowly suck on the second.
Mrs. Meyer would stand there and look at us nodding her head and smile.
She would say; “Good things always come to those who wait.”

“You were only a child.”

“I was a child.”
Puppy agreed.
“A greedy and grasping child.”

“You never married Sean, what happened?”

“Sean was starting in his father’s law firm in the spring as an intern.
His father bought him a new Porsche.
Sean signed over the title of his old one to me.
I was absolutely elated.
Who in my old neighborhood could imagine me owning a Porsche?
During our third year together I missed my period.
I thought I was pregnant.
When I gave Sean the good news he turned and walked away.

“I was devastated and I turned to Megan for help.
Megan would talk to him, Megan would help me; we were fraternity sisters.
Megan was very supportive at first telling me that she knew a doctor…

“Was it a false pregnancy, Puppy?”

“Yes, Adam, how did you know that?”
“I would never agree to an abortion, to murder my baby!”

“Never mind, finish your story.”

I told Megan in no uncertain terms that I would never consider an abortion.
She told me that she understood.

“I will talk to Sean for you, he will listen to me.

Megan was lying to me, Adam.

“I know what will make you feel better, Clarette.” Megan told me.
We shall both get a facial at the salon, then a manicure and pedicure.”
I will call for an appointment.
I am sure they will take us right away.”

“The fool that I was, I went with her.”
They opened the salon especially for us.
We were the only ones there.
They must have put something in my espresso
I woke up the next morning in an abortion clinic.
I didn’t remember a thing.
Megan paid them hush money to give me makeover while I was asleep.

“My platinum curls were gone.
Sean loved to run his fingers through my curls.
My hair was cut in a short pixie style.
It was very choppy and purposefully cut on top to bring out my cowlicks.
They gave me short, choppy uneven bangs.
Whoever cut my hair to great liberties with thinning shears, especially on my crown?
They took greater liberties with electric clippers on the sides and back?
My hair was also dyed a ridiculous bright carrot orange.”

“I awoke dressed like a cheap whore.
I was wearing a short, tight, red-sparkle vinyl dress and a thong.
I was wearing black fishnet stockings and red-sparkle platform shoes.
My eyebrows were shaved off and thin arched ones were penciled in.
My face was heavily made up to look garish and sluttish.”

“May I ask another question, Sir?”

“Of course you may.”

“Are you angry with me?”
You seem tense all of a sudden.”

I took a deep breath and sighed, unclenching my fists.
I wasn’t angry with her.
I was angry what Megan and Sean did to her and was able to get away with because of their wealth.

“I am not angry with you, Puppy.
Roll over and get some sleep.”


“No buts.”
I interrupted.
“Do you want a spanking?”

“No Sir.”
She rolled over but remained just as close.

“Am I still your Puppy, Sir?”

“Yes, you are still my Puppy.
Now, not another word, get some sleep.”

I lay there watching her until her breathing became slow and deep.
When I was sure that she was sound asleep I whispered in her ear.
“If you were my daughter heaven help the two of them……………………………….

I slept in late the next morning and woke up to her lying next me.

“Good morning, Sir.”

“Good morning, Puppy”

“May I ask a question, Sir?”

“You may.”

“Do you like the color of my hair?”

“Yes Puppy, you have beautiful hair.”

“Then you like my natural color?

“Yes, as matter of fact I like your color very much.”

“If I were your woman how would you make me wear my hair?”

“You are not my woman you are Rose’s sister.”

“I know. That was a hypothetical question.”

I was thinking to myself and it was a tempting thought.
Why not two women, two lovers and why not sisters?
Rose as much gave me her tacit approval.
In other parts of the world it was not frowned upon.
There is such a marvelous contrast between the two of them.
One sister with silver white hair like a beautiful white rose.
The other sister with black hair, black as polished onyx.
I would absolutely have to add another bathroom.

“Hypothetical questions have their place, Puppy.
My Dad had a saying; “If a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump its ass every time it jumped.”

“Therefore, I would much prefer to show you by example.”

“Get closer to me Puppy and I will answer your question.
Very good…now close your eyes.”
I said putting my arms around her.

“Now, put your arms around me.
Wonderful, isn’t this nice?
I kissed my Puppy’s mouth and then kissed her mouth again.

“For the remaining days until the meeting, and if you agree we will pretend that you are my woman.
I doubt that the Shylock will bother us now that the meeting is set.
In any event, I am ready for bear.
For the next few days we will be lovers.
Open your pretty eyes and look at me before you answer.”

“Will you close your eyes first, Adam?”
I closed my eyes.

Puppy kissed my mouth twice as I did hers.
“Please and thank you, Sir, I agree.”

“You understand the implications?”

“Yes Adam?”

“No Stockholm Syndrome?”
I asked.

“No Stockholm Syndrome.”
Puppy hugged me.
“And yes I understand the implications, Sir.”

“As my woman I would never allow you to dye your hair another color.
Nothing in a bottle can improve upon what God and nature have wrought, much like your cornelian.
In addition no perms for you as the chemicals used will damage healthy virgin hair.
I said, as I was running my fingers through Puppy’s hair.
Tanning booths are definitely out, long painted nails; never, sensible manicured nails absolutely.”

“Adam you were not going to allow me any of those things even if I were not your woman.”

“You are absolutely correct my dear.
Tell me my precocious Puppy.
Tell me as my woman, or lover, or neither, how will you be wearing your hair in the future?
“What will be my preferences?
I unbuttoned my shirt that Puppy was wearing.
Then I stroked her nipples and felt them instantly respond to my touch.

“You will make me wear it long and…. mmmmm, God, that feels so good.”

“You have such marvelous sensitive nipples.
I said, licking them.
How long, Puppy?”

“Waist length and blunt cut all one length.”
“Don’t stop, that feels sooooo good!”

“Marvelous, you are reading my mind, what else?”
I ripped her panties and pulled them off, making her gasp, then smile.

“You will make me to wear it pinned up most of the time.
Especially when I leave the house alone.
I may wear it down on occasion when it suits you.
I also believe that you like braids, pigtails and ponytails.

“Do you suppose that carnelian makes it possible for you to read my mind, Puppy?”
Because those are my thoughts exactly.”

“I know what else you are thinking, Sir.”
Puppy was moving her hips as I stroked her Labia Majora, now plump and swollen with arousal.

“What am I thinking?”

“You want me to go down on you.

“Now I am sure that your carnelian necklace is enabling you to read my mind.”
I continued licking and sucking on her breasts while pushing past her Labia Majora with my fingers.
I probed her flower, her clitoris with my fingers making her moan and squirm even louder.
Just before her orgasm peaked I rolled her over on her stomach.
I rammed my rock hard penis deep into her now dripping vagina pinning her to the bed.

I pounded her thrusting hard and deep.
Her was face was buried in the pillow, and she was biting it as her orgasm washed over her.
When I got off of her she rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed next to me.

She was crying but smiling.
I kissed her face and wiped her tears away with my hand.
This caused her to cry even harder, turning into intense sobs that wracked her body.
Puppy let everything out; pent up grief, anger, gratitude, and resentment…remorse…. love, everything.
Unfortunately, to her great embarrassment the sobs turned into violent hiccups.

I sat with my precocious Puppy, with my arms around her, my woman for the next few of days.
“Take a deep breath and hold it…. good girl.”

“Hic…Hic…I’m…Hic sorry…Hic His, I…Hic…sorry…Hic

I was thinking what I told David me on the phone.
I said that I was pretty sure.
I was now certain that she was worth it.
I was seeing her through Rose’s eyes now.

“Stop saying that you are sorry.
You needn’t be embarrassed about the hiccups.”

“But…. hic…I…hic, want to…. hic…I want to go…Hic, Hic…

“That can wait.
We have the rest of the day for that.
I’m not going to get blue balls waiting for your hiccups to stop.”

“Hic…. Hic…”

“Is that a smile I see?
You have a beautiful smile.”
I kissed her cheek.
Let’s get you a glass of cold water.”

I took my Puppy’s hand and walked her to the bathroom.
Once there, I made her sip the water slowly until her hiccups stopped.
I filled my old fashion cast iron and porcelain claw footed bathtub with hot water.
“Get into the tub Puppy, I will be with you in a moment.”

I went to Rose’s bedroom, our bedroom.
I removed the false bottom in one of the wardrobes to reveal a small fireproof safe.
I removed one of the three carved wood boats that my father made for me when I was a child.

While I was in college mother passed away suddenly.
Dad never remarried.
I moved back home to care for him years later, when he was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.
Over time Dad was got progressively worse; he was forgetting everything and he had a tendency to wander off.
I converted one of the barns into my workshop.
I kept Dad occupied with busy work so that I could keep an eye on him.

One evening when we were sleeping, I forgot to lock his bedroom door.
To make a long story short Dad managed to set the house on fire.
We lost everything before the volunteer fire department arrived.
Bad roads, heavy snow and cold temperatures hampered their efforts.
The fire truck that arrived first through the blizzard, a pump truck soon ran out.
We had to chop a hole in the ice of the pond to get water.
The two fire trucks that arrived afterwards were too late to save anything.”

I placed Dad in a nursing home after the fire.
I lived in my workshop until the insurance money came through.
Then I bought my house, the house I am living in now.
The small fireproof safe was in Dad’s bedroom at the time of the fire.
Dad forgot the combination but for some reason it was a comfort to him.
I cleared away all the charred remains of the old farmhouse by myself in the spring.
My grandfather and great grandfather built our farmhouse.
The fieldstone foundation and basement remained sound and intact.
I found Dad’s old safe in the soot and ashes.

I felt guilty about putting Dad in the nursing home and moving away from the homestead.
Dad always hoped I would take over the family business and live on the farm.

I was home for the holidays my first semester of college.
Dad and I got into a heated argument.
I said terrible things to him.
I refused any help or money from him after that.
I didn’t return home or speak to my father until after my mother died.
Even today I still carry some of that guilt with me.
I made my peace with Dad before the funeral.

I returned to the bathroom.
I floated the wood boat and then got into the tub behind her.
Leaning back I put my arms around her pulling her close.
I kissed the back of my precocious Puppy’s neck.

“Who are you?”
I asked.

“I am your precocious Puppy, Sir.”
She said, snuggling closer and squeezing my hands.

“You have shared many things about yourself with me, Puppy.
Now I will share something with you about me.
Something that even Rose does not know about.
Something I have not told to anyone.”

I told her the story about my relationship with my Dad.
I told her about the old galvanized tub with the slow leak.
I told her about my newspaper hats and carved wood toy boats, plus sharing the Popsicle on the porch.
I made her laugh when I pushed the boat at her making pretend motorboat noises.
“Watch out for the octopus!”
I pinched and tickled her under the water, making her laugh and shriek.
Puppy was as ticklish as Rose.

Replenishing the hot water, I told her about the falling out I had with my father.
I told her about the fire, the nursing home and finally.

“The safe remained unopened until I moved here, Puppy
I cleaned it up a bit and then took it to a locksmith to have it opened where we discovered my father’s treasures.
The three toy wood boats and a black & white photo my mother took of Dad and I together sitting in our submarine.
I had the safe totally restored although a new safe would have been cheaper.
I keep these treasures in my Dad’s old safe.”

We sat there soaking for a while not talking.
I reheated the water several times from the faucet.
After our soak, we drained the tub and showered.
We soaped each other down washing each other’s hair and then we then finished by toweling each other off.
While we were toweling off I asked her.

“Puppy have you ever had a man go down on you?”

“No Adam. I was with Sean for three years.
The only oral sex we had was when I went down on him.
Men that I have been with since were only concerned with their own pleasure.
Much of the time Sean had been drinking when he made love to me if you could call it that?
We never cuddled afterwards.
Sean always insisted our lovemaking be in the bedroom with the door locked and always at night.

“”Rose was right.
I was just a toy to him, a doll to dress up and decorate.”

“Sean was often impatient with me and he wasn’t interested in my opinions.
Especially when I wanted to talk with him, to share my thoughts.
Sean only pretended to listen to get what he wanted.
Sean was a user, as Megan was a user, as I… ”

I put my hand over her mouth, interrupting her.
“You are no longer that person and we shall never speak of it again.”

I removed my hand and kissed her mouth while stroking her pubis mound.
“Besides, it is time for your haircut down there!
Go fetch the electric hair clippers.”

Puppy stood on a large bath towel.
I plowed the clippers through her thick bush of black pubic hair.
I made several passes with the electric clippers leaving short stubble in its path.
Next I applied generous amounts of shaving gel rubbing it in well.
I shaved her pubis smooth exposing her sex to my fingers and tongue.
I lathered and shaved her a second time until Puppy’s pubis was completely smooth and hairless.
I rubbed cold baby oil chilling in the fridge over her bald mound to sooth and minimize any razor burn.

I put Puppy’s necklace around her neck and said.
“You will shave your pubis mound every day from now on.
Tell me why, Puppy?”

“As a reminder of my submission and obedience to you.
Because it pleases you and so I can breath your air.”

“As you are now?”

“As I am now.”
“As you make Rose obey you.”
Puppy put her arms around my neck.

Then the doorbell rang.
“That must me Grace.
I have to answer the door.”

“But I want to go down on you, Sir.”

“Later Puppy.”
I said as I put my black silk robe on.

“Grace brought you some clothing and it is impolite to make her wait.
You will be a gracious hostess and cook for the three of us.
Then we shall have lunch together.”

“But what shall I wear?”

“Put my shirt on for now.
Believe me Grace won’t mind a bit.”

I had already started the coffee when Puppy came downstairs.
She had pinned her damp hair up in a small bun, a few stray hairs escaping to caress her long neck.
She was wearing my Kelly Green flannel lined shirt and her necklace with nothing underneath.
Grace and I were sitting at the table and when Puppy entered the kitchen.
I stood up and made the introductions.
Then I pulled a chair out for her to sit down.

“I brought everything you asked for, Adam and the rest of her clothing is in my car.
Grace said, handing me my credit card.

“I bought three pairs of walking shoes for you to try on Clara.”
Keep the pair that fits you best.
I will return the other two pair and have them credited to Adam’s credit card.”

“My name is Clarette, not Clara, Grace.”
“Thank you for the walking shoes.”

“I’m sorry, dear.”
“Of course it is.”
Grace replied sweetly.

While she was trying on the shoes, Grace got up and poured me a cup of black coffee.
Grace loved to flirt with me especially before, during, and after her haircut.
And Grace did so this morning as I knew she would.
Grace stood behind me and massaged my neck and my shoulders.

“I will be glad when everything is back to normal, Adam
My hair could use a good trim.
It’s going on seven weeks since you last did it.”
Grace stopped to pour herself another cup of coffee and added her usual cream and sugar.
She then returned to continue with my massage.

Puppy tried on all three pairs before she made her selection.

“May I pour one for you Claries?
Grace asked sweetly walking over the cupboard and taking out a coffee cup.

How do you take your coffee?

“Black, the same as Adam thank you.”
Puppy replied, picking up my cup and taking a sip.

“My name is still Clarette, Grace.”

“Sorry, why can’t I remember that?”

“May I offer you some lunch, Grace?”
Clarette asked just a sweetly.
Taking over massaging my neck and shoulders.

No thank you dear, some of us girls always watch our figures, Clarita.”
I felt Puppy’s hands squeezing my shoulders harder at this remark.

“I really must be going.
“It was nice to meet you…uh?”

I offered, thinking.” what a little brat Grace was this afternoon.”

I stood up for Grace to take my arm.
“Adam, will you see me to my car?”

I walked Grace to her car, carrying the extra pairs of walking shoes.
I opened her door and put the shoes on the passenger side.
Before she got in, Grace leaned forward and kissed my cheek.
“Sam sends her love and told me to tell you to be careful.”
Then my little brat put her arms around my neck and kissed my mouth.
“That kiss is from me.
Please be careful, Bogeyman.”

“You are such a little brat, teasing her like that.”
I slapped her ass and making her yelp.
I then kissed her on the mouth twice and said.
“One is for Sam, thank you, I promise I will be careful.”

I went back into the house with Puppy’s clothing and I found Puppy naked, wearing her necklace.
She was standing by the floor mirror located in the foyer by the front door.
This was the perfect place for her to go down on me.
I put my arms around waist and rubbed her tummy.

She had lost a good 10 to 15 pounds since she had arrived.
She was now delightfully buxom and curvaceous with larger breasts then Rose.
She also had wider hips and a larger frame (medium) then my sweet Rose.
She was also approximately two inches taller then Rose.
Buxom, voluptuous and curvaceous complimented her overall figure.
Dad would say. “The perfect shape for bearing children.”

I also approved of her figure.
I disdained the gaunt & ghoulish and emancipated look so popular with the fashion runway models of today.

“I can read your mind, my precocious Puppy.
Don’t ask me the question, the question that most men dread from their wives or lovers.
Now as to your figure, as nature intended: voluptuous, curvaceous, buxom and delightfully bosomy to my eyes.

“May I go down on you now, Sir?”
Puppy turned and put her arms around my neck.

“You may right here in front of the mirror.”

I took my robe off, dropping it to the floor.
Puppy got down on her knees and started by kissing my stomach working her way down.
She began by licking the shaft and then my balls.
She used her tongue in circular motion on the glans, watching herself in the mirror as I knew she would.

I removed the hairpins from her bun and unwrapped it letting it fall into a small ponytail.
Then I stroked her ponytail as she licked, feeling the weight and thickness of her well cared for hair, so soft and silky.

“Look at me Puppy, look into my eyes and keep licking the tip.
“Now take all of it into your mouth and suck.
Be sure to use your little tongue as well.
Very nice that feels wonderful.
You are a marvelous little cocksucker.
Suck harder…that’s it.
I controlled Puppy’s performance by using her hair, as I do with Rose and Grace.

Rose likes to go down on me best when she lying on her side in bed together.
Rose will caress my face, neck, and chest with her long silky hair while sucking on my cock.

Before I achieved my orgasm, I pulled out slightly just before I came.
Puppy’s hair was now out of the ponytail and my hands were buried in it.
I did not have to ask her to swallow.
She cleaned me thoroughly with her mouth and tongue.
She did that on her own watching herself in the mirror.
I could smell her arousal, the clean musky smell of a woman.
I felt the wetness between her legs.

I took her hand and lead her into the kitchen.
I picked her up and put her on the table.

“Adam, what are you doing people eat here!”

“Yes, we certainly do.”
I pulled up a chair and sat down.

“Lean back and spread your legs so that I can eat you out.”
I sat stroking her bald pussy with my fingers while I finished my coffee.
I started licking and sucking, probing her flower with my tongue.
Soon I had my Puppy squirming and moaning on the kitchen table.
I was holding onto her to keep her from sliding off.
Her orgasm was incredible.
She covered her mouth with her hands to muffle her loud screams of pleasure.

I helped her down from the table.
Puppy walked over to pour the last cup out of the pot and sat on the floor next to me.
As was now our custom we shared the cup, passing it back and forth and each of us taking a sip.

“It is rather late for breakfast and lunch will soon be over.
I know a little family dinner that serves super 1/2 lb. sirloin hamburgers and killer onion rings.
That will give us plenty of time for your haircut.
Go upstairs and get your hair wet and bring down my kit.”

As she started up the steps, “Puppy.”

“Yes, Adam.”

“We won’t be needing the electric clippers.”
“Be sure to get your hair wet before you come back down.”

There wasn’t any real reason now to cut her hair in a short boys or pixie haircut now.
I would prefer to see it much longer down to her waist now that the layers were gone.
I was curious to see what she would look like with bangs (a fringe).

If I liked her with bangs and if I changed my mind her bangs would eventually bangs grew out.
Puppy’s hair is very thick and heavy.
Even with bangs, her ponytails, braids or buns would be thicker and fuller then most women’s without them.

She dutifully got up on the stool while I combed out her shoulder length hair.
I then parted the hair in the front and then combed this section of hair forward covering her face.
I took the rest of her hair and fixed it in a low ponytail to get it out of the way.
I divided the hair covering her face into sections, twisting and clipping each section to the top of her head with plastic butterfly clips.
One by one I brought each section down.
I carefully cut the bangs into her hair stopping just to the front of her ears.

Puppy now had thick, blunt cut eye framing bangs just caressing her eyebrows.
I blow-dried her hair and brushed it again.
Then pulled it back into a medium high ponytail.

I went back for the final trim, tweaking the bangs until they were perfectly straight, blunt and full.
I was right about her ponytail, still thick and full.
And those bangs framing her face, they were perfect for her
The bangs really brought out her beautiful dark eyes as well as making her look much younger.
The Rousseau women needed little or no makeup to look beautiful.
I noticed that she was studying me as if reading my mind.

“My pretty and precocious Puppy.”
You have no idea how much younger and sexier they make you look or
the way your bangs frame your face and bring out your eyes.
You have such beautiful intelligent brown eyes, a brown so dark that they appear obsidian black in the right light.”

“Do I really look that good in bangs, Adam?”
You have a way of looking at me and your eyes never lie.
You take such pleasure in simple things.
And you can be so gentle.
Our bath for one; you were so silly with your boat.
Sharing a meal or a cup of coffee or tea at your kitchen table for another
Nevertheless you are far from simple.
Did you ever take the test for MENSA while in college?”

I answered, kissing her mouth.

“Did you pass?”

“Yes I passed”. Kiss. ”

“What was your score?”

“You’re smarter then me; you scored higher.” Kiss.

“Adam, stop being silly, I’m trying to be serious.”

“I know you are.” “Stop being serious, be silly.” Kiss, Kiss…”

“Adam!” She exclaimed, getting frustrated.
“I have something important to tell you!”

“I’m going to get dressed for dinner, just jeans and a flannel shirt, nothing fancy.”
I took her hair out of the ponytail and fluffed it about her shoulders arranging it around her face.
I will tell you my test score during lunch, please get dressed and fix your hair nice for me”

“No, I won’t get dressed!”
Puppy exclaimed, annoyed and getting angry.
“Why are you smiling at me, Adam?”

“Your eyes just turned darker.
They must do that when you get angry.
You are so cute when you are angry.
What do you want to tell me?”

“I would much prefer to show you.”
Puppy put her arms around my neck.
Put your arms around me, Adam, isn’t this nice?
Please close your eyes, Sir.”
I was happy to comply.

Puppy put her mouth to my ear and whispered.
“If you were my daughter Clarette, heaven help the two of them.
Thank you Adam.
You are cute too…. don’t be embarrassed.”

I was dressed and waiting in the kitchen when Puppy made her entrance.
She was wearing light- blue stone washed Levis, snug but not skin tight and the white Nike walking shoes.
On top, she was wearing a pale green silk-blend peasant tunic.
It had 3/4 sleeves with smocking and lace at the neck and cuffs with a grosgrain ribbon belt and one at the neckline.
She had fixed her hair in a simple braid knowing that I would approve.

Intuitive as well as intelligent,she guessed or perhaps read my mind.
Puppy brought me the spool of Kelly Green ribbon that Grace bought it at my request along with Puppy’s clothing.

“Adam, would you tie this ribbon on my braid?
I just can’t seem to get the bow right.”

“It will be my pleasure.
Turn around please…. there all done.
You look lovely this afternoon, so fresh and youthful.”
I complimented her and offered her my arm.

We arrived at the restaurant and seated ourselves.
Nancy our waitress brought us menus and two glasses of ice water with lemon wedges on the side.
“Good afternoon, Adam, you too Miss, what will be your pleasure.”

“Nancy this is Rose’s sister, Clarette.
Clarette, this is Nancy.”

Nancy was a plump little blue-eyed blond, about Puppy’s age.
Being a very competent waitress and a part time substitute teacher.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Clarette.”
Nancy said, shaking her hand.
“Adam never mentioned that Rose had a such a young sister.
You must be a senior this year.

The pleasantries aside, I placed our order.
“Nancy, how do you like your new contact lenses?”

“Are they that noticeable, Adam? ”

“No, not at all.
I love the way the slight tint brings out the blue in your eyes.”

“Then how did you know?”

“Well for one, you are not wearing your brown tortoise shell glasses and they are not in your apron pocket.
When you are not wearing them you hold the order pad closer to your face when writing?
Further, you have stopped lightening your hair since I was here last.
Your natural honey blond is so much nicer.
I’m glad to see that you are finally growing it out.”

“I wish Roger noticed these things.”
Nancy sighed.
When Roger gets out of work all he does is to go drinking with his buddies.
Or will stay home and watch sports on TV.”

“That’s because Roger is a roosterfish.
I would bet the roosterfish does not know the color of your eyes.
Let alone that you are wearing a different eye shadow.
Are you still a part-time assistant teacher, Nancy?”

“Yes, but I am starting full time in the fall”

“When you get your full time teaching job in the fall, do yourself a favor, Nancy.
Dump the roosterfish!

Nancy brought our order returning from time to time to replenish our water and root beer.

“How is your hamburger?
I asked.

“Delicious, but I won’t be able to eat all of it, I have to watch my figure now.
Adam did you ever date her, I mean before you met my sister?”

By her, do you mean Nancy?”

“Yes, Nancy, did you ever date her?”

“I was Nancy’s escort for her cousins wedding.”
Nancy’s present boyfriend, Roger the roosterfish went to Miami for a football game.
Roosterfish went his hatchling roosterfish buddies the weekend of the wedding.

“The roosterfish’s friends no doubt talked him into it.
They made references about his manhood, saying stand-up to her, don’t let her boss you around…. that kind of nonsense!
Hence the roosterfish reference, nether fish or fowl, man or boy, but perpetual adolescence.
When I found out I insisted on taking Nancy to the wedding.
I rented a black tuxedo for the occasion.
I danced just about every dance with her.
Then I took her out for coffee & dessert afterwards.
We had a wonderful time.

Then the roosterfish saw the photos from the wedding and us dancing.
He became jealous and then angry.
Roger accused her of cheating on him with me and then tried confront me.
He told me that he was going to “kick the shit out of me”.

Did you fight him?”

“The idiot confronted me outside of the Ace Hardware Store.
He was loud, drunk and obnoxious and there was no reasoning with him.
He threw a haymaker at my head and I moved to one side.
Roger punched the building instead of me and broke his hand in three places.
I left him in the emergency room.”

“Did you…. “You know what I mean?”

Did I what, Puppy?”
“Did I make love to her, the answer is no.”

“Are you going to tell me what you scored on your MENSA test?”

But it doesn’t matter, I didn’t join?”

“Why wouldn’t you want to be a member of MENSA?”

“When I was in college, I was tentatively accepted into a fraternity.

“What fraternity, Adam?”

“It doesn’t matter.
At the time I didn’t know what I was getting into to.
I wouldn’t cooperate or take part in the hazing.
What they wanted me to do and what they wanted to do to me was demeaning.”

“What happened when you refused the initiation?”

“I got arrested and spent the weekend in jail for fighting but not so my almost fraternity brothers.
They had money and connections.
One had a broken hand.
Another had crushed testicles.
The third couldn’t whistle Dixie between his missing front teeth.”

“Why couldn’t he whistle through his teeth?
Puppy asked laughing.

“Because he was the one holding the paddle.
He attempted to hit me with it before I took it away from him.

“Did anything happen in jail, Adam?

“While I was in my cell, a rather large gentleman with a shaved head and many tattoos was put in with me
But had to leave in a hurry because the Correction Officers rushed him to the prison hospital soon after.”

“What happened to him?”
Puppy asked, sliding closer to me, our legs now touching.

When we initially sat down, I helped her into the corner booth and then sat across from her.
Over the course of the meal and conversations she kept inching closer to me.
It started with the fried onion rings.
When I reached for one so did she as an excuse to touch me.
I noticed in the bathtub sharing my boat story how she cuddled closer
The same when Puppy was telling me about herself in the bedroom.
Especially when I asked her questions.
Confirming to her that I was listening and had her undivided attention.

I also noticed that she got excited and perhaps aroused by the violent account of my actions.
Which was why I narrated the way I did.
To hold her interest and have her ask questions.
I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer yet.

“It was a pre-emptive strike.
Nobody bothered me after that.
I was segregated to my own room in the infirmary.
The down side was that I could have been charged with assault and battery.

“I will assume that you won that fight.
Where you charged for your pre-emptive strike?
What happened next, Adam?”

“Yes and no, I will get to that shortly.”

I talked softer now, making Puppy lean closer to listen
While I spoke to her I played with her thick, silky braid.

“There was an internal investigation conducted by a old crusty Correction Sergeant.
He was a 25 -year man in his sixties.
He had hash marks and stars on his sleeve.
I was brought into his office, a dingy room painted institutional gray.
The room contained a battered wood desk and two chairs in the same condition.
I was told to sit down, which I did.
The desk was between us.
The Sergeant took off his uniform jacket.
He hung it on the back of his chair and then sat down.
I noticed his single tattoo; the Marine embalm and below that, “Semper Fideliis.”

“Always Faithful.”
Puppy added solemnly.

The Sergeant told me that the thug, a known rapist and pedophile refused to press charges against me.
In order to draw me out he asked about my family and home life.”
I answered everything truthfully.
A man of his caliber would easily detect lies or half-truths.”

“He asked if I was checked out at the municipal hospital after my fight.”

“Were you checked out at the hospital, Adam?”

“No the campus police turned me over the Sheriff Deputy.
They said I refused treatment forging their paperwork and I was brought right to the county jail.
The Sergeant then asked me to take off my shirt and then he said.

“Son, you did a number on those boys.
No doubt in my mind they got what their hands called for.
In the end it is their word against yours and they are the haves and you are a have not.
Life isn’t fair but there you have it.
Where did you get those bruises on your back and stomach, son?”

“How did you get the bruises, Adam?”

“I didn’t tell him, Puppy, which told him everything.”

“But how did you get them?”

“A young sweet thing like you still in high school.
I can’t tell you that; It would corrupt your tender sensibilities.”


“The campus police worked me over with sap gloves.
Sap gloves are cowhide gloves with fine birdshot sown into the palms and knuckles.”
I took a sip of root beer from my frosted glass mug, as did the same.

“The bastards…. did you eventually get medical treatment?”

“After my interview.
The Sergeant personally escorted me to the infirmary.
I had cracked ribs and was now pissing blood.”

“They bruised your kidneys didn’t they?”

“Yes they did, both of them.
I passed out a couple of times while they were wrapping my cracked ribs.”

“They don’t treat cracked ribs that way now, Adam.”

“Yes, I know, Puppy.”

“The old Sergeant was angry.
I stayed in the jail’s hospital until Monday.”

I had a cell with a real mattress and fresh sheets and I could watch television in the dayroom.
The Sergeant called the PA at home and had him return to the jail infirmary.
I had pain medication that night instead of waiting until Monday morning.”

“There was an old black orderly working on the ward, a trustee and his name was Shaky McDaniel.
He told me that he overheard the old Sarge talking.
“Listen to me boy, that old-timer is a good hack.
You do what he tells you.
“Sergeant McMahon is a tough old bastard.
Don’t take shit from anybody.
He’s tough, but he’s fair.
He was talking to the Captain.
Told him he did some checking on you.
Told the Captain that you took one hell of a beating.
Didn’t make a sound except to grunt.
Pissed your pants and everything.
But kept your mouth shut; wouldn’t give the crackers the satisfaction.”

“Did your father post your bail?”

I’ll get to that in minute, let me finish telling you about the interview first.”
I took a sip of root beer and then Puppy the same.”

“If the Sheriff Deputy did it, I don’t want to know, but I doubt it.”
The old Sarge said.
“If it were somebody else, you would still be smart to keep your mouth shut.
I can tell by the bruises on your wrists the handcuffs were on tight when you took your beating.
The Deputy who brought you here is a good man.
If you file a complaint he will be suspended for 6 months or more without pay pending his investigation along with those who did it.
Mark has a family to support?”
He will close ranks and keep his mouth shut; we all will.
You keep your mouth shut and I will squash the pending charges for assault and battery in my cellblock.
You have my word on it.”

“I can’t help you with the outside charges, son, for those you will need a lawyer.
That God damned piss-ant Dean of Student should have kept everything in house.
He took the side of those rich spoiled sissy boys, those roosterfish!
You have been railroaded son.”

“Then we both stood up.
Sarge extended his hand for me to shake looking straight in the eye and I took it meeting his gaze.”
I nodded my head and squeezed his hand
The Sarge nodded his head and squeezed back.”

“Protocol dictated that I be handcuffed when he walked me over to the infirmary and I wasn’t wearing any.

“Why weren’t you wearing handcuffs, Adam?”

“Because the Sergeant and I had an unspoken understanding.”
I squeezed her hand.
She squeezed mine back, much harder.

My root beer was gone now and we started on hers.
Nancy quietly brought us 2 fresh frosted mugs, no need for asking.

“Sergeant McMahon asked why I refused my arrival telephone while I was there call to notify my folks.
I refused to answer.
Did you have a falling out with your father, son?”

“We don’t have a telephone, Sergeant.
We use the neighbor’s up the road.”

“Then why didn’t you call the neighbors?”

“I didn’t answer him.”

“Did you have a falling out with your father, Adam?
Because if you did this is no time to be stubborn.
You need an attorney Adam.
An attorney that is damn sight better then your family can probably afford.”

“There is the public defender.”
I said, breaking my silence.

“Those roosterfish have the best lawyers that money can buy.
Their motions are already filed and I will bet you a brass- monkey’s left nut that there is already a deal in place.
Their lawyers have already met with the public defender and the district attorney.
Which leaves you with the right nut…. nothing and frozen out.

“Then I will have to defend myself.”
I told him, defiantly.

“Son there is an old saying about a fool for a lawyer with an ass for a client.
I hope you change your mind.”

I paused to sip my root beer.

“What about your father, Adam?
Did he bail you out?
Hire an attorney?
Did you defend yourself in open court?
What happened?”

“Pro per as in the Latin, “propria persona”.
I paused to let her finish.
I could tell by the look on her face that she wanted too.
I sipped my root beer.

“Propria persona, by ones self.”
Puppy translated, enjoying the discourse and taking a sip of root beer from my mug.

Puppy is a delightfully intelligent woman, as is my sweet Rose.
I have already started Rose on some of the classics, Jane Austin and The Bronte sisters.
Anne, Charlotte and Emily to name a few; to read when sitting in my workshop, on her stool, by the window.

I raised my hand to get Nancy’s attention.

When she arrived, Nancy asked.
“Are you ready for desert?”

“No, just the bill and a take out box please, Nancy.”
I handed her cash that included a generous gratuity.

It was a quiet ride home.
Puppy was sitting close to me listening to the radio.
When we arrived home I took her to my workshop.
I explained step by step the anatomy of building a split bamboo fly rod from start to finish.
Then we went into the house.
Once there, I put a classic music station on low.
I invited her to snuggle on the couch with me.

I took the braid out of her hair letting it fall loose about her shoulders.
Soon Puppy was all over me and just could not get enough kisses.
I let her go down on me.
She gave me a wonderful blowjob while I played with her beautiful hair.
Then I went down on her causing an even more violent orgasm then before in the kitchen.
Afterwards, all Puppy wanted to do was to cuddle with her head on my lap.

“What happened, Adam?
What did your father do?”

“Sergeant McMahon took off the next two days.
He was a complete stranger and he went out of his way to help me.”

“He hired a lawyer and bailed you out, didn’t he?”

“No, Sarge and his wife Mary drove to my Dad’s farm.
It was a 16 hour round trip for them.
He drove 16 hours so that he could tell my father where I was and what happened.

“Then it was your father who bailed you out, right?”

“Nobody bailed me out, my precocious Puppy.”

“But your father found you an attorney, right?”



I held onto her hair to keep her from sitting up.
“Please remain still so I can finish my story”.

“Yes Sir.”

“But first, tell me who you are?”

“I am your Puppy and you are my lover, Sir.
Do you think that you could ever love me, just a little now that you like me, Sir?”

“Perhaps, Puppy, perhaps.
Quoting Mrs. Meyer: “Good things come to those who wait.”

“Yes Sir.”
Puppy kissed my hand and snuggled back down.

I was thinking that after I settled with the Shylock a second bathroom was definitely in my future.

“On Monday morning they simply let me go.
All the charges were dropped and I have no idea why.
My scholarships were still in place.
I met with the Dean of Students and he did everything but kiss my ring and as you can see I don’t wear one.
He offered me special privileges and I turned him down.”

“There must be something I can do, Mr. Richards.” The Dean said to me.
The Dean seemed nervous as if he was afraid of something or somebody.”

“What did you tell the Dean, Adam?”

“I will continue to live in the common dormitories, Dean.
I will work hard to maintain my grades and keep my scholarship.
I don’t need your help or your money, free housing or free meals…nothing, except?”

“Of course Mr. Richards anything you want, just name it.”

“Don’t ever talk to me again in your lifetime?
That is exactly what I told him.
Then I turned and walked out of his office.

“What happened to the roosterfish, Adam?”

“Do you like that word?”

“Yes, it’s very descriptive.”
Puppy replied, laughing.

“All three of them transferred to a different college.”

“What about those cowards who beat you when you were handcuffed.”

“Only one of them beat me, the older of the two.
The other stood by and watched and was afraid to interfere.
He was still on probation and not much older than me.
For some reason, he transferred immediately into housekeeping and became a janitor.
Then when his probation was up he took a 1 years leave of absence to do volunteer work in a homeless shelter and food pantry.”

“And the one who beat you?”

“They found the one that beat me naked and he was wearing his department disapproved sap gloves.
He was handcuffed with his issue handcuffs to the flagpole on the football field.
Whomever did this to him made him swallow his own handcuff key.”

“Really! They made him swallow the key!
Who beat him up?
Did he have a gag in his mouth?
Serves him right!”

“He was beat much worse then I was, Puppy and with his own sap gloves.
At first, I was a suspect, but the State Police cleared me right away.
I was home for my Mother’s funeral and my alibi was rock solid.

“Did they ever find out who did it, Adam?”

“Never, the poltroon was so scared he refused to participate in his own investigation.”

“And Sergeant McMahon?”

“He is doing well and we still keep in touch.
John is in his eighties now and is working as a school crossing guard.
The children at his elementary school crossing love him, especially the little ones.
He teaches them how to cross between the yellow lines.
John marches with them, left right, left right and all that.
The children call him Sergeant Grandpa.
The old Sarge will never retire; he is too obstinate.
Just like me.”

“Oh no, Sir.”
“Don’t say that; don’t sell yourself short with obstinate.”

“What do you mean by that remark, Puppy?”

“You are not merely obstinate, Sir, you are stubborn, headstrong and stiff-necked.
I should also include bullheaded, pigheaded, mulish, dogged, and pertinacious.
But most definitely you are not a roosterfish.”
She sat up and putts her arms around my neck and kissed my mouth.

“You will be sleeping on the floor in the bedroom this evening unless you take it back.”

“I take it back, Sir.
You are a roosterfish.”
Then, she kissed my mouth twice.

“Such impertinence.
I said in mock outrage.
I’m shocked, absolutely shocked I tell you!”

“Not just impertinence, Sir.” Kiss Kiss. ” But, impudence and cheekiness.” Kiss kiss.
Insolence, crust.” Kiss, Kiss. “Freshness, gall, rudeness.” Kiss kiss and kiss.
“And discourtesy, chutzpah, disrespect.” Kiss, Kiss.

“My turn Puppy. Sauciness & pertness.” Kiss, Kiss.
I kissed Puppy’s mouth back.
“Perkiness, and playfulness.” Kiss, Kiss “Fun.”
Didn’t I say you were smarter then me, you know more words?”

“It is bedtime Sir.”
And I can think of one more word…. well, maybe two.”

David arrived at my house at 5:00 AM in the morning.
It was the day I was to meet with the Shylock and Socrates was with him greeting me warmly as ever.
He walked up and smelled me and then lay down on the ground and ignored me.
He wagged his tail once for Puppy and that was a good omen.
Socrates is a huge brindle colored Bull Mastiff with four white feet.
He has been trained to attack on command.
He absolutely loves Laura and likes Rose, allowing her to pet him; he merely tolerates me.

The last thing I told my Puppy before she left with David.
“Everything will be fine, my one root beer barrel candy girl.”
An unspoken understanding passed between us.
David gave us a funny look, serves him right.
Socrates wagged his tail.

I showered, shaved and dressed carefully for my meeting with the Shylock.
I did not want to give him the wrong impression.
Being that I was afraid of him or that I had lost sleep worrying about him.
I slept well these past days.
Puppy was a precocious little bed partner.

First, a freshly pressed white shirt with the top button left undone.
Next, dark gray wool slacks with a 1 3/4″ double leather black belt with a sturdy brass buckle.
I can’t have my pants falling down or have anything print.
Next, I put on a Navy Blue Blazer.

I hate tight restrictive clothing and I always prefer my clothing a little loose and comfortable.
I put on my dark socks and a pair of steel toe black brogans.
I left the house ready for bear.

I arrived at the restaurant one hour early.
I met with the staff first and then waited in my booth for the Shylock.
They were instructed not to enter the area unless I called for them.
They didn’t know why and I had tipped the entire staff well beforehand.

I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt or be in the line of fire as a manner of speaking.
There was no telling what kind of weapon the Shylock might be carrying, a gun perhaps.
My steel toed shoes were no match for that.
It was safer to give the Shylock what he had coming.
I was certainly carrying enough with me for that, taking it out of the safe before I left.

The Shylock, Frank Abzug came sauntering into the restaurant 2 hours late.
Frank acted like he owned the place and was puffing on a big cigar.
The Shylock was a big man, about six foot tall and approximately 260 lbs.
He was wearing a black sharkskin suit that had seen better days with a black shirt and white tie and had Italian loafer on his feet; good I had him there.
The Shylock first went to the bar and ordered a drink, tipping the bartender a ten spot.
He sat and finished that drink and then ordered another tipping the bartender the same.
The Shylock deliberately took his time getting to the booth, cheap showmanship.

He then walked over to the booth, smiling and offered me his hand to shake.
I didn’t take it.
I looked at him and sipped my coffee.

The Shylock sat down and turned the coffee cup over at his place setting to use as an ashtray.
He glared at me and took a puff on his cigar blowing the smoke in my direction and sneering.
I leaned forward with my face expressionless returning his stare and this was not what he expected.

He was first to speak.
“Your girlfriend’s sister owes me fifteen grand.
Fortunately for her, I have a kind heart and I will settle for ten grand, cash.
You are a business man same as me you can afford it.”

I was nothing like him.

“I checked you out, Richards.
Three-thousand dollars for a lousy fishing pole, and they call me a Shylock.”
He laughed as if he just scored a point.
I took sip of my coffee.

“My understanding is that you loaned her one thousand dollars less then a year ago.
I am prepared to settle her debt to you.”

“That’s right Richards, the other nine are for pain and suffering if you get my meaning, If I don’t get paid what’s coming to me?”

He laughed again, as if he had just scored another point
Then he took another puff on his cigar.
The man was a hyena in a sharkskin suit.

“Unfold your napkin.”
I said, taking a sip of coffee.

Unfolding his napkin he said “There is just three grand here, what gives?
Do you know who I am, Richards?”

“You are a business man with a kind heart.
One thousand is for the loan and two thousand in interest which is a much better return then the stock or futures markets.”
I advised him, sipping my coffee and then refreshing my cup from the carafe.

Frank the hyena put the money in his suit pocket.
He removed silver .25-caliber semi- automatic handgun with mother of pearl grips.
The he flashed it for me to see before putting it on the table and palming it with his large ham hock hand.

“That was just the down payment, Richards.
When can I expect the rest, the other fifteen thousand in interest for you for being a smart ass and I know about the ruby.
It is not like you are married to the bitch.
Why don’t let me borrow your girlfriend for the weekend.
Blanche could use a good makeover, to much hair on that one.
Is she a good fuck, Richards?
Does she suck cock and take it in the ass?
I bet the bitch gives a good rim job.
Do you kiss her afterward?

He was trying to goad me, to get me to react and make a mistake.
Instead he got a deadpan expression.

“Are you a voyeur, Richards?
“I will let you watch while I am doing your cunt girlfriend.
Followed by his mocking hyena laugh.
I sipped my hot coffee.

“I’ll even let you use my wife until I’m done with Blanche.
Then I will bring her back to you nice and bald and well broken in and I’ll even take a dollar off your bill for wear and tear.

“No thank you, I decline your generous offer, Mr. Abzug”
I sipped my coffee.

Haven’t you heard anything I have said to you, Richards?
How can you sit there and drink coffee?
What kind of man other then a coward or a fool would just sit there and take it?

“Obviously you don’t like coffee, and as to what type of man:
One that is at a disadvantage after being out maneuvered and doesn’t want to get shot.”
I was not being entirely truthful.

“You got balls; I’ll give you that.
Your expression didn’t change even when you saw my piece.
You’re out of your league and you know.
Don’t like coffee, that’s a good one.
But you got balls and I admire that.
Business is Business, Blanche or the ruby, your choice?
Your money is no longer good.”

The old Sergeant taught me well.
Not just about tells and how to really read a man.
I learned how to bluff, when to back down and when to strike hard and fast.
I thought that I was tough as hell.
In his sixties he could throw me around like a rag doll.
I learned from him that there is always somebody tougher or more ruthless.
It is best to be prepared to conquer, negotiate, or retreat.

I was taught to maintain the perfect poker face, no matter what.
I was seething inside about how he was talking about Rose and Clarette.

But a man has to do what a man has to do no matter how distasteful.”

“Then you will settle for the ruby ring?”

“That’s what I said, I’m thinking about starting my own tradition with Clarette afterwards anyway.
It’s not like you can stop me.
Even though the cunt is nothing but a cheap whore as are all women, especially yours.”
He announced, still smirking.
I wanted to kick him in the face with my steel toe shoes.
But he had a gun.
That was not going to happen.

“It’s under the coffee cup to your left.”

The Shylock removed the cup and said.
“What the fuck is this.
Why is my name on?”
He picked it up from the saucer to look at it, momentarily distracted.

This gave me time to reach underneath my blazer.
I removed my Gary Reeder Alaskan Hunter from the Mernickle pancake holster.
I pointed five more of them at his groin.
I was ready for bear.

“I suggest that you don’t move.”

For the first time, I saw fear in the Shylock eyes.
My dear friend, the old Sarge, God Bless him, taught me how to negotiate.
Always negotiate from a position of strength, Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum.
The Latin, If you wish peace prepare for war.

“I will gladly answer your question, but first, slowly remove your hand…very reasonable.”
I covered the pistol with my cloth napkin as not to alarm anyone.

“No doubt this gun is illegal and covered with your fingerprints.
Thank you for providing me with leverage.
I have a customer, an assistant Deputy Director of the FBI.
He works of Phoenix Arizona Office.
He owns three of my lousy fishing poles.
Need I say more?”

“I prefer to handle my own affairs without outside interference, Mr. Abzug.

“What you have in your hand is a .454 Casull 300 Grain XTP Jacketed Hollow point round.
It has twice the muzzle energy of the best 44 magnum round.
It will exit the barrel of the revolver that I am pointing at your testicles at 1650 fps, with muzzle energy of 1814 ft lbs.”
I said this calmly and matter of factually…taking a sip of coffee…
“As opposed to your round; the .25 acp with a 50 Grain round nose bullet at 760 fps with 64 lb of muzzle energy.”

I carry this handgun salmon fishing in bear country.
It was custom built for me on a stainless Ruger Bisley Single Action Revolver and it is simple, rugged, and reliable.
I chose the black micarta grips they being durable and practical.
At my request, Gary installed a 5″ octagon barrel with folding rear express sights, and then I chose a 14kt. gold bead Elmer Keith style front sight.”

“Which brings us back to the here and now, Mr. Abzug.
I could have shot you in self- defense and without warning, but like you I am a businessman with a kind heart.

Just one round will shatter your pelvic bone and possibly your spine, and will most likely sever your femoral & iliac arteries.
Assume my aim is just slightly off.
If you are unlucky enough to survive, if not a paraplegic, you most certainly will remain an impotent cripple with a colostomy bag.
Not at all good for business.”

“Under the circumstances, and as one business man to another; you have made a very good return on your money.
Perhaps you didn’t make the expected profit, but you didn’t lose money either.
Clarette’s debt to you has been satisfied in full and I suggest that relinquish your lien on her person and the ruby… Don’t make this personal.”

The Shylock slid out of the booth and slowly stood up.
His eyes never left mine as he put the round in his pocket.

“Business is business Richards.
Our business is over.”
He nodded his head and I mine.
We had an understanding.
Then he turned and walked out of the restaurant.

The old Sarge was right, leave him an out and allow him his dignity.
If possible let him walk away.
I couldn’t wait to see him and thank and him.
I didn’t have long to wait.

“Mr. Richards, there is an older gentleman at the bar that wishes to buy you a drink.” “What shall I tell him?”

“Nothing, I will tell him myself, Vito.”
Vito is a friend of David and the owner’s nephew.

We walked over to the bar where my old Sarge was standing and I made the introductions.

“Vito this is Sergeant Major John McMahon, twenty years in the Marines.
Followed by thirty years in Corrections and retiring as a Sergeant.
Sergeant Major and then a Sergeant, Sarge this is Vito Salvatore.

“An honor to meet Sir.” Vito said, smiling and shaking Sarge’s hand.
“Thank You Sir for your service to our country.”
I could tell by the look on his face that Sarge was pleased.

“Pleased to meet you son, you ever serve.”

“No Sergeant Major. “I never afforded myself the privilege.”

Now pleased and impressed with Vito’s manners and show of respect
“Can I buy you a drink son?”

“I’ll be done work in 15 minutes, then I will gladly have a drink with you Sergeant Major.

“You do anything but tend bar?”
Sarge asked.

“I tend bar part time for my uncle.
I am a County Sheriff Deputy with 10 years of service and with the rank of Sergeant.”

“I knew it, a fellow Officer and Sergeant to boot!
“Why don’t join us for dinner, son, I am sure that Adam won’t mind and we can swap war stories……………………………..

After dinner, I insisted that Sarge spend the night and get a fresh start in the morning.
He was getting on in years.
I knew he was disappointed when I declined his offer to help out with the Shylock.
At 83, I couldn’t chance him getting hurt.
But I promised to call him for advice if things went sour.

We were sitting in the kitchen when I gave him the full story
“I’m sorry that I wouldn’t let you help.
“But I’m sure you understand.
No hard feelings, Sarge?”

“No need to be sorry on my account.
Somebody had to cover your flank.
I wasn’t about to stay out and miss all the fun.”

“What do you mean Sarge?”

“Son remember when you told me about your meeting with that piss-ant Dean of Students after all the charges were dropped.

“I remember, Sarge.”

“Afterwards, what did I tell you?”

“You said that I was the second most stubborn, headstrong, stiff-necked, bullheaded, son of a bitch that you ever laid your eyes on.” “Then you took me home to meet your wife and Mary cooked me dinner.”

“Well, you are looking at the first.
I took care of a little potential problem in the restaurant parking lot.
I met two Lady friends of yours ready to help as well.”

“Do you mean Samantha and Grace?”

“Fine women, especially the big one with the black hair?
I asked her out to dinner.”

“Did Samantha accept?”

“Of course she did.”

“Where are they now?”

“With the Schlock’s wife.
The wife was sitting in his car with that roosterfish, Duke.”

“Why would the Shylock’s wife go anywhere with them?
That just doesn’t make sense”

“Because Duke was unconscious in the trunk.”

“How did Duke get in the trunk in the first place?”
I asked, laughing, thinking how much I loved this old man.”

“Well, It was my idea.
I banged his head on the doorpost of the car until he stopped talking.
You were busy with the Shylock and that roosterfish had a dirty mouth.
He was sitting in the car playing that rap music with a woman old enough to be his mother, no respect.
That’s not music just a bunch of dirty talking.
Now, Old Blue Eyes, that’s music.
Must be one of those new breed of roosterfish.”

“That’s wigger, Sarge, Duke’s a wigger.”

“I thought we weren’t supposed to use those kind’s of words anymore, not being politically correct and all.”

“That’s the other word.”
I answered.

“Then I can say one word, but not the other one, and some people can say both?
It seems like a double standard to me.
“I will stick with roosterfish…………………………………………….

Sergeant Major John McMahon was across the street watching the restaurant with his binoculars an hour before I arrived.
Never one to take chances, Sarge always carries his Thunder Ranch Colt 1911 .45 acp pistol everywhere.
He completed and passed their defensive firearms and tactical training classes for the first time in the mid 1970’s.
Then he took a refresher course every two years until he turned 78 having to stop because of the arthritis in his knees.

While I was in the restaurant with the Shylock, he walked up to the car where Duke and the battered wife were sitting.
He told Duke that he should be ashamed of himself for playing that profanity in front of a lady.
He knew full well who they were and he was greeted by a string of profanities.
When Duke tried to get out of the car he pinned Duke’s arm behind his back.
Then banged Duke’s head on the doorpost rendering him unconscious.

Sam and Grace were already in the restaurant parking lot waiting.
Sarge told me they were well prepared with aluminum baseball bats, rope, and duct tape and a large first-aid kit.
They had .410-gauge double shotgun loaded with buckshot in the trunk, everything but the kitchen sink.
He said he said that wasn’t too sure about the sink, only getting a quick glance in their trunk.
Grace helped him tie the roosterfish up and put him in the trunk.

He told me that when Duke came to Samantha was prepared even for that.
Sam threatened to break Duke’s other thumb.
Sam forced him chew and swallow some pills that soon put him to sleep.
They gagged him and locked him in the trunk.
Then Sam and Grace drove the Shylock’s wife Martha to a battered woman’s shelter and then to a safe house.
They left him to take care of the rest.

Sarge said that when the Shylock came out of the restaurant and found them gone he was fit to be tied.
Adding, no pun intended.
He said he bet that the Shylock thought the roosterfish might have run off with his wife.
In any event we both agreed that the Shylock was done with us, adhering to a warped sense of honor.

What satisfaction that he didn’t get from me he would take out on Duke.
It didn’t matter that he would find Duke later tied up in his trunk.
Frank Abzug the hyena on two legs would blame Duke for failing him.
In the end he would blame Duke for everything that went wrong.

The next morning after he had eaten Sarge left for home.
I sat in my kitchen feeling somewhat uneasy.
Everything had gone so well, yet my dreams were troubled from the night before.
They were totally disconnected.
I dreamt of fire and things burning, a house.
Rose was outside watching it burn and was literally swimming in a sea of tears and sobbing.
Rose was unable to stop the house from being consumed.

In the dream I knew that Rose was safe from the fire as long as she remained in the water.
I dreamt that Puppy was naked in a long low corridor made entirely of doors.
She was searching for the right door and upon opening the door she dove into the sea of tears to find her sister.
Her carnelian necklace was a compass to help her find her way.

And finally, I dreamt of two little boys, twins and the boys no more then 4 years old.
They were playing hide- and -seek in a barn full of hay and they were laughing happily in their innocence and one of them was my father.
Then they were angry grown men.
They were arguing and harsh words were said.
My mother was in another room, crying and was sitting in her rocker next to my crib…. I was just a baby and then I woke up.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
I called Rose to make sure that she was safe and we talked on the telephone for hours losing all track of the time.
Rose asked about Clarette.
I told Rose that she was fine and the three of us had much to talk about when she got home.
Marie and her husband Miguel had joined them and Rose had just met them for the first time.
Rose asked to stay three extra days to visit with them, saying.

“Marie is such an elegant Lady, Adam.
Marie reminds me so much of my mother.”

“Of course you may stay my love.
I still have some loose ends to tie up.”

Sam and Grace were not answering their telephones and I figured that they still must be busy with Martha Abzug.
I went to get Puppy from David’s place.
When I arrived I told Puppy that we would be going camping.
She was excited at the prospect of camping having never gone before.

I packed the back of my truck with the basics.
She and I would be roughing it in a place that nobody knew about except for Rose, or so I thought at the time.

Water wasn’t a problem as there was a small artesian spring.
It was 300 yards from my circle and the water is cold and pure.
All of the food I brought could be eaten cold and the only real downside was no hot coffee.

We parked the truck and backpacked in.
There was no point bringing my cell phone because it wouldn’t work; nor would my watch or even flashlights would function once we were safe inside.

Perhaps it was my imagination but as we entered the thorny bushes and sumac seemed greener and thicker.
They appeared more overgrown and impassable the closer we got to the circle.
I could have sworn that is was closing in behind us, growing and closing ranks to keep us safe.

Once in side Puppy looked around while I started unpacking things and
I was setting up our tent.
I had intended on sleeping out in the open with her unless that it rained.
The tent was for just in case.

“Adam, didn’t you say that there was a spring near here?”

“Yes, that is correct.”
I answered, not bothering to look up, intent on setting up the free- standing round dome tent.

“Why walk that far when there is a spring inside the circle?”

I followed her to the spot.
Sure enough there was small artesian spring flowing from the circumference of the circle outward into the thorny hedge.
I cupped my hands and dipped into water pooled in the small depression in the rocks.
The water was cold and pure and it tasted fabulous.
I let Puppy taste it.

“Adam, this is delicious, I have never tasted water this good.”

“I remember the rocks being here but there was never any water, Puppy.
Do you know what this means?”

“Yes, a fissure must have opened here in the bed that overlies the aquifer thus creating a fissure spring.
This is such a strange place that you have brought me to, Adam, but strange in a nice sort of way, like you.
Perhaps it is my imagination, but I would swear that I could feel a magnetic field of concentrated energy.
Well anyway some kind energy emanating from the ground and swirling around us.
Quantum physics is something I never studied.”

“Yes about the fissure spring, yes about the strange place, isn’t it wonderful?
I wish you would stop calling me a strange man.”
I grabbed her around the waist, picking her up and spinning her around.

“Rose thinks of the circle as a fairy ring while you are more analytical in your assessment but no less correct.
I have no idea what it is.
You, Rose and I are able to feel and perhaps even tap into the positive energy somehow.”

“Adam, What are you doing?”

“I am undressing of course.”

“But you haven’t even got the tent up yet and it is chilly out.
“Before we left I checked the temperature it was 45 degrees!”

“That should do it my dear now you.”

“Let me at least unroll the sleeping bag first, Adam.”

“The grass and clover is quite soft and warm if you wish them to be.
I started to undress her and kissing her mouth I said.
“We are going to play a game my precocious Puppy.”

“We are going to use our imagination and suspend analytical scientific thought.
Somehow this place defies conventional logic although I sense a pattern, an order of sorts.
Did you notice as we were approaching how green and lush everything was and it is the last day of October!”

I now had her almost completely undressed.”

“I noticed, Adam. That is why I called it a strange place.”

“Why do you suppose that the grass and clover are warm as if they were kissed by the late morning sun?”
I removed her shoes and socks.

“There must be thermal pockets heating the water table?”
Puppy suggested.

“That would affect your cold fissure spring.”
Are you cold?”

“No, I am surprisingly and pleasantly warm.”
She put her arms around my neck and kissed my mouth.

“How hot would the ground have to be to affect the air temperature?”
I asked.
And look, the sky is overcast and it is getting windy.
See how fast the clouds are moving.”
I pointed up to the sky and then took her hand.

“Where are we going, Adam?”

“We are going outside of the circle my dear.”

As I suspected, the air temperature was easily 40 degrees colder.
And because of the cold wind the ground was cold on our bare feet.
We ran back in shivering and laughing.
Puppy was starting to understand.

I made slow gentle love to my Puppy in the warm sweet smelling grass and clover
Our sexual energies, our passion were mingling with and adding to that of the circle.
I timed my orgasm with hers and I swear that during our mutual orgasm it felt as if we were both on fire.
It felt as if we would be consumed in flames by our passion.
Yet afterwards we lay there in the clover untouched and unhurt

We napped together in our peaceful sanctuary, oblivious to the outside world until late in the afternoon.
We then ate a light cold meal sharing our spring water from our only cup and debated about the circle.
We certainly had much to discuss with Rose.

We spent the next two days making love, relaxing and just talking.
We brainstormed in the spirit of the great authors of science fiction & fantasy.
Touching upon, religion and parapsychology, extra-terrestrial power sources.
Of ancient civilizations and their beliefs or mythologies.
We ran the gambit of possibilities.
Our debates were often heated, but never contentious.
Neither of us was willing to back down.
Our lovemaking was more passionate because of our debates.
Where she submitted to me, totally.

We did agree that we had feelings for one another.
Puppy told me that she loved me.
I finally relenting, and admitting to my precocious Puppy that I could possibly love two women equally, but she must be willing to share me with Rose.

I would require her to complete her Degree in Library Science and she still wanted to pursue a minor in Art to satisfy her need to paint.
Rose and I would help her is these endeavors; but first her debts and criminal charges must be addressed.

“Adam, do you remember what you told me about my necklace?
And the properties the Romans attributed to the stone?
I have it with me in my backpack.”

She went to get her necklace and then walked to the center of the circle putting it on and closing her eyes.

“Adam, I need you for this, please come here and hold my hands.”
I walked over taking her hands and closing my eyes.

“Oh dear God Adam we have to leave immediately, your house is on fire.”
“Can you see it?”

I nodded, too shocked to answer, thinking.” Not again!” ” Duke!” “I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.”

We dressed quickly leaving everything behind except my revolver and her necklace.
It was starting to rain when we got to the access road where my truck was parked.
We stopped not believing what we were seeing.
How were we going to get home now or even get to the airport to pick up Rose.
My truck was trashed: the tires were slashed and all the windows broken and the lights smashed
There was a large rock next to with paint from the truck on it.
Duke had smashed everything in frustration, unable to find us.

I found empty shotgun hulls.
They matched the gauge of the slug holes in the doors and body panels where he had shot the truck.
Then Duke had set it on fire.
My cell phone was gone, burnt or stolen and we couldn’t call for help.
We both were wondering how long that Duke was looking for us and wandering aimlessly, in circles with murder in his heart and prevented from finding our Sanctuary by the Sanctuary itself.

It was raining heavily by the time we reached the main road.
We were getting soaked and our rain parkas burned up with the truck.
Puppy was sobbing and was worried about her sister Rose.
Not knowing where Rose was or if she was safe, no doubt assuming the worst and lamenting that she might not ever get to apologize or make peace with her sister.

I spotted headlights in the distance coming at us.
As it approached the vehicle flashed its lights and stopped.
It was a white 1960 Rolls-Royce Phantom V White Limousine.
The rear passenger door opened and my sweet Rose stepped out before the chauffer could exit the vehicle to help her.
Before I could think, Puppy rushed past me crying out her sister’s name.
I watched them embrace and Rose now starting to cry as well.
The clean, cold rain washed over them, and adding to their tears and keeping them safe.

An older man dressed impeccably in a classic chauffer uniform with a red carnation in the lapel stepped out of the limo.
He carried an umbrella and ushered the girls into the back seat.

Walking over to me he said
“Good afternoon, nephew”
He opened the front passenger door for me to get in.

“It seems to me at 41 years, 6 months, 3 days….” and then removing a pocket watch on a chain.
“Oh yes 7 hours, 3 minutes and 39 seconds old, that you still don’t know enough to come in out of the rain.
“Please get in.”

After we were both in, he turned me and said.
“I am sorry, if I had know the trouble that Frank Abzug was causing I would have neutralized him sooner.”
He handed me the .454 Casull round, the round on which I had engraved the Shylocks name.

“On the other hand, it worked out for the best and it does my heart good to see family making up.”
He smiled, glancing back at them.

“Frank told me everything, not that he had a choice.
I am proud of the way you faced him down, Adam.
You choose your friends well.”

“Obviously you don’t like coffee.”
My Uncle said, laughing.
“There is a thermos of black coffee on the seat between us.”

“I gave your mother my word that I would watch out for you, Adam.
I promised her that I would help you.
Not that you need my help any longer.
You have not needed my help since the unfortunate incident at college.

“Up until now, I have not interfered with your life.”
“You are stubborn like your father, Adam…. as I am stubborn.”

“Even after our falling out, I loved your father.
We were twins you know.
I visit my brother often in the nursing home but Samuel does not recognize me or know who I am.
I talk with him, but he does not understand.
Your Dad has always refused my help.”
To his credit he allowed me to help you if I agreed never to contact you.
You see, he loved you more then he hated me, little Admiral.
You were almost three years old when your father and I argued, we…

I interrupted him.
“You were arguing in the kitchen over my grandfather’s wedding band.
Dad was the oldest son by a matter of minutes and because of that the ring went to him.
Isn’t that so Uncle Micah?”

“How could you possibly know that Adam, even your mother did not know that?
I see, the circle, Clarette & Rose, they must be empathic as well?
Did you channel through the ring, Adam?”

“I do not have the ring, Uncle Micah.
Dad buried or lost it, he can’t remember.”
“Then you know of the circle, Godfather.”

“Yes, I have been to entrance and it would not let me pass.
There are two others like it, a trinity of circles.
One is located at Stonehenge.
It is permanent but is now dormant.
It was dormant to me, is dormant to all except in times of great need.
I have always suspected Churchill to be a powerful empath.
Churchill used it to his great advantage in the defeat of Hitler.
I have consulted with people who know of such things.
Even then, never directly, always second and third hand.
There are secret societies of men and women, archivists whom know of such things.
Merlin was said to be the greatest empath of all, the only man to truly know of their origin.

Perhaps that it why the one at Stonehenge is permanent, Merlin was able to anchor this circle to one place, Uncle.
I offered.

“Perhaps, Adam…perhaps. I am still looking into that.”

“Your head stone is in the family cemetery Uncle Micah and my parents told me that you were dead.
I know you are blood because I can sense it and now I know much about you that I will not speak aloud.
You too are an empath and strong enough to hide your thoughts and sense the emotions of others.” I thought to him.

“You will of course keep my secret, nephew?
Yes, I see… this is amazing.
You are able to break through my defenses, easily and I can’t even put a dent in yours unless you let me.
You need not answer me out loud.
I understand perfectly.” He thought back.

“It is not Grandfather’s wedding band that you need to channel through, Uncle Micah, but my father, your twin.” I thought to him.

Grandfather’s wedding band is merely a symbol, a crutch.
Rose was willing to sell her Ruby ring to bury her father.”
I said, out loud.

“What about my necklace, Adam.”
Puppy asked.

“Give me your hand Clarette…. now take Rose’s hand.”

“They are my channels Micah, the two women that I love, who love me as well.” I thought to him.

“What is Micah’s great secret Adam, why won’t you share with us?”
They both said out loud.

“Because it is not for you to know.” I said.
“We men are entitled to our secrets just as….

Adam, No!”
They both exclaimed.
Clarette let go of my hand and pulled it back quickly and letting go of Rose’s as well.”

“Did you just do what I thought you did nephew?
Or, should I say, did you just think what I thought you did?”
My uncle said laughing.
You are such a strange man, my new found nephew.”

“Not that again.” I thought.
“I heard that thought, Adam.”
Clarette thought back, laughing.

“What are you two thinking about?”
Rose thought to both of us.
“Never mind.” I get it, Rose thought, to both Clarette and I together.
“Adam is not strange.” Rose thought.

“Fascinating,” Said my newly found Uncle Micah. “Simply fascinating.”
“Would you consider…no, I don’t suppose you would.
I do not have to read your mind to know that.
You only want the life you are leading and to be left alone as you always have.
You value family and friends above all else just as your father, my brother Samuel did.
Thank you for keeping my secret Adam.
Thank you for reading the mental sign on the locked door and not forcing your way in.”
There is no doubt in my mind that you could have easily done so.”

“You are welcome.
I might still be in prison if it were not for you uncle Micah.
We are family after all.”

“Your home has been burned to the ground a second time, Adam.”
“This is the second time you have lost everything, but nothing, nothing that you really value.”
Uncle Micah looked at Rose and Clarette.

“The Fire Marshal estimated over 30 gallons of gasoline was spread throughout the house.
Everything is gone, Adam, including Duke.
I would not wish such a death on anyone, to be burned alive.”

I have a helicopter waiting and I insist that you stay at my estate at Martha’s Vineyards, we have much to talk about.

“Only on one condition.” I insisted.

“What condition is that?” He asked.

“First we need to go to the nursing home, you have some loose ends to tie up……………………..

The girls waited in the car while Micah and I went inside.
We were standing outside my Dad’s room and Micah hesitated.

“Are you sure we won’t need your Ladies, Adam?”

“I’m sure, we don’t have much time and we need to go in soon.”

“My father was sleeping peacefully in his bed, and his breathing slow and regular.
I took my father’s hand in mine and motioned for Micah to take the other.

My Dad opened his eyes, looked at me and then at his brother.
In a strong, clear voice he said.
“Micah, my dear brother.
We have played hide-and-seek from one another for most of our adult lives.
Now we have finally found each other again.”
Then they shared their thoughts, both of them crying and then laughing and then I allowed them to include me……………………….

We buried my father on the farm that he loved in our small family cemetery next to my mother.

Micah, as Arthur, made Clarette’s credit card debt and police records disappear.
I do not know how Micah did it, nor did I ask.
I got a quick enough glance through the keyhole to realize that too much curiosity could kill the Cheshire cat.

I rebuilt the farmhouse on the original foundation laid down by my Grandfather & Great- Grandfather.
I made it much larger and spacious, adding an extra story and of course and three bathrooms all with extra large claw foot tubs.
There was a price to pay for my father. Many men have stared Death in the face.
Few have talked with him or delayed him.
I didn’t talk to death exactly, and it was more like telepathy.

Death always demands his due.
Clarette, my one root beer candy girl offered to pay Death’s due.
Then my sweet Rose, second, and then finally I offered to pay.
We are no longer empathic and the circle is dormant again.

It is said that Death is without compromise.
He is after all part of the natural order of things, as is Chronos and I met him as well.

Chronos was quite annoyed with me for making extra work for him.
The Moirae, the Fates, three sisters robed in white; Clotho, Lachesis & Antropos were smiling.
They were greatly amused with the trouble I was causing their cronies and the fates overruled everything on this plane of existence.
They nodded to each other with knowing looks on their beautiful faces.
Nevertheless, delaying the natural orders of could cause irreparable damage…. however, business is business and I am after all a stubborn man.

Our children and heirs have no liens on their empathic abilities should they choose to use them.
The big question is how do I handle two women in the same household?

By Nasus

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