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My name is Raven, 21 years old, 5’6” 44-24-34, 110 lbs, Photo (BOOB) model. Madi is my BFF and soulmate, 23 years old, 5’4” 42-22-32, 105 lbs, a Nurse and photo model. We met over two years ago and were instantly attracted to each other. At first we thought we might be lesbians, but NOT SO. As it turned out the only females we were interested in was each other.
Our story started shortly after we met. Online we found guys with LARGE dicks, 10-16 inch, 8 studs to be exact. We each fucked all eight twice a day for three days (48+) fucks, but that didn’t really satisfy us. The next “fuckathon” we didn’t accept any with less than 12 inches and this was over 4 days (64+) fucks. The third “fuckathon” was about same as the last with one exception. After the third day we were talking to one of the larger dicks and asked if he knew of any “Huge Dicks”
He said that with how easy we took his 16” he may have an answer. He said he knew a friend in Kentucky that had stables with trained Horses and Dogs to fuck girls like us. We asked if he would call his buddy and recommend us. The next day he called “JIM” and he said sure and that we could come the following day. As it was only 4 hours away, we said YES !! This is where our STORY starts !!

First Visit to Stables

We arrived a Jim’s Stables around noon and were anxious to meet our new STUDS! He suggested that we run each one of them so they could get use to our scent. He said he would give each of them a special vitamin to help keep them hard and increase the cum output(I had told him that I wanted a HUGE cum bulge). While we got unpacked, he has a cabin for guest on the site, he would get some rags soaked with mare in heat piss to help the studs get hard quicker.

As a point of information: To prepare ourselves to handle the giant dicks Madi and I both had our cervix widened surgically and bought a 36 x 3.5 inch dildo to help keep it stretched. We were about to find out if it was worth the effort.

After we unpacked, we met Jim at the stable to meet our new fuck mates. For the first time in our lives we touched a horse dick. Once it swelled it was magnificent, and this was one of the smaller ones. Jim said that the 8 horses he had trained ranged from 18 to 28 inches and 2.75 to 4 inches in diameter. He said he had four other horses were still in training ranging from 28 to 36 inches and 4.5 to 6 inches in diameter. I was so excited, I took the
18 x 2.75 incher in my hands stroking it with enthusiasm. I eased it to my face and pushed the flanged head into my mouth. After slowly swallowing it deep down my throat and actually felt it enter my stomach. I wasn’t ready for him to cum so I pulled his massive dick out. Jim had two adjustable padded tables with padded bars and straps above for the studs to put their front legs on. This keeps the weight of the horses off of us.
Jim had already washed horses and dogs and given all his “Special Vitamins” again to help maintain an erection and to greatly increase cum output. The tables were ready and so were we and the horses and dogs.
List of horses and dogs with dimensions:
The list includes the 8 trained and 4 untrained horses and dogs. I get Sage, Hank, Tank and Reni. Madi gets Slim, Jack, Thom and Roy in the first round. Let the fucking begin!!!!

Animal Stats:
( In Inches according to Jim )

HORSES: L+ Diameter
Slim 18 x 2.50
Jack 18 x 2.75
Thom 18 x 3.00
Roy 20 x 3.25
Sage 22 x 3.25
Hank 22 x 3.50
Pete 24 x 3.50
Russ 26 x 3.75
Tank 28 x 4.00
Reni 28 x 4.50
Brutus 32 x 5.00
Goliath 36 x 5.50

Dogs: L+Knot Diam
Smokie GS 10×3
Blackie GS 10×3
Hitler GS 10×3.5
Lance GS 10×3.5
Bear LAB 12×3.5
Fritz LAB 12×4
Zorba LAB 12×4
Ray GD 14×4.5
Sam GD 14×4.5
Knot GD 16×5
Bruno GD 16×5
Rebel GD 16×5

For comparison a softball is almost 4 inches in diameter

Day 1 Session 1

Jim strapped us in with our legs spread WIDE apart at the perfect height for the horses to enter us. He took the towel that had been soaked in mare in heat pee and soaked our pussy in the juice. Jim led Sage out of his stall over to my table and strapped his legs in the swing. Sage caught a scent of the mare pee and started to get hard. Jim rubbed the flange of the now stiff dick on my extremely wet pussy and eased Sage slowly inside me. With a quick lunge he was about 10 inches inside me with another 12 inches to go. Sage began thrusting faster as I felt him pass my cervix and into my womb. After a few deep thrusts he was in me to his balls…. 22 inches of horse dick inside me. I had about 3 orgasms in the past 5 minutes and could feel that Sage was about to explode. A few more thrusts and I felt Sage EXPLODE inside me, he cummed and just kept cumming. Two more climaxes feeling his cum filling my womb. As Sage pulled out, Jim was standing by with a XXXL butt plug to trap the cum inside me, (remember I said I wanted a huge cum bulge).
I glanced over and saw Madi had Slim’s 18 inches all the way in her. She could not stop cumming as Slim slammed all the way in and started filling her with her first ever horse cum. Wow what a sight!!

Day 1 Session 2

After a short break it was time for a bigger horse in our cunts. I got Tank and Madi got Thom. Once we were strapped in, Jim led Tank to my table and stuck his head to my pussy for a quick smell then strapped his legs to the swing. He then rubbed the giant dick against my pussy and almost simultaneously he removed the plug and inserted the 4 inch flange in my dripping cunt. With a quick lunge he was about 12 inches deep in me and bucking wildly. I came violently!! Tank was much bigger than Sage and was stretching my swollen pussy even more. He lunged again and was now about 20 inches inside me, I came again. It didn’t take him long till he was buried balls deep in me…. 28 inches of steel hard horse dick in me. Yes, enlarging the cervix was definitely worth it. It wasn’t long till I felt Tank’s pulsating giant start to explode. He came, and came and came some more. I came every time he pulsed. Between Sage and Tank, I could definitely see a cum bulge in my swollen tummy. As Tank pulled out, Jim was there to insert the plug again. I looked over at Madi and could hear her cumming for like the 6th time with Thom. I could see him pulsing as he plunged to balls and shot about 2 pints of horse cum in her pussy. I asked Jim how much cum he thought I had trapped in my womb, he said around 4 to 5 pints at least. His special vitamins worked very well. Again we took a well deserved short break.

Day 1 Session 3

I can definitely see a cum bulge and feel the weight in my womb. My next horse to fuck is Reni, about the same length as Tank (28”) but a little thicker (4.5”). Madi got Jack, one of the smaller ones. We got settled on our tables as Jim strapped us in with our legs stretched wide for our studs. He led Reni to my bench and strapped his front legs to the swing. Again he put the huge horse cock next to my stretched out pussy and simultaneously pulled the plug and jammed Reni’s 4.5” flange in my pussy. Reni tried to hit bottom on his first lunge, Jim had to slow his lunging. He was stretching my pussy like never before and I loved every inch of it. After a few minutes of easing in Reni was at the edge of my cervix and was trying to push thru to the womb. This was more painful than the past two horses because of the larger diameter. With an extra lunge he was in my womb and now had room to fuck me hard. I came violently several times. The harder he fucked me the more I came, I literally could not stop cumming. Reni buried his entire 28 inches in my cum soaked pussy and womb. He started lunging harder and deeper in my womb then I felt his shaft start pulsing and pulsing and pulsing and pulsing. I’m pretty sure I had a climax with each pulse. He started filling me with even more horse cum, he probably added more cum than the first two combined. I think I probably had 10 or more climaxes with Reni. I could hear Madi having multiple orgasms with Jack. I have never seen her bucking like that, she met every lunge with one of her on.
Once again, Jim grabbed the plug and inserted it as Reni popped out. I could now see my now large cum bulge. Jim estimated around 9 to 10 pints, Over a gallon of horse cum in my belly, Wow, Wow !! Madi looked over at my stomach and all she could say was WOW !!

Day 1 Session 4

For the last session of the day we both get the biggest horse dick that we have had so far. My next horse fuck is Brutus, a solid black large horse. His dick is 32 inches long and 5.5 inches in diameter. Madi gets Roy, 20 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter. My work is definitely cut out for me. We got in position on the horse fucking tables and Jim strapped us in with our legs as far apart as could. He then led in our stud stallions. This time he got Roy plugged into Madi first. He immediately started lunging looking for the bottom of her pussy. Next he led Brutus in, WOW what a magnificent stallion. Jim said that he would save as much cum that was in my belly because Brutus was huge and he would stuff his 5.5 inch flange as quick as he could. He got Brutus strapped in to the leg swing then pulled his giant horse dick to my pussy. He greased Brutus up a good bit expecting that it would help with the entry. I relaxed as much as I could, Jim pulled the plug and crammed Brutus’s giant flange in my already wet pussy. Wow, this thing was HUGE. Slow and easy was the only way to go. Brutus made a couple of short lunges and got about 12 inches inside me brushing against my cervix, I came. He pushed a little harder and got part past the cervix, I came again. He pushed a little harder, and even though there was a good bit of pain I knew that two more inches and he would be in my womb. Another lunge and he was home. He had 14 inches in me, only 18 more inches to go. Brutus started to get a little more aggressive but I didn’t care cause I was too busy having many convulsive orgasms. I could feel Brutus at the back end of my womb…. 32 inches of rock hard horse cock in my stretched to hell horse hole. Unlike the other three horses, Brutus had stamina, lots of stamina. He had been fucking me for over 30 minutes and was still going strong. I swear I had over 12 orgasms and was still looking for more. Soon after that I felt Brutus’s giant cock starting to pulsate meaning he was about to add about another gallon of cum to my belly bulge. When he started to cum I could feel the cum hitting the back of my womb. He managed to spurt over 12 shots of cum inside my now over stretched horse loving pussy. As he started to slowly pull out, Jim got ready with the plug. Amazingly he timed it perfect, very little cum escaped. He let Brutus down and Madi wanted a pic of my horse cum bulge.

Jim estimated that I probably had about 18 pints of horse cum inside me, over 2 gallons. He pulled out a five gallon bucket and told me to squat over it and empty into it. I dripped for about 10 minutes before most of it emptied into the bucket. Jim said that I would probably be dripping horse cum till the next day, WOW !!

That was enough for today, we’re gonna take Jim out to a dinner tonight, that’s the least we can do since all of his services, including the cabin, was only $200 per day.
Jim was going to wash all the horse dicks and give them a double dose of his “special vitamins” in prep for Day 2. Will post after tomorrows sessions.

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