Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

My last meeting with Jim left me wanting more. Sometimes when I see him I can tell he wants just as bad as I want him. It sucks we work together and the cameras follow us everywhere.

“Meet me in the restroom” you whisper as you walk by me.

I walk to the breakroom for a drink of water all the while plotting how I can explain to my boss the lapse in time when I do meet you in the restroom instead of doing my job. But I can’t wait to see you. I inconspicuously walk to the back of the building where the restrooms are. You’re in the men’s restroom. I open the door slowing glancing behind me to make sure no one sees me. Your dick is out and I walk towards you slowly dropping to my knees once I reach that delicious joystick. My tongue immediately starts circling the head of your penis. You moan “Oh Shit!” I think to myself I have you just where I want you. I lick the shaft of your penis to your balls. They’re tight and hard with expectance. I suck on the right ball and then the left. You beg me to keep going and not to stop. You know how I love to hear you beg. I pride myself on pleasing you, but in the back of my mind I’m praying no one walks in on us. In an instant you lift me up on to the sink. My head sways in ecstasy. Before I know it my pants are on the floor. You kiss me hard as if you are reaching for the abyss. Now my pants are off as your penis searches for my pussy. It finds my hole and I lean back gasping in sheer delight. Three soft thrusts and you’re filling me up. My pussy begins to mold around your enormous cock. You pause halfway through and put your hands at the small of my back. Inch by inch you enter me. It’s as if you’re unlocking a safe. Rotating your dick a few times to left and then to the right. I wrap my arms around you tightly and moan quietly “Fuck Me!” You lift me from the sink and pump me harder and harder. I ride you like a wild stallion. You bite my neck as you release your juices inside me. Your dick is pulsating within me. “Oh God, I love you!” I whisper in my ear.

We hear a noise in the distance and scramble for our clothes. It was only a noise. You walk me to the door so that I can exit first, but not before planting a kiss on the back of my neck. No matter what kind of negative shit happens for the rest of the day. The thought of what we did will carry me through.

Until Next Time…

By Nasus

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