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This is actually based on a true story. This happened to a friend of mine. Names changed for privacy reasons but this is her story. Her revenge was a idea that I gave her in Part 2 of this story.

” Was she good ” Amanda said to her husband.
” Babe I’m sorry ” he said she stood at the window looking out at the garden. Lots of things going through her head. Her husband been caught having a affair.
” How many times did you fuck her ” she said turning to him.
” Does it matter ” he said.
” YES !!! ” she yelled.
” Twice ” he said looking at his feet.
” Twice ” she said ” Doesn’t this do it for you anymore ? ” She said

Amanda was a 37 yr old Accountant. She was 5ft 10 slim and athletic. She had long dark hair tied back into a ponytail green eyes. She wore jeans and a tight short sleeved top over her C Cup breasts.

Gary her husband 39 5ft 11 short wavy dark hair wore shorts and a t shirt.

” You do babe ” he said stepping towards her putting his hands on his wife’s hips. She stood there and looked at him.
” Do I ” she said.
” Yes look it was a mistake it was just sex. ”
” Just sex ” she said ” You don’t love Her ? ”
” No I love you ” he said sliding his hands up her side to her back feeling her bra strap under her top. She looked at him and kissed him. She slid her hand to his groin feeling his hard cock. He slid his hands to her breasts caressing them. He pulled her top up taking it off feeling her breasts over her bra. She looked at the ceiling as he kissed his wife’s cleavage sliding a hand to her back undoing her bra strap. He pulled it off exposing her breasts dropping the bra to the floor. He cupped them sucking her nipples. She groaned as he slid his hands to her jeans undoing the dome pulling down the zip.

After the last hour he wondered if he would make love to her again. Been caught with a girl from work. It was just sex. She was a 28 yr old blonde. Tall and sexy. He flirting with him paid off. Her blue eyes and smile getting him into bed. Just once he thought just to have sex with her. But the second time lipstick on his collar and her perfume gave it away.

He pulled her jeans down revealing her blue g string. She stepped out of them and sat on the couch. He pulled his shorts and underwear down his cock springing out.
” Not sucking it ” she said
He sat down leaning over to her caressing her breasts. She was pissed off. She was trying to decide if she could fuck him. He kissed her lips fondling her breasts. She grabbed his cock that had been in that other slut. He slid his hand to her groin rubbing over her underwear. She opened her legs his hand pleasuring her wet pussy. He slid his finger under the lace feeling her moist pink lips guiding his finger inside her love hole. He sucked her breasts as he pleasured her. He knelt on the floor to give her oral kissing down her body.
” Love you babe ” he said looking up at her past her breasts.
” Just fuck me ” she ordered. He grabbed his cock pushing his knob past her underwear sliding it deep into her. She groaned as he thrust her looking at the ceiling her eyes closed. She was trying to decide if she was enjoying his cock. Was this the last time her husband made love to her. He thrust her hard and opened her legs. He was the only one to have made love to her. He did love his wife it was a silly mistake. He groaned as he cum filling her with his semen. She looked at him and as he withdrew she kissed his lips.
” Going to shower babe ” she said.
” Ok ” he replied she called me babe she kissed me. She let me fuck her. It must be ok he thought. After showering they sat outside and had a coffee.

Next day Amanda went to stay with her mother for a week. Her husband understood she needed time. He respected that. He missed her.

Part 2 she gets her revenge.

By Yumiko

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