Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

For those of you that read this story, you may think I’m some kind of freak. I believe we all are in some sense of the word. I want you to follow me on this journey of discovering myself. Maybe you will find yourself as well.


Well what can I say about Jim? I know I am extremely attracted to him. I don’t know why because he goes against everything I believe in. He’s charcoal black. Don’t get me wrong. So I’m I (pecan tan). But I’m usually attracted to white men. Go figure! Anyway he was black, had a gut, and wasn’t rich at all. But for some reason this man had a hold on me. I’ve listed his cons, but his pros were that he was tall as hell. At least 6’8. that was a whole 10 inches taller than me. His feet were big as hell. All I could think about was how big his dick had to be. I wanted him inside me so bad. Every time I saw him my pussy heated up. No one has ever made me feel that way before. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been laid in a long ass time. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to sex, but I want to get downright raunchy with you. I want to do things with you that I’ve only imagined or dream about. I know it sounds crazy and sick. I often wonder if you would think less of me if you knew what I was thinking. I just want to fuck your brains out! I don’t know what kind of relationship we have. I know you want me. You’re always rubbing against my ass or my tits when you pass me. I see the way you look me up and down. So I know you’re interested. My pussy aches for you Jim. My pussy is tight, wet and ready.

I wonder if you remember when I told you I could feel your tongue on my pussy and it burned with anticipation. Your wet tongue caressing my clitoris as I moan in ecstasy. I think about how you’re going to fuck me. You’ll start off soft. Easing your way in while slowly opening up my hole. My body shivers knowing what’s coming next. You lean down to kiss me deeply and passionately as you start to pound my pussy harder and harder. Your mouth over mine muffles my screams. You grab my swelled ass cheeks and lift me to your thrusts. As you straddle my body, I can feel every inch of you inside me and I do mean every single inch. I imagine you kissing and licking my neck. Your mouth slowly reaches my nipples. My breast is engulfed in your mouth (shit! I’m about to cum!). My breast appear and disappear in your mouth as you suck with such force. I scream in sweet agony. I don’t want you to stop until my body is numb and exploding in pure pleasure. You must have read my mind because you tighten your grip on my ass and slowly lift me up and down on that hard hot dick. You accelerate your movements. Your dick is tunneling a road within my body. A road that never ends. The hurt is numbing, but I ride it like a wave. Just when I’m about to release my hot sweet juices all over your dick, you pull out and put me on all fours. Your hard cock slapping my ass as it finds its way to my pulsating hole. I hear you moan and groan in delight. I moan in unison. Within minutes I’m getting fucked hard. Your balls are slapping my clitoris. You slap my ass and I immediately look back at you. You release your hands from my waist. Your right hand grabs my neck and your left hand grabs my breast. All the while you’re pumping away. You lean down and kiss me hard. You tell me how good my pussy is. How tight and hot it is. I’m reeling from how much your manhood is filling me up. Then just when I think I can’t hold back the flow of my juices, you give me one really hard pump and your body stiffens. I hear a rumbling in your throat and then you let out a growl. I can feel your liquid pleasure. With each squirt you push your dick further inside me. I scream in sure pleasure. I can’t hold back any longer. My body jerks and quivers. I stiffen and let my juices flow. My cream covers your dick. We collapse in pure exhaustion. We’re both satisfied.

That is what I imagine… Until next time.

By Nasus

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