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It was 5 pm. She checked into the hotel. She sat on the bed and then lay down staring at the ceiling. She was nervous but wanted to do this. She stood up walking into the kitchen opening a bottle of wine pouring it into a glass. She sipped it and walked back into the bedroom putting her overnight bag in the bathroom.
” Bastard” she said looking at the wedding rings on her finger. She sat sipping wine then heard the knock at the door. ” Showtime ” she said. She opened the door letting her husband in.
” Hi ” he said.
” Hi babe ” she replied kissing his lips
” Nice surprise ” he said.
” Yes ” replied he put his hands on her hips holding her. ” Missed you this week ” he added admiring her. Her hair up in a ponytail. She wore a blue dress with a V neck with showing her cleavage. The dress hanging mid thigh.
” Good ” she said. ” Sit on the chair. ”
” Ok ” he replied she walked to a small bag on the bed pulling out handcuffs.
” Manda ” he said.
” Relax ” she said handcuffing him. ” It’s time we worked on our sex life ” she said
” Cool ” he said ” So we are fine. ” He said. He couldn’t move his hands and feet bound. She kissed his lips.
” Brilliant ” she said ” going to shower ” she said. She walked off to the shower turning it on and undressed her husband bound in the next room. She put her hair in a cap not to wet it. She washed herself and turned off the shower stepping out. She dried and opened her bag. She dressed and put on her make up. Forty minutes later she was ready. She looked in the mirror and sent the text.
” Ready ” it said she slipped on her stilettos and walked back into the room.
” Wow ” he said looking at his wife his cock now hard in his pants.

Amanda wore a purple lace bra with black trim showing her nipples, a purple g lace g string, suspender belt clipped to her stockings and black stilettos. She stood in front of him and sprayed his favourite perfume on.
” You like ” she said sitting on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck kissing his lips. He couldn’t touch her. He admired her body. Her breasts her nipples through the lace.
” Shit yes ” he said.
” Sexier than your whore ”
” Yes ” he said as there was a knock at the door.
” Good ” she said standing up kissing his lips. ” Lets get this party started. Enjoy the show.”
” Show ? ” he questioned. As she walked to the door. He admired her arse in that G String what she wore made him horny. She opened the door letting them in.

Brent a black man 6 ft 2 muscular bald head and wore shorts and tee shirt.

Rashid another black guy short hair and muscular wore shorts and tee shirt.

” Hi gentlemen “she said smiling.
” Amanda ” Gary said.
” Surprise ” she said ” Guys this my husband ”
They both said hi. Both admiring her body they had met for coffee three days ago to plan the night. Both men ready for sex with her. She gave them a drink.
” Amanda what are you doing. ” She reached into her bag pulling out a ball gag. She walked over to him.
” Pay backs a bitch ” she said
” You don’t have to do this babe. ”
” Not your babe. You will never touch this body again” she said.
” No I love you. No babe please. ” He pleaded as she put on the bag. He moved around trying to get free but couldn’t.

She walked over to Brent placing her hand on his chest kissing his lips. Rashid stood behind her kissing the back of her neck holding her hips. She took Brent shirt off as he caressed her breasts kissing her again. Rashid sliding his hands to her arse. She looked at her husband and smiled. Brent kissed down her neck to her cleavage kissing her going to her nipples flicking them with his tongue. Rashid took off his shirt both men cut and muscular. She spun around facing Rashid he kissed her lips and cleavage. Both sets of hands rubbing over her. Her arse breasts. She was been kissed and played with. She stood back against Brent her arms up hands behind his head. Her head back eyes closed enjoying her husband watching her been fondled and groped. Brent hands on her arse and left breast. Rashid hands on her right breast and groin rubbing her pussy.

Rashid kissed her lips. Brent unclipped her bra. Rashid pulled it off her breasts falling out. Rashid caressed her naked breasts leaning in sucking her nipples. She held his head and groaned as Brent slipped his shirts of his big cock falling out she reached behind grabbing his cock stroking it as he kissed her neck. She turned around dropping to her knees kissing Brenda knob looking at her husband 5 metres away as she slid her lips over his knob taking his cock it sucking it Rashid took his pants off his hard cock springing out. She grabbed it stroking it as she sucked Brenda. Both guys smiling at Gary.
” Suck them hard bitch ” Brent said.
” Yeh ” she said swapping putting Rashid’s in her mouth. Sucking hard playing with Brenda.
” Gonna fuck your wife hard ” Rashid said. ” Think she can handle it ” Brent said.
She sucked and played swapping over every once in a while. Brent groaned as he built up. He cum filling her mouth with semen. She sucked it up licking it off her lips. Some dripping onto the floor. She licked it clean then went to Rashid’s. Minutes later he cum filling her mouth with semen. She licked it up and swallowed it. She stayed knelt in front of them. She licked and sucked them then stood up she grabbed her glass of wine downing it. They pulled her to the bed she lay down they lay beside her on each side kissing each breast and rubbing the inside of each thigh . They unclipped her suspenders from her stockings Rashid kissed down her body to her underwear. He licked her clit over her G String Brent knelt between her legs. Opening them wide as Rashid gave her clit a working over Brent licked her anus.
Gary watched as his wife was been devoured. If only he hadn’t he wouldn’t have to watch her doing this. She groaned as they removed her underwear revealing her wet shaved pussy. Brent slid his fingers inside her pussy as Rashid gave her oral sex licking her clit and pussy lips. Watching his brothers fingers slid in and out of her pussy.
Rashid then kissed her breasts and then her lips french kissing her as Brent licked her pussy lips and finger fucked her. He tasted her sweet juices. After a while they swapped Brent held her face as they passionately kissed there tongue dancing in each other’s mouths as Rashid’s tongue guided its way around her pussy and anus.
” Time we fucked her ” Brent said.
” Fuck yes ” Rashid said
Rashid grabbed his cock circling it around her clit. Then rubbed it up and down her pussy lips. His cock bending as his knob found the entrance slipping in he pushed his knob deep inside her pussy.
” Oh Fuck ” she said as Rashid slid in and out of her.
” Your bitch feels good ” he said to Gary thrusting her watching his cock glide between her pussy lips. Brent watched rubbing her clit. Brent kissed her lips then got up holding his cock guiding it to her lips. She slid her lips over his knob and sucked as Rashid fucked her. After a few minutes Brent lay down. She straddled him sliding down Brent’s hard cock. He held her hips as he fucked her she rode him holding his chest feeling his hard cock inside her. For the next ten minutes Brent and Rashid lay next to each other. She swapped cocks every few minutes. Eventually they both cum each filling her pussy with there semen. She lay down afterwards cum spilling from her well fucked pussy.

They then all showered together Gary listening as his wife laughter and joked with then.

They all dressed Amanda put on a black G lacy G-string and bra. She slipped on Black stocking with a seam up the back of her legs. She slipped into a tight black dress hugging her hips sitting 6 inches below her pussy. The top tied like a collar around her neck and a keyhole at the front exposing her cleavage. She sat on the bed slipping on her heels. Brent and Rashid dressed up with pants and nice shirts.

She slipped the hotel room card into her clutch bag. After touching up her make up she walked over to Gary taking the bag out.
“Fuck Amanda ” he said.
” Not ever again ” she said ad she uncuffed her. ” I’m going for drinks with them. Be gone by the time I get back. Don’t think we are getting back together we are not good bye. ” She said turning and walking out with Brent and Rashid arm in arm.

When she got back she fucked them again without her husband there.

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