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I looked at my pussy as soon as I woke up WOW. I could easily stuff a small watermelon in there. I shouldn’t have any problem with any of my studs today. Jim was right, we both were still dripping cum this morning, I peed and pooped horse cum all night. Madi was sore as hell from all those knots pulling at her pussy.
We decided overnight to mix it up a little on Day 3. I’m gonna let the 6 largest horses and the 6 largest dogs fuck me. Madi gets smallest of each.


HORSES: L+ Diameter
Slim 18 x 3.00
Jack 18 x 3.00
Thom 18 x 3.25
Roy 20 x 3.50
Sage 22 x 3.50
Hank 22 x 4.00
Pete 24 x 4.25
Russ 26 x 4.50
Tank 28 x 4.75
Reni 28 x 5.00
Brutus 32 x 5.50
Goliath 36 x 5.75

Dogs: L+Knot Diam
Smokie GS 10×3
Blackie GS 10×3.5
Hitler GS 10×3.5
Lance GS 10×3.75
Bear LAB 12×4
Fritz LAB 12×4
Zorba LAB 12×4.5
Ray GD 14×4.5
Sam GD 14×4.5
Knot GD 16×5
Bruno GD 16×5
Rebel GD 16×5

The flange adds at least another inch to the diameter
( In Inches according to Jim )
For reference: A softball is just under 4″ in diameter

Jim is in the process of washing horse and dog dicks and today each animal will get 3 triple doses of his “SPECIAL VITAMINS”, that shit really works.

Day 3 Round 1

We had told Jim that we were going to fuck the dogs first so he lowered the tables as low as he could. Zorba gets to fuck me first, Madi gets to fuck Smokie. We got on the tables on our knees and elbows with our pussies stuck high in the air. Jim took his towel with fresh bitch in heat piss on it. Zorba and Smokie were led in and Jim stuck Zorba’s nose in my pussy and Smokies in Madi’s cunt. Zorba mounted me with his front legs wrapped around me and slammed all 12 inches in my stretched out pussy. This was my first time ever to fuck a dog. Smokie rammed his 10 inches into Madi. Zorba started pounding me cramming it all in and pulling almost out then slamming it back in. I climaxed. As he pushed in I pushed back and got his not yet swollen knot in my pussy. This really got him going…. really fast. I could feel his knot swelling inside me as he slammed it home. I reached back and crammed his balls in me too. His 12 inches suddenly became 18 inches with the knot and balls added. The tip of his dick passed thru my cervix and into my womb, I had another orgasm. His knot was now at the full 4.5 inches. I could feel his balls rubbing my clit and came again. I felt his cock pulsing as he shot a huge load in my pussy and womb. Wow, my pussy got its first dog cum. He started to pull out and, as stretched as my pussy was, only had a little trouble pulling out and Jim was there with my XXXL plug ( I love to get a huge cum bulge). For a dog he shot a lot of cum in my womb. I looked over and Madi and Smokie were still going at it.
I rolled over on my back and pulled Zorba’s penis into my mouth. He lunged and plowed his dick and knot down my throat. I thought, what the fuck, and shoved his balls past my teeth. I could feel his cock in my stomach and we both came again together, a little more dog cum in my stomach.
Smokie had his swollen knot all the way in Madi’s cunt fucking her hard. His knot swelled to the max and slammed it in as far as he could and started pumping his cum in her pussy, they both came. Since Madi was also stretched he only had a little trouble pulling out. We took a short break before Round 2, too early for Tequila !!

Day 3 Round 2

For round 2, I got Ray (14 x 4.5 inches), Madi got Blackie (10 x 3.5 inches). We got on the table, again on our knees and elbows. I raised my ass in the air waiting for Ray to enter me. Jim aimed his cock at my pussy, Ray did the rest. He plowed all 14 inches in my pussy and womb. I saw Blackie plow into Madi’s swollen pussy and started pounding her hard.
Ray finally got his knot in me as it began to swell. He slammed in all the way to my womb and was fucking the shit out of me, I came. I reached back and pushed his balls in pussy too.
He had never felt the sensation of his cock, his knot and his balls inside a pussy before. His knot swelled as he was jamming everything he had up my pussy and womb. He pulled his knot and balls and about ½ of his cock and rammed it all back in. His knot was now fully swollen as he started to pulse, I had yet another climax. He exploded, spurting steams of cum in my womb, I had another orgasm. He tried to pull out but the knot was too big. He pulled again and nearly dragged me off the table. I see now what Madi was talking about. His knot was pushing against my clit, I had a shuttering climax. After about 5 minutes he was able to pull out and Jim was there with my plug.
Madi was matching Blackie lunge for lunge. I jammed everything he had including his knot. I told Madi to grab his balls and push them into her pussy. She did and climaxed immediately. Blackie continued to pound Madi with his cock, knot and balls inside her pussy. His knot began to swell and started shooting massive amounts of dog cum deep in her pussy. Blackie tried to withdraw but would have to wait a few minutes for his knot to shrink. Finally they were able to disconnect. By now it was about 11:00 so we asked Jim to get us another bottle of Tequila. I’m glad we bought the case of Patron Gold.

Day 3 Round 3

Sam was next to FUCK me while Hitler was next for Madi. Jim had gotten the Tequila so we all decided to have a few shots before Round 3.
We got into position while Jim led our next fuckers in. Sam was ready to go, when he walked in he ran over and started licking my pussy, WOW that felt good. He licked my clit til I had a climax. He the stuck his cock to my pussy lips and lunged forward. He was already 8 of his 14 inches inside me and trying to go deeper. I looked over and Hitler was fucking the hell out of Madi. He had all ten inches plus his balls inside her.
Sam and I got a good rhythm going and I soon came again. He then pulled out till the tip of his cock was at my pussy lips then slammed it all the way back in, I came again. He kept repeating that move and I kept cumming ! I could feel 4.5 inch knot swelling and he kept pumping me. He pulled out to my pussy lips again and I saw that his knot was fully engorged. He slammed it back in and I flinched as his swollen knot passed me pussy lips and came again. After about 5 minutes of Sam pounding the shit out of my pussy, he started to pulse, I came again. I knew that he was about to add to the dog cum already in my pussy and womb. I wasn’t wrong, his spurts felt like somebody poked a fire hose in my pussy and turned it on. WOW. I knew that it would take a few minutes for his knot to go down so we just laid there. After a few minutes we unhooked and Jim was there with my plug. I glanced over to Madi and saw that Hitler had knotted and had his cock, knot and balls inside her pussy. She bucked hard and had another climax and as Hitler started pulsing she came again and so did he. I could see his cum running down her legs and into her ass crack. He pulled out with little trouble. The stretching we got yesterday made it easier to separate from their knots today. Time for more Tequila shots !!

Day 3 Round 4

Back to the fucking table. Getting into the big dogs. Knot, appropriately named, is gonna try and fuck my brains out and Lance gets to Fuck Madi. Madi and I got into position on our tables as Jim led Knot in and put his cock against my pussy, pulled the plug out and jammed him inside me. Lance planted his dick in Madi’s pussy and started pumping her. Knot didn’t waste any time making his 16 inch cock disappear in my cum soaked pussy. He felt more like one of the smaller horses than a dog. He was pounding my pussy hard, in the womb and halfway out and then slamming it home again. We got a good rhythm going, as he slammed his dick in me I met his thrust with equal force. I came and felt his knot grow. He pulled it out and pounded it back in my pussy, I came again. Knot started pulsing and soon started spewing dog cum deep in my womb and pussy. It felt like a fire hose was inside me, it was that forceful. He pulled out till his knot got to my pussy lips, we were stuck together. As he tried to pull out he actually dragged me across the table, the pressure he was putting on my clit caused another climax. After about 10 minutes he pulled out of my swollen cunt.
Lance was still pounding Madi, I counted at least 6 orgasms. He was knotting as he pulled out and slammed his cock and knot as far as he could, she came again. Lance starting pumping dog cum in her dog cock hole. His knot got hung up as he tried to dismount Madi, but with another pull he got it out. Time for more Tequila.

Day 3 Round 5

Jim gave me an interesting challenge: If you can insert an NFL football all the way in your pussy and keep it there while we eat, I’ll pay for the steak and lobster for all of us. If you pull it out you pay. I asked him how big a college football was. He said it was 11 inches long and 7 inches in diameter at the widest point. The PSI is 12.5 to 13.5, but to make it more flexible we’ll inflate it to 10 PSI You’re on I replied without thinking it thru. I suddenly realized that I was in fact a DUMB BLONDE.
Bruno with his 16 x 5 inch dick gets to pound me while Bear and his 12 x 4 inch rod will fuck Madi. I got on the table on my back with my head hanging off the front of the table, I wanted some dog cum in my stomach. Madi got on her hands and knees and waited for Bear. Jim led Bruno to me and placed his dick on my lips. I started licking and sucking his growing cock. He lunged forward and had about ½ of his giant penis in my throat and going even deeper. Another lunge and he was in my stomach. I could feel his knot inside my mouth and began licking his balls. His 5 inch knot was fully in my mouth and a few inches of his cock was in my stomach. Bruno was bucking and pounding my throat as his knot was fully engorged. I felt him pulsing and his dog cum shot in my stomach. WOW, I could fell it hitting the walls of my stomach. When he finally finished cumming he started to withdraw but couldn’t get his knot past my teeth so I just kept sucking. In the meantime Bear was balls deep in Madi fucking the crap out her. His knot started to swell just outside her pussy. Once fully engorged he slammed it home, Madi had a convulsive orgasm. Bear started to pulse and shot multiple load of his cum deep in her cum drenched pussy. Bear withdrew with only a slight hang up from his knot. I wasn’t thru with Bruno, once I got his dick out of my mouth I got on my hands and knees and waited for him to enter my pussy. It wasn’t long till was 16 inches deep in my swollen, cum drenched hole. I had an intense orgasm as he passed thru my cervix. He was pounding my pussy as deep as he could. Even though he had just shot a huge load down my throat he was about to do the same to my pussy. I felt his knot starting to swell. He pulled out a little and saw his engorged knot as he slammed it as deep as he could. I had a violent orgasm. He started pulsing shot more huge loads of dog cum into my cum filled womb. My pussy was now stretched and Bruno had only a little trouble dismounting my pussy. I had just fucked a huge dog cock and all I could think about was that damn football stretching my pussy.

Big difference in size of softball and football ! Drawing is to scale showing difference in size.
Softball |__________| (Diameter)
Football |_______________________|

Day 3 Round 6

We only had one more dog each to fuck for the day. I would get by Rebel, and Madi would get slammed by Fritz. I was about to get fucked by a huge dog dick and all I could think about was that damn football crammed in my pussy. I climbed on the table on my hands and knees and raised my ass high in the air for Rebel to have easy access to his prize, my wet pussy. He climbed on the table and went straight for my pussy, his aim was true, he entered me with one lunge. He wrapped his front legs around my waist and slammed it 16 inches deep past my cervix and into my womb, I came again. He pulled out and I could see that his knot was swelling. He slammed it back in and started pumping my wet pussy. He pulled out and heard his knot make a pop sound as it left my cunt. He rammed it back in, I came again as his knot rubbed against my clit. He hit my cervix and entered my womb and started spewing his hot dog cum. He spurted his cum and finally began to go limp. He started pulling out but got hung up at my pussy entrance. He turned around and nearly pulled me off the table but dismounted before I hit the floor. Madi was being thoroughly fucked by Fritz, he had his 12 inches in her and pulled out. I could see that his knot was swollen to it’s full 4 inches and slammed it all the way back in Madi’s pussy, she came again. Fritz kept slamming cock and knot in his pussy up to his balls. With his knot in her he reached her womb an sprayed her with his dog cum. He slowly began pulling out and of course his knot got hung up at the entrance to her pussy. He pulled again and forced it out. His cum was pouring down her legs. Jim pulled Rebel out and got the bucket in place to collect my dog cum. That’s over a gallon of cum from 6 dogs, not bad. We all had a few shots, about 6 in all. My thoughts returned to that damn football, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. A
7 inch diameter football in my pussy, WOW !

Day 3 Round 7

Horsey Time

Still yearning for that damn football stuffed in my pussy, I told Jim I wanted to fuck the 3 largest horses twice and asked him to give each another triple triple dose of his “SPECIAL Vitamins” My only goal was to stretch my pussy as much as I could. I climbed on the table and put me feet and legs in the stirrups. And spread my legs as wide as possible. Jim led Reni over and tied his front legs to the swing. He pushed Reni’s 28 inch cock past my pussy lips, Reni took over from there. He slammed his horse dick deep in my pussy. I began to gyrate my hips hoping to stretch my pussy as much as possible. Madi had Roy’s 20 inches deep in her womb and she was actually fucking the horse After a few hard lunges, Madi came again. I told Madi to gyrate her hips, the horses love it. Roy slammed all 20 inches in Madi and she started to grate her hips. He just stayed in her cunt loving the gyrations and her occasional pussy clinching. Reni was really fucking me hard and he LOVED my gyrating hips. I too started clinching my pussy, Reni just kept his 28 inches in me and enjoyed the ride of his life. The more I gyrated and clinched my pussy the harder he fucked me. Finally he exploded inside me, I swear he shot hi cum in my pussy for at least 5 minutes. As he started to pull out Jim grabbed the bucket. As soon as his cock popped out of my pussy cum gushed out and into the bucket. Jim said he had pumped me with about a gallon of horse cum. Good job Reni.
In the meantime Madi was still fucking Roy, he was loving the gyrations and pussy clinching. He sent hi horse cock in Madi’s pussy to the balls and exploded. His cum was dripping into her butt crack. He pulled out and Madi just laid there for a few minutes.
I looked down at my extremely stretched pussy and it appeared ALMOST big enough for my prize, the damn football.

Day 3 Round 8

Brutus gets the chance to stretch my pussy a little more. His 32 inch long with 5 ½ diameter (Over 6 ½ inches at the flange) should do the job. Madi gets Sage’s 22 x 3.5 inch horse dick!
I got on the and spread my legs as wide as possible and strapped in. Brutus recognized my smell and started snorting. He knew he was about to get some great tight human pussy. Madi spread wide and waiting for Sage and his 22 inch cock. Jim eased Brutus’s rock hard dick past my pussy lips and I started squeezing my pussy muscles as tight as I could. I wanted his 6½ inch + flange to rest just inside my pussy. I kept squeezing my muscles tightly against his cock and started gyrating my hips. Brutus was determined to go deeper and I couldn’t stop him but I kept on squeezing and gyrating. He reached my cervix and plowed thru and went to the back of my womb. He was pumping in and out and I was squeezing and gyrating. He pulled out past my cervix and immediately slammed back into my womb, I had an intense orgasm followed by another. I was now a Brutus slut. He continued to fuck me deep and hard and I continued to squeeze and gyrate. Brutus started pulsing and I knew I was about to be filled with his. I wasn’t wrong he shot a massive load of cum against the back of my womb followed by about 12 others. I came two more times. He started his retreat from my pussy and just as he pulled out Jim got the bucket ready. Horse cum shot out of my pussy like a fire hose into the bucket. After about 5 minutes it was down to a trickle. Jim estimated about 1 ½ gallons of Brutus cum in the bucket. Again, his “SPECIAL VITAMINS” WORK GREAT !!!! Wow.
Madi had finished fucking Sage and had about ½ of his 22 inch horse cock down her throat. She was lying on her back with her head hanging off the end of the table. She tilted her head back a little and Sage slammed it deep down her throat down to his balls. I could see a bulge in her throat and her stomach when he slammed it deep her stomach. He was fucking her throat pretty hard and saw him start to pulse and exploded his horse cum in her stomach. After he dismounted from her face we decided it was time for a bunch of shots of Tequila. Jim said he had to go to his house to get something. Madi and I were enjoying Tequila shots and still dripping horse cum when Jim got back. He was holding something behind his back. What is that ya got behind ya back I asked. He replied, something that you really want. Show me!! I said. From behind his back he pulled an NFL football. Wow, I didn’t remember it being so big. Jim said that after I was fucked and stretched by Goliath, I would be ready to wear it inside my pussy. He gave it to me and told me to hold it and think about it while fucking Goliath.

Day 3 Round 9

I was more than ready for Goliath (36 x 5.75 inches, and over 7 inches at the flange) plus was ready for my prize, the football. Madi selected Tank as this would probably be the last horse fuck of the day. This would be the biggest dick she ever had in her pussy (28 x 4.5 inches, 5.5 inches at the flange). We got our pussies ready on the table, spread as wide as we possibly could. Jim led Tank in first, got his front legs attached to the swing and placed the tip of his flange against Madi’s pussy lips. Tank eased his flange past her pussy lips and into her pussy. She immediately started gyrating her hips and squeezing her pussy muscles. Tank had never felt that sensation but I could tell that he loved it. He slammed his cock deeper and made it to her cervix and paused briefly before lunging to the back of her womb.
Meanwhile Jim had Goliath strapped in to the swing and guided his mammoth cock to my pussy lips. I told Jim to put his flange just inside my pussy lips and hold it there. I wanted that 7 ½ inch flange to stretch my lips. I grabbed the football and just held it on my stomach. Goliath was not happy just staying at my pussy lips. He lunged his 36 inch monster down to my cervix and very slowly eased into my womb, I exploded with huge violent orgasm. Another lunge and he was all the way to the back of my womb and had it stretched passed my stomach in order to fit it all inside me, I had another orgasm. I was now at his mercy, he could fuck me as hard as he wanted to and not a thing I could do to stop him, I was his whore. I kept gyrating my hips and squeezing my pussy muscles against his cock and he kept pounding my pussy harder and faster. With each lunge I could feel his giant balls slam into my ass hole. I was definitely his slutty whore forever. I could NEVER again be filled like he was filling me.
Goliath was fucking me so damned hard I almost screamed with pleasure, in fact I think I did. After fucking me for about 30 minutes Goliath started to pulse and shot a stream of hot horse cum that was every bit as strong as water cumming out of a fire hose. It wasn’t just one stream but many. He slowly pulled out and Jim was waiting with my bucket. When Goliath freed himself the cum was gushing like a water faucet. The damn bucket was nearly ½ full, over 2 gallons of Goliath cum.
Madi had all 28 inches of Tank buried in her pussy and womb. She was having as many orgasms as I just had. Remember, this was the biggest dick she had ever fucked. Tank made a final thrust and shot a series of cum shots in her pussy and womb, she came again. Tank pulled out slowly and had a little of trouble getting his flange out of her pussy.
Time for more Tequila!! I looked down at my pussy and decided that the damn football would indeed fit inside my pussy

Game Time

How To Make a Football Disappear

Jim got all the animals settled in and came back with a new 12 oz tube of Astroglide, that shit is supper slippery. The ball had been inflated so that it was still somewhat soft. I laid down on the table and spread my legs wide and asked Madi to help with the ball insertion. She filled both hands with the gooey stuff and put them in my stretched out pussy. She then coated all the walls of my vagina and pulled out. Next she coated the entire football with the goo. I took the ball and put one of the ends in my pussy. Madi took over from there. She pushed a little more inside me and stopped so that I could adjust to this huge object entering me. She then pushed a little more inside me. It was almost half way in and I could feel the pressure on my pussy entrance. She pushed a little more in me and all of a sudden she pushed again and the whole damn football was in my pussy. Wow what a feeling, a felling that I have never had. She pushed the end of the ball about and inch or so past my pussy lips and I could feel it against my cervix. I just made an NFL football disappear in my pussy. I squeezed my pussy muscles as tight as I could and surprisingly had an intense orgasm. I stood up and looked down at my stomach, dammit I looked 6 months pregnant. Walking was a little odd and was somewhat erotic. I walked to the door of the stables and squeezed my pussy muscles again, yep I climaxed again. Wow this could be the greatest orgasm machine ever invented. I turned to Jim and told him to get his wallet out, I was going to enjoy my steak and lobster and he had to pay. We left the stables and went to the cabin to clean up, we needed it. We were to meet Jim in two hours to go eat. I’m glad we brought our denim mini skirts. They tied at the waist and just barely covered our pussies. I also brought an oversize Crop top that barely covered my 44 inch boobs, yet could conceal my “BABY”. Madi had a similar outfit. Since we rarely wear panties or a bra, this would work out perfect. Madi was in the shower and I was on the couch, I squeezed my muscles and YES had another orgasm. I think I’ll market it as “ORGASMS ON DEMAND” or “OD” for short. I hope Red Lobster doesn’t mind girls having orgasms while they eat. We were still dripping horse cum and it was visibly running down our thighs.
Madi finished her shower and now it was my turn, I definitely needed one. I had to pee and sat on the toilet, pushed the football as far back in my pussy as it would go, success I could pee. We got dressed in our SLUT outfits and met Jim at our car. He and Madi were in the front seat and I was in the back. Just to prove a point, I kept squeezing my pussy muscles against the football and having an orgasm each time. I was getting weak from so many climaxes. We finally got to Red Lobster and got seated. We were seated at a table across from a couple of guys. They had a clear view of our shaved pussies and we gave them a show. We spread our legs wide to give them a better view, little did they know that we had been fucking dogs and horses all day and that I had an NFL football stuffed in me pussy. I squeezed my pussy muscles and had another climax while they watched. They weren’t sure what happened till I did it again. They definitely knew what had just happened but didn’t exactly know how or why it happened. Madi and I then stretched our low cut tank tops down to expose our giant boobs. We ordered our steak and lobster and had some Tequila and wine. We finished our tasty meal and told Jim that it was on us for all the help he had been. On the way home we told Jim that we wanted to “cum” back for the long Labor Day weekend. Sure he said. Finally reached the bed after a whole lot of fucking. I left the “O” ball inside me overnight.
The next morning it was time to “fumble” the football. I pushed as hard as I could but could only get part of it out. Madi coated my pussy lips with more goo. I pushed harder this time and a little more came out of my pussy. One more hard push and it shot out of my now giant pussy. We left a little while later. YES I took the NFL Football with me, I could use it later in the week to stay stretched for our visit in September. We decided for sure that we were whorish ANIMAL SLUTS !! Stay tuned for the Labor Day results.

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