Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Martin was walking up the garden path towards Dawns house, Dawn who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what Martin is had beaten him up very badly Dawn had caught Martin spying on girls at school and took revenge by beating him up, Martin had spent three days in hospital and now after being released from hospital was going to dawn’s house with his mum to see Dawn punished, Martin who was a peeping tom was hoping that Dawn would get her bare bum spanked, Once inside the house Dawn was called into the lounge by her mum who gave her a good telling off then said to her ” you have broke the ultimate rule by putting the boy in hospital so you will pay the ultimate penalty of one hour with the boy” Dawn looked up in horror and started to protest” but when her mum said ” I can increase the time” Dawn shut up and when her mum said” OK get on with it” Dawn looked at Martin and to his surprise said to him ” do you want me to strip naked and masturbate while you watch me” Martin uttered a feeble yes, Dawn’s mum said ” let her finish” Dawn then said ” or do you want me to strip naked and let you play with my body and masturbate me or do you want to fuck me while I am naked” Martin could hardly believe his ears, after Dawn had been quiet for a minute Martin said ” want to fuck you” Dawn then said ” come on follow me” Martin followed Dawn up to her room where she switched a tape on and started to undress, Martin watched in disbelief and when Dawn removed her bra letting her ample boobs fall free and said ” there are my tits for you” and when naked said ” now you can see my cunt as well” Martin looked in awe, Dawn lay on the bed and parted her legs, Martin smiled and undid his trousers letting his eight inch erection spring out, when Dawn saw it she was surprised that a boy his age had a dick so big, Martin climbed on the bed between Dawns legs and positioned himself and after a couple of seconds was sliding his dick into Dawn’s love tube as it slid in Dawn let out a fairly quiet moan, Martin started to thrust in and out pushing in deep and soon Dawn was breathing heavy and to her surprise was starting to enjoy it and after five minutes groaned loudly as she climaxed, Martin continued to thrust in and out of Dawn’s love tube making her cum a second time before he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over Dawn’s body, after a few minutes Martin dressed fully and went back to the lounge where Dawns mum asked him if he was happy Martin told her yes. On the way home Martin’s mum told him that there was a punishment club that met once a month and all those being punished were naked and that it was meeting the next night, Martin and his mum went to the club, Martin saw Dawn and her sister Amy who was two years younger than him on the stage naked Martin admired Amy’s developing boobs and love tube he also saw a couple of boys who both had full erections one was being jerked by an Indian girl who was his age while the girls sister who was four years younger than himself jerked the other boy who was sixteen yeas old, Martin saw both boys squirt cum, Martin then saw Amy being pounded by sixteen year Asif while his dad who was sixty eight pounded into Dawn’s love tube Martin knew the two girls were racist. As he walked home with his mum Martin thought I will be going to that club more often might even get to fuck Dawn’s bum and her sister.

By Tommy

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