Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

I haven’t seen Jim in a while. It bothers me a bit. I’m nothing if I’m not patient. I’m just hoping you’re wanting me as bad as I want you right now. Until then I guess I’ll have to satisfy myself. I’m actually a pro at it. All I do is imagine I’m with you. I close my eyes and I think about that enormous cock of yours. I slowly slide my hand down my panties. I imagine you entering my hot pussy with that huge cock. You’re moaning and groaning and that shit really turns me on. I slide my index finger in my pussy. I pretend it’s your dick and you’re fucking me. I slowly slide my finger from my pussy. I lift it to my mouth to taste the pleasure I wish you were tasting right now. You’d love it. I put my finger back in my pussy. It’s cold from the air. “Mmmm” I say as my tongue traces a circle around my lips. I gently move my finger in and out of my pussy. I grab my breast with my free hand. I start jabbing my finger in and out of my pussy. My mind returns to the last time we were together. I hunch hard imagining your dick filling my pussy. I call out your name over and over. “Jim…Jim…Jim..” until I think you can actually hear me. Before I know it, all my muscles have tightened. I hold my breath at the beginning of that little tingle when you’re about to cum. I hold my clitoris like a cigarette and squeeze as tight as I can stand it. In less than a moment I feel like I’ve touched the tip of heaven. I clench my teeth as the blood rushes to my head. I feel like I’m going to pass out, but I don’t. My body grows limp. I hear my phone ring in the distance, I let out a loud satisfying sigh.

Until next time…

By Nasus

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