Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

That was Jim on the phone. He was just checking in to make sure I wasn’t giving his loving away. Lord knows I should. But it’s him that does it for me and he knows it. He tells me that he and his ex have been arguing. Not over me, but just regular shit people argue about. I try to relate and understand, but the truth is I don’t give a rats ass. I just want his dick in my pussy now.

When I saw him at work the next day, he didn’t even look at me. I felt my heart break. It’s just so fucked up that I chose this life and knew the consequences.

A week has gone by and still nothing from him. Then, one day at work the forklift driver David came by to talk to me. I always knew he had a thing for me. I’m not interested but what the hell. A woman needs attention. For the moment he makes me feel good, beautiful, sexy, and attractive. What more could a woman ask for. So I flirt back. Low and behold you just happen to walk by and I could sense the disdain in your heart. You keep walking on by and for an instance I feel like I’ve won a small victory. At least until I realize that David is still putting the moves on me. He tells me he wants to get together and hang. I tell him we’ll see, even though I know there is no chance in hell that I would do that. Only because I know he is married, has three kids, a girlfriend that works on the job that I know fairly well. Not to mention he has hit on every woman in the plant. I just wanted to make Jim jealous. I think it worked, but that remained to be seen.

Jim passes me as we’re clocking out for the day. I can tell he is pissed and I know he’ll be waiting on me at my car. I return my gear to my locker and walk outside. There he is, at my car. Sometimes he so predictable. I reach pass him to open my door, but before I could reach it he grabs my hand and walks me to his black Navigator. I don’t put up a fight. The windows are tinted dark so no one can see inside. He opens the passenger door for me. I get inside. I watch him walk around the front of the vehicle trying to be cute and all. I think to myself “you are cute, you son of a bitch!” He gets in and slams the door hard.

“What the fuck was up with you and David?” he asks half way yelling at me.

“I can’t help that men approach me!” I yell back.

“That pussy belongs to me.” he says.

“Well you have a funny way of showing it” I snap back.

In an instant his hands were down my shirt and his tongue was in mouth. I try to fight him at first, but deep down this is what I want”

“Dammit!” I think to myself. I am just as predictable as he is.

I put my hands around his neck in submission to what I want him to do to me. You squeeze my breast hard. “This belongs to me.” You move your hand down to my crotch. “And this belongs to me. Tell me this is my pussy.” he commands me.

“It’s yours!” I whisper loudly.

I begin to lick and suck his ear as he unbuckles and unzips my pants. I raise my ass a little so he can easily pull my pants down. He slides his hand down and begin massaging my pussy. I arch my back and my pussy seeps in anticipation. He kisses me hard and rubs my pussy until I’m about to explode. Then he slides his massive finger inside my hole. He jabs and pokes me over and over. Then he slides another finger in and I yelp in pure painful delight. His mouth is once again covering mine and I forget about the pain. I let him take full control. My mind is clear of everything except for what’s happening. “OMG” here comes that tingle. I cum all over his fingers. He pulls them from my pussy and they are pale with my love juices. His dick is fighting to get out of his pants. I place my hand on his crotch and rub it up and down. I can feel the heat of his desire. He moans in pleasure.

“I gotta go” I say as I open the door to get out. I slam it shut and mouth the words through the tinted window “Until next time.”

By Nasus

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