Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

My name’s Maria, I’m 30 and been married for 10 years to Chris. We where childhood sweethearts. He is a good man and works hard. As a travelling salesman he can be away for days. I get lonely. So when I saw this down and out guy on Street begging, I threw him a few coins. In the next few weeks I saw him a lot. My husband said he just a tramp, which annoyed me. Then my husband went away for a week and since I lived far from family, I went to town found the tramp and offered to make him dinner. At first he looked shocked, but was very polite. As I drove him home I was beginning to regret it he was really smelly and to keep window down. His name was Jim, he was mid 50s. I ran a bath for him given him a towel and shaving stuff. I took his clothes and threw them out. I left him some off my husbands old clothes out. I went and made dinner and about half about later Jim walked into the room. Shaved, smelling nice and clean. Wow what an improvement I said. And the clothes well fitted him pretty well. He thanked me and we talked about him and me for hours. I washed the dishes and when I came back in room he was asleep on settee. I put blanket over him and went to bed. I lay their thinking I must be mad, I let stranger come into my house and sleep. During the night I awoke to the sound off toilet flushing. Then silence. I don’t know why I got up and slipped downstairs. But when I went into living room Jim was sitting looking at me. You not sleep he said. No I replied. You missing your husband he said. No I replied again I got you here. Another silence then I stood up and said come to bed Jim. He followed upstairs. When he entered the room I was already naked on the bed. Soon we where kissing passionately. His hands caressing my tits. Soon I felt him tease them sucking them, squeezing them, biting them gently. I was in heaven my body was quivering. As he took over. Soon between my legs licking, fingering my soaking wet hole. Then I felt his throbbing cock enter me. Slowly he thrust inside me I was holding onto him for grim death, as he got deeper and faster. Omg I screamed I’m going to cum again ( he already made me cum when licking me ). Oh yes my legs spread wide. Cum inside, please fuck me I cried. Then I felt my pussy full as he flooded my hole. It was the best sex I ever had. In the next few hours the tramp fucked me again and again. I woke up the next morning. Shattered. After breakfast my husband rang me. Which became a task as Jim pulled my pants down and was eating my pussy as we talked on phone. After the call he dragged me to the floor and fucked me again. Always coming inside me. The next few days where the same enjoying each others company and hard sex. I was sad when he left. But left me with hot memories and more. When my husband came home he said you look different. Happy. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Yes I cleaned and fed a dirty old tramp and he give me child. Thanks Jim wherever you our kisses.

By Yumiko

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