Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

A lot of like minded pervy people have asked me what its like to have a famous mother, and not just famous, famous with huge sex appeal. I have always been more sexually aware from a young age than most, possibly due to my mother, and I was attracted to her from about 11. Back then, it felt wrong to me so even tho do I wanted to I never actually wanked over her. I did however, replace her in my incest fantasies with another woman or women I liked. When I hit 15, and started partying, and having sex, I quickly gave up any morals when it came to taboo fun. I’m 21 now and things between me and mum have never been better or more kinky.

Nicole is 45 now, and ageing like a fine wine. You may know her as Nicole Sherzinger from the PussyCat Dolls. Who was a judge on xfactor and also dated Lewis Hamilton. Mum has always had a more edgy public persona than other popstars. She and her group took the ‘sex sells’ a little further, to the edge of where the porn scene starts. She brought her fetishes quietly into her image as did the other girls. She partied hard when her fame blew up, and still does, and she has a lot of secrets for a woman so famous.

I inherited my mum’s fetish for leather and latex. But when I started wanking over her, I slowly got more daring, used her leather and latex jackets, dresses, skirts, boots, trousers, gloves more and more as my fetish deepened. I have left many a cum stain on her clothes. Mum eventually found out and we had a talk about it and she didn’t mind at all, instead she bought me my first few pieces of leather. When I turned 18, I had filled out, 6ft 2, built, and also getting into the music industry, thanks to mum. Also thanks to her, I was getting a lot of attention and pussy and also doing drugs. Mostly weed and booze, but I tried coke and E at 17, and that really brought my pervy fantasies out. I loved going out and taking drugs and fucking girls, but for my fetishes, I also liked getting high at home and indulging my incest fantasies about mum.

The weekend before my birthday week for my 18th, I had realised that mum that been through my laptop, probably because I was always looking at hers, and wanking on her clothes, and even pissing on one of her jackets. I was nervous, in case she had found my coke and E stash, because although she still took them herself (very discreetly so it didn’t become a scandal), she would have been upset I didn’t tell her myself. She knew about the weed and alcohol and honestly in those things is what she wanted. The nerves meant I decided not to go out that weekend as Id have the place to myself, as she was going to do a pussycat dolls gig at a stripclub, and when was already coked up by the time she left. I had got into my leather and then headed to her room, got my laptop out with her pics and vids. She had a new jacket and pvc jeans that I wanted to wank over. I took some E and turned the music up and started perving online, as I edged my cock, and got into a state of perverted frenzy. A few hours had passed, and I dropped more E and I had to cum before the next pervy wank. I was wanking my cock with my leather gloves, lost in a drug high and house music, when I dropped a huge hot wet sticky cum load on the collar of her new jacket. I started to spread the cum around the jacket with my cock, while moaning about mum and how much I wanted to fuck her, when I suddenly realised, that mum was standing by the door.

‘Mum what the fuck?’ I said, trying to conceal my 9in cock, and embarrassment from the shock of being caught. She was in her leather jacket, jeans and boots and a sexy studded leather bra, which along with the drugs, made me wish that I would just fuck her. ‘How how long have you been there? And why are you even home?’. She was supposed to be back on Monday for my birthday celebrations. ‘Well I need knock, but I guess you were preoccupied’ She said, and winked at me. She sat on the edge of the bed, and I could tell she had been partying and was high and a little drunk. She grabbed the half spliff from the ashtray on the bed, and lit it, exhaling while she examined her jacket. My pervy mind and the second dose of E was kicking in, and I realised my cock was still out through the flies of my leather jeans dripping cum and rock hard again and I was still stroking it.

‘This was a new jacket and that’s an impressive cumshot’ she said, her eyes on my cock. My heart beat faster as I processed what she’d said. She had never spoken like that before. ‘And I’m proud of what a man you’ve become baby, your cock is massive’.

‘You look hot in your leather mum, that’s why you’ve seen it in all its glory’. She laughed and passed me the spliff ‘thank you baby, you look hot in yours too. You’re also high as fuck because you’re still stroking’. She got up and came over to the side of the bed ‘Aren’t you going to offer your mum some?’ She teased. ‘My cock or the drugs?’ I said hoping it would be both. ‘You naughty boy, I’m your mother! And give me the drugs’.

I got a wrap of coke and passed it to her and she went and made a few lines at her dressing table. After she snorted them and lit a cig, she got up, and grabbed the cum stained new jacket and put it over the the one she was wearing already. ‘This is good stuff baby’ she took another puff on the cig ‘so my son is pervert into incest sex with his mother?’

She climbed onto the bed and sat next to me. ‘Did you go through my laptop? I said ‘if so you know the answer to that’. She passed me the cig, and put her hand on my thigh. ‘Well seeing its your birthday week, maybe Ill give you something to remember’. We looked at each other and I just went for it and kissed her. She kissed back and I felt her warm tongue in my mouth and my cock was throbbing hard.

I felt her hand on my cock, and her glove caressing it up and down. ‘You want your mummy don’t you? You nasty perv’ she wanked me harder and faster while talking more and more filth. ‘Maybe mummy will let you fuck her cunt once this week’ she purred as she wanked my cock to climax. I couldn’t hold it in, and spurted another huge cum load all over her hand and the bed. ‘Oh fuck mum’ I laughed ‘I couldn’t stop myself’ She smiled and licked her gloves clean, and kissed me again.

Her phone rang and it was her current fuck buddy, which ruined everything as he was clearly horny and I had to give her some privacy. I could hear her finger herself and talk filth with him from my room, and I took more coke and E, and started wanking again. A hour or so passed and I could think of nothing else so I went back to her room. I opened the door slowly after knocking but she didn’t answer. She had smoked another spliff and like me she was clearly on E too as her music was on and she was in E tranced sleep. And still in her leather.

I got into the bed beside her. ‘Mum?’ I started kissing her and touching up her tits and cunt. She moaned as I unzipped her leather jeans and slipped my leather gloved fingers past her thong into her cunt.

‘Mum I need to fuck you’ My cock now right up against her leather arse as I started to thrust and rub my cock against her.

She moaned as my fingers worked her cunt and turned her head towards me ‘mmmm oh baby, you naughty stud’ she kissed me, ‘i like a man who gets what he wants’. As she said that, I pulled her jeans down and rubbed my helmet against her wet cunt. I wasn’t even sure she really meant it that she would fuck me earlier, but I didn’t care and my 9in cock disappeared inside her cunt.

I fucked her, as she purred, ‘fuck your mum’s pussy, you sick fuck’. Her cunt felt so good, and the harder I fucked the louder she got. I pulled out and told her to get on on all fours, so I could pound her from behind, ‘oh baby mummy wants to cum and ride that cock first’ she pushed me back onto my back, and straddled my cock, grabbing the head board as she bounced on my cock. She was loving it and just seeing her in her leather, and her big tits bouncing in front of me was perfect. ‘God mummy loves this thick fat cock inside her, esp her bad sons in his sexy leather’ I could feel her pussy tighten as she cummed, with some piss dribbling out of her too. She bent down and kissed me while I stayed inside her. The drugs and the fact I had dropped three cum loads so quickly was making it hard for me to cum, and Mum knew exactly what to do ‘awww is my baby too high to cum? Let mummy suck your cock and you’ll see just how good I am’.

She sat on the side of the bed and I got off and she spat on my cock, her eyes meeting mine as she licked the shaft and my balls and got my cock nice and wet. I grabbed her head as she deep throated. Held her head down so she gagged and spat more. Her eyes met mine as I fucked her face and finally I could feel the cum rising from balls. I fucked her face harder, ‘oh mum I’m gonna cum’. I was wanking the last few strokes, ‘Cum on my jacket, this time mummy wants to see her leather get spunked on’. I could feel the cum shoot out onto her jacket lapels, some on her chin and she licked it off as I stroked out every last bit.

I sat next to her and kissed her, and we had another spliff before we fell asleep. I could feel it was the start of something new and kinky between us. And little did we know just how pervy and depraved our lives were going to become

To be continued

By Yumiko

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