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Jessica and her husband were sailing a small yacht in the ocean near the Philippines. They were near one of the smaller islands and had just anchored near a cove to spend the night and explore in the morning. They had failed to check the state department warnings for the area. Had they checked they would have found that pirates were active in the area.

About an hour after they anchored a powerboat came around the bend in the shore and seeing the expensive yacht, they sped toward them. Jessica and Greg were in the cabin at the time and didn’t hear the boat until it was almost on them. They went up to see who it was. When they saw 5 men in the boat with black masks and AR15 weapons, Greg tried to get to the helm where he had a 9mm pistol. He barely got turned around when he was cut down with a burst of gunfire from one of the rifles. Jessica screamed as the men quickly tied off to the boat and rushed aboard. Greg’s lifeless body was thrown overboard and Jessica was grabbed and carried below. She was terrified and begged them to let her go.

“Oh please! You can have the boat and all the money I have. Please just let me go!”

The leader laughed at her, “yes, lady, we will have the boat and your money, but we have no intention of letting you go!”

“What are you going to do with me?” She wailed.

“Well, you’re such a hot bitch that we are going to have some fun with you tonight and then you will become our whore if you’re really nice.”

She sobbed as she realized her perfect life was over in a matter of minutes.

The leader continued, “and just so we have no misunderstanding, if you’re not nice, you’ll be dead. Do you understand?”

She hung her head, “yes.”

He slapped her hard across the face,

“That’s yes sir!”

“Yes sir.” She responded while sobbing uncontrollably.

The leader turned to his men,

“Strip her and tie her to the bed!”

She tried to struggle free but she was no match for the strong men. They ripped and cut her clothes until she was naked.

“Hey, look at her! She shaves her pussy!” She didn’t know what they said as they were speaking in their language.

Four strong men grabbed her and threw her on the bed, stretching her arms and tying them to the headboard and then stretching her legs wide, pulling them over the side and running a rope under the bed to hold them almost in a split. Her muscles were stretched to the limit but she was in good shape so she didn’t suffer any permanent damage.

The leader spoke in English again,

“Find some Vaseline or something, I want to fuck this bitch.”

He pulled his pants down and wasn’t wearing underwear. He had an 8 inch cock that hung down from its weight even though it was erect.

They found some sex lube in a drawer by the bed. He pumped a big gob onto his hand then rubbed it into her cunt.

“Oh god! Please don’t! You’re too big!”

“I really don’t give a fuck lady! And we’re all this big, so you’ll get used to it. In fact you’ll be begging us for it real soon. You see we have a whole group of pirates that you will be getting to know really well.”

She started crying as she realized that she was going to be a sex slave to these pirates.

She didn’t have long to dwell on that however as the leader hopped on the bed and dropped between her legs. He put the head of his cock on her cunt and pushed in. He wasn’t gentle and she screamed as his cock spread her cunt wider than it had ever been. He hit her cervix and then pulled back almost pulling out then jammed in again.

“Oh god! Please stop! You’re hurting me! You’re too big!”

Having no concern whether she was hurt or not, he kept hammering away at her and unlike a lover, didn’t care if she had an orgasm. He just wanted to cum in this white bitch!

“Get ready bitch, I’m going to cum in your fucking cunt!”

“Oh no! No! Not inside me! I’m not on the pill!”

“Then you’ll have a nice pirate baby!” He grunted as he started filling her with spunk!

He held his cock in her until he had deposited every bit of his sperm in her. He withdrew and cum ran out as the next pirate in line took his place. As advertised, his cock was as long as the first pirate’s. Jessica’s cunt was not deep enough to take such long cocks so an inch was still visible as he hammered at her cervix. It was painful but because the cock was hitting her g spot, to her utter humiliation, she started to respond to the fucking. Her cunt started secreting her own juices and the pirate noticed.

“Hey guys! She’s getting into it! She’s juicing like crazy!”

They all laughed and she was mortified! How could she be getting sexually excited while being raped?

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmmm! Ahhhhhhh!”

She couldn’t help moaning as she approached a mind numbing orgasm!

“I think this bitch is about to cum!”, The pirate gloated as Jessica arched up as high as she could in her bindings and screamed as her orgasm flooded her body! It was too much for the pirate and he bellowed as he added his sperm to her cunt,

“Ahhhhhhhhhhggghhh! Fuck! This bitch is fucking hot! Cumming!”

He pulled out after depositing his seed in her. She was exhausted and hurting but not done yet. The third pirate jumped on her, anxious to fuck the hot American woman. He sank into her and she again arched up, surrendering to her passion as his cock stretched her pussy even more. He was bigger around than the others and almost to wide for her. Her cunt was stretched almost to ripping but she felt the spasms cascading through her body as he roughly fucked her. She begged him to rub her clit and he laughed, “man this chic is hot as fuck! She can’t get enough cock! We better get back to the island quick or she’ll fuck us to death.”

Jessica was beyond humiliation at this point and her whole existence was centered on her spamming cunt.

“Oh god! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh god! Fuck me hard!”

He hammered at her and she went into multiple mind shattering orgasms! She was on the verge of passing out when he finally grunted and added his sperm to her already spunk filled cunt! It squished as the cum actually squirted out with each trust. Pirate #3 finally finished and #4 took his place. She didn’t know if she would survive. Her world had become centered on her cunt and the cocks plundering it. She lost track of time as the last two pirates fucked her, forgetting all about her poor husband being murdered. By the time they finished she was passed out. They had arrived at their home island, a small place that was inhabited by only the pirate clan. They had to carry her in and lay her on a cot.

The rest of the gang was impressed with the new whore and couldn’t wait to get a chance at her.

There were 30 members and they had 5 women who were permanent ‘guests’, now 6.

The women’s sole purpose was for sex and keeping the men fed. Jessica was put in a room with the other women. There were two Filipinas, two Mexicans and a British woman. They all spoke at least passable English so they could communicate. They all had stories similar to Jessica except the events leading to their capture and all confessed to having had multiple strong orgasms during the rape.

The sleeping arrangements were two to a bed and the beds were not much more than a cot so that put them very close at night. Jessica was paired with the English woman and because of the closeness on the bed the first night Jessica was not sure how to fit together. Mary, the English woman, said, “well, love, we will simply have to hold each other. I hope you’re not uncomfortable with that, because we’ll be here for a long time.”

They got in bed and facing each other, they put their arms around each other.

“You’ve been so nice to me, Mary, I know you will make it easier to accept my fate.”

She looked in Mary’s eyes and saw the same desire that she had. Their lips came together and their bodies molded to one another. The kiss was fevered as their hands started to explore each other.

Mary broke the kiss to say, “I will help you. There is little hope for escape. We are on a private island miles from any other land. As long as we accept our fate, we will be okay. Once here and if you cooperate with them they treat you almost kindly. By that I mean they no longer beat you or tie you up. If you accept that you will be fucked multiple times a day in every place in the headquarters or on the island you might even come to enjoy it.”

They began kissing and fondling again. Mary found Jessica’s pussy and began fingering her. Mary moaned into her mouth as she returned the caress. They continued to finger each other until they both orgasmed.

“I haven’t told you the worst part. But you have to be prepared. They have several large watch dogs and on days when they are not out pillaging, they like to put us all in a pen naked with the dogs and watch us being fucked by the dogs. One woman who was here refused to let the dogs fuck her. They grabbed her and shoved a cattle prod up her cunt and pulled the trigger. She convulsed all over and we had to watch as she died and was carried away and disposed of somewhere. Just like with the men, if you just relax and let it happen you’ll learn to enjoy it.”

“Oh god! I don’t know if I could enjoy it!”

“Honey, you have to! I am already fond of you and if it looks like you aren’t getting off with the dogs they will get mean with you.”

“Then I have no choice,”

“You don’t.”

They kissed a final time and slept in each other’s arms.

In the morning one of the men came in and woke them.

“Come on whores! Time to get working!”

He was a different man than the ones who had captured Jessica. He looked at her and said, “so you’re the new whore. I think you should stay here while the others get to work. I want some of that nice American pussy!”

The rest of the women walked out to start their day as the man pulled Jessica’s shift over her head. They had given it to her as her only piece of clothing. It was rough cotton and the only thing she was allowed to wear, giving the men easy access to her holes. He pulled off his pants and Jessica had to use all her control not to retch. The man was unwashed and his odor was pungent. But Jessica knew she had to make believe that she found him desirable to survive, so she laid on the bed and held her arms out to him.

“Come and fuck me, big boy! Put that big cock in my cunt!”

The man smiled and got on top of her. He shoved his small cock in her and she moaned as if she was in heaven with his cock and just when he was unloading his balls into her she screamed out in a fake orgasm.

“Now you know what a real man can do, whore!”

She got up and pulled the shift over her head and went to the common room. She was led to the garden, where she was to pick fruit until several buckets were filled. As she was bent over picking raspberries, a pirate came up behind her and flipping her shift up over her ass, shoved his cock into her. She didn’t look back to see who it was but just pushed back against him as he fucked her. He had a large cock and her cunt was getting very wet as he fucked her.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! I love it!” This time she wasn’t faking it. Her frustration from the morning fuck made her even more excited as the man ploughed her cunt with his cock.

“Oh god!! I’m going to cum! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Fuck me harder!”

He jammed his cock into her cunt with long hard thrusts, causing her to fall forward, but keeping her ass in the air.

“Ohhhhhhhh fucking god! Cummmmmiiiiinnnnggggg!!!!”

She shook all over and jammed her ass back at him, wanting all of him inside her.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck! I’m cumming! Cumming in your whore cunt!”

They really liked calling them whores apparently.

He finished and pulled out. Jessica returned to picking raspberries as he pulled his pants up and left. She could feel his sperm running down her legs as she walked through the rows.

She had dreaded when they would be put in the dog pen and the next afternoon they were called to the yard and told to enter the pen. Before they entered, they were stripped of their shifts. The other women knew what to do and walked to the center of the pen and got on their hands and knees, keeping their legs together to present their cunts to the large animals. Jessica followed suit and was on her hands and knees, waiting for one of the animals to choose her. She didn’t have long to wait as she felt a long rough tongue swipe up her cunt. She grunted from the contact and arched her back to allow him better access. He licked rapidly, from her asshole to her clit. She was juicing freely and mixed with dog saliva, it was running down her thighs. He was ready for her then and jumped on her back, stabbing his long thin dog cock at her. He missed her cunt on the first several jabs but then hit her vagina on the fourth try!

“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh god!” She wailed as his cock sank in all the way to her cervix, the pointed end penetrating and stretching it.

It hurt but there was also a burning pleasure that racked her body. She moaned and grunted continuously as he fucked her with rapid strokes. His saliva dripping onto her back. As she hung her head and approached an orgasm, she drooled spit from her mouth, totally lost in animal lust! She turned her head and saw that Mary was also being fucked by a dog, cumming so hard that she was throwing her head back and jamming back against his cock, it going deeper than she thought possible!

The other women were sucking on dogs cocks, drinking the cum and letting it drool from their mouths. She felt the dog fucking her swell and then shooting what felt like gallons of cum. It squirted out and ran down her legs. It was the most depraved scene she had ever seen and she soon had an extreme orgasm that left her completely drained and she fell to the dirt. The dogs were insatiable and the women were fucked in the pussy, ass and mouth until they couldn’t stand and were carried back to their room.

This became Jessica’s existence, a never ending nightmare of lesbian love at night and work and fucking during the day.

After months of captivity, one day a large gunship approached the island. A group of commandos came ashore and after a gunfight with the women hiding in the room, two of the commandos from the Philippine army opened the door.

“You’re safe now ladies! Come with us.”

Mary and Jessica hugged each other, not believing this had happened and followed the men to the gunship. They were taken to a hospital in Manila and examined. They didn’t have any injuries and by some miracle, no diseases or pregnancies. Jessica and Mary embraced on the day they were released from the hospital. They were led to a room where an officer asked where they wanted to go. Mary and Jessica looked at each other and Jessica said,

“I have a lovely large house in the states if it’s still waiting. I need to find out but I want you to come with me!”

“I was hoping you would ask me!”

Jessica called her parents and they were overjoyed that she was alive. They had been searching and yes, they had kept her house ready. She told them about the ordeal and that her husband had been thrown in the sea. She also told them that Mary would be coming with her, that she had been the reason she kept her sanity.

They were given transportation home and Jessica and Mary were married 6 months later.

By Yumiko

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