Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

We’re getting an early start on Day two. We talked with Jim earlier and he told us the 4 horses and 4 dogs that were in training would be activated and participate today. That brings the total to 12 horses and 12 dogs. Looks like we’re gonna be busy fucking all day. Madi decided last night that she wanted to Fuck and Suck the dogs today. That leaves me with all 12 horses and Madi with 12 dogs. My horse cum bulge should be even bigger today, maybe I can fill up the 5 gallon bucket with horse cum by the end of the day. Below are the dick stats of all of the horses and dogs according to Jim. We are to meet Jim in about ½ hour. He is giving all the animals a TRIPLE DOSE of his “SPECIAL VITAMIN”

Dick Stats according to Jim (In Inches):

HORSES: L+ Diameter
Slim 18 x 3.00
Jack 18 x 3.00
Thom 18 x 3.25
Roy 20 x 3.50
Sage 22 x 3.50
Hank 22 x 4.00
Pete 24 x 4.25
Russ 26 x 4.50
Tank 28 x 4.75
Reni 28 x 5.00
Brutus 32 x 5.50
Goliath 36 x 5.75

Dogs: L+Knot Diam
Smokie GS 10×3
Blackie GS 10×3.5
Hitler GS 10×3.5
Lance GS 10×3.75
Bear LAB 12×4
Fritz LAB 12×4
Zorba LAB 12×4.5
Ray GD 14×4.5
Sam GD 14×4.5
Knot GD 16×5
Bruno GD 16×5
Rebel GD 16×5

For reference: A regulation softball is nearly 4 inches in diameter.

Day 2 Round 1

When we walked into the stable we saw that Jim had the tables set up with Madi’s much lower than mine to accommodate the smaller dogs. He had a towel soaked with female in heat horse and dog pee. We both were starting with the smaller cocks and working our way up to the giants. First up for me was Slim and Madi got to fuck Smokie first. Jim led Slim over, rubbed the pee all around my swollen pussy, Strapped him in his swing and put is flanged cock against my pussy. Slim knew what to do next… he lunged forward and buried his 18” cock all the way inside my womb. I came immediately!! Slim may be one of the smallest but he made up for it with effort. He was fucking my pussy deep and I was matching him stroke for stroke. After my third climax, I felt Slim’s cock pulsating as he shot his first spurt of cum to the back of my womb and didn’t slow down. He finally finished cumming and began to pull out. Jim was there with the XXXL butt plug to save the cum in my pussy. Slim probably gave me close to 2 pints of his cum.
I glanced over and saw Madi was being fucked hard by Smokie. He had his knot all the way in her pussy. As he came his knot grew giving Madi a very vocal orgasm, I’m talking screaming. It took a few minutes for his knot to shrink enough to pull out of her pussy. I could see the dog cum running down her thigh and legs. One down, 11 to go. Jim’s “SPECIAL VITAMINS” definitely keeps them hard and probably at least doubles the cum output.

Day 2 Round 2

For round 2 I got Jack and Madi got Blackie. I asked Jim if I could suck Jack first then fuck him, he agreed. He led Jack over and I got underneath him and grabbed his 18” cock. I started running my tongue around his flange making sure I licked the cum hole. Jack was definitely enjoying. I opened my mouth and stuffed the flange past my teeth. Holding his cock tight so I could the depth, I eased it a few inches down my throat and started breathing thru my nose. Knowing that my gag reflex and been conquered, I eased it slowly toward my stomach. I kept my tongue active as it went deeper. Finally I felt it enter my stomach. Jack was now fucking my throat and his cock started pulsating. He spewed a couple of pints of horse cum in my stomach. Not a drop wasted. I asked Jim if was ready to me now, he said probably, let him try. I got to the table as Jim got Jack in position. He but Jack’s cock against my pussy, pulled the plug out and immediately put Jack’s flange in my pussy.
I heard Madi screaming as Blackie was fucking the crap out of her, more on her later, I got a horse dick in my pussy. Jack still rock hard, thanks to Jim’s “SPECIAL VITAMINS”. He lunged and I felt him a the entrance to my cervix and womb. One more lunge and he was in my womb fucking the hell out of me. Two quick orgasms and I started matching him thrust for thrust. I felt him begin to pulsate and shot another load inside me, I came again. As he pulled out, Jim simultaneously inserted the plug to keep the Cum inside me for my bulge. Madi was now having yet another climax as Blackie had already pushed is knot inside her now stretched pussy. I could see him pulsating and dog cum slipping out the side of his knot. He tried to pull out, but he would have to shrink a little first. Two down, 10 to go.

Day 2 Round 3

For round 3 I will fuck Thom, Madi fucks Hitler.
I laid on the table and Jim rubbed some more mare pee around my Pussy. He led Thom over and put his flange next to me dripping pussy, pulled the plug and slammed Thom’s steel hard cock in my pussy. I glanced over to Madi and saw Hitler pounding Madi’s wet pussy. The knot was not yet in. Back to Thom, I was soooo wet by now he slammed all 18 inches in at once, I came. He was deep in my womb fucking the shit out of me. We got into a fast deep rhythm, came again. He pulled about half way out and slammed it to the balls. He repeated this several times and I had 2 more orgasms. I was about ready to cum again and felt Thom pulsating deep in my womb, we came together. He kept pulsating for a good while sending strong spurts of cum deep into my womb. As he pulled out, Jim plugged my hole again.
Madi and Hitler were going strong He had all 10 inches in her, began to knot, and slammed it home. He started to pound her pussy hard and deep. Madi had another orgasm as Hitler slammed her as deep as he could and started to cum. He had at least 10 huge spurts slamming the back of her pussy. He started to pull out but not so fast, his knot kept his dick from exiting her cum filled pussy. After nearly 10 minutes his knot shrunk enough for them to separate.
Jim said he has seen a large knot last for over 30 minutes. We each had 9 more cocks to fuck.

Day 2 Round 4

After a short break we met our next fuckers. I got to fuck Roy, Madi got Lance. Madi was starting to get some serious KNOTS in that pretty little pussy. Horses are bigger at the flange which in the front, whereas dogs are bigger at the knot which is at the back. We are starting to get to the meat of the schedule (no pun intended). I went to my table and strapped in, Jim led Roy over and strapped him to the leg swing. Jim pulled the plug out of my pussy and jammed Roy’s flange in me without losing a drop of horse cum. Lance mounted Madi and was already 10 inches in her and was fucking her hard, she loved it and had several climaxes.
Roy eased his 20 inch dick to my cervix, paused briefly and started to pull out. He got most of the way out and slammed it past the cervix into my cum filled womb. I came !! He repeated this several times giving me more verbal earth shaking climaxes. Finally he pulled out about half way and lunged back in my womb and began pulsating. We climaxed together. He shot many huge cum loads into my now overfilled womb. As he pulled out, Jim was there with the plug. He said that we probably needed to empty the cum in my womb and pussy into the bucket. We decided to wait till Madi finished with Lance. He had Madi pinned to the table fucking the shit out of her. When he started to knot he jammed his 10 inches plus about 4 inches of knot as far as he could up her swollen pussy. They too climaxed together.
Since it was going to be awhile before Lance’s knot could withdraw from Madi’s cum dripping pussy. I stood up and squatted over the 5 gal bucket, pulled the XXXL plug from my pussy and watched it gush out. After about 5 minutes most of it got in the bucket. Jim said it was about 2 gallons plus about another 2 pints still in my stomach from the blowjob I gave Jack. 2½ gallons of horse cum from 4 fucks and a blowjob. Madi finally got Lance’s dog dick out of her pussy and was all smiles. We were 1/3 of the way thru with the bigger cocks coming up. Jim gave me Goliath’s dimensions, 36 x 5.75 inches. He said I could try it but don’t let him damage my pussy, cervix, and womb. I told Him that I was glad he was last cause that would give me time to stretch even more than I already was. Another short break was well deserved. I told Jim to go to the cabin and grab a bottle of Tequila, we sure could use a little, “LOT”, of that.

Day 2 Round 5

We had 3 or 4 shots of Tequila, helps to dull the pain. For this round I’ll be fucked by Sage who fucked me on Day 1, and Madi fucks Bear, she should have fun with that 4 inch knot !! I’m going to give Madi a head start to allow extra time for her to get that 4” knot out. Bear is a huge dog with a big 12” dick. Bear went to Madi sniffing her pussy and even gave it a few licks. Madi grabbed his cock and began to suck it, taking most of it down her throat. ( She also lost her gag reflex). Bear was enjoying the blowjob when Madi suddenly pulled him out of her mouth. She got on her hands an knees and aimed Bear to her pussy, he figured out what to do next. He put his front legs around her waist and aimed straight for her pussy. Bullseye, he entered her with his rock hard cock. Wasn’t long till he had all 12 inches in her and was pumping the hell out of her. Bear started to swell as he was about to cum, his knot had grown and he plowed it all the way inside her. He was pumping and Madi was rocking back to meet his every thrust. She had several orgasms and Bear was about to cum himself. He pulled his knot out of her pussy and rammed it right back in, Madi came again. Bear started pumping faster and soon had a massive climax but kept pumping and spurting cum into her cum soaked pussy. As I suspected, they were going to be hooked up for a while.
I turned my attention back to Sage. Jim had stuffed his flange in my slippery pussy. Sage took it from there, he rammed enough in to reach my cervix, backed out several inches and rammed hard to get into my womb. All of his 22” cock was inside me and he even tried to get his balls in also. Unlike Roy’s effort, Sage manage to stuff his huge balls in also, multiple orgasms. Talk about being stretched, I’m glad I had several shots of Tequila. So here I am with 22 inches of horse dick and about 6 “ of horse balls all in my pussy and womb. Sage took advantage of his feat. He was fucking me so hard I almost came loose from my straps. Sage popped his balls out and rammed all he had into my very wet pussy. He started to pulsate and shot his horse cum deep in my womb, I came with him, wow what an experience. As he pulled out, Jim was there to plug my cum drenched pussy. In the meantime, Bear was still locked inside Madi. He had turned with his head facing the opposite of hers and was pulling hard. Finally he had shrunk enough for his knot and cock to pop out. It actually made a “pop” sound. Round 5 was over, time for more Tequila, lots more.

Day 2 Round 6

Hank would be the next to fuck me and Fritz would be fucking Madi. Hank is not the longest but 4’” diameter is pretty healthy. Fritz is 4” at the knot and 12” in length. Madi will probably get knotted again. I fucked Hank the day before and yes I had multiple orgasms with him. For your info Jim only allows one dog in the stable at a time. Dogs tend to fight over pussy. We both asked Jim if it would be possible to fuck and suck two horses or dogs at the same time. He said that the horses and dogs could possibly share. He said he could arrange the horse sling to include another horse backed up to the table to allow entry in both holes, and the same could be true for dogs, but it would have to be simultaneous entries. We both said OK, lets try. Jim hooked Hank up and put Slim close to my head. He put Hank close to my pussy, pulled the plug and stuffed his flange in my pussy. He took Slim to the other end of the table and stuck it in my mouth, Hank in my pussy, Slim down my throat. Hank was bucking like the horny horse he was and Slim was in my stomach. Hank was fucking me for all he was worth, Slim was fucking my throat. Don’t know how they coordinated it but the 3 of us came together, more horse cum in my womb and more horse cum in my stomach.
Madi had Fritz 12” deep in her pussy and about to get more. He plunged as deep as he could go and began to knot. He plunged his knot inside her pussy and kept lunging as deep as he could. His knot swelled even more as he shot his cum inside her pussy. Madi climaxed again. Smokie was in her throat and shot his cum down her throat and into her stomach. We both fucked and sucked two at a time. WOW !! what a feeling. As we expected Fritz was tightly connected to Madi’s pussy. It would be a few minutes before the could be separated. OK, time for more Tequila !!!! We were heading into the real MEAT of the schedule and we would need it.

Day 2 Round 7

We took another break and had 3 or 4 more Tequila shots. 6 down, 6 to go !! We both decided that we would probably never fuck a human again. It’s only a little over 3 hours from our house to this little piece of bliss, and Jim loves us. Probably need to throw him a couple of blowjobs before we leave. Our pussies are too stretched to fuck him. Maybe next time FUCK him first. Half way thru and it’s taken 3 hours, not bad since it includes breaks.
We are getting into the larger animal cocks, Pete gets to fuck me next, Madi gets to Fuck Zorba, 4.5” Knot, WOW, he may drag her across the stable ? Just a few more shots then fuck the bigger boys. I strapped myself in as Jim led Pete in, strapped his legs to the swing and led him to my swollen pussy. He pulled the plug in my pussy and quickly stuffed Pete in my cum filled pussy. Pete took a few short lunges and got about ½ of his 24 inches inside me. He stopped and the entrance to my womb, backed up about 6 inches and rammed it home into my cum drenched womb. I had an intense orgasm as he went to the back of my womb. He pulled out a few inches and buried it again. I came again. He started ramming me as hard as he could, slamming his massive cock into me. I felt him throb and he began to shoot a huge load of horse cum against the walls of my womb, I came again. As usual, as he pulled out, Jim put the plug in to capture the horse cum inside me for my Horse Cum Bulge.
Madi was busy being pounded by Zorba. He had all 12 inches in her pussy, she had several orgasms and met him lunge for lunge. Zorba started to knot and pushed his 4.5 inch knot deep in her receptive slut hole. He plunged as deep as he could and shot a massive load of dog cum inside her and kept fucking her with more cum loads pounding her pussy. As was expected he tried to pull out but his 4.5 inch knot would have to subside before they could be separated. He tried to pull out again and in doing so pushed against her inflamed clit, she climaxed again. Zorba took a good 15 minutes to contract his knot and pop out of my Madi. 7 down and the biggest 5 left to go. We took a few more shots just to ease the nerves and pain. Jim said that he had given the last giant horse and dog dicks another triple dose of his “SPECIAL VITAMINS” and to expect 3-4 gallons of horse cum from these guys.

Day 2 Round 8

This round I would let Russ fuck me, a 26 x 4.5 inch flange and Madi would let Ray fuck her, another 4.5 inch knot. We were getting close to the limits of our size of insertion ability.
I strapped in and watched as Jim got Russ attached to his leg swing. He pushed Russ’s cock next to my cum drenched pussy, pulled out the cum plug and slammed his 4.5 inch flange inside my cunt. Glanced over at Madi, Ray was plowing his 14 inch cock deep in her stretched pussy. Russ slowly eased his cock up to my cervix and pushed into my womb, I climaxed. 26 inches of rock hard horse cock plowing my already cum soaked pussy. Russ had great rhythm, ramming it deep and pulling back slowly and the slamming it in to the back of my cum filled pussy, I had another orgasm. Russ pushed his cock as deep as he could and slowly withdrew almost to my pussy entrance then in one thrust was back in my womb, I came again. I felt him throbbing and felt a forceful shot of his cum hit the walls of my pussy. He shot at least 10 more globs of hot horse cum inside me. My horse cum bulge was now HUGE again.
Ray had Madi pinned to the table ramming all 14 inches into her womb. He pulled half way out slowly then stuffed his dog cock back into her womb, she came violently. Ray started to knot and forced it into her pussy, locking them together. He started shooting massive dog cum into her womb, she had another orgasm. Ray continued to fuck Madi hard till he drained his balls. His 4.5 inch knot wasn’t coming out for awhile.
Meanwhile, Jim said that I needed to drain the horse cum from my pussy and grabbed the 5 gallon bucket. I squatted over the bucket, pulled the plug out of my slut hole. Cum gushed out, and kept gushing and dripping for another 5 minutes. Wow, the bucket was nearly full, 5 gallons of horse cum so far for the day. I asked what would happen to the 6 pints of cum in my stomach. He said that I would have to digest it. So I guess I’ll be pooping and peeing horse cum for a few days. Since Madi and Ray were still connected, I asked Jim to get Jack back in, I wanted to suck his balls dry. I laid on me table with me head toward the front where my pussy would normally be. Jim strapped Jack in with his cock resting against my lips. I stuffed his flange down my throat, he started bucking and I felt him all the way in my stomach. He had all 18 inches down my throat so I started licking his balls…. He shot several globs of hot horse cum in my stomach. This added about 2 more pints of cum inside me. I now had nearly a gallon of horse cum in my stomach. WOW !
Madi and Ray had finally disconnected. She was just lying there resting and watching me suck Jacks cock.

Day 2 Round 9

We are now into the VERY LARGE horses and dogs. I get to FUCK Tank (28 x 4.75 inches), Madi will let Sam (14 x 4.5 inch) ride her. I got myself strapped into the table and waited for Jim to bring Tank. Jim strapped his front legs on the swing, crammed his huge flange in my soaking wet pussy. Damn he was huge !! He slowly slid his cock down to me cervix, hesitated and rammed it into my womb, I climaxed. Tank pulled almost out of my pussy and slammed it to the back of my womb, I came again. He kept repeating the same action, deep in then almost out the slamming back into my womb. I had an orgasm almost every time he slammed into me. Tank slammed me for nearly 10 minutes and finally got deep in my womb and started to pulsate. I knew he was about to erupt so I braced for the flood of cum that was about to fill me up. He finally quit spewing his hot cum in my pussy and slowly tried to pull out but huge flange got trapped at my pussy lips. Jim got the plug ready and helped Hank get his cock out of me and slammed the plug in my pussy. Just from Hank I could see a horse cum bulge. Jim said, thanks to two triple doses of his “SPECIAL VITAMINS” he estimated that Hank deposited about 6 to 7 pints of cum.
Sam had Madi in a frenzy, she couldn’t quit cumming. She was bucking to meet his lunges. I could see that Sam was about to knot. He slammed his huge knot in her pussy and was literally lifting her in the air with his forceful bucking. They both climaxed together but Sam kept fucking the hell out of her. He shot the last of his cum in her pussy and tried to get out. Nope, he was trapped inside of her by is huge knot. The more he tried the more he was rubbing her swollen clit. Madi had 2 more orgasms as he tried to escape her wet little pussy. Jim finally helped them separate.
I asked Jim to bring Thom in cause I wanted to suck his cock. This time he put Thom on the swing but moved the table. I crawled under him, grabbed his cock and stuffed it in my mouth. It wasn’t long till he had his dick halfway down my throat and was determined to get deeper. When I started licking his balls he made it down into my cum filled stomach and started pulsating. He blasted a huge spurt of horse cum in my stomach and followed up with several equal spurts. I now had over a gallon of horse cum in my stomach and there definitely was an obvious cum bulge.

Day 2 Round 10

We sent Jim back to the cabin for another liter of Patron Gold Tequila, we needed it!! Only 3 studs left but they were by far the largest. Reni (28 x 5.0 inches) would be my next lover. Madi
got to fuck Knot (16 x 5 inches). Jim made it back with the Tequila so we took a 10 minute break. I could barely walk with over a gallon of horse cum in my belly, Jim estimated it to weigh 8 to 10 pounds. I could hear it sloshing when I walked. I barely had room for the much needed tequila.
The break was over, time to get busy FUCKING these horny studs. I climbed on my table and strapped in. Jim led Reni and his massive cock over and strapped his legs on the swing. He rubbed his massive flange on my pussy, pulled the plug out and literally forced Reni’s flange into my pussy, Wow this was huge by any standards. Reni slowly pushed his giant cock into my engorged pussy. When he reached my cervix he hesitated briefly, backed out a little and slammed it home. Even though there was some pain, I managed to have a shattering shaking orgasm. Reni was just getting started he was fucking so hard and deep I almost passed out. He finally slowed down a little and rammed it to the back of my womb and slowly pulled to my pussy lips and then slammed his 28 inch cock back my womb, I climaxed again. Again he pulled out and lunged it all the way back in. I felt him pulsating then he shot a load that was about as strong as a fire hose, followed by several more equally as strong. I swear he pumped at least a gallon of cum in my womb. Between Tank and Reni I had nearly 2 gallons of horse cum inside me. Damn, that “Special Vitamin” crap REALLY DOES WORK !! Jim pulled Reni out, with a little trouble getting the flange disconnected. Then plugged me back up. I finished in time to see Knot give Madi her 8th orgasm. He was fucking her hard and had all of his 16 inches in her pussy and womb. Madi was thrusting her hips to meet Knot’s thrusts. As she was about to have another orgasm, Knot started to knot. He shoved his 5 inch not all the way inside her pussy. I could tell that she had occurred a little pain when that huge knot spread her pussy lips. Knot, with his knot fully in her, was pounding her pussy and even past her cervix and into her womb. I could see him pulsating and started to FILL her with hot dog cum. Needless to say it would be awhile before he would be separated from Madi. Watching that I had an idea. I told Jim to bring me Bear, a mid size dog, I wanted some dog cum in my stomach. I got on my back on the floor as Jim brought Bear to me. He aligned Bear with my face as I grabbed his cock. I started to suck on his dick and he soon got rock hard. With very little effort he had his 12 inch cock deep down my throat. I was sucking that dog like I’ve never sucked before. I could tell that he was about to knot, and he did. He forced his 4 inch knot past my teeth and into my throat. I’ve had some huge dicks down my throat but never anything that wide. He was pumping my throat hard and started pulsing. He shot several huge loads of dog cum into my stomach. I now had well over a gallon of horse and dog cum in my belly. About that time reality set in.. How am I going to get this 4 inch knot out of my mouth. I heard Jim say, “All you can do is wait till it shrinks”. So here I am with a huge dog knot stuck in my mouth and nothing I could do except keep sucking? After about 10 minutes I decided that was not helping him relax and unswell. All Madi and Jim could do was smile and snicker…. NOT FUNNY. After another 10 minutes Bear was able to pull out without ripping my teeth out. Damn, my mouth was sore from having it open that wide and that long. Definitely time for many shots of Tequila. I stood up and tried to walk, the sloshing was still there only worse. I now had well over a gallon of horse and dog cum in my belly, the bulge was now huge.

Day 2 Round 11

My jaw finally quit hurting as I prepared for my next horse fuck, Brutus (32 x 5.5 inches). Madi gets fucked by Bruno (16 x 5 inches) Bruno fucked me yesterday and did a damn fine job. I’ve never ever had anything near that size in my pussy. I strapped myself in and waited anxiously for Bruno. Jim greased him up good to ease the pain of entry into my well stretched pussy. Madi already had Bruno’s 16 inches in her womb, bucking like the bitch in heat she was. Jim rubbed Brutus’s well lubed cock against my pussy, pulled the plug and forced Brutus’s flange in my pussy. I had an immediate orgasm. Brutus could feel the pressure of my pussy walls against his gigantic cock. He was easing slowly toward my cervix. When he reached it he gave a little lunge and backed up to my pussy lips, he then gave a huge lunge and slammed past my cervix and to the back of my womb. I came ! He was fucking me just as hard as he did yesterday and I was loving every inch of it. I felt no more pain, only pleasure from that magnificent horse cock buried inside me. He withdrew and again slammed his cock to the back walls of me womb, I came again. Brutus was fucking me harder than I’ve ever been fucked. After about 6 more orgasms, Brutus pulled back to the outside of my womb then slammed it back in, I had another orgasm. Brutus could fell my orgasms and starting pounding me even harder. He started pulsing and I came again. He erupted in my womb, filling it with even more hot horse cum. I came again. After he deposited about a gallon of cum inside me he started to pull out. Jim had the plug ready and had to pull him out of my pussy. As soon as he was out, Jim had the plug inside me. Another gallon of cum and 12 orgasms later I was spent.
Bruno was still deep inside Madi fucking the shit out of her. The harder he fucked her the more she came. He pulled back to her pussy lips and then slammed it all the way into her womb, she climaxed again. Bruno started pumping even harder trying to get all he could inside her. He again pulled back to her pussy lips then rammed it balls deep. She came again. Bruno pulled back again, began to knot. It grew and grew to the full 5 inches he then slammed it home, knot and all. Madi came again. Bruno was fucking her fast and hard again and started to pulse and pushed in as hard as he could. He gave her several massive shots of his hot dog cum. She came again. Bruno tried to pull out but his massive knot said NOT YET. All she could do was wait til it shrank. 11 down and the biggest is yet to come. We headed straight to the 2nd Tequila bottle. A 30 minute break was in order. We had been fucking the horses and dogs for over 6 hours. Jim’s “SPECIAL VITAMINS” really do work, both cum output and stamina. Jim also suggested that I drain th horse cum in my womb and pussy to give plenty of room for Goliath. He said Goliath was capable of producing 1 ½ to 2 gallons of cum. He hadn’t been drained in over 2 weeks. Jim pulled out the bucket, I squatted over it and pulled the plug. Horse cum erupted from my pussy into the bucket. It took about 10 minutes to drain my womb and pussy and the bucket was full. That’s over 8 gallons of horse cum out on my pussy plus the 2 gallons of horse and dog cum still in my stomach

Day 2 Round 12

The last 12th and last fuck of the day. Goliath (36 x 5.75 inches) inches is going to attempt to fuck my brains. Jim had already warned me to be cautious because Goliath is HUGE and could cause internal damage. My thoughts are that Brutus is ALMOST as big. Rebel is gonna fuck the shit out of Madi.
I climbed on the table, which had been raised to Goliath’s height, and strapped myself in as wide as I possibly could. Jim had a 12 oz tube of Astroglide and stuck his hand in my pussy as far as he could and squeezed a generous amount near my cervix and put even more inside my pussy lips. He got the towel with the mare in heat pee and drenched all areas around my pussy. He led Goliath in and strapped him to swing. I swear Goliath’s cock was at least as big as my leg. Jim then aimed his GIANT cock at my pussy and rubbed Astroglide all over the first half of is dick and pushed it my tightly against pussy. Goliath lunged and managed to get the tip of his flange in me. Jim added a little more lube around his giant flange. Goliath lunged again and managed to get about half of the flange in me. It was slightly painful, yet fulfilling. One more lunge and his flange was inside my well lubed and stretched pussy. SLOW was definitely the order of the day. He had about 6 inches in me, only 30 more inches to go. He started to ease a little more in and was now about 12 inches deep. I bucked a little to try and help him. He lunged again and so did I, about 16 inches in and against my cervix. He started putting pressure on my cervix and had part of the flange in my womb, I climaxed again. After about 10 minutes he pushed thru to my womb, I came again. He was about 20 inches in, only 16 inches to go for a total penetration, which was my goal. I could only hope that the walls of my womb would stretch enough for him to fit. He pushed again and managed to get about 4 more inches in me, 24 inches with 12 to go. I could see his balls, they were like basketballs. With as much friction coming from my pussy and womb walls, I didn’t know how much longer he could last. He pushed a little harder and so did I, only 6 more inches before he hit bottom. We started to get a little rhythm going as my walls were stretching. All of a sudden he rammed it home, 36 inches in my pussy and womb. He now had it stretched enough that he could do some thrusting, and that he did. He was taking about 16 inch thrust, enough to stay in my womb. Goliath started pumping harder and so did I, I had another shaking orgasm, and then another, I couldn’t quit cumming. Goliath then pulled out of my womb and half way to my pussy lips leaving only about 8 inches still in me. He lunged forward and so did I, he buried it again and the kept repeating. Finally he lunged deep and started to pulse, I came again and again. I could feel his pulsing along his entire shaft. One final push and he started gushing horse cum. He just kept gushing and gushing against my womb walls. And finally he was thru. I was the first pussy he had been in for nearly a month and his cum production proved it. Jim finally got Goliath out of me and had a new bucket ready. He held the bucket as Goliath’s cum gushed out of me. It took awhile but when I was finished the bucket had more in it than Jim expected. It was about ½ full or about 2 ½ gallons of Goliath cum. WOW.
Madi had taken a break from Rebel to watch Goliath impale me. Madi said she had a climax just watching us. She and Rebel resumed their fucking. Rebel mounted her again and started fucking shit out of her again, he had all 16 inches inside her and was trying to get deeper. I heard Madi cum and then cum again. Rebel pulled almost out then slammed it all back in, Madi had another orgasm. Rebel pulled out again and started back in and I could tell he was knotting. He pushed it all back in Madi’s pussy, 5 inch knot and all. He was fucking her as hard as he could and soon began spurting dog cum in her pussy. He tried to pull out but we all know that won’t happen for awile. It took about 20 minutes to separate Madi and Rebel.
Today was the best sex day Madi and I have ever had. Jim told us that we would be dripping horse and dog cum for hours if not days. He told me that I would be pooping and peeing horse and dog cum for at least a couple of days. We all had a few more shots of well deserved Patron. Tomorrow will be day 3, we’ll see what we can “cum” up with. Stay tuned to Raven and Madi “ANIMAL SLUTS”

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